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These are some fun bloopers and outtakes from the vlog!!

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Oct 14, 2019




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Comments 80
Maria Andres
Maria Andres Day ago
3:13 😭😂
Daniel\cool /
Daniel\cool / 2 days ago
1:17 when I wake up and turn on my phone
the G.O.A.T
the G.O.A.T 2 days ago
I just realize me and jason have the same bed set
MarcelleSamuch 2 days ago
His laugh at 4:21 🥺
Charles Fontain
Charles Fontain 2 days ago
Josh with a pickle dink
Rudra Patel
Rudra Patel 3 days ago
1:40 is a monkey laughing and 4:22 is David
Madison Lefebvre
Madison Lefebvre 4 days ago
The clocks made me think of Spongebob when they kept pulling of alarm clocks from Squidwards closet
Alexis Tanyang
Alexis Tanyang 4 days ago
Anyone else notice Jason's wearing a scrunchy.
Thomas P.
Thomas P. 5 days ago
1:50 😂😂😂
Emy Lazo
Emy Lazo 5 days ago
Pause it then go to 5:12
EvynFilms 8 days ago
5:13 he got 🧠
Maui Yeet
Maui Yeet 9 days ago
Does anyone else know where david lives
Finn Sheehan
Finn Sheehan 10 days ago
I am his biggest fan
vanah bear298
vanah bear298 12 days ago
I WOULD LITERALLY KILL ANYONE he wanted just to be Susan for that moment with Jeff calling me babe and stuff I couldn't breath🥵🥴😵
Amar Dzaferovic
Amar Dzaferovic 12 days ago
The doker girl is soooo sexi wont to have sex wit the joker girl
Stephen Lopez
Stephen Lopez 14 days ago
I bet God was looking down at David, Jason and everyone else being disappointed.
Eternal Love For Billie And Finneas
That’s the same tour bus that Billie eilish was in 😧
iiiEviexplaysiii 15 days ago
Robbers: **steals tv and expensive things** Corinna: **steals gumball**
Danny Boiii
Danny Boiii 15 days ago
Jason is the only person on Earth who can go through with David's pranks and not be mad
Amber-Caitlyn James
When it's two thirty in the morning and you have binged David dobrik for the past three days and are now overthinking your life choices...
Aj Rodriguez
Aj Rodriguez 18 days ago
4:01 everyone looks like they about start a gang war
T Mal
T Mal 19 days ago
3:36 look to the left then down a Little
Siddiq Rahman
Siddiq Rahman 20 days ago
Carly low-key beautiful ❤️❤️💕😍
O Riddle
O Riddle 20 days ago
What a g Jason is listening to joe rogan
Ruby Smith
Ruby Smith 21 day ago
Dom could hit me with a bus and id say sorry he's so fine
RJsnakksTV 21 day ago
1:39 It sounds like david
Punahele Valentine
Punahele Valentine 22 days ago
Throws cake directly on her face hahahahaha
Jacob Villas
Jacob Villas 22 days ago
i love how almost all of the clips that "didn't make it to the main channel" is actually on the main channel.
Karim Dahab
Karim Dahab 22 days ago
Yooo Jason Nash is watching Graham Hancock on Joe Rogan, that’s amazing!
Chelsea Mojica
Chelsea Mojica 23 days ago
3:32 is nobody gonna talk about Corinna getting a gumball from the top of the machine casually.
Soham 24 days ago
Man im from india...i really wanna come to meet you guys....!!! You guys r the best!
Emily 24 days ago
I liked because Jonah asked “What would you guys do if I just fell out of the window?
Samarth Patel
Samarth Patel 25 days ago
Who else got the ad for The Epoch Times
rodulf palma
rodulf palma 25 days ago
Carly is so beautiful dude. 😘
HTH_BRYAN 25 days ago
This made Scotty broke
Testedalexthegreat 26 days ago
4:21 I saw a video of some guy getting killed like this.
Mary Elliot
Mary Elliot 27 days ago
when jason just goes “is that reggie?” i can’t take it it’s so funny
Joker_ 951
Joker_ 951 28 days ago
I’m binge watching all of David’s videos and I just realized it was posted on my birthday
YuZef - Gaming
YuZef - Gaming 28 days ago
1:21 why tf does Jeff sound like he's getting pegged?😂😂
Hatter 29 days ago
i love Jeff
owlsandlions 29 days ago
3:37 she did not want that flavor of gum. But, she couldn't put it back lol
Chadsidy Jennaye
You should date Natalie David
William Fulford
William Fulford Month ago
That reminded me of the SpongeBob episode where Squidward had all those clocks in his closet lmao my childhood has been brought back 😂
Doctor Viper
Doctor Viper Month ago
Jesus and the Alien sound the same....
Jeremy Merculio Dela Cruz
I wish i can buy the murtch but have enough maney 😩
Lova Bohm Lundberg
3:35 lol that girl was taking a gum from the top of the machine instead of playing the game
Opz_ HeMaN
Opz_ HeMaN Month ago
4:12 my house started shaking from thunder
Lala Marie
Lala Marie Month ago
3:36 Nobody: Corina: *Steels gum ball*
Caxch TX
Caxch TX Month ago
*we didn’t want you to see this video* Then fucking delete it!
Sports Highlights
“WHAT THE FUCK?! WHO IS IT?!.... hi”
Alan Roush
Alan Roush Month ago
name of the outtro song dude please
saoud36 Month ago
name of the song in the last part of the video please !
Michael jeffrey
Michael jeffrey Month ago
Just looking at how small that party bus was with Claustrophobia nearly made me faint.
Pay Babii
Pay Babii Month ago
The clocks reminded me of that spongebob episode when squidward kept setting them
emi puentes
emi puentes Month ago
me watching this during quarintine me also realizing that he made this video in oct 14, 2019 and in part 1:07 he says corona
jovanny hernandez
All essential workers felt that haha
putrixkx Month ago
3:35 - 3:40 nice ass bro
Salam Gorou
Salam Gorou Month ago
Did he ask Jesus about corona back in October ?????
Hayden Bolt
Hayden Bolt Month ago
1:47 are we not gonna talk about how Jonah remade a vine. 3:34 Korina get a gumball
Lizzie Alexie
Lizzie Alexie Month ago
Happy late Thanksgiving
Angelica’s Crib
Tabitha Raven
Tabitha Raven Month ago
Tbh, I ship Suzie and Jeff lol
Anna Szücs
Anna Szücs Month ago
Why does he look like Vardan in the intro😂
LiL MySelf
LiL MySelf Month ago
Why that bus looks the same that lil peep died inside :O ??
kristian varsamis
whats that song in the outro
5 months later n I still don’t get the soda candy fun joke😂😭😭
sam wam
sam wam Month ago
anyone else not even read the title
mikalah Month ago
3:13 god if i was in that situation... the thing i would DO.
MiloTheHunk Month ago
why did carly and bruce break up
Brent Pietersen
Brent Pietersen Month ago
What song is playing in the end? its so dope
Nate Kava
Nate Kava Month ago
david actually got scared when jeff grabbed him
Gone Away
Gone Away Month ago
Yo corinoa in that nurse outfit doh
Marie Archil
Marie Archil Month ago
I want the monkey to hug me like that he is so cute the monkey not David 😂😂😂😂😆
Yisroel Weiss
Yisroel Weiss Month ago
4:35 sounds like crickets.😂😂😂😂😂
Noaks Official
Noaks Official Month ago
The first time it’s been more than 5 mins and it’s better
Emma Lopez
Emma Lopez Month ago
jesus doesn't swear!
Ebman_ 1350
Ebman_ 1350 Month ago
3:35 fuck paying for gumballs
clare mckeown
clare mckeown Month ago
3:35 corinna getting a gum ball form the thingy is a major 🥺 moment
Jel gg
Jel gg Month ago
1:36 Corinna lifts top and takes out a gum ball in the backround
King Brody
King Brody Month ago
Jonah said what would you do if I fell out the window. I said prepare for the earthquake.
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