We Destr… Hydro Dipped a $1200 GPU!

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If custom backplates & standard "subtle" paintjobs are just too boring for you, hydrodipping may be an interesting option... but we do NOT recommend you try it at home...
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Jul 20, 2019




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Comments 100
SnUwU 9 hours ago
does a bechmark when painting the shell
crackerberries 15 hours ago
it’s painful seeing a graphics card worth almost as much as my pc get thrown in water
Jericho Hermoso
Must. Protecc. Dennis
ktown06 yt pls sub
Nooo I want it
Doomestic Jr
Doomestic Jr Day ago
Derf ?
Derf ? 2 days ago
Before the video started there was an ad with linus in it... Lmao
10k with no vids?
who else just saw this on their recommended
PentaJ 2 days ago
how come no one tried hydro dipping their house
GAUBA MARU 3 days ago
My gpu is the same but i got it for 800 or something hmmmmm.....
bananaboi 27
bananaboi 27 3 days ago
I have to admit it it looks nice
NAWW 3 days ago
I'm sorry but it looks like a mess. It looks like a paint splash
Milo Tomlinson
Milo Tomlinson 3 days ago
when he threw that card in the water it hurt me because i have a crappy one
paarthurwax 3 days ago
Fettuccine is wider and slightly more toothsome compared to Linguine.
jad skateboarding
wwwhhhhy do you do that
RamonTheBlu 5 days ago
So only a complete idiot can f*ck this up. Linus: *Nervous laughing*
Btunes A
Btunes A 5 days ago
Linus: "You could do it at home, we just don't recommend it." Me: Looking at my graphics card through the glass side panel. The card:😰😰
Reviews with Monch
Its not a 1st world problem is a rich kid problem HAHA
Gacha Matrix
Gacha Matrix 6 days ago
me crying cuz i cant even afford one but hes destroying them
mangoz 7 days ago
There’s nothing more painful to see than a gpu that’s most likely better than yours thrown into a bucket of water 😔
Hello There
Hello There 7 days ago
"Woww we have to hydrp dip a case" Thanks for hyping me up dawg on the real side of stuff u r probably busy with other stuff and a case would be a waste of time just to hydro dip so i dont blame u x
tiny tom
tiny tom 7 days ago
That was FANtastic
will playzzz
will playzzz 8 days ago
I’m pretty sure Linus like Rise of the Tomb Rader......
Oscar Maguire
Oscar Maguire 8 days ago
linus: heats up a heat sink to high temperatures also linus: is surprised when he touches it and its hot
Jack Napoli
Jack Napoli 8 days ago
5:54, surface contaminants.... Rona??
Ytpuf 10 days ago
me with a 1050ti in 2020: ok
Felix Pommerening
Felix Pommerening 11 days ago
Why would you destroy it just gift it to me 😅
xd zopoli
xd zopoli 11 days ago
I was scared when I saw the title
Arsen 11 days ago
id love that 1080 on the table
Daisy Carson
Daisy Carson 13 days ago
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Daniel Howard
Daniel Howard 14 days ago
*For our next trick we are going to ruin another graphics card*
Computer Tips
Computer Tips 14 days ago
Hello people in 2020!
becca hall
becca hall 14 days ago
sponsor: ring neighbors app ltt: in canada sponsor's site: *Only available in the US xD
becca hall
becca hall 14 days ago
get a canadian sponsor
Not your mom.
Not your mom. 14 days ago
me after the intro: okay boomer 🤡
deazhawk 14 days ago
Should have watched some hydro dipping videos before..
villager 14 days ago
shoot i can take an rtx 2080 ti
Jay Rose
Jay Rose 14 days ago
Jalen Krebs
Jalen Krebs 15 days ago
Art class with Linus
CheezeWuz 16 days ago
"why would they do this?" well... I mean normal people don't Hydro Dip graphic cards.
RaVes_Dragon •
RaVes_Dragon • 16 days ago
Yes we get it techquickie ifixit is good
Ghostrider 3315
Ghostrider 3315 16 days ago
That is so cool and I also wouldn't trust myself taking that graphics card apart lol
Everything Technical
This entire video hurts me
Manvel Mkrtchyan
Manvel Mkrtchyan 17 days ago
Jaysfivecents does the ifixit ads better.
NisseVex 17 days ago
linus convincing himself he likes his half white paint job because he didn't use enough blue or orange
Michael Z
Michael Z 17 days ago
I kinda want to do this to my case
A1rxw 18 days ago
i triggers me at the way hes spraying it down
Roberts Sergejevs
Roberts Sergejevs 18 days ago
Me watching this video with my 1050 :🥺😭😢
JMUDoc 18 days ago
Uses my graphics card for practice... FML.
עומר גור
עומר גור 18 days ago
me with an 1060 my family give me for my birthday after i seen his "test" 1060: :(
ItsRCK 20 days ago
i love the title lol
RiseOfBlade1337 21 day ago
Linus you need a mask
BnB DanTheMan
BnB DanTheMan 19 days ago
no he doesn't
Rainbow 21 day ago
It look horrible
S Class Gamer
S Class Gamer 22 days ago
Linus ur such an idiot 😭
Sandeep Ramani
Sandeep Ramani 22 days ago
Kinda looks the same lol
Troy 22 days ago
Strange why they would use glue, it's almost like, your not supposed to take it apart? Nah that can't be why.
Trainboi 22 days ago
That is 5 times more expensive than my pc
Ben Hemmings
Ben Hemmings 22 days ago
9:25 when you try to hydro dip your 2080 ti but you accidentally hydro dip yourself
IvanFN 23 days ago
mhm we should of traded gpus and gave you a 1080
The Half Blood Prince
nobody literally nobody on Linus's funeral linus before we start we have a sponsor from nord vpn
Jaden Minter
Jaden Minter 23 days ago
Imagine drinking that colorful water yummy
luc Baartmans
luc Baartmans 24 days ago
he soundes just like louis rossman why would nvidia do this we dont know
RevenantYT 25 days ago
This is why people slowly start to hate you
MysticTerror394 25 days ago
realrttv 26 days ago
I'm temped to do this but to my whole pc do I?
Slow Bro Entertainment
I know this is in the name of science and tech but it really hurts to watch this when I could only imagine to be able to afford it I've been subbed for a long time Linus.
The Everything Babylon
Linus clearly didnt do any research on hydro dipping before doing it...
Kevin ODonoghue
Kevin ODonoghue 27 days ago
Honestly this card looks like one of those 80s boomboxes
Tristan 28 days ago
3 sponsers wtf man get some standards
Online Gamer
Online Gamer 28 days ago
New Video Name: The Truth About Nvidia GPU's
Mikhail Dustin Elpedes
0:33 Linus you dropped it.
liam morales
liam morales 28 days ago
Hydro dip with mineral oil?
gilang ignas raharjo
Denise!! lol
KURURIN FACE 29 days ago
"Nothing but boring old LEDs" me, with a dusty-ass computer that has cables sticking out and a fan that sounds like a lawnmower: ;-;
Apple In The Fridge
"paint and computer hardware?" what about the fucking water linus
FU3GO Month ago
try to cool a coffee machine
Ryan Sell
Ryan Sell Month ago
Youre I denial. This i fucking ugly. How are you so stupid you didn't do any research before hand. If you had looked into this even a little you would know that your actually dumb in the way you did it.
Shahana Sharmin
Shahana Sharmin Month ago
2:45 pre-loosened??
MassMaxx_Yt Month ago
Me: oh i have hydro-dipped so many times its really hard this is gonna be funny Linus: 7:05-7:10
Julia Shenandoah
Wow this is truly an interesting method of colouring something! Looks absolutely beautyful, so the only thing necessary is a rather big water basin, and some colour sprays to get these beautyful artsy effects on clothing or stuff to decorate? This is beautyful and looks better than airbrush effects!
tekashi69 is garbage
7:09 wow look how good he shakes that, that could only mean one thing......
Etrnal Alve
Etrnal Alve Month ago
U should have just like given me the rtx 2080ti, like
Alok Krishna
Alok Krishna Month ago
Anybody else cringed when he just threw that card into the water at 0:33 ?
if you are on a pc just press 3 multiple times and see linus dancing
FADED Element
FADED Element Month ago
This looks so cool :D
Alan Peach
Alan Peach Month ago
A. The "borax" method you are trying to use would be better achieved NOT with cans but dropping paint straight on the water's surface. B. To keep a better and smoother pattern it is better to draw the object sideways not straight through the paint, to keep drawing more paint on to the surface rather than risking breaking the connection of the paint. C. It's possible to go even further and buy pre-made sheets of graphics you can buy for like £5 each and get an exact image or pattern added. SO much more that you can do with this technique than your somewhat cool, but samey to the previous one outcome.
Logan the Wolf - Fortnite
I might hydro dip my GTX 1060 cover
Gamer 303
Gamer 303 Month ago
when they say that you can do it at home, but that graphics card costs as much as your whole setup, UMMM Linus, we don't got dat kinda money lol
Troy Carter
Troy Carter Month ago
They glue it together so that when they watch you take it apart they laugh at you.
Bxlletnxss Streams
Bxlletnxss Streams 8 hours ago
Now are you gonna stop fucken annoying me and just stop OR NOT?
Bxlletnxss Streams
Bxlletnxss Streams 8 hours ago
Your saying stuff that i do but your doing it to
Bxlletnxss Streams
Bxlletnxss Streams 8 hours ago
Sz ClapZ 24 seconds ago Bxlletnxss Streams like your still arguing and won’t stfu Hm your still commenting and arguing and you wont stfu so why would I? YOUR on yt 24/7
Sz ClapZ
Sz ClapZ 8 hours ago
Bxlletnxss Streams no life
Sz ClapZ
Sz ClapZ 8 hours ago
Bxlletnxss Streams like your still arguing and won’t stfu
Maxim Month ago
That's just money wasting, my poor wallet wants that 1200 dollars for a gpu 😭😭🥺🥺🥺
Newchannel haha
Newchannel haha Month ago
I genuinely want to try this lmao.
Game Snake
Game Snake Month ago
I'll trade you my graphics card for it "no one tell him that I don't actually have an actual PC graphics card and I use a laptop cuz PCS are expensive as shit"
mr. cheeze
mr. cheeze Month ago
Ikr the 140 pounds pc set on ebay are expensive
Brian DaviJaya
Brian DaviJaya Month ago
my poor wallet is screaming
Hyperrblu Month ago
Is it just me or does those hydro dipping thumbnails stress you out when it’s something expensive like a mechanical keyboard or a Xbox elite controller or especially that one where they PAINT OVER THE SCREEN OF A SWITCH UGH
night shwdow
night shwdow Month ago
i wanna be rich enough someday to be able to just drop graphics cards in a bin of water without caring 0:33
Plague Vamp
Plague Vamp Month ago
Linus: This is fun, I like arts and crafts. Me: looks like ur just messing around with lots of paint...
Travis Huynh
Travis Huynh Month ago
Graphics card now water coold
Alex11 Month ago
We destr... Hydro dipped a 1200 gpu! Like wtf m8!
nick tack
nick tack Month ago
fettuccine is flat and wide whereas linguine is a bit less wide but more round and thick.
pushkar Sarkar
pushkar Sarkar Month ago
_don't_ know
Ninad Amane
Ninad Amane Month ago
I have not yet SEEN gtx 1050ti* Linus: lets hydrodip rtx 2080. Me realizing what it means:
Arshia Saffari
Arshia Saffari Month ago
I mean what’s the point of it?
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