"We Can Beat Spire." Julian Newman & Jaden Newman Are Starting A NEW SCHOOL! Family Suffers Tragedy

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Episode 10 of Hello Newmans is straight WILD. Julian and Jaden get snubbed when it comes to receiving basketball awards and Jamie is NOT HAPPY.
What do you do about it? Start your OWN PREP SCHOOL! We have breaking news that the Newman family is starting Prodigy Prep School. Y'all better get ready!!
Julian also has some fun with his boys at the trampoline spot. These guys are getting out there. Lastly, we want to give our condolences to the Newmans who lost their grandmother recently. We're praying for you guys.
We're going to take a little break from releasing the Newmans show, but don't worry we got PLENTY MORE COMING!!
Drop a comment and show love for the NEWMANS!
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Jun 8, 2019




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Comments 3 987
Overtime 4 months ago
Do you want to go to PRODIGY PREP!?
XxSniperzzxX .,
XxSniperzzxX ., 7 days ago
The name is so cringe
100 %
100 % 12 days ago
Fuck your nana !
Luis Reyes
Luis Reyes 24 days ago
Hell nah
Rye Jixzzle
Rye Jixzzle Month ago
Yea with my team mates🤣
Brandon Wilson
Brandon Wilson Month ago
R I q
Luke Aguilera
Luke Aguilera 23 hours ago
R.I.P nana💞
Noah Canada
Noah Canada Day ago
the dad is ridiculous
Joshua Mozuch
Joshua Mozuch 6 days ago
Bro u need to listen to ur dad he’s just trying to make u the best that u can so just listen it isn’t hard just do it bro keep up the good work
LaDainian Anderson
I'm down for prodigy prep
100 %
100 % 12 days ago
Fuck your nana bitch ass hope she dies soon
John Doe
John Doe 15 days ago
Man there family a bunch of haters they don’t clap when other people win.. angry little fuckers
Joseph Ramirez
Joseph Ramirez 16 days ago
They cant beat spire even without melo
Robert Brent jr
Robert Brent jr 17 days ago
Jaden:gma's sick Juulian:Im sad Dad:There's gonna be nba scouts at the hospital, get your shots up b4 you leave Julian: but.._. Dad:No arguing, you're going to the nba, you had 15 against melo, if we beat them, you're in the league
123 456
123 456 17 days ago
A scholar?? Shiiiiit I'd like to take it since you dont want it
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi 21 day ago
Jaden and her whole team sucks, not her team, she’s included lol
Vincent shy
Vincent shy 21 day ago
Basketball is not that serious
Starpower44 '
Starpower44 ' 27 days ago
His dads worse than lavar ever was
Dontae Scisson
Dontae Scisson 28 days ago
I would've just sent them to the IMG academy
gawj i
gawj i 29 days ago
Trying to start prodigy prep Ight ima head out bro I got school tommorow lmao😭😭😭😭
Phil Langston
Phil Langston 29 days ago
Julian’s dad is crazier than LaVar
KATO KATO YT. Month ago
good ass jaden newman
Kakashi Willy
Kakashi Willy Month ago
I know why Jamie didn’t get coach of the year They want him to stop acting like a lunatic on the court (NO OFFENSE)
LB TMT Month ago
I don’t ever comment but GOD BLESS NANA! 🙏🏼
Thor Demarest
Thor Demarest Month ago
IMG is gonna smoke prodigy prep by 80
Tay Kai
Tay Kai Month ago
Julian dad : we can beat spire, they don’t play defence. Spire: that’s cause we’re playing against u guys.
Gil Eagan
Gil Eagan Month ago
How did this family became so freaking popular I don't get it at all basketball skills suck coaching sucks I'm confused
jes teri
jes teri Month ago
WEll, lamelo is better sooo..
Baker Hofland
Baker Hofland Month ago
They sport they’re merch and film while at the hospital
Carl Jr Berry
Carl Jr Berry Month ago
Jaden Newman says that her team is thrash has she saw herself
Henry H
Henry H Month ago
Their dad looks like he’s wondering why he wasn’t coach of the year. I’m dead😂🤣
The fact that nana passed away on my birthday makes it more heartbreaking
Obi Chukwura
Obi Chukwura Month ago
Their dad probably went to buyfreeschools.net or some shit
Obi Chukwura
Obi Chukwura Month ago
I'm just here for the comments for real for real
Itz Wildyy
Itz Wildyy Month ago
*Julian touch the ball* Julian’s dad: SHOOT THE BALL! *julian shoots and misses* Julian dad: MAKE YOUR SHOTS MAN!
Nick DiMaggio
Nick DiMaggio Month ago
Aint no body gonna talk to me like dat om
Nick DiMaggio
Nick DiMaggio Month ago
If he was mu coach id beat hos ass
post peel
post peel Month ago
Does he not realize its his coaching thats the problem? If he's the coach at Prodigy prep it'll be the same thing 😂😂😂
Nehemiah Carroll
Imagine jadens team watching these videos about her and what she’s saying
Oliver Hernandez
“We getting way to big for this town” ya lose every fucken game😭😂😂😂
David Raak
David Raak Month ago
0:51 he isn't no good with shaving
Lil_asian Jeff
Lil_asian Jeff Month ago
Jaden THICCC Call me weird or whatever but it true
Jayzel Pina
Jayzel Pina Month ago
I also lost grandmother
Sayan Andrews
Sayan Andrews Month ago
bruh they really have a banquet with all the teams in the league... this aint game of zones
Sayan Andrews
Sayan Andrews Month ago
Julians dads logic: you have to make all the shots any logical person: not all shots are made thats part of basketball me: how bout julians dad go try to play and see what happens
Sue Wieczorek
Sue Wieczorek Month ago
They put themselves before their team thats why they suck
Fredo Rose
Fredo Rose Month ago
Yhung B
Yhung B 2 months ago
Jaime u can't even play basketball with tour turtle neck ass
Edward Kim
Edward Kim 2 months ago
You got smacked by spire by 36 Jamie stop talking shit your weak ass team don’t play defense either bitch
Edward Kim
Edward Kim 2 months ago
Still trash
David Tosscano
David Tosscano 2 months ago
Damn that girl talking smack hard on her team. Who the hell is gonna wanna play with her? If she gets on a better team she’s just gonna blend in rather then stand out.
Arion Ciano
Arion Ciano 2 months ago
Getting to big for the town your not even 6 foot
INSXNE 3 2 months ago
I know I don’t like Julian but I do feel really really bad for him and his nana
Lerroy King
Lerroy King 2 months ago
Is Dallas brothers with Julian’s dad ?? They look exactly alike haha
Ween Fain
Ween Fain 2 months ago
His dad was big mad when he didn’t win coach of the year 😆 they didn’t even win any games bro and he just yells the entire time.. ain’t no damn coach. He’s a clown
Kit Cat
Kit Cat 2 months ago
He literally only cares about money it seems yikes
ThatOne Guy
ThatOne Guy 2 months ago
Julian Would be a good player if he just get "TALLER"
Kenesha Dennis
Kenesha Dennis 2 months ago
Their dad does not know how to shut up
Currylit 2 months ago
Yeah you broke 5 k points but how many assist
Francesca Svitkova
Francesca Svitkova 2 months ago
this Family is everything BUT humble ....Julian and his Dad are the definition of the word cocky ...
wavylayss 3 months ago
What he talking about trampoline parks are fun for everyone
Vyze 3 months ago
rip grandma
OcinPlays 3 months ago
This nigga the hispanic lavar ball
OcinPlays 3 months ago
Am i the only one realizing that jaden has enormous titz
Mike HUnt
Mike HUnt 3 months ago
Is it just me or do they really wanna be better than lamelo?
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