"We Can Beat Spire." Julian Newman & Jaden Newman Are Starting A NEW SCHOOL! Family Suffers Tragedy

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Episode 10 of Hello Newmans is straight WILD. Julian and Jaden get snubbed when it comes to receiving basketball awards and Jamie is NOT HAPPY.
What do you do about it? Start your OWN PREP SCHOOL! We have breaking news that the Newman family is starting Prodigy Prep School. Y'all better get ready!!
Julian also has some fun with his boys at the trampoline spot. These guys are getting out there. Lastly, we want to give our condolences to the Newmans who lost their grandmother recently. We're praying for you guys.
We're going to take a little break from releasing the Newmans show, but don't worry we got PLENTY MORE COMING!!
Drop a comment and show love for the NEWMANS!
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Jun 8, 2019

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Comments 3 972
Overtime Month ago
Do you want to go to PRODIGY PREP!?
Foheetah 11 hours ago
ainesh sannidhi
ainesh sannidhi 4 days ago
Auto Gweenz
Auto Gweenz 8 days ago
Fuck no
Aaron Khayo
Aaron Khayo 8 days ago
premium yoiut me too
Spinkz 10 days ago
Foheetah 11 hours ago
Jamie Newman=🤡
OcinPlays 19 hours ago
This nigga the hispanic lavar ball
OcinPlays 19 hours ago
Am i the only one realizing that jaden has enormous titz
P2 GD 2 days ago
Is it just me or do they really wanna be better than lamelo?
Nick B 51
Nick B 51 2 days ago
I think Julian’s dad is more nuts then lavar he built his own school. How tf does he think this is going to work
Friday Saturday
Friday Saturday 3 days ago
Lamelo owns Julian’s dads dreams and nightmares
Friday Saturday
Friday Saturday 3 days ago
A family of haters
john mojica
john mojica 3 days ago
“A mans day” 💀
John AppleSeed
John AppleSeed 4 days ago
Julian seems like a chill who wants to ball with his friends, but his dad projects all of his insecurities onto his son. And it’s of OverTime to influence such content; this neglect and the dad is clearly acting a fucking fool in the locker rooms. Damn, such a shame overtime too broke to get real content.
ASNFlipFlops Dragneel
3:50 when she sits down if you look at how arm she is like should I put my arm around nahhhhh
Ryan Cox
Ryan Cox 4 days ago
Jamie Newman is going to hate his kids when they don’t make it past college lol.
Jovan Parata
Jovan Parata 4 days ago
His dad is 100% worse then lavar ball
Leroy King
Leroy King 5 days ago
Why does the dad look like he got Down syndrome ?
Tigre101 6 days ago
Is this family Puerto Rican?
eastern2western 7 days ago
This family is delusional.
Lynx 7 days ago
Rip Nana😥😥
Aaron Khayo
Aaron Khayo 8 days ago
I just realized, why couldn’t the mom get interviews
The Slim Reaper
The Slim Reaper 9 days ago
Prodigy Prep? What in the actual fuck? I remember when we clowned Lavar for making the ZO2s...now that shit be lookin' minor compared to Newman Sr. #fuckprodigyprep At least Emmanuel Maldonado can finally be the no. 1 option in Downey.
Savage Hippie
Savage Hippie 9 days ago
His dad wants to start his own school fam this is going to be funny LMFAOOOO
Carolen Tumulak
Carolen Tumulak 10 days ago
Don't tell me this is a reality show????
Nolan Myers
Nolan Myers 12 days ago
His face when he didnt get coach of the year😂😂😂
Hunter Hornady
Hunter Hornady 12 days ago
Prodigy clothes only go up to youth large
Gamel Oden
Gamel Oden 14 days ago
My condolences to the Newman family
uWishDop3 мє υglу
What if jaden Newman’s teammates watching..they will be mad
Semaj King
Semaj King 14 days ago
I'm so sorry for your loss Newman's and I know how it feels to lose someone I Los my uncle a couple weeks ago it hurts
Kiran Shanahan
Kiran Shanahan 15 days ago
Imagine how jadens teammates feel🤦🏻‍♂️damn bruh
Hale Samuelson
Hale Samuelson 15 days ago
Remember when Overtime tried to ship jaden and lamelo??😂😂 fucking 🤡
Pabs Alanya
Pabs Alanya 16 days ago
How do you start your own school? Easy... Opens website. xD
Evelyn Oduro-Badu
Evelyn Oduro-Badu 16 days ago
What Tennessee people do not have a hard times specking or pernoucing names!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡
Dramacidal 17 days ago
I guess dude will be school owner, head principal, vice principal, history teacher, head coach, starting small forward, and prodigy clothing ceo Selling his own clothes to his own school at a discount and writing it off on his taxes
Ez. Af
Ez. Af 17 days ago
Jaden should be happy he got somebody to train him I would give my whole life savings for somebody to fully train me. I’ve been broke anyways lmao
Yaseen Mannan
Yaseen Mannan 17 days ago
Those awards given in a cafeteria?
Chan 160138
Chan 160138 18 days ago
2:10 I literally give up trying to understand he says
Bryant Xavier
Bryant Xavier 18 days ago
PandazCanDunk 18 days ago
How come Julian looks like Julian newman
Nikko Kotrba
Nikko Kotrba 18 days ago
I just like watching the dad be a head ass
Hoghs 18 days ago
Doesn’t get coach of the year..... decides he’s to big for this town. The delusion of this family is unreal.
MARZOSIRUS 18 days ago
Props to Newmans pops for loving and supporting his children. Y'all haters stop hating. They are trying there best.
Chris Aguila
Chris Aguila 19 days ago
He ain't making the nba
Neph God
Neph God 19 days ago
3:40 *"Its been really hard on all of us...especially Julian"* Julian: *Checks Dms...*
willow playz
willow playz 19 days ago
god i hate their dad
Harry Barnes
Harry Barnes 19 days ago
He sister a ugly thot hoe on folks nem
Devon Johnson
Devon Johnson 19 days ago
Why they dad so funny looking💀🤦🏽‍♂️😂
Aidan advento Advento
Julian looked like a 5 year old kid in the tranpoline park when its fast forwared
6 Years Ago
6 Years Ago 19 days ago
Nobody: Like su nobody: No like fr nobody: I already said nobody: Well fuck you
Nelly Davis
Nelly Davis 20 days ago
They need a new coach
Antwon Jenkins
Antwon Jenkins 20 days ago
Everyone on this show is memes
Antwon Jenkins
Antwon Jenkins 20 days ago
Damn I feel bad about clicking this
John Bowie III
John Bowie III 20 days ago
Tell me how Julian Newman is suppose to be the best at his age but still has no college offers 👀
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