We built the ULTIMATE Apocalypse Survival Sledge Hammer!! *VS FRUIT*

Dangie Bros
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We put all our minds together to build the ultimate DIY apocalypse survival weapon using only items from Home Depot!!
Throwing Knife vs Punishment Balloons!!:


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Apr 15, 2019




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Comments 80
Dangie Bros
Dangie Bros Year ago
NEW upload schedule! MORE VIDEOS :D We will be uploading every 3 days!
tristin jackson
I like you dangey bros its malachi
Anton Carlsen
Anton Carlsen 24 days ago
yurimiguel Cunanan
yurimiguel Cunanan 28 days ago
Thats how to open a water chug
Shabina Sajeel
Shabina Sajeel Month ago
Alright mart
Robert Csosz
Robert Csosz Month ago
DANGIE I. ) /.
Rochelle Neal
Rochelle Neal 13 hours ago
Make a Nerf video
Stephen Thompson
Stephen Thompson 15 hours ago
I love pineapples
tristin jackson
I'm buzzed
Dontay Martinez
You have to smart small and work you way up with the drill bits ya nubs
Nat G
Nat G Day ago
this is before they had a camera man :)
Pizza Sharknado
Dangie bros you guys are so inspiring and give me great ideas for Lego apocalypse weapons.
Noah Everett
Noah Everett 3 days ago
Dangie bros suck
Bryson Leftridge
Bryson Leftridge 7 days ago
Did anybody notice the mysterious person walking in the background at 8:35
Pesky Brother
Pesky Brother 9 days ago
Jeff’s hair is atrocious
Carrie Fox
Carrie Fox 9 days ago
“Next item is a cool clay pot” Me: ummmm Simone lovingly made that 🥺
Djaylane Kalpoe
Djaylane Kalpoe 10 days ago
The thor can lift something like 1,00,000
MASTER BRICK 12 days ago
It's your fault JEFFRY !!!
Turtle With Epic Memes
Title : VS FRUIT First second of the video : BRICK
Captain Cake
Captain Cake 14 days ago
I’m from the future anyone here in coronavirus
Gro Anita Søreng
Gro Anita Søreng 14 days ago
Freddy and his friends
jeff f off
Victorlee Hernandez
Liveaiden777 7
Liveaiden777 7 24 days ago
Think about if this was in call of duty XD
No one: Not even a single comment: Jeff’s blue shirt: cam and Jeff
Sandra Meeks
Sandra Meeks 26 days ago
Brittney Sturkie
Brittney Sturkie 27 days ago
yurimiguel Cunanan
yurimiguel Cunanan 28 days ago
Thor even cant lift this hammer:weight 37 Me as a kid:weight 34* brother
ScarletSisters 28 days ago
Omg 😱 Jeff’s hair It’s not even half of how.p curly my hair is
Criszel Maraon
Criszel Maraon Month ago
Why do you always do this😎this jeff
Lukas Mackinnon
Lukas Mackinnon Month ago
Breaks table You:you did what now?!
whatshisface gaming
I'd call that a SMASHING success!
Henry Mbiah
Henry Mbiah Month ago
Chris looks different from the cam and Jeff days
Caleb Hojnowski
Caleb Hojnowski Month ago
I’m sad what where’s my food
Garden Marathoner
feng weihong
feng weihong Month ago
the hammer is heavier than me
Anne Lizzaine Anagaran
Fix your face is stronger then that hammer
Gamer 21
Gamer 21 Month ago
I love you guys🔪🔫
Carnage69 Month ago
The poor table
Aarti Choudhary
Aarti Choudhary Month ago
You are so bangi people
Gary Hartsel
Gary Hartsel 2 months ago
I have the exact same grey and black vans
Renaudst 2 months ago
Following on Instagram now Edit: boom
dddevil suck
dddevil suck 2 months ago
im pretty sure thor can lift it because he has more muscles then u guys OHHH
Brodie M
Brodie M 2 months ago
Chris: drink fringe the punch fall Rob: no I dont want to get a disease. Me watching during the Carona:hebis a smart man
Justin Huard
Justin Huard 2 months ago
Title: sledge hammer vs fruit. Me: a water jug isn’t fruit, a brick isn’t fruit, A TABLE IS NOT FRUIT
Cortland Miller
Cortland Miller 2 months ago
who remembers when they were called CAM AND JEFF? 👍👍
Tazmaza 2 months ago
მაგარი კაცებიხართ If you know what this means than you are გამოყლევებული ❤️
Robert Csosz
Robert Csosz Month ago
??. What do you mean??? What
Robert Csosz
Robert Csosz Month ago
GO CANADA Month ago
3915 thunderbolt
3915 thunderbolt 2 months ago
I followed you at Facebook and messanger Will you give me a call
Abyan Ali
Abyan Ali 2 months ago
I think you are not nubs... Psych!!! You are all nubs
Ariana A
Ariana A 2 months ago
I know Jeff I can't live with my brother
mark white
mark white 2 months ago
Ycant chris get back on clash with cam channle
MUSTEEK ! The one and only
Your just wasting clean water
Marc G
Marc G 2 months ago
I want to thank Rob, Jeff and Chris!!
Marc G
Marc G 2 months ago
You are my favorite RUvidr cool
Tramp Broz
Tramp Broz 2 months ago
The dangie bros:smash something with liquid Me: wipes my screen thinking there is something on it
J recorder 9
J recorder 9 2 months ago
por jeff
Allon Dunman
Allon Dunman 2 months ago
Goes to smash water bottle.then- Ad:open the door cherries department Video comes back on Chris:Dude this is gonna be really bad. 😂😂
Jessie Grandes
Jessie Grandes 2 months ago
If the hammer is called Thor can’t even lift this then how can you lift it? If he get mad then hits you and you broke a leg😣😣😥😥
Bobbi Crawley
Bobbi Crawley 2 months ago
thor can't even lift it
Garden Marathoner
Garden Marathoner 3 months ago
Woah that is heavy 37lbs
Jairus Nathaniel Gayorgor
I saw on jeffs shirt cam and Jeff
Frank Castaneda
Frank Castaneda 3 months ago
Nice hamer
Nate Salton
Nate Salton 3 months ago
I know brothers
Scottish Survivor
Scottish Survivor 3 months ago
The black metal thing is a pounder for packing and flating ground such as dirt sand and etc.
Matthew Szelagiewicz
That thing is amazing hey look I'm mr. Handyman I have a GIANT HAMMER 🔨 wanna smell it!!!??
Häggström 3 months ago
love u guys, u r always making my day❤
Practice House
Practice House 3 months ago
Wow that thing is heavier then me I am only 32 Kg
My panda Stuff
My panda Stuff 3 months ago
Voting for Jeffery's
Isa Alfaro
Isa Alfaro 3 months ago
do you have tik tok like if you do
My Name IS Pechy
My Name IS Pechy 3 months ago
REETHETEE 3 months ago
6:36 he said the n-word
Allon Dunman
Allon Dunman 2 months ago
Right when I read this comment he said it
DaFLUFFLES2 3 months ago
4:36 . SOOO TRUE
Shadow Cheetahs
Shadow Cheetahs 3 months ago
I also said 6/10
Milton Brito
Milton Brito 3 months ago
did anyone here at the backround at 9:31 the wow meme because absolutly nobody and espeshily everyone is not talking about it. Is it just me who heard that meme I, just 10 maby younger pepole have better hearing.
Milton Brito
Milton Brito 3 months ago
Somthing is wired outside the coomet I posted is at 9:31 but at the comments that are responding in my notifictoin and comments box it`s at 9:32 isn`t that kinda strange or maby it is a glitch
Ethan Castley
Ethan Castley 4 months ago
Jeff's perm looks bad
Beyblade mas123
Beyblade mas123 4 months ago
What about TikTok
Frankly Gamer
Frankly Gamer 4 months ago
I want cam and Jeff merch
Sarah Danielle
Sarah Danielle 4 months ago
Why was there channel called cam and Jeff if Chris is his name not cam
Originalthewolf 4 months ago
3 people 1 tiny bolt
Yeryk Montano
Yeryk Montano 4 months ago
Westing food
Magnus Andre
Magnus Andre 4 months ago
wat a bad bat
OPS Shredder.
OPS Shredder. 4 months ago
Title: Creating a hammer vs fruit Sees a helmet: BRUH
Vicki Millar
Vicki Millar 4 months ago
Ryan McGuigan
Ryan McGuigan 4 months ago
You guys should of use it for the unbreakable box
Amie Longacre
Amie Longacre 4 months ago
AluKen Playz
AluKen Playz 4 months ago
I bet this comment will not get pinned.
Markerip *
Markerip * 4 months ago
AluKen Playz you right cause they already pinned a comment
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