We built the ULTIMATE Apocalypse Survival Sledge Hammer!! *VS FRUIT*

Dangie Bros
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We put all our minds together to build the ultimate DIY apocalypse survival weapon using only items from Home Depot!!
Throwing Knife vs Punishment Balloons!!:


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Comments 100
Dangie Bros
Dangie Bros Month ago
NEW upload schedule! MORE VIDEOS :D We will be uploading every 3 days!
Jody French
Jody French 8 days ago
I loved the when you smashed things 6 months ago.
Jody French
Jody French 8 days ago
I watch your video all the time and they are funny.
Jody French
Jody French 8 days ago
You are the best
The Kempler
The Kempler 17 days ago
Awesome! Btw, is Jeff's blue shirt future merch??
Aaron Espinosa
Aaron Espinosa 18 days ago
I hate you because I don't want you to stroy dream because you still have to drink it and it's wasting drink
Gary Prater
Gary Prater 9 hours ago
Gary Prater
Gary Prater 10 hours ago
Put Jeff in the pool
William Velasquez
William Velasquez 12 hours ago
Make a Nightmare weapon
Cool gears lagace
Great job finally working together
Inamul Haque
Inamul Haque 2 days ago
Your videos is so funny and sometimes your videos are super cool. This is Inamul Haque from Fiji
Wen 4 days ago
love the fact that all 3 of you went to the store just to get one tiny screw p.s. love your videos, like how you guys put so much effort into building things for your videos
Doggy Cat666
Doggy Cat666 6 days ago
thank you for doing this video
Carol Salman
Carol Salman 7 days ago
"juice is going to go everywhere." like it didn't already
Cass Deaver
Cass Deaver 8 days ago
Be careful and safe and don’t do dangerous things and I pray nothing bad happens to anyone anything and or anywhere in the world
Damian Gause
Damian Gause 8 days ago
I love your videos because you play cool games
Maxwell Euclide
Maxwell Euclide 10 days ago
They should have used aluminium alloy. It is a tenth the weight and 5/6 the strength
Sean Munro-Schneider
Smashing party
Alexacat -
Alexacat - 11 days ago
The sound of watermelon made it wasn't pretty
Alexacat -
Alexacat - 11 days ago
How dare you waste such a beautiful watermelon why why why I love watermelon
Energy Gaming
Energy Gaming 15 hours ago
It’s watermelone
Alexacat -
Alexacat - 11 days ago
Jeff is so funny
Christopher Chouli
Christopher Chouli 11 days ago
Get a haircut jeff
Thatsharkperson 14 days ago
Ok is it just me or does that weapon look like Thor’s hammer
ae75guerrero 14 days ago
Can you guys try to make a weapon that could shoot
Redcat-V 14 days ago
the reason you werent able to smash the jug vertically is because water cant be condensed,however if you would smash it horizontaly it would get obliterated.
Hanumica Kalajic
Hanumica Kalajic 14 days ago
Can’t find your snapchat👎🏼
PorzioKnight 15
PorzioKnight 15 15 days ago
*Thor* : I Can lift Every HAMMER!!! *Dangie Bros* : Say what?
Doc Spoc
Doc Spoc 15 days ago
I don't get the point of destroying a watermelon, the juice bottle, and water bottle? Aside from some slight entertainment for us, what was the point of any of this? Even in apocalyptic times, When would anyone go around smashing food and drink items?
Daisy Ruiz
Daisy Ruiz 16 days ago
Cool view
Charlie Koppe
Charlie Koppe 16 days ago
You guys made the megaton hammer from legend of Zelda oricana of time you also ended it Zelda style by breaking a pot
Bill Davis
Bill Davis 14 days ago
Too bad they didn't smash Volvagia's head with the megaton hammer (YET)
Protrapman n No
Protrapman n No 17 days ago
Madison Morofsky
Madison Morofsky 18 days ago
Thore could lift that
Reign Callaghan
Reign Callaghan 19 days ago
That Shao Kahn hammer tho
buzz11672 19 days ago
Now if you are called Dangie bros
Jack Humblw
Jack Humblw 19 days ago
Can you guys down load ROBLOX and play an obby then do an obby
Jenny Lin
Jenny Lin 20 days ago
Why didn’t you use “fix your face” to put on the bolts
Heather Weiss
Heather Weiss 20 days ago
9:30 wow
Yulian Indra
Yulian Indra 20 days ago
that hammer is like thor s hammer
Glen Yates
Glen Yates 20 days ago
Called friction
Shawn.fanofeverybody Lynchu
Congrats on 2 mil subscribers 🏆🥇🏅🏅🏅
Jaycob Mercado
Jaycob Mercado 21 day ago
Jef CIS rob
Ice Babypig
Ice Babypig 21 day ago
Question is his name cam or Chris
Roy Giedrocz
Roy Giedrocz 21 day ago
In pressing
KingCam Productions
cam is funny
Catherine Insomya
Catherine Insomya 22 days ago
watch my first video elcgamer11
Abby Struthers
Abby Struthers 22 days ago
When I saw Cooper at first I thought he was a 🦊 😂
Moh . F
Moh . F 22 days ago
Why would u waste all the items u crushed
Heavyn Hill
Heavyn Hill 22 days ago
You guys say post apocalyptic and that means after the apocalypse so you guys are making weapons for after the apocalypse.
Talon Kellner
Talon Kellner 22 days ago
You stuck
Gav Does Stuff
Gav Does Stuff 22 days ago
I am close to 100 subscribers please help me hit it my channel is Gav Does Stuff
Craig Wainio
Craig Wainio 22 days ago
Guys You Should Make A Fort For All The Weapons That You Built
carl lake
carl lake 22 days ago
U should get mercy saying cokey
Rose Robbins
Rose Robbins 23 days ago
Don’t litter that bolt
Justine 23 days ago
Is rob their brother too?
Vidal Buh
Vidal Buh 23 days ago
God Gamer
God Gamer 24 days ago
That perm tho
Steve the Meme
Steve the Meme 24 days ago
No one noticed that he put minecraft theme death but use roblox death noise
T D Gamer
T D Gamer 25 days ago
Roy You
Roy You 26 days ago
I love this channel but I liked Jeff’s hair wen it was no curled
Anthony Prieto
Anthony Prieto 26 days ago
I miss clash with cam....
Amyrin Smith
Amyrin Smith 26 days ago
Me and my friend how video about the danger of Salem
Adam Sayid
Adam Sayid 26 days ago
They put stop Bullying but instead of that they edited it to the last melon
Brayden Castillo
Brayden Castillo 26 days ago
Jeffrey’s hair is still curly from that one dares video
Charry Anne Falco
Charry Anne Falco 26 days ago
Road to 2m.. im happy about that... ill just watch this again
Yuhanroy Amatosa
Yuhanroy Amatosa 26 days ago
Jeff is strong af
Brody’s Channel
Brody’s Channel 27 days ago
Lol Jeff still has a cam and fever t shirt
QdogeGaming_YT 27 days ago
Does Jeff get allowance from Chris and Rob?
justinfish33 27 days ago
Rob going down his yelling dimbber
Henri Pukk Henri
Henri Pukk Henri 27 days ago
Its not a puppy its a killer wepon
MSR MASER 27 days ago
Do you have tic tock
Tech Dance Eshaah Eshaan
I cant Like This video what Happend
Manoli Kondolios
Manoli Kondolios 28 days ago
oscman27 28 days ago
I literally said i bet you jeff is gonna miss the watermelon.
clark kent
clark kent 28 days ago
Did i saw some cam and jeff tee.
Tinka Bond
Tinka Bond 28 days ago
Lol junkrat
Gwendolyn Gilchrest
Jeff is curly boi.
Ashley Marton
Ashley Marton 28 days ago
Dangie Bros TIk Tok account 😂
ARAŁ MA 29 days ago
The name should of been thor smashet
Zainab Qureshi
Zainab Qureshi 29 days ago
This is Anna 👩🏼 👗🎒 👖 👟 👟 Anna is not asking for likes She wants you to know her name
Nym Alous
Nym Alous 29 days ago
There's a movie called Dune (the 1984 version) wherein a character is being told to punch and kick a stone pillar, after which he is commanded to yell at it. He yells, "Break!" For some reason, I thought of that movie scene while watching this...
Uknown Person
Uknown Person 29 days ago
9:49 looks like Link found his new weapon for pot smashing
Ally Cat
Ally Cat 29 days ago
Get tik tok
Thanos Galaxy
Thanos Galaxy 29 days ago
Thor can lift up that big hammer. Mjolnir is much more heavy than your hammer it is like 10000000000000x more heavy. Thor’s hammer can break bones super easily.
Kari Kruse
Kari Kruse 29 days ago
Somkhit Cocker
Somkhit Cocker 29 days ago
Bro we use tik tok
MrOllietayl 29 days ago
You are so right you are so right
Gucci Tyson
Gucci Tyson 29 days ago
Jeff PLEASE get a hair cut I can’t look at your perm any more it is horrific!
abel Bulosan
abel Bulosan 29 days ago
It is better uf you put a spikes in it
ChrisPlays - Zombs Royale and Roblox
2:08 reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Subscriber 88001
Subscriber 88001 29 days ago
Get a tap and die set to fix the bolt thread
Hassan Zafar
Hassan Zafar Month ago
at 8:34 someone is walking behind
Tawhed Ahmed
Tawhed Ahmed Month ago
Why the watermelon I'll find you and smash you. You melon killer
Lemonater Noffke
Jeff’s screwed
Firefox Zilla
Firefox Zilla Month ago
U r copying chad wild clay, he destroyed 🍉with weapons. Like if agree.
TheGamer 45
TheGamer 45 Month ago
I love how u guys don’t clickbait
0:53 was dat a DOGGY
Donald Staggs
Donald Staggs Month ago
I like the perm
Fiona Graham
Fiona Graham Month ago
Fiona Graham
Fiona Graham Month ago
Brachiosaurus Shaw’s gaming channel and more Shaw
I love Minecraft I’m 7 yo
For Anime
For Anime Month ago
0:46 Junkrat from Overwatch ??
AlphaPlays OG
AlphaPlays OG Month ago
Nobody: RUvid:GIANT SLEDGE HAMMER vs fruit
yeet K
yeet K Month ago
Chris gea
Doctor Whovian
Doctor Whovian Month ago
you got tik tok?
Noah Blakley
Noah Blakley Month ago
Love your videos is so cool and I always give you a thumbs up
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