We built the ULTIMATE Apocalypse Survival Sledge Hammer!! *VS FRUIT*

Dangie Bros
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We put all our minds together to build the ultimate DIY apocalypse survival weapon using only items from Home Depot!!
Throwing Knife vs Punishment Balloons!!:


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Apr 15, 2019

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Comments 2 037
Dangie Bros
Dangie Bros 3 months ago
NEW upload schedule! MORE VIDEOS :D We will be uploading every 3 days!
christian caruso
Jeff you're funny
christian caruso
Why don't you make a sword and destroy stuff with it
Heather Schaefer
Heather Schaefer 7 days ago
I love you guys
Heather Schaefer
Heather Schaefer 7 days ago
Ryan Moran
Ryan Moran 8 days ago
Mason Taylor
Mason Taylor 2 hours ago
Mason Taylor
Mason Taylor 2 hours ago
Thanks again, I think it was not the same. We will have the same. We will
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Dangie Bros: We built The Ultimate Weapon. 1 second later Breaks*
Imelda Gutierrez
Imelda Gutierrez 14 hours ago
Jeff is a nub
Kristi S
Kristi S 17 hours ago
make electric weapons
christian caruso
Why don't you make a sword and destroy it with watermelon and bricks
Braxton Townsend game channel
Its acutely 370 pounds
ProBossMaster 69
ProBossMaster 69 2 days ago
Is it just me or does Jeff whine all the time
Alice Brennan
It’s weird
AvanV 3 days ago
Were can i buy the mearch
Baker Bros. Gaming
And I think that is what he felt like 😬
Baker Bros. Gaming
When Jeff said he banged his knee my I pad died 😖
Stefano Britt
Stefano Britt 3 days ago
Pheonix Gill
Pheonix Gill 3 days ago
Because u guys are the best and i can det any of the obove
Do you have Tik Tok
Jacob Underwood
Jacob Underwood 5 days ago
Good try, but that hammer just sucks.
Jaxxon 273
Jaxxon 273 5 days ago
Did you see the person in the back 8:33
Corey Sleeper
Corey Sleeper 5 days ago
I want a shirt small 7
Oscar Reyes
Oscar Reyes 5 days ago
I was drinking 💦 and I saw the watisthing 💦 noooooooooo🤭😱😂🤣
Oscar Reyes
Oscar Reyes 5 days ago
This is. Haliors
Snow Ninja
Snow Ninja 5 days ago
Poor jeff the bit bit him he is so sad 1 like = 1% he wont get bit by the bit agean in a vid
New Life
New Life 5 days ago
How about you call it Mr. smasher
Ayanna Van Eck
Ayanna Van Eck 6 days ago
I think it should be called STORMBREAKER! Thor is a god. He can lift the weapon.
emily and myself
emily and myself 3 days ago
Um excuse me also root can lift it up
FELIPE PARRA 6 days ago
נויה מהממת רוזנפלד
Ho that likes watermelons give me a thumbs up 😂
cain Ivey
cain Ivey 6 days ago
That punch is someone's head
09Tunafishgaming 6 days ago
Plz go to NZ
pro dog good
pro dog good 6 days ago
Hey no good waste of water
Lee Atherton
Lee Atherton 6 days ago
Hi your the best
Thomas Montgomery
I love these videos they show how creative you guys working as a team make things
William Callahan
William Callahan 7 days ago
You sould of named it mojner with is the name on Thor’s hammer
Owen Soly
Owen Soly 7 days ago
8:33 the person walking in the back is the real entertainer
Alex Johansen
Alex Johansen 7 days ago
What a wast of water
AFL spider
AFL spider 7 days ago
Cam is my favorite
speirstheamazingHD miniture
Bunker jonesey pick axe
Darell & Susie Johnson
Video right before my birthday 5 days
wolf’s carving co.
Idiots Rule one for drilling through metal Use a lubricant Rule two Use safety glasses Rule 3 use thick gloves You could have hurt yourself worse You are very lucky And there is a setting on the drill for drilling through stuff
Andrew Spyke
Andrew Spyke 8 days ago
7:52 kids in Africa have left the chat
Beat Saber warrior
Jeanie Sixkiller
Jeanie Sixkiller 8 days ago
I belt every thing Jeffrey did
Finnegan does stuff
please give me a shoutout
Brayden Martinez
Brayden Martinez 9 days ago
For some reason it feels like y'all had added one person so I keep forgetting your names
Matt Martin
Matt Martin 9 days ago
SarRaptor4 Noah
SarRaptor4 Noah 9 days ago
here are some names i think are good 1 wackamole 2 wacky smashy
Xxshadow wolfxX
Xxshadow wolfxX 9 days ago
1:27me trying to do anything
Liam Engström 5C Smaragdskolan
IF i named it its name would be DOOM hammer
Dorito Dragon
Dorito Dragon 10 days ago
“Ow you made me bend my knee!” Walking: am I a joke to you
CJ Random sauce
CJ Random sauce 9 days ago
Dorito Dragon he said bang
No this is Patrick
No this is Patrick 10 days ago
Jaden Ann
Jaden Ann 10 days ago
The person at 8:33 They would be confused if they saw three grown men beating up a gallon water
Sushi4Life 09
Sushi4Life 09 10 days ago
Wonder where they store their weapons
Bolton Fox
Bolton Fox 10 days ago
Everyone wins
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan 10 days ago
Pretty odd that this channel grew more than Chris's channel
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