We Built A Paintball Arena In Our Backyard - FaZe Clan

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Jul 4, 2020




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Comments 60
Henxuli 10:D
Henxuli 10:D 22 minutes ago
where is mew??
Nanifirmalino Francis
Fack you faze clan fack you alll 😈😈😈😈
Dylan Arnold
Dylan Arnold 8 hours ago
I love when Sommer said gang gang😂
Emil Dldl
Emil Dldl 12 hours ago
ananda foster
ananda foster 15 hours ago
I’m serious you should add Julia have a war with eyebrows they been doing a lot of talking shit with about you guys
ananda foster
ananda foster 15 hours ago
Talking shit so much
ananda foster
ananda foster 15 hours ago
Have a war with the hype house fuck them up
meXer 19 hours ago
ill sub to anyone that subs to me please im legit i love tiko and faze clan i need all the support that i can get and i want to share it with you please
Jen Graybill
Jen Graybill Day ago
Yo orba I played your fortnite map and I love it your trickshot map I absolutely love it so I guess you can add me my epic is k4e0en please add me orba
artin shahmoradi
Ram siakhel
Ram siakhel Day ago
And my boy Nathan
Ram siakhel
Ram siakhel Day ago
Brah I want to be there bro
M.S.K rob
M.S.K rob Day ago
bruhh that shot didnt even hit in the first place
jamie bruce
jamie bruce Day ago
is Jarvis and sommer dating???
Lil Quak
Lil Quak Day ago
Juice wrld paintball suites?🔥🔥🔥 where do I find it
Ernesto Castillo
Ernesto Castillo 2 days ago
Any Speedball,hyperball,woodsball player would cringe at the way they aim and shoot
blyp on 60fps
blyp on 60fps 2 days ago
Jarvis trickshot was sooooo sick
Piscala Gilbert
Piscala Gilbert 2 days ago
how did jarvis do that o_o
yael 18
yael 18 2 days ago
Jarvis aimbot
Jesus Caballero
Jesus Caballero 2 days ago
OMG jarvis has THE aimbot again
Tristan Farhood
Tristan Farhood 2 days ago
Jarvis playing with the off white shoes
Tristan Farhood
Tristan Farhood 2 days ago
The commentators on Jarvis 🤣🤣
DeyLexMain De Deleon
Yo did anybody see the paint ball hit the guy
victoria sindayen
Jarvis use the aimbot in final round
bluecrew dtl
bluecrew dtl 3 days ago
Hi guys I am new but u guys suck u guys are so mean carter pranked u guys but not bad u guys destroyed his Lambo and you also spray-painted the pool with the Team Rae logo so and that is not nice I won’t subscribe because that was mean and tell faze rug I unsubscribed
Opex_ arma
Opex_ arma 3 days ago
Carington: is cheater always a cheater? Jarvis: Yes Soomer : ..........
Kevin Le
Kevin Le 3 days ago
So did you break up
Evan Soto
Evan Soto 3 days ago
Tell Jarvis to turn off his aimbot
—- it’s ur main daddy
nahh fuck all that i’m tryna see the paintball hit nikan on that trickshot
Unliquid Zenith
Unliquid Zenith 3 days ago
Here comes the pro Jarvis
Mystic Drxpp
Mystic Drxpp 4 days ago
The juice WRLD faze hoodie tho
GhoSTz_ Slay3R09
GhoSTz_ Slay3R09 4 days ago
Did jarvis use aimbot in the tricksoht lol
Jemie BøØ
Jemie BøØ 4 days ago
I enjoy hearing the guys in the background talking.
Mark Cullen
Mark Cullen 4 days ago
Look at cizzorz lol 😝
Lyz 4 days ago
This summer :) 1432 lindacrest dr, Beverly Hills
Brayden Walters
Brayden Walters 4 days ago
Bruh adapt should have been on Sommer team cause that would’ve been funny
Red Jesus Radio
Red Jesus Radio 4 days ago
Cool Video
EmberzzFN 4 days ago
To the people reading this: Your Body is not a book don't judge it Your skin isn't paper don't cut it Your Heart isn't a door don't lock it Your life isn't a movie don't end it💗 (P.S Small RUvidr with big dreams any help is appreciated 💗💯)
MrTop911 3 days ago
for sure man 😊
GOD GAMER 5 days ago
Jarvis is like me when i open rom at ff me to my friends get chek and emiliano
jesus carrillo
jesus carrillo 5 days ago
He did
Sami Vlogsss
Sami Vlogsss 5 days ago
Y u no put faze banks in ur team banks would kill every 1
Schranktür73 5 days ago
Carlos Erives
Carlos Erives 6 days ago
10:30 song
EGC Harry
EGC Harry 6 days ago
Why did sommer say she has got bigger balls even know she was scared to jump down
evolved cyflix
evolved cyflix 6 days ago
Yeah lol
Job Valadez
Job Valadez 6 days ago
RIP juice wrld
Ψ Yonik Ψ
Ψ Yonik Ψ 6 days ago
It’s honestly so sad to see how downhill faze has gone like I miss bo2 and mw2 says backs when it was just so wholesome and enjoyable now all they do is clickbait and rain is gone and the team is just barley abt to hit rock bottom like they are literally clinging onto stupid content and 9yearolds
Stephanie Mcalpine
Brady Young
Brady Young 6 days ago
Jarvis has aim bot not fair
Sister and brother vids CITY28
You know who torbo
Aaron Morales
Aaron Morales 7 days ago
Teeqo:it’s your turn Jarvis Jarvis:aimbot enabled
Nina Kobe13
Nina Kobe13 7 days ago
How is Jarvis the only one that got the shot was he using aimbot
MindOfFahd 7 days ago
What was the song name? 10:06
Cameron Price
Cameron Price 7 days ago
Simps for sommer🤣🤣🤣
Himanka Kafle
Himanka Kafle 7 days ago
Gamer Plays
Gamer Plays 7 days ago
Is it me or jarvis aimbotted tht trickshot?
Turtle shell
Turtle shell 7 days ago
I lovr the Faze clan please let absorber in faze clan Im a big fan of the faze clan more than any clan
Who all think that FazeRug is gonna move in over here
TH GAMING 7 days ago
Faze alex
Faze alex 7 days ago
Good respect to juicie wrld
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