We Broke Up.

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Thank you all for the love and support during this difficult time. 💔
I'll be back to filming and creating with makeup soon.
My heart is trying to heal and repair. I love you guys so much.
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Comments 80
Madalyn Sandell
Madalyn Sandell 57 minutes ago
It takes a good person to talk highly of a person after a breakup. Get well soon Jeffree :)
nina ninja
nina ninja 2 hours ago
Ruta Mogilnaya
Ruta Mogilnaya 3 hours ago
почему нет субтитров на русском? 😩
i love pandas so much and the Dobre bros King
It’s okay boo don’t worry I’m here for u all 7r fans are
Bethany Arnold
Bethany Arnold 4 hours ago
I am currently going through a breakup from someone ive loved more than anyone. I understand the pain, love 🖤
Cameren 6 hours ago
I am so sorry 😭
Nacereddine Challal
I can relate to "love me publicly" part. That's so sad and awful .
Katie Scarlet
Katie Scarlet 8 hours ago
Jeffree we are still here and we will support you on your road to journey of your life so cheer up girl 💕💖
Arielle McGregor
Arielle McGregor 8 hours ago
The one dog is like heheheh waddles around bed
Mintz Aline
Mintz Aline 10 hours ago
Money can buy feel human heart jefree...
Jikjek Bangha-on
Jikjek Bangha-on 10 hours ago
I felt like this is so sad. I'd never been in a relationship, but this video, this talk had so much feelings in it.
darcy buckenham
darcy buckenham 12 hours ago
you can see how hurt you are! i never expected this video. iloveyou and hope your okay 🥺💓
Rudi Davies
Rudi Davies 13 hours ago
Danika Del Cruza
Danika Del Cruza 15 hours ago
Jeffree you are such amazing person. You have a heart of gold. I hope you feel better hun you take all the time you need. I hope it gets better for you. A lots of love. You are true to yourself thank you. Please feel better Jeffree.
Taylah Cro
Taylah Cro 15 hours ago
I hope that you are ok
Kayle Davis
Kayle Davis 16 hours ago
U deserve it
Stacy Wong
Stacy Wong 16 hours ago
This is SOOO relevant to tough times the world is facing now and to come. It’s all about love and compassion. Focus on yourself, healing and growth. Focus on nurturing relationships and communication. Love you Jeffrey 💕💜🖤
Stacy Wong
Stacy Wong 16 hours ago
Stacy Wong
Stacy Wong 17 hours ago
The dogs miss their daddy 😭
Sia Chin Aik
Sia Chin Aik 17 hours ago
Was nate using you for money? It's ok Jeffrey you shall recover.
Summer Kwan
Summer Kwan 17 hours ago
Hey girl we already know that he is using you for your money okay girl did you know he is just using you
Christine Alleman
Christine Alleman 17 hours ago
You are a true inspiration. Thank you for all you do. You are amazing!
Ateez fan
Ateez fan 17 hours ago
I’m totally not crying
M B 19 hours ago
You are Jeffree star y are a freakin QUEEN y can do any thing because QUEENS are beautiful smart and You don’t need a man to be a QUEEN because that is what you are❤️👑👑👑
Oziel Ochoa
Oziel Ochoa 19 hours ago
I'm So sorry 💔 girl
Isabella MDoll
Isabella MDoll 20 hours ago
We’ll be here for you Jeffrey, you’ll get through this. 😊
Pixyicecream 20 hours ago
I really hope you feel better and it is so sad to lose someone I know how you feel ❤️❤️❤️
Donna McClary
Donna McClary 23 hours ago
I'm going through a lot of trauma, have been for years but this last year has been what hell would be like if it were a million times worse. Anyway, my point is that I feel your pain. I love you, Jeffree. You are so strong and admirable in the midst of heartbreak. It's very inspiring.
Amy Jean Allardyce
Amy Jean Allardyce 23 hours ago
I just hope that people don't keep saying "still waiting for the were back video".. I wish you the best Jeffree ❤
I fell so bad sis
Gabriella Ortiz
ruby tragsiel
This whole video is making me so emotional. Thats what you call true love.
Giovanny Constantino
I feel so bad
Kellie Ryder
Kellie Ryder Day ago
You’re a beautiful soul jeffree 🙏God Bless.
Aesthetic US
Aesthetic US Day ago
to see jeffree smile at the end literally made my day... WERE ALL HERE FOR YOU JEFFREE LOVE YOUUUUU!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Joseph Goulet
Ooooh jeffy you poor hoagie huntin, snake charmin, turd tappin, lil girth grapplin bugger
Katharyne Simpson
I think you both deserve a hand for trying to end this very public relationship with some class and some level of privacy and respect for yourselves.
Paige Veronie
I’m so sorry for you😢😣😔
Georgia Wilkins
Are you still mates x
sana zafar
sana zafar Day ago
I also had a breakup today and I feel so much lack of energy, I pray to God to heal everyone who goes through it
Melanie Solis
@melanie.s0lis on IG
Melanie Solis
To be real, I don’t even want the money. I just need a strong soul to ground me. How is a person who has battled SO many harsh times so strong? So resilient & self made? I need to know... I wish I knew.
Jenni Aguilera
I love you so much Jeffree!!!! YOU WILL HEAL FROM THIS NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!
dreamflite7 Day ago
Yeah, I knew I had respect for you but this has strengthened it even more. I hope that you feel our love and gratitude. You and your family please stay safe and healthy.
Rithyreach Nath 8D
Ok I’m like new here and I just started getting obsessed with Jeffree And this breaks my heart I’m actually crying inside right now, Jeffree is soooooooooo hurt😩
Naziya Momin
Naziya Momin Day ago
Hopefully you are better
chris momo
chris momo Day ago
Medmed Nedned
Give me a chance to love you...pm me. Please.
Medmed Nedned
I feel you...but its time that...you give me a chance.
Stephane B
Stephane B Day ago
Im confused why did yall even split ?
Nora Shikin
Nora Shikin Day ago
That dog on the pillow look jeffree in the sad way :'(
Zeldastloz Day ago
Omg I’m crying-
Hadley Stevens
I'm so sorry
Aivbs L
Aivbs L Day ago
We love you,please remember this🥰
Vanessa Calero
Love you always Jeffree
natalie mock
natalie mock Day ago
No joke I'm crying for him and idk why. Jeffree you take time for urself baby. You deserve the time. We all love you and we're here to support you.
Rebecca Bohn
Rebecca Bohn Day ago
I just cried harder to this, than when I watched the notebook for the third time in one day.
Christian Bailey
I think u and him back together again. U have good time and bad time too. Jeffrey I am talk about is. Do not what people think u and him. I believe God will bring you back to him. Don't see right u and him broke up . I hope Jeff and his love get married and have babies !
Anie Eno
Anie Eno Day ago
you'd be such an amazing parent .
郭Emma Day ago
Things will get better (huge
chim kim eng
chim kim eng Day ago
Happy for your broke up you has me and everybody
America Morales
Why do I feel like he used her...😢
harley poop
harley poop Day ago
im so sorry jeffree we love you and we hope you do well!!! love ya gurl
Nieghjaya White
Nieghjaya White 2 days ago
We love you Jefree!
Livie P
Livie P 2 days ago
this honestly just made me even more determined to make sure my friends are doing ok because yeah this is sad but he makes good points and it just inspired me to be there for those I love :)
Lr Editing
Lr Editing 2 days ago
harley poop
harley poop Day ago
Ariel Quintanilla
Mercy Mary
Mercy Mary 2 days ago
I swear since 2016 hv been single i lost the love of my life tried to heal my self but I couldn't i know what he's going through it's really hard but dis year when try to get a new serious bf it really hurts me
GingerOsam 2 days ago
Nothing's forever. Just live your posh life and you will be okay. Cheers!
Sharymar Sepulveda
A dog died on my birthday 😭! But I love how he’s so positive about everything 😍, I love you💗!
Jade Ramirez
Jade Ramirez 2 days ago
4:53 🥺
ahneda tahiri
ahneda tahiri 2 days ago
I'm crying
Jasmine Diaz Virgen
twst1 2 days ago
sanya herzberg
sanya herzberg 2 days ago
Love always wins.....it is true....
sanya herzberg
sanya herzberg 2 days ago
Love is the key....I hear your voice......May the light of his countenance shine down from the King forevermore. I Love you eternally ....Smiles:)
CSR STLPG 2 days ago
I am praying for you both!
DOB_JY 2 days ago
My bubbly and playful Jeffery, always selfless and loving, even now you are still thinking highly of that person, calling him the love of your life, your soulmate in your sweet and humble tone. You are saying it's alright, but how come I have never heared your voice sounding like this before🥺🥺🥺 I think now it's time for you to treasure yourself and live for you. I will always love you as your fan and I am sure someone great will love you someday.
BlossomyBlossom 2 days ago
Awww poor jefree what about james charles?
specks1998 2 days ago
I love you Jeffree please continue to be strong and love yourself.Dont forget to slay it and be your own queen 👑 ❤️❤️
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