we broke up

Joey Graceffa
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we broke up... we love you guys.
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Jul 12, 2020




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Comments 60
Joey Graceffa
Joey Graceffa 23 days ago
we love you guys 💙 stay informed about the issues that matter: issuesintheworld.carrd.co/
Amber Alvarez
Amber Alvarez 3 hours ago
Joey can we talk please
BedRiddenAngel 6 days ago
Why'd they break up??
dakota britton
dakota britton 12 days ago
I’m pretty sad that you guys broke up like I honestly cried but I’m also so happy that you guys can still be friends and that you still joke around with each other. I’m just so happy that your relationship didn’t end in hâte
Mari Does stuff
Mari Does stuff 12 days ago
i thought this was a joke
Kelly Uhhuh
Kelly Uhhuh 19 days ago
Kaela Xo
Kaela Xo 43 minutes ago
NOOOO PLEse😭😭😭😭😭😭
Amber Alvarez
Amber Alvarez 48 minutes ago
Go ahead and not want you guys to f****** break up
Amber Alvarez
Amber Alvarez 49 minutes ago
Joey can you please answer me I want to talk to you
Eloïse Basso
Eloïse Basso Hour ago
I love u for accepting that ps love ya
Daisy Willow
Daisy Willow Hour ago
Wow the 2010s are really over 🥺
Scarlet-_Ninja 2 hours ago
Did I find out through an unrelated TikTok, yes, am I sobbing, yes
Amber Alvarez
Amber Alvarez 3 hours ago
Joey I really want to talk to you text me in a little bit like you know a comment so we could like talk so yeah I'm so sad
Amber Alvarez
Amber Alvarez 3 hours ago
Joey I don't want to lose Danielle I love you and Daniel I'm going to miss Daniel but I hope you guys get back together I'm just crying right now I'm so sad I just really don't wait I should break😭😭😔 up but you guys stayed I'm so sad you but could you text me back like a comment so I can talk
Ak Plays 37
Ak Plays 37 3 hours ago
hel ts
hel ts 5 hours ago
im not crying..u are :'(
Katie Jean
Katie Jean 6 hours ago
I don't believe in love anymore
Samantha Bochiardy
Samantha Bochiardy 6 hours ago
You guys who are being negative in the comment stop its their decision to break up and you guys aren’t helping them so just stop like seriously
Samantha Bochiardy
Samantha Bochiardy 6 hours ago
The fact they are able to still stick together even tho theyre not a couple anymore that i give major kudos ive had to many relationships where we had a major falling out and ive only had 1 where it was on good terms
Delaney Landman
Delaney Landman 6 hours ago
You can tell they still love and care for each other 🥺 the best of luck for both of them ❤️
Slurp Gamers
Slurp Gamers 8 hours ago
After 6 years together that’s tough AND THATS FREAKIN SAD 😔
Madilyn Ager
Madilyn Ager 9 hours ago
You guys are both such an inspiration to me, at one point in 6th grade I had a crush on my girl best friend. I had no idea how to tell anyone. And when I finally told my mom she sent me to therapy.. to try and "fix" it. I was broken. But when I started watching this channel I accepted myself. I'm so sorry about you and Daniel, I truly wish you both happiness and plenty of love.
MeowMeowSaysACow 10 hours ago
logan marshall
logan marshall 10 hours ago
Miranda sings will be happy 😂
PeakePip 12 hours ago
I remember being there when you weren’t even out of the closet and I was so happy for you when you guy started dating. I’m so sad, but I’m glad you guys are still friends and I hope you guys will continue to be best friends for ever. Man I’m like crying now too wtf
Tam Ly
Tam Ly 13 hours ago
Who remembered the physic who said *A person who has an M on their name will interfere with your relationship* and I think it might be MARIAAAAAAAAAAAA >:((((((
Crystal OMahoney
Crystal OMahoney 13 hours ago
These two were my childhood :(
Benna Kwok
Benna Kwok 15 hours ago
this doesn't make any sense.... NANIIIIII
Alysha's Playhouse
Alysha's Playhouse 15 hours ago
I love you to 😭😭😭😭
jovita petras
jovita petras 15 hours ago
i have NEVER seen joey cry and shake like that
Avvaa Bebalavita
Avvaa Bebalavita 15 hours ago
I hate it here
syrup alien
syrup alien 16 hours ago
2020 just gets worse and worse.. :c
gamerboy jax
gamerboy jax 16 hours ago
I'm so happy that their friends 🥺🥺
Maria Wahba
Maria Wahba 16 hours ago
I literally had a panic attack while watching this I can’t stop crying and it’s hard to breath cuz I have asthma but I never thought I would have to see this vid, you guys were my favorite couple. This year officially sucks and I feel like I just went through a break up, I thought you were going to get married and live happily ever after. Stay strong love you both❤️🥺😭
Bear gaming//CM Fan
Bear gaming//CM Fan 17 hours ago
I was expecting them to be like: Ha its a prank!!!! Me: Wait what its not
Joe Murphy
Joe Murphy 17 hours ago
I am so sorry Joey I hope you feel better It will get easier
Nacol Sims
Nacol Sims 17 hours ago
I most definitely believe there’s more than one soulmate for everyone during different times in life. Friends/twin flames/relationships etc 🤍
Eva M
Eva M 19 hours ago
Wendy Collett
Wendy Collett 20 hours ago
I was just waiting for them to say it's a prankkkkkkk
Cameron Morales
Cameron Morales 21 hour ago
Yari. com
Yari. com 22 hours ago
Mel S
Mel S 23 hours ago
Nooooooo! 😩😩😩😩
Lilly Grenier
Awe~ at least you guys are friends right? 😯 maybe they'll get back together after like a few months..
Afro G
Afro G Day ago
Afro G
Afro G Day ago
Why did you brake up
sherin hefnawy
*Me sees this* HAHAH where are "GET PRANKED"...really where? Oh sh- NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO THIS HURTS (I respect it but I also don't wanna believe it :C)
Ellie Spratt
Ellie Spratt Day ago
Ok so sorry guys you were a really strong couple and it's hard to break up with someone or in my case loose someone you love my dog passed away 1st July and it hasn't been easy with out her here I'm always gonna support you guys no matter what yous do I love yous both stay strong Joey and Daniel 💔😪😭❤️
Piotr Chrzanowski
Omg u made the wright disision and fo wyhat u wanna do follow your heart love ya xxx
Rihanna Howell
Everybody waiting for them to say it's a prank 👁️👄👁️
Andrea Felsinger
I understand why your doing this and I suport you but I just grew up watching you
Tammy Regan
Tammy Regan Day ago
Oh my gosh I love you guys so much stay strong 2020 man ugh
Diana Arrowood
Why did it have to be y’all 🥺
Aarmau 12123
Aarmau 12123 Day ago
Im so sorry Joey, yall were so cute together and i truly am sorry for your lost with loosing Daniel
Melody the Gymnast
“maybe i won’t celebrate Christmas this year i’ll be alone” that was the saddest thing joey has ever said🥺
Adrian salazar
2 bottoms don't make a top😔
allana jobson
me waiting for them to smile and say it’s just a prank:👁💧👄💧👁
allana jobson
i’m literally crying omfg-
Alia Du
Alia Du Day ago
Cameron Ashbrook
So painful to watch... sending positive vibes to you. Surround yourself with good friends and family. Most of all keep yourself busy. Big huggles.
jacob eidson
jacob eidson Day ago
why did you broke up
/ G h o s t
/ G h o s t Day ago
My childhood just died.
Campbell Quattlebaum
I think this was more Daniels decision and not joey...
Campbell Quattlebaum
Broke up again so they obvi arent good for each other
Sara the patato patato girl
Awh I wish you both the best ^^
Xxboy LuvXx
Xxboy LuvXx Day ago
Wait nuu i want to broke up with my boyfriend now....
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