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“I feel like a penguin.”
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Jan 10, 2018




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Comments 80
Elvira Abdulova
Excuse me but do these girls know what "formal dress" means? Those were two cocktail dresses, two jumpsuits and one more or less "formal" dress (more like prom dress but ok).
I would like to know where Kristin got the black dress she was wearing!!
D R 3 days ago
Half of you didnt even wear your outfits. Ugh.
bhavani dharmaraju
What happened to ladylike ???
ADDISON PIATT 10 days ago
I feel like I am the only one that noticed that one of the tux rompers that Jen was looking at looked like Draco Malfoy’s suit in the half-blood prince.
bamboolily183 10 days ago
I got my prom dress off Amazon for 50 bucks twas a very cute dress
Tahlia Drew
Tahlia Drew 12 days ago
I love devins dress!!
danii jelo
danii jelo 13 days ago
I love these girls, but what do they do as a job @ buzz feed? They always talk about going to the office and it seems fun so I'd love to know what's their job.
Elizabeth Hunter
Elizabeth Hunter 13 days ago
WAIT I just realized Freddie’s shirt is backwards!!!!
mary hershelman
mary hershelman 14 days ago
Always read the reviews. Read my reviews....I have kept two pairs of leggings out of multiple purchases. And I gave the pink pair to my friends daughter....they were for a costume.
Alaina is a joke
Alaina is a joke 15 days ago
*The wild west junk drawer of brands* Aka the most accurate description of Amazon ever
Danawi 18 days ago
12:15 omg she looks so good in that dress and her hair fit very well
Allison Brown
Allison Brown 19 days ago
Books, Knifes, Eye cream, and Torches. Good job Jen.
Maggie Casanova
Maggie Casanova 19 days ago
7:48 -"I have no jewels, don't Rob me. "😂😂
Catherine Byra
Catherine Byra 21 day ago
I have a struggle with pants because my legs are too long but my waist is really small
ninja blender
ninja blender 21 day ago
I love buying random stuff from amazon and then forgetting I bought it so I get re-excited when a package comes in the mail because I forgot that it was.
vinz spaghetti
vinz spaghetti 22 days ago
jen could push me down the stairs and i’d thank her
Jessica Willett
Jessica Willett 23 days ago
Freddie's dress is my favorite
Laura Fehrmann
Laura Fehrmann 26 days ago
Omg kristin looks soo amazing
Isabele Horan
Isabele Horan 26 days ago
I want to spend a day with Jen, just... Lesbian!
Harmony Lynn
Harmony Lynn 27 days ago
I can see the print of the tag😂
Harmony Lynn
Harmony Lynn 27 days ago
Freddie’s shirt looks backwards in the intro😂
Harmony Lynn
Harmony Lynn 27 days ago
Never mind it’s an Adidas logo
P C 28 days ago
Does anyone else remember when Kristin was like ‘I have a condition which is why I have a big belly’ ...
Evelina Čurič
Evelina Čurič 28 days ago
Out of 4 options Chantel was choosing from... She chose the ugliest one🤦‍♀️
AQLK9 28 days ago
- i feel like a penguin 8:34 MY MOOD EVERYDAY
Izumiorra 29 days ago
Good roul of thumb for bying clothes off Amazon: go 1 or 2 sizes up just in case. Example: freddy was going to get an xs bodcon dress but got a small instead, if she were to get the xs it would've been way too tight on her
Kit Kat
Kit Kat 29 days ago
“Ya, we never see cleave from you”
Bella Isaac
Bella Isaac Month ago
“Hopefully I have enough boo *ad* ooty for that”
Pink- Art-Gacha
Pink- Art-Gacha Month ago
The only thing I would be nervous to not wear underwear because of periods
Lucia Anais
Lucia Anais Month ago
devin looks like lady bird and nobody can tell me otherwise
Avari Kennedy
Avari Kennedy Month ago
the plus size girl looks like my really nice friend but as an adult.
Zara Month ago
Just gonna shimmy in this Mirror
Leticia Ferreira
Devin's description is such my body
Fairy Lizard
Fairy Lizard Month ago
Devin looked amazing
Stephanie Waddle
i lost it at the Cinderella butt walk.
the panda269
the panda269 Month ago
Sooooo ladylike is cancelled?
the panda269
the panda269 Month ago
@random minecraft gamer I know I think they stopped because devin and Chantel left
random minecraft gamer
Idk, I was looking to watch ladylike rn but when I clicked on the profile picture it said they had 0 videos. I was so confused
AnneCan'tGame Month ago
Kristin could also be one of the Sanderson sisters when she picked up her dress. That was all I could think of
Giselle Leerson
Giselle Leerson Month ago
Freddie’s dress was beautiful
Melissa Prentice
As a stylist, I'm dying! This is so great ladies. Xoxo
Captain Arigatos
It felt so relatable when jen talked about how it was hard to find something more masculine for women
Audrée LEBON
Audrée LEBON Month ago
All these dresses will end up in a landfill because they are not nice or well-fiting or practical or durable enough to be kept.
Savannah Marlin
Savannah Marlin Month ago
Kristen your dress is so nice. It is fantastic
Poor Meh
Poor Meh Month ago
Why are there only 9 videos on ladylike
Kassandra Quintero
Y'all are sooo fun to watch! Wish i had girlfriends like this 💕💕💕 everyone looked great!
Jolie Jolie
Jolie Jolie Month ago
Anyone remember Cho Chang
CartoonBeast Month ago
Hi I’m comment number 21
Slime Cats
Slime Cats Month ago
I don't get it there's 13 million views but 20 comments...?
Egzona -w-
Egzona -w- Month ago
Uh there are 6k or more comments
The Panda
The Panda Month ago
For real all the Amazon related lady like video had their comments deleted. My theory is that they got into legal issues with amazon or something. Idk
The Panda
The Panda Month ago
This is the second lady like video that had the comments deleted what happened?
Naturally Kendall
Jennifer Colindres
Wait why would they change it from ladylike..... I miss theses kinds of videos
Katherine Reid
Katherine Reid Month ago
The reason there are no comments is because this video was originally uploaded to another channel, however was removed and put on this channel, which deleted the comments. I don’t know why.
Marilyn15 Month ago
@Happy Days! they were able to get the comments back after transferring the video.
Happy Days!
Happy Days! Month ago
there are 6.5k comments
Marilyn15 Month ago
The comments are back now so it's good that they've fixed that.
Kate Month ago
Katherine Reid thank you
nuan nan
nuan nan Month ago
Theres so many comments
lollipop 516
lollipop 516 Month ago
Are they trying to hide something lol
gacha kitty123
gacha kitty123 Month ago
Daily Bri
Daily Bri Month ago
What in the lord geezus name happened to the comments??
Carmel The fall fox
This video was uploaded on as/is and they re uploaded it on this channel😊
Daily Bri
Daily Bri Month ago
@Nora Marie Yeah it seems a lil fishy
Nora Marie
Nora Marie Month ago
It is happening to all of them and now the newest video was posted a year ago 🤔🤔
Charlotte Keller
I actually really want to try getting a formal dress from amazon now. Not even to get a good one. Just to see what would happen for me! (Also, what happened to all the comments? There are only four others!)
Maya Gimsing
Maya Gimsing Month ago
they deleted it and reuploaded it to this channel so the comments were gone but they fixed it i guess
Sophia B
Sophia B Month ago
Charlotte Keller yeah what did happen?
TurdMouthStudio s
what happened to the comments lol
You Tube
You Tube Month ago
TurdMouthStudio s. Idk
AriiXOreos Month ago
I'd love to work there but not just cuz ur manager is the bomb but cuz u guys r fun ngl💜🤍
Yea no.
Yea no. Month ago
how is there only 1 comment on here?
m a
m a Month ago
Anna Bearden
Anna Bearden Month ago
Vayda Doty
Vayda Doty Month ago
Spoons spooons spooooooooons
Vayda Doty
Vayda Doty Month ago
Not to be rude I love you guys but is Jen gay?
Dominique Glasheen
The way Freddie said ”apricot” made me uncomfortable
Cali j
Cali j Month ago
“Do you want this moisturizer or do you want this torch?” “4 plastic bags! And there’s an rat inside!”
Opie Month ago
Emilia Tinglöf
Emilia Tinglöf 2 months ago
Wait, is Freddy a XS? I am 11 years old and i am usually a S an somtimes even M, maybe Sweden has smaller sizes then the USA 😂😂😂
Akyra Morgan
Akyra Morgan 2 months ago
How many days
Scarlett Irving
Scarlett Irving 2 months ago
“There’s a old band and you haven’t look in ten years” xD
Yolanda Gonzalez
Yolanda Gonzalez 2 months ago
This is the first ladylike video I've watched
LIV ALLISON 2 months ago
"do you want this fancy moisturizer or do you want a torch?"
Bakers_ Dozen
Bakers_ Dozen 2 months ago
I felt Devin..... the struggles that she has I have! 🥰
Ana Rose
Ana Rose 2 months ago
To all of you....your enthusiasm is so great.
Antonia Rigopoulos
Antonia Rigopoulos 2 months ago
Freddie looks amazing and it looks like a nice dress
Addie 2 months ago
Z,local gym
Allie Thiele
Allie Thiele 2 months ago
Nicole Summers
Nicole Summers 2 months ago
Kristin Looked AMAZING
Heidi Filiatrault
Heidi Filiatrault 2 months ago
long legs and buying pants... it's hard! I sympathize Devin
Elizabeth Wells
Elizabeth Wells 2 months ago
The evil stepsisters in Cinderella were wearing bustle cage hoopskirts Kristin.
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