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“I feel like a penguin.”
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Enchanted Dreams
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Playful Potions
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Secrets and Spells
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The Magic Castle_Main
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Man's arm holding up torch
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Mexico, Baja California sign
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Glenn Kaino Secret Dinner hosted by Lauren Taschen and Esthella Provas at Magic Castle
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Close-Up Of Piano Keys
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The secret door at the Magic Castle in Hollywood
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Academy Of Magical Arts & The Magic Castle 50th Anniversary Gala
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Harry Houdini Re-Recognized On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame
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'Magic Aid' Benefit for Hurricane Relief at the Magic Castle in Hollywood
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Traditional English pub interior
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Jan 10, 2018

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Comments 6 246
unicornlover 101
Deven i get u my legs are long
Snow Taylor
Snow Taylor Day ago
Adriana Flores
Adriana Flores 2 days ago
Oooooooo I got a package 😂
pippiniyt 2 days ago
OT, but I have wanted to go the Magic Castle for like 10 years. I am SO jealous.
V & E Tube
V & E Tube 2 days ago
“Do you want this torch” XD
Francesca Pieroni ('23)
Is it just me or is that red dress GORGEOUS
Fashion4ever24 3 days ago
so kristen is going to prom, freddie is going to fashion week, devon is going to the club, chantel is going to a car wash and jen is just looking for a freaking pant suit but got sexy secretary gone wrong.
Pink Ashjan
Pink Ashjan 3 days ago
Wait what’s the deal with Kristen, is she a girl? I’m so confused (no offense)
Montana Knutson
Montana Knutson 6 days ago
Freddie’s shirt is on backwards 😂 you can see the indent from the tagless label
zoececil 6 days ago
0:05 anyone else see the tag on freddies shirt? is it backwards?
Katie Grace
Katie Grace 6 days ago
Zoey Smith
Zoey Smith 6 days ago
But Devin’s boobs are so. small.
Annie Parks
Annie Parks 6 days ago
Ya’ll looked beautiful😊😊😊
Miku Shiimura
Miku Shiimura 7 days ago
2:05 I thought she said goat instead of ghosts.
Kate laughton Kate laughton
8:18 checkered shoes were a trend??!!😔😔
Kylie Somethin
Kylie Somethin 7 days ago
*A Yellow Jumpsuit*
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 8 days ago
Me: **makes order** Website: Your order has been processed, it should be delivered in 3-7 days Me: Pressing my face against the door, my breath fogging the glass “pakkidge”
Colleen 8 days ago
kristen’s dress is honestly so pretty on her
Michaela May Christensen 01
"Amazon doesn't know what to sell me it's like you want this eye cream or this torch".
Brooklyn Collins
Brooklyn Collins 8 days ago
"Do you want dis eye cream.. Or do you want dis torch..?" -Jen
John Lawson
John Lawson 9 days ago
Devin's dress looks great
Jenna Martin
Jenna Martin 9 days ago
"Do you want this torch?"
Mjcds95 C
Mjcds95 C 9 days ago
Anyone knows the link for the beige bodycon dress ?
juveriya naser
juveriya naser 10 days ago
This is where they start shopping online ⭐⭐⭐ 2:21. ⭐⭐⭐
Samantha McGuire
Samantha McGuire 10 days ago
First ladylike video I ever watched!!
cookiebunnycupcake AJ
Devin I can relate sooooooo much my legs r long my torso is short and my arms are long to so ya lol
Kaitlyn St. Pierre
Kaitlyn St. Pierre 11 days ago
Jen: *”I would love to look like a Magician, I hope they like, think I’m one of their peers”* Also Jen: *”I look like a magician.. I don’t think I can do this..”*
Kaleia Sheard
Kaleia Sheard 12 days ago
Chantel and Devin during :32-:45 are literally me every time I try to online shop
Sanai Armstead
Sanai Armstead 12 days ago
0:04 My mom every time she gets a package from Amazon I live Kristen's disco boobs!😂🤣
PANDA POWER 13 days ago
Same I got legs for days your not the only one
Emma and Hayla
Emma and Hayla 14 days ago
Why is Kristen the adult version of me
Marley Barnard
Marley Barnard 14 days ago
"OoOoOoOoO i got a package."
Yuleymy Mojica
Yuleymy Mojica 14 days ago
I love this channel 😍
Sophia Berry
Sophia Berry 14 days ago
I haven’t seen a video with all of them in AGES!!!!!!
Artisty The Human
Artisty The Human 15 days ago
I have gemstones.
Gracey Powell
Gracey Powell 15 days ago
Kristin is hiloriaus
Princess Emerald
Princess Emerald 16 days ago
5:50, thank me later. ☺
Madeleine Edwards
Madeleine Edwards 16 days ago
Do you want this fancy moisturiser or this torch -Amazon -Jen
SongbirdRen 17 days ago
Kristin: They don’t sell clothes for me in stores. Macy’s Torrid CJ Banks Maurice’s
R'relle's Life
R'relle's Life 17 days ago
“i don’t like to be deceived” 💀
Tera G.
Tera G. 17 days ago
3:34 I died! ILY KRISTEN
Lucyz garden
Lucyz garden 18 days ago
Devin should buy pants from Fashion Nova! Im 5'3 and the pant legs of the "classic high waisted jeans" are always really long on me!
Esme A
Esme A 19 days ago
Ooo I got a peekage -Freddie 2018
Jenna And Meah 179
Popsicle Penguin
Popsicle Penguin 21 day ago
i feel like a penguin 8:34
Tansy Fryer
Tansy Fryer 21 day ago
How is it fair that women aren’t allowed to wear suits u les they aren’t denim or whatever it is? That is so old fashioned! 😂🙄🙄🙄
Reese Rudin
Reese Rudin 22 days ago
Dress online under $50 = 4 plastic bags and a rat 😂
Princess Dimples
Princess Dimples 22 days ago
“so this is the only proof that we’re wearing our- DISCO BALL BOOBS!!”
Jasmine Showell
Jasmine Showell 23 days ago
Why would they show it to me and it not be there? - Freddie 5:28
Jessica Aldama
Jessica Aldama 24 days ago
You guy should try wish
Rose 24 days ago
I got an ad that was for beer but it was asmr...
Chanel Weir
Chanel Weir 25 days ago
led wedding dress reminds me of zendaya met gala outfit lol
Mercy Thompson
Mercy Thompson 25 days ago
0:33 I feel you girl me too
baleigh sevier
baleigh sevier 26 days ago
devin is so funny
Kate Weissenberger
Kate Weissenberger 28 days ago
Chantel: I’ve never bought a formal dress off an online retailer Me: I’ve never bought a formal dress
Jennifer Goldsmith
Jennifer Goldsmith 29 days ago
Chantell talks to much about her boobs
cbae .13
cbae .13 29 days ago
“Such booty, i don’t have that much juice” I don’t know why but this made me laugh
Marissa Noelle
Marissa Noelle 29 days ago
Bro I love the magic castle
Nora Garg
Nora Garg Month ago
I don't have that much jUiCE!!
Raihanna Blum
Raihanna Blum Month ago
All the girls look so beautiful, they r so amazing and wonderful
Livvie Willetts
Livvie Willetts Month ago
Christins looks AMAZING
Pritika Raj
Pritika Raj Month ago
Devin reminds me of Phoebe from FRIENDS. :P
Ryu Bernasconi
Ryu Bernasconi Month ago
#relatable for the girl who wanted to use a suit
Maryam Alsaffar
Maryam Alsaffar Month ago
"I'm going to Kim kardashians birthday party"😂😂
Beat.beaux Month ago
i suggest LuluRoe (lue-la-rue)
Anneliese Rosenstiel
I actually love Kristin's dress
Brooke Northcutt
Can y’all do swimsuits from amazon?
Kari Stephens
Kari Stephens Month ago
I feel like a penguin -Jen 2018
X- 이동혁 -X
X- 이동혁 -X Month ago
I've learned that I couldn't go to the magic castle cause I don't wear dresses and never will so yeah
Tamieka Westwood
I am so much like Jen. We both have the same taste in clothes
TheEmmy2468 Month ago
freddied laugh is so cute 8:03
Puppy lovers
Puppy lovers Month ago
Puppy lovers
Puppy lovers Month ago
Her face at 7:19
Charlie Wall
Charlie Wall Month ago
Why is Kristen going to the met gala
Caroline Watts
Caroline Watts Month ago
This might be weird but Freddie has a nice butt
ananya gupta
ananya gupta Month ago
Nope shiny side up
YOINK _ Month ago
Poor Jen 😂 as soon as I saw her with the suit on I died like. That’s not it hun
Jessie Carl
Jessie Carl Month ago
I actually bought my prom dress from amazon. I spent an hour doing measurements with my mom in the kitchen, but when it got there I didn't have to alter it. its a win for me, but I wouldn't try that one again. Call it the blind faith of a 18 year old
STG is my name
STG is my name Month ago
Why haven’t they done amazon makeup yet????
MishraArtificer Month ago
Freddie: You, That Dress and a bolero would be absolute perfection.
Isabellah Kohler
I kEeP tHe ReAl joules AT home Kristen-2018
Anna Banana
Anna Banana Month ago
"These are not real jewels, I keep the real jewels at home! Just kidding, I don't have any real jewels, please don't rob me." 😂😂😂
Johanna Zamora
Johanna Zamora Month ago
Wish you would not support sweat shop clothing and Amazon’s garbage treatment of their employees
GuineaPigLovver 101
Do you want this moisturizer, or this torch? WHHHHATTTTTT
Lydia Faith
Lydia Faith Month ago
No I DonT WAnT a SwIMMsUiT
Djura Hadadou
Djura Hadadou Month ago
I swear Jen is sooo cute
Zing3rninja Month ago
~watching lady like~ ~phone falls on face😭~ ~watches video face heals~
Hannah Hernandez
I love that green dress
Alexandra Mitchell
Those rainbow socks are everything
Desiree Brenner Nussbaum
"Where I buy electronics.. and cat food"
lou bear
lou bear Month ago
They should have put a price range on it, I mean Kristens cost 120 of course it was the best quality
Linn Astrid Skjerve
Omg, Kristens black dress in the interview is soo beautiful! I want is!
Tayseer Abuelyaman
1:34 ... I'll take the torch becouse... Reasons.......
Ren Gonz
Ren Gonz Month ago
I love ladylike but Kristen is so annoying
Julie Hannah
Julie Hannah Month ago
Omg a light bulb jen in a baby grow.......... No OK
jack the Lass
jack the Lass Month ago
My sister wore the cutest tuxedo suit to the magic castle and her fiancee wore a semi formal dress they looked so cute. Only problem was that one of the magicians committed suicide in his dressing room the night before. So needless to say the mood wasn't great. But every time I've been there I've had fun
Pixel Fox
Pixel Fox Month ago
I absolutely love that the only lady who had no problems with her outfit was the one who ordered plus size, lol. Although it helps that Kristen's dress was $126 while everyone else's was like $20.
Simply Me??
Simply Me?? Month ago
Devin is such a mood 😂 I can relate so much
be more chill
be more chill Month ago
Anna Greer
Anna Greer Month ago
Pardon me, are you aaron burr, sir?
Anna Greer
Anna Greer Month ago
your profile picture tho
Griffin Wetzel
Griffin Wetzel Month ago
ladylike queer eye crossover. consider it.
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