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“I feel like a penguin.”
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Enchanted Dreams
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Playful Potions
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Secrets and Spells
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The Magic Castle_Main
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Glenn Kaino Secret Dinner hosted by Lauren Taschen and Esthella Provas at Magic Castle
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The secret door at the Magic Castle in Hollywood
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Academy Of Magical Arts & The Magic Castle 50th Anniversary Gala
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Harry Houdini Re-Recognized On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame
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'Magic Aid' Benefit for Hurricane Relief at the Magic Castle in Hollywood
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Jan 10, 2018

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Comments 6 586
Rylee Geesaman
They should do a full outfit from amazon under $100
mack_ 05
mack_ 05 20 hours ago
The dress I’m wearing to a wedding is from online
_ágiii i_
_ágiii i_ Day ago
Am I the only one who want to be their friend:,)?
Niamh Biggin
Niamh Biggin Day ago
' It's where all 4 of my nipples are ' ~Jen Ruggirello 2018
i like old freddie with the more eccentric sense of style better.
Selveck Gg
Selveck Gg Day ago
No hate towards you guys but am I the only one that realizes Freddy backs out or does something close to what they’re supposed to be doing in every challenge they do
Stijn Slim
Stijn Slim 2 days ago
Kirstin is so funny, she looks like a Mexican piñata
LaUrEn 2 days ago
kristin is so uplifting🥺
The Real Silver Fox
i just ordered stuff from f21 and im just waiting and even better IT WAS ON SALE AND I GOT 30% OFF :D
Chinese scrabble
Chinese scrabble 2 days ago
0:04 me when I see the FedEx guy pulling up to my house
Terrace Flare
Terrace Flare 2 days ago
I got my prom dress from Amazon . I paid 35$ for it. It ended up being a beautiful dress. I loved it. And it was good quality.
Gaming With Kittens
My legs are super long and my hips are super small, pants are god damn impossible
Linda Malott
Linda Malott 3 days ago
Kristin, as a seamstress I know that you can cut that tulle skirt and not have to do anything with it. No hem. Try a graduated hem or even a handkerchief type jagged edge.
Leah Altman
Leah Altman 4 days ago
Ann Ramsey
Ann Ramsey 4 days ago
I'm completely new, and dont know how to learn their names quickly other than asking people. Just gonna ask I guess..? Could someone who knows their names please enlighten me?
Cadence Cerullo
Cadence Cerullo 5 days ago
I feel like a penguin 🐧-Jen
Yeet Man
Yeet Man 5 days ago
me and devin are like practically the same
Ava Abbott
Ava Abbott 5 days ago
I swear the far girl always wears dresses
Jana Baylei
Jana Baylei 5 days ago
“ it’s four plastic bags... and there’s a rat inside” 😂😂😂😂
DoodleMama3 5 days ago
Give me likesssssss
Jim Bakhaus
Jim Bakhaus 5 days ago
"This is the only proof that we are wearing our- DISCO BALL BOOBS" that is the quote of the year! 😋
Alexis Clark
Alexis Clark 6 days ago
I think this video is funny because I purchased my junior prom dress off of Amazon
Georgia xo
Georgia xo 7 days ago
Jens outfit looks like an equestrians dressage outfit 😂
How do you know Me??!!!
Damn your lucky with that tomgirl clothes
Charlotte Brackenbury
Quit bra shaming nothing wrong with showing abit of bra strap
katie 8 days ago
devins makeup looks so cute in this
katie 8 days ago
actually can i just be devin
katie 8 days ago
and her hair too
Hannah Troy
Hannah Troy 9 days ago
The spin Freddie does at 8:14 gets me every time😂
Weirdo Unicorn
Weirdo Unicorn 9 days ago
Devin gives me kiernan shipka vibes
Madison Montgomery
It looks like Kristen going to prom and Devin looks like she going to a club with her friends
Meg Way
Meg Way 10 days ago
“It’s four plastic bags..... and there’s a rat inside!”
Pink Lasagna
Pink Lasagna 10 days ago
I love Jen she deserves the world I loooive heeeerrrrr!!!!!!?
Ana Fdez
Ana Fdez 11 days ago
The fact that Americans think that is a castle is BAFFLING to me 😂😂
TheUltimateSpook 2 days ago
Ana Fdez They don't, no person does. And why specifically Americans?
Charlotte Thorp
Charlotte Thorp 11 days ago
i buy knifes on amazon
Azriela Iorizzo
Azriela Iorizzo 13 days ago
Vaginatown, Usa. I love these girls
"How would they show it to me and it not be there?" --She says in a dramatic tone
Akshita Ramesh
Akshita Ramesh 16 days ago
LightInTheBox is really good for formals as well!
Emily McG
Emily McG 16 days ago
Am I the only who things Kristen is sooooooo annoying
Hipfire Skwomby
Hipfire Skwomby 16 days ago
0:39 Everyday is leg day
orange cube
orange cube 16 days ago
Can u guys try getting a little more expensive formal wear from amazon and see how it turns out?
Raven M.
Raven M. 16 days ago
I was scared for Jen like NO I LOVE THAT OUTFIT because I'm a tomboy myself and then I was relieved XD
Midgardka 17 days ago
Does anyone know where to buy this dress that Kristin is wearing on 6:16 ?
amma plays
amma plays 17 days ago
Asmr Niya
Asmr Niya 17 days ago
Freddie is my fav she seems so nice
corinna schieber
corinna schieber 17 days ago
jen : I buy knifes on amazon! no kidding, amazon reccomends her torches
Gacha Girl429
Gacha Girl429 19 days ago
Nah I’m 100% straight, totally (I see Jen) never mind I’m lesbian BRING ON THE GIRLS 😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡💛💛💛💛💛💚💚💚💚💚💙💙💙💙💙💜💜💜💜💜🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
JustAnotherWannabe 19 days ago
Devin’s body proportions remind me of 2D from Gorillaz
Martha Fraser
Martha Fraser 19 days ago
The way fred turned around
unicorn pug the 1st
Go girls
Pix Routhorn
Pix Routhorn 20 days ago
Devin, I got you gurl! My saved list is like 80 things! Is that only me...
Beatriz Franco
Beatriz Franco 21 day ago
O my god where have these girls been all my life they are hilarious
Beatriz Franco
Beatriz Franco 21 day ago
00:53 omg this girl is so pretty those eyes took my soul
Lola Arroyo
Lola Arroyo 21 day ago
Me and chantel have the same socks
Smileyrie James
Smileyrie James 21 day ago
Some very different ideas of formal wear to mine 🤔 Only Kristen is wearing a formal dress
April Chaney
April Chaney 22 days ago
Jen needs a dicky for the romper. :)
Yaminah King
Yaminah King 22 days ago
Golden Globes 😂😂
Tera Beth Dillard
Tera Beth Dillard 22 days ago
kristen always uses analogies
Awkward_lil_ potter head
If someone does the hotel? Trivago joke one more time I SWEAR TO GODD
Ellie The Seahorse
Ellie The Seahorse 25 days ago
I really appreciate that Devin told us that vaginatown was in the usa
Angel Scott
Angel Scott 25 days ago
5:28 I feel you girl
Tree Person
Tree Person 25 days ago
Devin if you go to Maurices they have pants for people like us who have long legs and short torsos I love there wide pant leg
Dusty Brownewell
Dusty Brownewell 26 days ago
Completely agree with Jen on shopping options at the end of the video! So hard to find women's suits that aren't showing off or accenting the "pleasing for men" bits.
Eureka Mreum
Eureka Mreum 23 days ago
I mean, they can also be "pleasing for women" bits
Thanujan Thavaratnam
“It looks great on that model” What I say when I’m in denial about a dress probably looking horrible irl
Thanujan Thavaratnam
Oooo, it’s a package - Freddie
Charlie Dillon
Charlie Dillon 27 days ago
Are these the same girls who painted with there period blood?
Ophelia Cerda
Ophelia Cerda 25 days ago
Yes 🤣
Willow_Winter 923
Willow_Winter 923 27 days ago
“My arms are really long, my torso is really short, and my legs just go on for days” ME LITERALLY ME
kakumee 27 days ago
I love the lady in red dress voice joking about the jewels!! I love the sound her voice made!! Too cool. :)
Ophelia Cerda
Ophelia Cerda 25 days ago
@kakumee you're very welcome!!
kakumee 25 days ago
Ophelia Cerda thank you!! I am so happy to know her name!! All the people in these videos are grate!! Maby I idintify more with kristan!! :)
Ophelia Cerda
Ophelia Cerda 25 days ago
Her name is Kristen! She's really funny, and is in almost all Ladylike videos.
Kathy Fettig
Kathy Fettig 27 days ago
Kristen, I Love your outfit! I am plus size and buy 99% online. Planning to try Penney’s as they have a new line. Woman Within is a staple with me, but have changes their sizing and I have had to exchange several items. You all rock!
cuterobloxgamer 27 days ago
Lol!!!what was that''ooooh I got a package"
Killer Hates
Killer Hates 27 days ago
Jen is the reason I'm gay. 100%
Ella Bowen
Ella Bowen 27 days ago
“Do you want this fancy moisturizer or do you want this torch” 😂 this is why Jen is my favorite.
Nico Di angelo
Nico Di angelo 27 days ago
“I buy knives on amazon.”-Jen
Keira Paige
Keira Paige 28 days ago
My mom: *gasps I found something really cute Me: let me see! My mom: no no no let me check for your size first because it’s really cute and I don’t want you to be sad if they are sold out Me:😂😂😂😂
William Ward
William Ward Month ago
8:13 wut lol
BTS 4life
BTS 4life Month ago
Mia Longoria
Mia Longoria Month ago
I feel like a penguin 😂😂😂
Carol Ilse Anne
Carol Ilse Anne Month ago
Kristins dress is amazing!
Shrestha Biswas
Shrestha Biswas Month ago
1 year ago... This was the first ladylike video that I saw... And eventually... Ladylike became the one of the of the RUvid series that I look forward to.... ❤️❤️❤️
Somethin Trashi
Somethin Trashi Month ago
Chantel had turned into a very banana. :3
Bat Girl
Bat Girl Month ago
Kris you should try torrid it’s a store for for curvy women that has sizes 10-38
pet mad
pet mad Month ago
So did Chantell get her dress off of Amazon after all ?
pet mad
pet mad Month ago
Edit: Or Jen??
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