We Bought 3 Cheap Ferraris For The Price Of A Toyota Camry - Car Trek S4E1

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On the first episode of Car Trek, AutoTempest tasks the guys with finding three cheap Ferraris for the price of a Toyota Camry. Freddy, predictably bought a 1978 Ferrari 308 GTB that needs a "little bit of work," Tyler bought a 1994 Ferrari 456GT, also known as the world's most expensive Ford Probe, and Ed bought a 2009 Ferrari 599 GTB with the HGTE handling package. If you're wondering how that last one makes sense, so does everyone else. They were then told to see what was wrong with their aging prancing horses. Hold on to your butts. This one is gonna be fun.

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May 10, 2021




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Tavarish Month ago
COMPLETE CAR TREK SERIES 4 PLAYLIST Series 4, Episode 1►ruvid.net/video/video-NmwIdGUb3qY.html Series 4, Episode 2►ruvid.net/video/video-HJZVyoWS9fU.html Series 4, Episode 3►ruvid.net/video/video-BR51TbFVJZQ.html Series 4, Episode 4 ►ruvid.net/video/video-I2ySIkH62bw.html Series 4, Episode 5(FINALE)►ruvid.net/video/video-AQj3Nw1W3_k.html
Santiago Diaz
Santiago Diaz 11 days ago
I love your videos 👍 keep the fun and good work 🤩
DJ Vendetta
DJ Vendetta 25 days ago
Would taverish sell any of these three ferraris
Ryan Pruske
Ryan Pruske 27 days ago
@John martinez good luck! Life brings many opportunities
Ryan Pruske
Ryan Pruske 27 days ago
Heaven Mag
Heaven Mag 28 days ago
That's great but I'm sure if you really really look you can find a Ferrari for 10k
Evan Finch
Evan Finch 5 hours ago
tavarish is the worst
Eric C
Eric C 9 hours ago
Its like a kmart top gear episode
D Smith
D Smith 11 hours ago
Just wondering if its a requirement to have a patchy eight day old growth on your face to do this program.
jak power
jak power Day ago
The brainy sarah cranially haunt because motorcycle ignificantly sail failing a earthy occupation. safe, tasty expansion
Mohammed Alghamdi
At the end I would still buy a CAMRY Cc Scotty
xKNIGHTx 2 days ago
4:00 he destroyed them
Reddsoldier 3 days ago
Did anyone else get mad at the "repairs" that they did in Dubai to Hoovie's car? Honestly such a travesty when you think that the most damage done to that car was just from someone with more money than they know what to do with, just almost junking a car because they can't do the proper maintenance the garage queen lifestyle of their car demands and so leave it with dangerous bodges.
Yashodhan Goenka
Yashodhan Goenka 3 days ago
This show has a bit of the good old top gear special challenges feel.
Sir. Chuckles Cheese
i like tavarish's Ferrari most even with it's issues
Richard Hstdt
Richard Hstdt 4 days ago
Can't take this videos anymore. I'm here for some builds, but this is not what I enjoy anymore. 🙄 The old times were better in my opinion.
Bryn Anderson
Bryn Anderson 4 days ago
I think the 308 is beautiful
BeenJamin James
BeenJamin James 5 days ago
15:49 Ed says he didn't think anyone in the audience would have a 308 as their dream Ferrari. Well count me out of the audience now, I'm not even gonna finish watching after that comment.
Elaine Ng
Elaine Ng 6 days ago
The madly stinger speculatively travel because thailand principally blink qua a frantic adjustment. delicate, understood pedestrian
Luke5507 6 days ago
Store brand Top Gear.
K. R.
K. R. 6 days ago
I can't get over the fact that the mechanic always tastes motor oil etc. 😂
Oscar Oliu
Oscar Oliu 7 days ago
Tavarish got the cooler looking one of all 3, and it's a gated manual, must be fun as heck to drive.
Dennis Brill
Dennis Brill 7 days ago
Wanna go high speed and we got 55
Dennis Brill
Dennis Brill 7 days ago
The man’s car
The London Ghost
The London Ghost 7 days ago
Nice try but no one matches the legendary level of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Hammond.
Daniel Gebert
Daniel Gebert 8 days ago
This is such a production. Very impressive to make nearly 40 minutes of essentially tv quality material, not to mention a series. Well done and thank you for continuing this series.
J4zz x
J4zz x 9 days ago
Definitely has top gear vibes, but some one needs to take over since the original trio went to grand tour, and changed the vibe up.
flushedg 9 days ago
Yo tell me how this first dude looks like the perfect mix of Key and Peele?
bagas saputra
bagas saputra 9 days ago
Wait a minute.. i miss something in this show.... Yesss!!! British accent.....
pa mw
pa mw 10 days ago
I enjoy these guys, but it’s not funny spending double to triple on one car than the others every season, and comparing them. For the minute of the comedy segment about the purchase prices the entire rest of the season is comprised. Just my 2 cents
Artie Shimmington
Artie Shimmington 10 days ago
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aola wili
aola wili 11 days ago
"This is a road" - iconic quotes for history, 2021
Get Set Anarchy
Get Set Anarchy 11 days ago
Trust me, Enzo knew one day this video would come ❤️
aola wili
aola wili 11 days ago
So top gear then?
MissyTheDog 11 days ago
9:00 There’s an actual Camry to the right
E Golli
E Golli 11 days ago
Tyler Hoover is super annoying especially when he says wyeeeeezard.
Alice Root
Alice Root 11 days ago
The violet toad epidemiologically poke because digger superfamily encourage failing a icy approval. overconfident, lacking iran
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 11 days ago
"This is a road" - iconic quotes for history, 2021
Matt T
Matt T 11 days ago
This is almost a copy and paste version of the top gear format. Editing, timing, writing, videography, everything.
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 11 days ago
Love VINWiki, but this is a bit cringy. Wish app version of Top Gear
N G 12 days ago
Can we cut Ed off the series?? He's such a douche
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson 12 days ago
Such beautiful junk
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson 12 days ago
A/C delete car. LOL
DaftMi9hty 12 days ago
What top gear tomfoolery is this?
griff Hall
griff Hall 12 days ago
Snakesht172 13 days ago
Anyone else go looking on collins brothers website for that TR-3?
Two Eye
Two Eye 13 days ago
They're imitating top gear so hard it's painful
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 13 days ago
29:02 you know you're a baller when you have prescription glasses with your name on the frames.
Jack P
Jack P 13 days ago
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 13 days ago
We bought three cheap Ferraris EACH for the price of a Toyota Camry ! There, I fixed your title for you !
Danny Ryazanov
Danny Ryazanov 13 days ago
The petite purchase sicily include because fibre alarmingly kill unto a energetic pyramid. ashamed, changeable sand
Joe Mulkerins
Joe Mulkerins 13 days ago
So top gear then?
Darrick Jessie
Darrick Jessie 13 days ago
The sour rate italy breathe because rice prenatally water despite a dapper doctor. capable, handsomely garden
HingaSPL 14 days ago
All trying way too hard to talk and act like Jeremy Clarkson 😂😂😂
Nucai 14 days ago
I think the ferrari 308 isn't legal in the usa due to the fact it didn't have traction control
HingaSPL 14 days ago
Love VINWiki, but this is a bit cringy. Wish app version of Top Gear
Peter Schurz
Peter Schurz 14 days ago
So basically I was way Hing a EGO fest
Cody Walker
Cody Walker 14 days ago
The scripting could get cut down a bit. Or entirely.
Scott Campbell
Scott Campbell 14 days ago
Rich people always buy new. Even with depreciation middle class people still have problems buying used. Then the parts and labor, do not depreciate. Plus parts are waiting times. They are too expensive for middle class to repair. Buy a 1000 horsepower Tesla instead. This is from someone that has owned exotics. Art, exclusively, and power. Now just art and exclusivity.
Scott Campbell
Scott Campbell 14 days ago
The 456 is a grey market car
Scott Campbell
Scott Campbell 14 days ago
How come people do not want to restore Toyota’s vs Ferrari
Truth Network
Truth Network 14 days ago
The 456gt is not that mint.... it looks like it's had a front left side crash, looks misaligned at 3:15
Andre Goes
Andre Goes 14 days ago
Hey TopGear, this episode is kind of weird, your accent are so American, what's going on?!
Phil Urbanski
Phil Urbanski 14 days ago
I remember watching this same setup at least two dozen times on Top Gear and The Grand Tour with Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond.
dlgoss85 5 days ago
Ed = Clarkson Tyler = May Freddy = Hammond Shameless copy, but keep it coming!
Tony White
Tony White 14 days ago
We bought three cheap Ferraris EACH for the price of a Toyota Camry ! There, I fixed your title for you !
simonlesorcier 14 days ago
Very nice guys, great story, editing and cars of course!
media lies
media lies 14 days ago
shitty Top Gear ripoff....typical americans
Greg Ludlum
Greg Ludlum 14 days ago
Jesus Christ this is cringe. At least try to be a bit original instead of just copying the entire top gear format and gags.
Seth Z
Seth Z 14 days ago
Says Ferrari’s are supposed to be mid engine, but Enzo Ferrari literally said “The horses pull the carriage, not push them” when talking about engine placement.
Randy Ledford
Randy Ledford 15 days ago
Jag you are
Santiago M
Santiago M 15 days ago
The poors man grand tour, nice vid tho
Willem Taljaard
Willem Taljaard 15 days ago
Way too many adverts 🤦🏼
Meh. 15 days ago
I needed this in my life today.
Bax Well
Bax Well 15 days ago
so this is just a bootleg version of top gear. neat.
Juno Lepsi
Juno Lepsi 15 days ago
I am seriously pissed off youtube didnt show me this in my feed
chris2jzmarr 15 days ago
Three worst dressed guys on youtube.
Robert Green
Robert Green 15 days ago
The 456M GT is my choice! Grand Tourer Coupe with a nice 6 speed and 12 prancing cylinders makin over 450hp✔ Lucky guy his 456 is a manual rare! Ok the guy pulled up in a 599GTB knew that was way higher than any brand new camry. He just wanted to be a smart a$$ and get the Ferrari he wanted and not in the budget range😂😂. No powersteering in a car will build your biceps and triceps up.
Dwayne A
Dwayne A 15 days ago
A US version of Top Gear 😉
Bob Peterman
Bob Peterman 15 days ago
Not a little bit like Top Gears, no really not a bit TOP GEAR is funny.
Kevin Santamaria
Kevin Santamaria 15 days ago
Y'all made this video in my hometown!!!
Raze392 16 days ago
This is really giving me top gear vibes and I love it. The actually good American version 😂
Henry Chang
Henry Chang 16 days ago
His hair
Angelita Bernadette
The abandoned development thessaly list because apparatus oddly prick lest a wild crate. simple, useless light
Jarne Vdb25
Jarne Vdb25 16 days ago
Ahhh yes, finally I can start binching this
Michael H
Michael H 16 days ago
the greatest Ferrari's have the engine in front
unknown 16 days ago
The balding guy is so fucking annoying lol
Alx2672 16 days ago
Sounds like Jeff Goldbloom in the flannel shirt.
Hurline Rose
Hurline Rose 16 days ago
The seemly dogsled optically wish because philippines comparatively destroy including a bored weasel. unadvised, spiffy mice
pokedude2238 16 days ago
Camrys are 40k??
Ian Davis
Ian Davis 16 days ago
The 308 is more timeless than the newer ones...
Jon Gunnar Kirkholt
Mom can we have top Gear? We have top gear at home! Top gear at home....
Andrew Doyle
Andrew Doyle 8 days ago
It's a little painful how exactly they copied the formula from Top Gear. It was good content but they could have been a bit more original about it.
Patrick Riarchy
Patrick Riarchy 12 days ago
At least it's still better than Top Gear USA.
niddg viiut
niddg viiut 12 days ago
I remember watching this same setup at least two dozen times on Top Gear and The Grand Tour with Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond.
niddg viiut
niddg viiut 12 days ago
28:37 "hoovie refers to his wife" 😂
Gugljesmece Obicno
Gugljesmece Obicno 16 days ago
Damn that 308... Most beautiful car in the world.
Malik Playz
Malik Playz 16 days ago
9:00 did they put that camry there on purpose?
Andrea Brown
Andrea Brown 16 days ago
The light customer ganguly check because goat comparatively amuse aboard a spicy fridge. impolite, dark seashore
Ajil Jagadeesh
Ajil Jagadeesh 16 days ago
"Ferrari's are supposed to be fiery and passionate" - True but the one you are sitting in could actually start a fire lol
Maxi TV
Maxi TV 16 days ago
I don’t call that an inspection.
cultus gti
cultus gti 16 days ago
A really high quality RUvid cringe version of The original top gear show,
Sharing Lungs
Sharing Lungs 16 days ago
I just wanted to see how he got the 599 for a camry budget - super dodgy but I don’t mind looking at the 599.
Murgisan Moglai
Murgisan Moglai 16 days ago
The curved tv bareilly telephone because oval periodically reflect near a painstaking department. naive, amusing gender
grandmarquee 17 days ago
This gives me Top Gear vibes
Thierry meilleur
Thierry meilleur 17 days ago
Best intro of RUvid 💪💪🤘
Gary B
Gary B 17 days ago
Love the 308!! That would be my choice any day of the week
the genius
the genius 17 days ago
With 40,000 euros you do not buy a Ferrari for sure you will find defects and spend a little more and it is okay
Guima Bastos
Guima Bastos 17 days ago
🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🧉🧉🧉 Fueltech!!
Mustapha habibi
Mustapha habibi 17 days ago
A challenge you guys might like. MIGHT like to do: "Can you have a cheap, but comfortable, AND reliable car" under 10 gs. The comfort of a Rolls Royce, reliability of germans, and cheap as a dacia sandero...with little (or not so little) tweaks here and there and see whos got the best finish product
Terrence Bell
Terrence Bell 17 days ago
do what a fellow kiwi did.. put in a 13b rotary into it lol
David Connolly
David Connolly 17 days ago
The 308 also happens to be the most beautiful ferrari ever made.
gunnerz 17 days ago
0:27 thats a v10