We are dominating in Minecraft Monday ft. Ninja

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Minecraft Monday w/ Ninja
Donate: streamlabs.com/xnestorio/tip
Special Thanks to all the Minecraft Mondays team for letting me play the event!
MERCH: xnestorio.merchforall.com
Discord: discord.gg/xnestorio
My Streams: www.twitch.tv/xnestorio
My Twitter: twitter.com/xNestorio




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Comments 80
Xymah Day ago
31:05 *nestor you’ve doomed us all*
BOLT Shalom NG
BOLT Shalom NG 5 days ago
BOLT Shalom NG
BOLT Shalom NG 5 days ago
BOLT Shalom NG
BOLT Shalom NG 5 days ago
It’s adorable seeing Ninja get carried by probably the top 2 players in the event lol
BOLT Shalom NG
BOLT Shalom NG 5 days ago
If Technoblade calls u competition U know ur competition Been here for nearly a 2 years now
Cinnamon Sin
Cinnamon Sin Month ago
M Carlisle
M Carlisle Month ago
Iron axe is better than wooden sword? LOL
peg squad
peg squad 2 months ago
first game 10:10
Li Yi Chua
Li Yi Chua 3 months ago
Ninja : exists* Technoblade : *OH*
ellard tupaz
ellard tupaz 3 months ago
im new subscriber i just found u at the saturday minecraft at ryguyrocky's channel and this os my first video i watched ur such a legend..love ur vids
river balls
river balls 3 months ago
1:44 :03
KingShotgun 14_
KingShotgun 14_ 4 months ago
Nester: ur insane ninja Wisp: aM I a JoKe To YoU
Jordan Hyatt
Jordan Hyatt 5 months ago
Nextor one of the Best minecraft pvpers
Ai steeb
Ai steeb 6 months ago
I haven't watched you in years, WOW NINJA
Blued 6 months ago
Zypito D
Zypito D 6 months ago
Nestor u got 84 buttons
internet police
internet police 6 months ago
Wtf m0xy still plays mc? Where do I watch him? I haven't been in touch with mc for ages since the badlion days.
FBI 6 months ago
Team with techno, but use each other’s settings
Thebestzykeryn 14
techno gonna suffer dude
William Ziwoko
William Ziwoko 6 months ago
Moxy and xQc are op tbh. Keem should change something
TWD 1 ZombieZ
TWD 1 ZombieZ 6 months ago
Basti GHG ist einfach Legende wenn die Amis wüssten was er so schon alles schon so gewonnen hat wie zB Varo,Suro oder Titans
richard mc_gacha
richard mc_gacha 6 months ago
after ninja come to your team ninja and nestor became instant best friend lol
xd_optify 6 months ago
Anyone here knows Bastighg?
Thebestzykeryn 14
ik him,uhc player
las mamadas khe ve ded xd
Wil 6 months ago
You almost beat technos record of 1080 solo points
『krusty adam』
『krusty adam』 6 months ago
he wouldve if he got the kills and didnt give them to ninja
Wil 6 months ago
I'm waiting xNestorio and Technoblade
Parsa soltan mohammadi
Team with dan or justin(thinknoodles):) or also preston or grapeapplesauce
R3AM 6 months ago
Ya 5 años de verte :')
generic username 420
Aw you're insane
Ligma Balls
Ligma Balls 6 months ago
Xnestorio, a pvp god teams with Ninja a Fortnite God, thats lit
Crispycrystals 6 months ago
Imagine if XNestorio And Technoblade teamed the next week :0
Crispycrystals 6 months ago
@Deepfriedpillows not bad kid! :)
Deepfriedpillows 6 months ago
It’s techno traves
Custom Lego Creations
the simple logic to hunger games is that the more secluded the chest , the better the loot , so if everyone understands that.........
Jordy3n 6 months ago
he better stay on fortnite minecraft has suffered enough
Jordy3n 6 months ago
trus he ever run into someone from the pvp community it won't be pretty
L0SERS 6 months ago
When comes next videooooooooo
Systematic Error
Systematic Error 6 months ago
1:13 :07
_Septiic_ 6 months ago
Por qué dejaste de subir videos en español? :c
SoulCollector 356
SoulCollector 356 6 months ago
Xnestorio+technoblade vs vikkstar+preston
Melting Ice
Melting Ice 6 months ago
They would win if they both practiced tnt run
Ari Jin
Ari Jin 6 months ago
What I loved most was that ninja may have low experience but the dude adjusts quick
I Am M4MBA 6 months ago
Nestor I’m sorry but your a horrible teammate in some ways
abc def
abc def 6 months ago
Win next week? :)
MrSymphony 6 months ago
Ira pues
Dayman 6 months ago
When you get 16 kills but somehow don't kill Techno FeelsBadMan
Thebestzykeryn 14
if he sweats 24/7 he will literally destroy like 95% teams there just by himself im not even kidding
Slav 6 months ago
This was so fucking fun to watch!! Please do it again!!
Jeremy Alvarado
Jeremy Alvarado 6 months ago
The best Minecraft PvP Player, and the best Fortnite player. *Legendary*
saxonyss 6 months ago
I dont think the best
Oliver Drew
Oliver Drew 6 months ago
Can we just appreciate how godly nestor was this week, he got 950 points just by himself, I wanna see him teamed with grape or someone, that would be an amazing team
Thebestzykeryn 14
if he teams up with grape i think that would be op becuz grape is kinda good at minigames n good at pvp
Darck PvP
Darck PvP 6 months ago
Turtles Tale
Turtles Tale 6 months ago
ngal + moxy would be insane
Turtles Tale
Turtles Tale 6 months ago
you should have pearled away in first game
gemma day
gemma day 6 months ago
GG, that last round was epic
Connor King
Connor King 6 months ago
m0xy and xQc should not be allowed to team together need balancing, Nestor you did amazing looking forward to next week!
HeyImKermit 6 months ago
This Has Given My Purpose In Life. I'm So Hyped For Next Week Hope Nestor Comes Back And Wins Next Week
Sapyex 6 months ago
No entendí nada :'v
XSpeculars 6 months ago
u and ninja are an awesome team
Nadia Martinez
Nadia Martinez 6 months ago
Never knew nestor speaking Spanish for like a second can make my day :)
Chumpye 6 months ago
why are you losing subs :(
Night Awesome
Night Awesome 6 months ago
Nestorio and Ginger next week
Idekdude 6 months ago
Ninja: literally does anything Nestor: you’re insane dude
ANOXCHEZ 6 months ago
xNestorio doesn't pull 2k viewrs on his streamssss Ngal: 50k views 3rd stream
『krusty adam』
『krusty adam』 6 months ago
he does...stupid...
Azure Randomness
Azure Randomness 6 months ago
aaaaaa so close so close ;w; The last round was great!! I hope you gain a lot more subs from murdering our favs like Techno did in Week 1 & 2 xD Nestor: "I have three exams this week" .........dude what are u doing here then pls pass, wait no, pls DEMOLISH your exams we want the best for you :D
Arjun Kular
Arjun Kular 6 months ago
They may not have won the tournament but the final sg won our hearts
AnhtonN 6 months ago
Rocco 6 months ago
Play with techno
Johnmarc Romero
Johnmarc Romero 6 months ago
God who he actually is gg💖
Š 6 months ago
Play with ninja again
Aloysius Solas
Aloysius Solas 6 months ago
Wisp, Nestor and Techno are the best MC youtubers right now no cap
THEZYKERYN 2 months ago
grape is more than decent in my opinion since he played lot of uhcs nowdays,also u can see him getting better..he managed to kill zyper in united uhc...he was also undergeared....so yeah i think hes a little underrated rn i mean hes like above from decent i guess
Frostco ISMCANJ 6 months ago
Aloysius Solas you need to find more RUvidr than
『krusty adam』
『krusty adam』 6 months ago
@UnofficiallyRed idk im not sure
UnofficiallyRed 6 months ago
@『krusty adam』 grape isn't bad too, people call him overrated but he's decent
『krusty adam』
『krusty adam』 6 months ago
@UnofficiallyRed yes nikolai
Bitez Za Dusto
Bitez Za Dusto 6 months ago
I love how a winning team gets to team over and over again while every other good player is nerfed, now you have xqc fans trying to flex on everyone.
cultural marxist jeff bezos
@Bitez Za Dusto xqc reformed
Bitez Za Dusto
Bitez Za Dusto 6 months ago
@cultural marxist jeff bezos so? Too bad that he's toxic af. Treat them the same as other good players.
cultural marxist jeff bezos
Its cause moxy the only person that can understand xqc
Foxy 47
Foxy 47 6 months ago
Play with Techno next week!!!
LeftClick 6 months ago
Best duo yet
JV3 6 months ago
Big up nestor, you are so good
George Giddings
George Giddings 6 months ago
You thicc af
YouFuckingDonkey 6 months ago
What's happening to youtube rn
i have a few memes in my pocket, want some?
m0xy and xQc are just stealing the prize from nestor and techno at this point
Zyrex 6 months ago
xNestorio is man of his word he legit said if we don’t win final sg I’ll quit Minecraft Monday then he wins .
Nathan 6 months ago
LaakeB is so annoying
TekiT 6 months ago
theres this new guy to mc monday you should play with him his ign it think is Technoblade hes pretty new to pvp mc so it would be fine to play with him
Thebestzykeryn 14
@Rivilė Meižytėfor the pvp community,techno never known as a god pvp
『krusty adam』
『krusty adam』 6 months ago
@Rivilė Meižytė his tnt run skills have been pretty bad lately...i wonder whats going on...
Rivilė Meižytė
Rivilė Meižytė 6 months ago
Oh yeah. I heard Technoblade is so rusty and was a pvp god ages ago. Plus his TNT run skills are too rusty to everyone's liking
ErRor SaNS
ErRor SaNS 6 months ago
I heard he was rusty 😉😉
:D 6 months ago
I watched the entire live stream and I have to say, it was really entertaining. You and Ninja got along really well and I think next week you two could definitely catch a win.
ShaneChenMusic 6 months ago
You should make a highlights video like the UHCs
ShaneChenMusic 6 months ago
You should upload the final hunger games as a video
assasincreddude 6 months ago
subbed nice
Killstreaq 6 months ago
Been watching since united uhc season 1
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