Watters' World 8/18/19 FULL | Jesse Watters Fox News August 18, 2019

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Watters' World 8/18/19
Host Jesse Watters offers a one-of-a-kind comedic look at the latest headlines from the campaign trail
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Aug 18, 2019




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Comments 236
EJ GIGGEY 11 days ago
I think your mother Maxine should run for President.
Raymond none
Raymond none Month ago
Those that do - do,, those that can't teach,, do the demonrats think that all Americans are stupid,, Why is there not continual broadcast of Johnson laughing in the oval office about how his Great New Deal / War on Poverty ( we all see how well that worked) will enslave the African Americans? Guarantee their vote. I know people are lazy, they all want something for free. Why don't they realize nothing is free. If you want to sell your future and who you are for a free phone you really do not respect yourself. Why is what the demonrats do OK and what anyone else says,, does not even have to act is wrong? I thought that California should be thrown out of the US. But if you look at anything that has been run by the demonrats it will destroy itself in time. We really need to reform the education system , other wise people like the squad will be running the government in 10 years and the US will fall. The liberal teachers are not teaching,, they are brainwashing your kids!
Bj D
Bj D Month ago
Franco figliuzzi is either insane and delusional or a cynical con-artist. Absurd nonsense! Yet the MSM gives him air time!
Roy Rogers
Roy Rogers Month ago
What got edited out?
John Andrews
John Andrews Month ago
This channel should be ashamed to post such a technically flawed video.
Jeanie Delgado
Jeanie Delgado Month ago
Trump 2020!1 Trump derangement syndrome! is the only way they think they can win!
Ron We
Ron We Month ago
88 that is how many boy friends Frank has had in 5 years, one more stupid useless dems like useless omama and his ugly tranny.
Connie Johnson
Connie Johnson Month ago
:26 LOL, LOL ha ha PLZZZZZZZZZ "become even more defensive blah blah blah just as they would in a terrorist organization" ??? What planet is he on? He’s getting the right mixed up with the Left. Who has been harassed in school by students and teachers? Employees demanding a person with a “make America Great” hat on to leave, other customers harassing a person that has the hat? It’s the left who are worse than a terrorist organization.
George Stack
George Stack Month ago
Is the a competitor to Biased, You Tube.
martha schnapp
martha schnapp Month ago
These people are clinically insane. I guess DJT knew when this slaughter would take place so he could use 8/8 as a Nazii message
Heathen S
Heathen S Month ago
This video is edited by Chinese terrorists!
Matt Rusin
Matt Rusin Month ago
Skips like crazy 👎
sweetjoesph Month ago
This guys a NUT case.lmbo..we have minds of our own...just not racoon city dwellers..likes this guy.
Olde Belle
Olde Belle Month ago
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James Feltman
James Feltman Month ago
That man is an idiot!
Deborah Buhrman
Deborah Buhrman Month ago
Have a ventrilacust go around with a hand puppet in lazy Joes place! The puppet could tell the people my real me is taking a nap
Deborah Buhrman
Deborah Buhrman Month ago
Chris COUMO has lost his true identity,to bad, maybe if his older brother wasn't so hated!
Deborah Buhrman
Deborah Buhrman Month ago
Greenland is all ice, and Iceland is all green, it would be a great buy for America, it is supposed to be beautiful, great vacation spot!
Deborah Buhrman
Deborah Buhrman Month ago
Why not lie,Bill lied about Monica too!
Deborah Buhrman
Deborah Buhrman Month ago
These people have the D T'S s. ( Donald Trump Syndrome)
Hephaestus Month ago
Leftists are so eager to portrait conservatives as fanatical, divisive, supremacists, racists and terrorists.... if some extraterrestrial alien watches leftist TV from space, would think USA is in a state of terror, civil war, blood... but if they travel and land here, they would land and see a peaceful country for the most part, people working, economy booming...
Bill Rayvan
Bill Rayvan Month ago
Who cares it's legal to be racist
Scott Brooks
Scott Brooks Month ago
Democommunist are idiots!
Ron Batson
Ron Batson Month ago
Stop censoring Watters World
Alandra Sochia
Alandra Sochia Month ago
This guy was an f. B. I. Agent!? How far we have fallen as a nation. Is it any wonder the highest level of the f. B. I are involved in the overthrow of the duly elected president. Like some third world banana republic. C. J. And Ruthie B
alexdapostman Month ago
Survey Says Native Americans Are ‘Proud’ Of The Washington Redskins Name: Only the no good for nothing ultra left-wing radicals will manufacture their propaganda lies and say it's racist.
Keith Sage
Keith Sage Month ago
How can I get that as a poster(Bill and his blue dress)? I am also a Red Skins fan..And I am racist..
Keith Sage
Keith Sage Month ago
Frank Figliuzzi You are a turd for a human, I like Trump, and I am a Native American , and you are a piece of crap.. You want me to vote for you? We are not for sale. This guy is so full of shit I cant believe it..
Lawrence Foster
Lawrence Foster Month ago
Bo Bo Bolinsky
Bo Bo Bolinsky Month ago
Red Man
Red Man Month ago
It's not fox doing the editing it's RUvid itself censoring fox. RUvid does it constantly, try praising Trump on Craigslist.
JohnPatrick Martinez Consonero
Too many STEROIDS for FREDO!!!
Michael Blakney Sr.
MSNBC, CNN or any of the major networks will stay afloat as long as we don't have to listen to the totally opinionated bullshit presented on Fox Ooze. If you watch Fox, all you have to do is notice the same old opinionated political commentary from the same old cast of character including guest bobbleheads presented every day of the week. They present no new substance, incite or any answers to any of the problems in this country and the reason for that is that they have no answers. What I find laughable and at the same time pathetic is how Fox says their using the facts or the truth while at the same time ignoring both.
A G Month ago
No, democrats the democratic party and the left are the actual and real and true "terrorists", because they are the ones who use fear, violence, threats, and intimidation to attain their political goals, by doxing, by harassing, by name calling, by slandering, by witchhunting, by calling President Trump and his supporters "nazis" and white supermacists and racists etc., by inciting and condoning the violence their followers use to silence Trump supporters, by censoring Trump supporters, by continually persecuting and unjustly prosecuting President Trump and his supporters, by outright, shamelessly, and explicitly calling for violence against President Trump and his supporters, simply because President Trump and his supporters want a secure, strong, sovereign, and prosperous nation of law with a passionate reverence for truth, love, and the Constitution. The right, Republicans and the Republican Party, and conservatives, do not and have never used fear, violence, threats, or intimidation to attain their political goals, dox, harass, name call, insult, slander, publicly shame the opposition with false accusations, witchhunt, incite or condone violence against the opposition, censor, oppress, persecute and prosecute the opposition with no basis, legitimate justification, or with no good reason at all. When conservatives and the right defend themselves from the left's attacks, we use and have a great deal of evidence, facts, and proof to support our claims and arguments. That is the main difference between the right and left, they both appear to say the same things, because the left likes to deceive by pretending to be as virtuous and moral and righteous as their opposition, however, the facts and the truth and the evidence proves and shows the reality that it is the left, democrats, and liberals who are guilty of all they accuse the right, conservatives, and Republicans of, and anyone who is sane, rational, and has discernment knows this to be true, because we judge others by their fruits, not their words, by the content of their character, not their appearance. Just remember that the left are luciferians, and appear as angels of light, but their fruits prove and show who they really serve, their father the devil. They can speak and act as virtuously, moral, and righteously as they wish, I only listen to their fruits and their works, their actions, which we should all do, and it is then I seen them as they truly are, the true villains, and evil ones, and traitors, and everything they accuse President Trump, his supporters, and their opposition of. It is truly a battle between good and evil and they are the evil ones as their actions more than show and prove. They are the very definition of fakes, and frauds, and phonies, and liars, and deceivers, and charlatans, and cheats, and manipulators, and demagogues, and tyrants, and facists, and evil, and just cause you look and sound pretty does not mean your works are not abominable, ugly, filthy, rotten, iniquitous, wretched, and wicked. Any good, decent, sane, rational, logical, and reasonably intelligent person can see and knows the true difference and the actual reality between the right and the left, and it is the difference between light and dark, good and evil, freedom and slavery, life and death. I think from now on instead of saying right and left, it should be more like right and wrong, because the left is always wrong.
John Tatum
John Tatum Month ago
Former FBI guy must be another corrupt one..they seem to have a lot like him.
ON SONG Month ago
Edited to annoy
ON SONG Month ago
Another faulty tape.
tony smith
tony smith Month ago
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Geraldine Howell
Dems always lie work of baal
asking Americans
editing leaves a bit to be desired
Geraldine Howell
You are ful of shit
Marilyn Woodall
Marilyn Woodall Month ago
Lewandiwski!! Hope you win
Marilyn Woodall
Marilyn Woodall Month ago
Leesndowski!! Hope you win!!!
Marilyn Woodall
Marilyn Woodall Month ago
Guess its migrated to pokeyourhauntass... warren is sunk
Marilyn Woodall
Marilyn Woodall Month ago
Pokiehauntus 😂😂😂
Marilyn Woodall
Marilyn Woodall Month ago
aoc warren, booker, pencil neck, to name a few, has wild buggy psychotic eyes
Marilyn Woodall
Marilyn Woodall Month ago
Kuru... just my opinion
Marilyn Woodall
Marilyn Woodall Month ago
Probably hillary’ diet
Marilyn Woodall
Marilyn Woodall Month ago
Just wandering what joe biden has been eating
Marilyn Woodall
Marilyn Woodall Month ago
Idiot joe
Marilyn Woodall
Marilyn Woodall Month ago
Yeah well, infanticide is ok? democrats are totally upside down
Marilyn Woodall
Marilyn Woodall Month ago
aoc district hates her... hmmm
Marilyn Woodall
Marilyn Woodall Month ago
democrats are responsible for the hate in America... TRUMP 2020!!! AMERICA STANDS BEHIND TRUMP
Marilyn Woodall
Marilyn Woodall Month ago
More like Alfredo!!! Creamy nauseating sauce... poor poor guy!! Such an angry dangerous person! Coma oh!! Such a disgusting person
Marilyn Woodall
Marilyn Woodall Month ago
Yep! Frank has lost it 😂😂😂
Marilyn Woodall
Marilyn Woodall Month ago
Frank? Are you nuts?
Marilyn Woodall
Marilyn Woodall Month ago
Frank? How much do you get paid to say this fake stuff?
C_ Farther
C_ Farther Month ago
Iondetox Month ago
Look at 1:40 and Franks eye blink rate.
Loretta Gallegos
My own granddaughter is ashamed of me because I follow President Trump. So sad for her it breaks my heart.
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