Waterotor Portable Turbine - High Energy Output from Slow Moving Water

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An Innovative breakthrough for harnessing energy from very slow moving water. The small, rolling drum-like device called the Waterotor, created by Fred Ferguson, CEO of Waterotor Energy Technologies, is capable of harnessing energy from water currents moving at just one to six miles per hour and converting into electricity. The Waterotor is ideal for the world’s energy requirement through renewable way because it transforms the energy in slow-moving rivers and ocean currents to electrical power, thereby making a continual stream of low-cost electricity available 24 hours a day to people and businesses not connected to a central grid. This unique hydro-turbine is the result of a multiyear R&D program conducted under the leadership of renowned technologist Fred Ferguson, recipient of numerous awards and recognition for his work in the aerospace and energy fields.
Waterotor is unique in that its highly developed design can extract a very high level of energy (Coefficient of Power) from very slow flowing water. Waterotor stands alone by extracting 30 % of slow moving water energy and converting this energy to electricity at these very slow water flow speeds. No other water extraction device can effectively and cost efficiently operate in a flow speed of 4 mph ‘typically found in ocean currents and many river systems’. Also, the 30 % extraction rate is a constant from flow speeds as low as 1 mph.
Fundamental to the invention is the way in which the Waterotor achieves maximum torque resulting in a high coefficient of power. This relates directly to power vs. size vs. water flow speed. Ferguson’s early inventive understanding of the combined components and features regarding the W.E.T.
Waterotor has been verified for maximum energy extraction for a water flow speed range from 1 mph to over 20 mph (size and generator match ‘selection’ per size and flow conditions). Efficiency rating is 24 % energy extraction to over 30% - about the maximum expected efficiency for a Savonius rotor.
Advantages of Waterotor
Operates in slow-moving water; as lower than 1.5 mph
Mobile, requires no bottom fixtures or foundation, only simple anchoring
Strong yet simple structural integrity (‘drum like’)
High coefficient of power (high-energy output vs. size)
Environmentally friendly (no high speed spinning blades)
Broadens a competitive market from very low to high water flow speeds
Most cost effective (simple to build and fully scalar)
The Waterotor-Generator is classified as a ‘low head’ system, meaning the flow is horizontal through the entire system. It is unique among all low-head systems in that it is the only device that is not an open propeller-like bladed turbine or ‘airfoil-like’ turbine. These bladed turbines accelerate in the flow to tip speeds higher than the flow itself.
Given the difference in density of water and air, a 3 mph ocean current has about as much kinetic energy as a 240 mph wind. Hence, a much smaller device is required to harness energy. From water flow than to harness wind energy. As oceans cover over 70% of the earth’s surface, ocean energy (including wave power, tidal current power and ocean thermal energy conversion) represents a vast source of energy, estimated at between 3,000 TWh (Terawatts), i.e. 2,000,000,000,000,000 watt hours per year. This is enough energy to satisfy a major portion of the world’s electrical needs.
The National Research Council recently selected the Waterotor for support under its highly competitive Industrial Research Assistance Program. Black & McDonald and other Canadian companies have helped to get the Waterotor ready for commercial production.

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basant vimal sharma
basant vimal sharma 3 месяца назад
Will be washed away during flash flooding
David Scallion
David Scallion 3 месяца назад
warning, if you type waterrotor.com instead of the correct waterotor.com, the incorrect website will attempt to download malware.
Justin M
Justin M 2 месяца назад
Meh it just took me to a porn game
altha 2014
altha 2014 4 месяца назад
ALEART they have crappy music mute volume before watching
Christopher Wilson
Christopher Wilson 6 месяцев назад
Any idiot can make blades spin in flowing water.
donk twat
donk twat 7 месяцев назад
where can i buy it? how much electricity does it produce? how much is it? jesus your video sucked dick. product is probably as bad
W Boring
W Boring 8 месяцев назад
No real specs = vaporware.
Thumper J
Thumper J 9 месяцев назад
love how when someone post something but then remember its such a shit product they dont even post a link of where to get them lol just another way for them to gain reviews on someone elses stuff
forster hydro turbine generator
forster hydro turbine generator 9 месяцев назад
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Shantell Amend
Shantell Amend 10 месяцев назад
With Avasva plans doing something like that was easy.
Evgen Mozolevski
Evgen Mozolevski 10 месяцев назад
plans from woodprix are awesome!
Mike Somes
Mike Somes 10 месяцев назад
Tidal power the true clean energy. Tides go in then out every second of every day. You can predict tides 1 5 10 1000 years into the future to the minute. Ask anyone nautical. Or you can buy a tide times book. Trillions of those lil excited electrons waiting to be harvest. Near free clean renewable energy for all. No batteries or windmills required. Take care.
Scoutin1 Год назад
Went to their website and no specifications and no pricing. I would think that since it has been a year since this video was posted then it should be renamed 'deadinthewater'.
weasel4442 Год назад
Waterotor is a breakthrough water...... nah, only takes this sentence to tell me it is bullshit
Connor Decker
Connor Decker Год назад
I like how there's a 12 page fluff info that says nothing about actual output of this device.
Flyingcircus Год назад
What is "high energy output" in their minds? Slow moving water also means low energy output, it's as simple as that. Also 2 mph isn't "very low water flow".. for many small rivers that's actually quite fast, unless we're talking about mountain streams here, which rarely provide reliable flow rates.
Flyingcircus Год назад
"It doesn't have to be fast, you can exchange velocity with volume. It's called torque" No it's not. Volume is volume, velocity is velocity and torque is torque, none of them are interchangeable. The theoretical power of a turbine is the flow rate (which is linearly proportional to velocity) multiplied with density, acceleration of gravity and the potential difference of the flow (which can be expressed in both velocity height and pressure height, meaning whatever the flow loses in velocity or pressure through the action of the wheel will be converted to energy) I've run the numbers, and no it's not much, even when I'm being generous with the dimensions of the wheel. Also did you bother to to consider the dimensions? Or the depth of most smaller rivers? And this turbine can only use less than half of that depth, because the other part will be occupied by the returning blades, or rather the lower casing of the device and its foundation. I appreciate that they're trying to improve the situation for communities that are off the grid, and some electricity is certainly better than none (or having to use a generator all the time) but these boasts here are a bit much.
ngentotsemua Год назад
It doesn't have to be fast, you can exchange velocity with volume. It's called torque. You need to design a turbine that could catch as much area as possible from the flow in order to rotate a pretty high gear ratio motor to reach RPM necessarry to generate target voltage.
Kunal Shinde
Kunal Shinde Год назад
What's the blade angle for maximum efficiency?
Adam Monster
Adam Monster Год назад
Sadly, the company tells you absolutely NOTHING..
rommelfcc Год назад
Would probably need to cover across the whole river with one shaft to get any power out of it...
gary pattillo
gary pattillo Год назад
its because its junk and the output is low at best maybe if a guy needs a light bulb by a creek its worth something
fuvet Год назад
Description's source (word for word)... www.futureentech.com/2015/07/waterotor-innovative-breakthrough-for.html
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