Water War with Jason Statham (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy and Jason square off in thee traditional card game War, but the loser of each round is doused with water.
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Water War with Jason Statham (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)


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Nov 7, 2013




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Comments 3 996
Thanh Đỗ
Thanh Đỗ Day ago
I’m love Jason
atul tultul
atul tultul Day ago
Waste of water.... Please save water
John The Baptise
He should have said wait I just had this dry cleaned
Fury 2 days ago
If you see a comment after years, that's because of youtube recommendations ;)
Mr Hankey
Mr Hankey 2 days ago
Ok RUvid I’ve watched it ffs
Team Amadeus.
Team Amadeus. 3 days ago
I love Jason He is so cute
ledge-bob fantastic
he's a really good actor
Mathew Castle
Mathew Castle 4 days ago
U dumb
Volodya Antropov
Volodya Antropov 4 days ago
morons fucking...
Hazel Brown
Hazel Brown 4 days ago
Quant tu sais que des êtres humains meurent de soif, ce jeu n'est pas vraiment drôle.
g.bruce 5 days ago
These people are getting paid for having fun..
Roy Zontough
Roy Zontough 6 days ago
Statham in real fun
Maria de Fatima Garcia
Parabéns fantástico ator !amooo o Jason stanhum 👏👏👏👏👏👏❤❤❤❤❤💟💟💟
Chino Lok
Chino Lok 7 days ago
Dat wat I'm talking about have fun n enjoy
Андрюха Малакеев
Mal 7 days ago
look so intense
Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar 8 days ago
So which Jason is better in water WAR Momoa or Statham??
ايناس ميلود القطعاني
_An actor with zero haters. Who else agrees_ !!!
jason 11 hours ago
@Dung Nguyen your irrelevant nobody cares about you
Dung Nguyen
Dung Nguyen Day ago
I hates him. So what ???
toxic clown
toxic clown 8 days ago
debenezer wilson
debenezer wilson 10 days ago
Welcome to nice show
Kanchan Tiwari
Kanchan Tiwari 11 days ago
In the beginning of the video I was like ohhh God Jason will crush Jimmy if he lose the game
NêXûS ĞamînĞ
NêXûS ĞamînĞ 11 days ago
3 of my favorite person Oh wait! Paul walker is missing 😭
Tiffany S
Tiffany S 11 days ago
I think I'm in love with The Transporter. Omg. Never knew he had such a great personality. Well from what I can tell from this 5-minute video. It must be true love!
StopHattinMeh Please
I’ve got a pet cheetah down in my basement...
Samar Sheikh
Samar Sheikh 11 days ago
I like the way Jason behave... That's cool... 😎
amir firdaus
amir firdaus 12 days ago
When jason was bored with a real gun.. At last, he just play water canon...
Harts 12 days ago
Русские есть ??
Milan Peric
Milan Peric 12 days ago
Nich Scarvelli
Nich Scarvelli 13 days ago
4:04 he was about to through hands
SOBHA NAIR 13 days ago
Jason cheated actually
Maria Meliana
Maria Meliana 13 days ago
Statham vs Momoa will be fun guys.. hit this like button to make it happen We can do this😂
МЕЛО МАН 13 days ago
В конце вообще обосрался когда он пистолет достал аха
ORMM 13 days ago
How awesome would it be to meet Jason Statham, would love to meet him!
DestinyGrey Cloud
DestinyGrey Cloud 13 days ago
Ido Berg
Ido Berg 14 days ago
Talha Bin Masaud Al-khalil
Love you Jason.... My best actor. How can I meet with Jason. It's my aim ... !!
Lathryn Peach
Lathryn Peach 10 days ago
That will be a bit difficult. Either meet him by consequence or on a meet and greet on his latest movie. That is, if he has one at all.
Airida Brown
Airida Brown 15 days ago
He my fave actor
Kashen Ryle
Kashen Ryle 15 days ago
He did Jason momoa and this guy for water war because both of their new movies are realated to water
TheRedGameboy 15 days ago
This is slightly less entertaining as a potential competition between them to hook kick a bottle cap unscrewed. Of course Jimmy would offer more laughs.
Eydís Anna Magnúsdóttir
A wet Jason Statham makes my life easier 🤤🤤🤤
lego spiderman 200
lego spiderman 200 15 days ago
Awww bugga😁✋🏼🌹🌏👍🏼
rena 7
rena 7 15 days ago
Who are there people
creator Space
creator Space 15 days ago
It's done well. blog.naver.com/7heppy7
Gigi Rourou
Gigi Rourou 16 days ago
Vit n’a pas de prix à part cqeulle ma apprit
Harry von Harrika
Harry von Harrika 16 days ago
Jason is a reall nice guy and legend
elyas kamil
elyas kamil 17 days ago
m. s
m. s 17 days ago
Hexmantis 17 days ago
4:03 with that face 2 would be high for me
anita jaiswal
anita jaiswal 17 days ago
Who's he?
Romieo Solomon
Romieo Solomon 17 days ago
Then tko ok..killers see goods biggest strongest men ok..policee not knew too ok..so happys the terrists musics ..ideals street looks at schoolls many dangerous do laws on that drop..needed now ok..brains t..
Ca Cường TV
Ca Cường TV 18 days ago
Wow 😂🤣
josie aguilar
josie aguilar 18 days ago
Jimmy: qUeEn BeAtS jAcK! *slaps with water* Jason: .........*mind* I wanna kill em
Big Shaq
Big Shaq 18 days ago
Mario Stiven
Mario Stiven 18 days ago
He looks so ready its like he is about to take out the alpha.
The Federal Bureau Of Investigation
british people have a british accent jason statham doesnt have a british accent he has an accent of his own and its the best
King Moanz SA
King Moanz SA 18 days ago
Văn Ánh Trang
Văn Ánh Trang 18 days ago
A troc nguoi hung phim anh day nek
Săn bắt động vật Hunting animals
Wow trò này ác quá
Arthur Ker
Arthur Ker 19 days ago
Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson HEROES NEVER DIES
Thành Xuân
Thành Xuân 19 days ago
Vui vãi
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