Water Power Generator Part 2

Makken Makken
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Will edit together a longer version with tech details soon!




30 июл 2013




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JohnBoyDeere 5 дней назад
They'd send a person to jail here in the states for doing that (Even though it is wayyyy cool!) God forbid you might upset the spotted green egged sea cow larva sugar plum fairy, har!
Dane Hart
Dane Hart 24 дня назад
2nd wheel
Fikret Ayri
Fikret Ayri 2 месяца назад
Mas zitta01
Mas zitta01 3 месяца назад
Sangat inovatif,energy masa depan.
白智新 4 месяца назад
Sam Spencer
Sam Spencer 5 месяцев назад
Literally on every water wheel video there are people butting in with suggestions for increasing efficiency :P
Sukannya Mukherjee
Sukannya Mukherjee 8 месяцев назад
Drilling ma
Ravi Kant
Ravi Kant 8 месяцев назад
Sir, I think if you add more spokes in the empty spaces of the wheel, you can increase the rpm.
M mangla
M mangla 11 месяцев назад
Hi nice video
Marius Macovei
Marius Macovei Год назад
Some results,some values?How much power?
sukhwinder singh
sukhwinder singh Год назад
You have a good flow rate of water just keep your turbine little deeper and use aa bigger pulley coupled with wheel this will help you to get a high rpm and more shaft power
KG Salvage
KG Salvage Год назад
Did you not do a longer version ? I'm doing something similar . Thanks for the video.
Drue Steele
Drue Steele 2 года назад
Do you know how many volts and how many watts this is producing? - Also what gearing are you using? Do you know the rpm of the wheel? Thanks!
turkey toes
turkey toes 2 года назад
Great! Thumbs up! With a little water and enough pressure to spray from a nozzle, I thought about using tin cans not quite cut in half and pried open. Carefully cutting up one side and top of a can leaving the other side uncut and bending open the can to make two halves-- a "do-it-yourself pelton cup" Fastening a bunch of these homemade "pelton cups" around something which could be fastened directly to the shaft of a generator/alternator. With a generous spring or stream with a little more water and with a bit of drop to build pressure, I thought of taking 20 lb propane tanks and filling them with water to be sure there is no propane in them and then emptying the water and taking a right angle grinder with a cut-off wheel and cutting the propane tanks lengthwise, leaving one straight side uncut. When opened up this would make a large pelton cup. Done to about 8 or more propane tanks. Taking two steel automobile wheels and welding them together, then welding the opened propane tanks around the wheels making a large pelton wheel. The center of one of the 2 wheels welded together would need to be cut out to be able to get a ratchet in to tighten the lug nuts of the other wheel to a junked automobile hub/axle. Similar to this ruvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-BtCMuO3DVyE.html Or instead of using the hub/axle of a junked auto, weld the propane "pelton wheel" to a large steel pipe and fit each end of the pipe through a large pillow block bearing.
pat robbins
pat robbins 2 года назад
Do you have aline of these for sale.
Matěj Sojka
Matěj Sojka 2 года назад
it seems you have a pretty nice height... why undershot wheel?
Cristian Mera
Cristian Mera 3 года назад
hola con que caudal se mueve la rueda..? y que potencia logra producir y cuales son sus medidas me puedes ayudar con esos muchas gracias espero tu respuesta en mi correo chris_mer88@hotmail.com
Alessandro Rinaldi
Alessandro Rinaldi 4 года назад
Very nice work
Jonathan B
Jonathan B 4 года назад
I like the end, nice waterfall!
rikkiesix 5 лет назад
Stunning looking turbine my friend. Great job. Hope to hear more of it soon. Greetings from Belgium Erik
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