Water Power Generator Part 2

Makken Makken
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Will edit together a longer version with tech details soon!




30 июл 2013

Hydropower (Industry)




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Fikret Ayri
Fikret Ayri 24 дня назад
Mas zitta01
Mas zitta01 Месяц назад
Sangat inovatif,energy masa depan.
白智新 2 месяца назад
Sam Spencer
Sam Spencer 3 месяца назад
Literally on every water wheel video there are people butting in with suggestions for increasing efficiency :P
Sukannya Mukherjee
Sukannya Mukherjee 6 месяцев назад
Drilling ma
Ravi Kant
Ravi Kant 6 месяцев назад
Sir, I think if you add more spokes in the empty spaces of the wheel, you can increase the rpm.
M mangla
M mangla 9 месяцев назад
Hi nice video
Marius Macovei
Marius Macovei 11 месяцев назад
Some results,some values?How much power?
sukhwinder singh
sukhwinder singh Год назад
You have a good flow rate of water just keep your turbine little deeper and use aa bigger pulley coupled with wheel this will help you to get a high rpm and more shaft power
KG Salvage
KG Salvage Год назад
Did you not do a longer version ? I'm doing something similar . Thanks for the video.
Drue Steele
Drue Steele Год назад
Do you know how many volts and how many watts this is producing? - Also what gearing are you using? Do you know the rpm of the wheel? Thanks!
turkey toes
turkey toes 2 года назад
Great! Thumbs up! With a little water and enough pressure to spray from a nozzle, I thought about using tin cans not quite cut in half and pried open. Carefully cutting up one side and top of a can leaving the other side uncut and bending open the can to make two halves-- a "do-it-yourself pelton cup" Fastening a bunch of these homemade "pelton cups" around something which could be fastened directly to the shaft of a generator/alternator. With a generous spring or stream with a little more water and with a bit of drop to build pressure, I thought of taking 20 lb propane tanks and filling them with water to be sure there is no propane in them and then emptying the water and taking a right angle grinder with a cut-off wheel and cutting the propane tanks lengthwise, leaving one straight side uncut. When opened up this would make a large pelton cup. Done to about 8 or more propane tanks. Taking two steel automobile wheels and welding them together, then welding the opened propane tanks around the wheels making a large pelton wheel. The center of one of the 2 wheels welded together would need to be cut out to be able to get a ratchet in to tighten the lug nuts of the other wheel to a junked automobile hub/axle. Similar to this ruvid.net/video/видео-BtCMuO3DVyE.html Or instead of using the hub/axle of a junked auto, weld the propane "pelton wheel" to a large steel pipe and fit each end of the pipe through a large pillow block bearing.
pat robbins
pat robbins 2 года назад
Do you have aline of these for sale.
Matěj Sojka
Matěj Sojka 2 года назад
it seems you have a pretty nice height... why undershot wheel?
Cristian Mera
Cristian Mera 3 года назад
hola con que caudal se mueve la rueda..? y que potencia logra producir y cuales son sus medidas me puedes ayudar con esos muchas gracias espero tu respuesta en mi correo chris_mer88@hotmail.com
Alessandro Rinaldi
Alessandro Rinaldi 4 года назад
Very nice work
Jonathan B
Jonathan B 4 года назад
I like the end, nice waterfall!
rikkiesix 5 лет назад
Stunning looking turbine my friend. Great job. Hope to hear more of it soon. Greetings from Belgium Erik
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