Watching my childhood videos w/ theodd1sout

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just a fun trip down memory lane (except i don't remember like any of this)
James: ruvid.net/show-UCo8bcnLyZH8tBIH9V1mLgqQ
♥ The Team ♥
Denny: instagram.com/90percentknuckles/
MorganToast: morgantoast.tumblr.com/
Pivots: ruvid.net/u-ThePivotsXXD
Jaystarz: ruvid.net/u-xjaystarzx
Duckdee: ruvid.net/u-SirDuckD?app=desktop
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Mar 10, 2019

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Comments 46 511
Bengamer925 !
Bengamer925 ! 9 minutes ago
I cry whenever I go to a new school I don’t know if anyone else does that but ok
Gabriel Sanchez
Gabriel Sanchez 29 minutes ago
B u T c R a P a B o U t PoWeR pUfF gIrls bAtTle hIm I hate it it sux maybe you played it go make vid
Mario Venero
Mario Venero Hour ago
Did anyone realized that spongebob is happy but his cheeks aren’t
The Andermany
The Andermany 2 hours ago
Me : *sees thumbnail but not the title* Also me : well well well this happened faster than expected
Ethan Schindler
Ethan Schindler 2 hours ago
Do u live in Arizona
Tausha Talbott
Tausha Talbott 2 hours ago
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww❤❤❤❤ sooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kara Mucavel
Kara Mucavel 2 hours ago
Nova Funghi
Nova Funghi 3 hours ago
"Walk to your right" Uhhhhhhh this way? 😖
cool_jon_ 2.0
cool_jon_ 2.0 3 hours ago
Ronald Neel
Ronald Neel 3 hours ago
Follow @EthanNeel2
Markayla Scholl
Markayla Scholl 3 hours ago
3:37 through 3:30 That’s soo me
Andy Young
Andy Young 4 hours ago
I wonder what she looked like as a tween or teen
Riah Hyena
Riah Hyena 5 hours ago
Ahhh jaiden I'm 14 days older that you I never realized we were that close in age!
bazan833 5 hours ago
There is
Zoe Bullock
Zoe Bullock 5 hours ago
I’m sis HATES power puff girls I kinda like em I use to love em my class mates knew and got me power puff girl pencils
Zoe Bullock
Zoe Bullock 5 hours ago
I’m goin to 4 grade soon
Botbox’s Trains
Botbox’s Trains 5 hours ago
Yammy 4 tammy
Layden Larecy
Layden Larecy 6 hours ago
Its the essssa bunny
Owen Gilligan
Owen Gilligan 6 hours ago
Jaiden those animations looked so real Is what I would say if I didn’t know what to say And I don’t The end
Anime Lover
Anime Lover 6 hours ago
She so embarrassed 😂😂😂
Erick A. Flores
Erick A. Flores 6 hours ago
In first grade I had a Powerpuff Girls backpack and am in fourth grade right now and I love your videos.
Heyo Boyo!
Heyo Boyo! 6 hours ago
*M m M* *YumMy FoR dA TUmmY*
Geometry Dash Kid
Geometry Dash Kid 7 hours ago
Tornado:I’m about to hit jaden house Jaden dad:Get to the seller! Jaden: b u t c r a brother
Geometry Dash Kid
Geometry Dash Kid 7 hours ago
Tornado:I’m about to hit jaden house Jaden dad:Get to the seller! Jaden: b u t c r a brother
Geometry Dash Kid
Geometry Dash Kid 7 hours ago
Tornado:I’m about to hit jaden house Jaden dad:Get to the seller! Jaden: b u t c r a b
Sister Reilly
Sister Reilly 7 hours ago
I think little jaiden said color
Buttered Tots
Buttered Tots 7 hours ago
The three j’s
Mai Haleem
Mai Haleem 7 hours ago
they r the three j's jax, jayden,and james
Kelenn Sherman
Kelenn Sherman 7 hours ago
You have crush
Abood Wesam
Abood Wesam 7 hours ago
J is jaiden not james
sweetd1375 8 hours ago
Kalebs Art
Kalebs Art 8 hours ago
if any one agrees with me reply woudnt james and jaiden be a cute cuple
ghostninjaYT gaming
Rita Torrens
Rita Torrens 8 hours ago
*__(:/__| |__)__
Rita Torrens
Rita Torrens 8 hours ago
__(:/__ __)__
Rita Torrens
Rita Torrens 8 hours ago
natnat ssj
natnat ssj 9 hours ago
natnat ssj
natnat ssj 9 hours ago
Aaron Turina
Aaron Turina 9 hours ago
5:49 corvette in the background
ZVD 415
ZVD 415 9 hours ago
i rAN OvER frANcE
Dujigato Otsutsuki The 12th Hokage
i think baby jaiden said "color and have fun"
Dujigato Otsutsuki The 12th Hokage
nice video
"I think Jax is part of the KKK" -Jaidens Dad
Neonek 11 hours ago
4:39 ok you are 21 years old
Shadi L
Shadi L 12 hours ago
Wow! James is so cool! Anyone reading this comment should check out James. It's good i promise.
Soul Raisin
Soul Raisin 13 hours ago
*"I THINK JACQUES IS PART OF THE KKK."* excuse me what the fuck
Ahmed Sulieman
Ahmed Sulieman 14 hours ago
Eesa means Jesus and alla means God in arabic
Kenric Rush
Kenric Rush 15 hours ago
James Jaiden Jacks
Ashraf Ansary
Ashraf Ansary 15 hours ago
In the thumbnail you look nervous...
Epic Gork Dirk Mork
Epic Gork Dirk Mork 16 hours ago
7:45 yeah, Jaiden. I don’t think drawing a young child with a white substance in their mouth with an adult looking contently is a good idea.
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