Watch: Truex runs over Elliott’s fuel can | NASCAR's Daytona 500

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Watch as Martin Truex. Jr. runs over Chase Elliott’s fuel can after Elliott drug it onto pit road.
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Comments 44
123456789colton Month ago
NASCAR, you need to ban the tandem drafting. I was going to comment on another video, but comments were off. Otherwise, the 500 was an excellent race!
LarSanity42 Month ago
Looked like Truex was playing hockey with the gas can.
Brown Buffalo
Brown Buffalo Month ago
Chase Elliott- " Hold my gas can".
MarcisAwesome 04
New name for him is: Martin Canex Jr 😏🤣
MarcisAwesome 04
@Gavin Daly I guess it right 🙄😏
Gavin Daly
Gavin Daly Month ago
Martin Fuelex Jr
CarsGeek24 Month ago
That’s low key kind of funny
Ray Lars
Ray Lars Month ago
... listen to this at half speed , it's a hoot
Regene Huddleston
Angels watching over him that he didn't catch on fire truex Jr.#19lets gets more wins 2020 yay god!
Michael Holmes
Michael Holmes Month ago
The caption says he ran it over. He clearly push the gas can. Motorcycle
jtizzy12 Month ago
No more Daytona no more Talladega
Kevin Huneycutt
Kevin Huneycutt Month ago
Chase just challenged Martin to a friendly game of kick the can.
Ever Faster Racing
That's not what I meant by hit the gas
Elias Diggins
Elias Diggins Month ago
Fail lol
diecast_collectibols diecast
flying fast
flying fast Month ago
I have a feeling in the future NASCAR is going to become quite the joke because all the veterans are going to be gone it's nothing but young kids that don't have no experience the gas cans a fine example
flying fast
flying fast Month ago
@Robert Bass I was happy to finally hear that Ryan Newman is up walking around
Robert Bass
Robert Bass Month ago
Well every driver has to start from somewhere. There will be others.
Dizzle F
Dizzle F Month ago
Pray for Ryan
DennyDelivers Month ago
🙏🙏🙏 for Newman
Will Norris
Will Norris Month ago
Was there a penalty? I would think that should be the same as an uncontrolled tire, or worse.
Sunoco... fueling victories
Creeperboy099 Month ago
At least that didn’t catch fire
Stevie Joe Sampson
It’s all on you Nascar it’s all on you , which driver will die. Because of you Nascar which driver will die?
Robert Bass
Robert Bass Month ago
If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. These drivers are well aware of the dangers.
Joshua Burns
Joshua Burns Month ago
Keep Newman in our prayers please.
John Roby
John Roby Month ago
He's awake and talking now too.
Alan formula1
Alan formula1 Month ago
He is in seripus condition but alive thats a start
Cydsdad Month ago
No Penalty for the #9 WTH!!!!!!
Cydsdad no he did get one
yfi62dortoh Month ago
I’ll bet he hit it and was like “wtf y’all?? Get your sh*t together!”
ULTRARAILER 29 Month ago
Newman’s car caved in after a last lap wreck with Ryan Blaney
R McElhaney
R McElhaney Month ago
Deny Hamlin won the race, but Ryan Newman was turned upside down on that final lap. I hope Ryan is okay!
Robert Krober jr.
BradTheMeme Month ago
Umm Martin that isn't how and where fuel goes in.
Maria Ampilova 24
Donny Lane
Donny Lane Month ago
What the hell are you doing like pushed gas tank!!😡😡👎👎
Rashimir Fieros
Rashimir Fieros Month ago
F for the poor fuel can
Jordan Forsgren
Jordan Forsgren Month ago
the8jrfan Month ago
The gas goes in the back not the front Martin.
Sarah Petty
Sarah Petty Month ago
Kinda looked like Trump running over Schiff, Nancy and Noodler~
Sarah Petty
Sarah Petty Month ago
@4TH 19TH
4TH 19TH
4TH 19TH Month ago
Oh shut up
Varun Singh
Varun Singh Month ago
The fuel doesn’t go in the car that way Martin.
What In Carnation?
when you hit pit road for a can of fuel but instead hit a can of fuel on pit road
Schyler Nies
Schyler Nies Month ago
Omg thats so original!!! 😂😂😂👏
Mikey Liberti
Mikey Liberti Month ago
What In Carnation? 😂
Icelo Racing Network
What the heck?
RacingPower19 Month ago
I'm honestly not surprised at all... 😒
Owneole97 Month ago
@RacingPower19 Well. Gotta tip my hat off to Hamlin. He clearly is skilled at the choices and what he is doing on plate-tracks.
RacingPower19 Month ago
@Owneole97 His team had a plan tonight and it looks like it worked for Denny Hamlin, but not Busch, Truex and Jones!
Owneole97 Month ago
Iknow. MTJ always ends up getting something like this happen to him :D And if its a big one im willing to bet a lot of money he will get caugh up in it. Its like it destiny or something..
Pedigree 1-2-3
Pedigree 1-2-3 Month ago
@Left Turn Productions [LTP] Speaking of people who are always the victim look at Jimmie Johnson. DAMMIT!!!!!!
RacingPower19 Month ago
@Variety Player Yeah
TheEcrus Month ago
Atleast it happened during the caution for the penalty for Chase even though I don't think he planned on taking the gas can with him.
Left Turn Productions [LTP]
Sucks seeing all his teammates out front while he is stuck in the back
LET'S TALK Month ago
Gimmie fuel, gimme fire....
SmugRoom38 Month ago
LET'S TALK Gimme that which I desire
Thatoneguy Month ago
How do you lose a gas can
Kyle Raymer
Kyle Raymer Month ago
If I'm correct the form a seal when they are pumping fuel, so if they don't have a great grip or get them out in time it can be pulled out of their hands when the car takes off.
Caleb cook
Caleb cook Month ago
Oops 😬
fantro Month ago
Would like to have that can dang
D. Jordan USA
D. Jordan USA Month ago
Here’s my gas can
DNG Month ago
Martin Fuelex Jr.
John Roby
John Roby Month ago
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