Watch Tesla Unveil Its Full Self-Driving Computer In Under 5 Minutes

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Tesla held an event for its investors called Autonomy Investor Day at its office in Palo Alto, CA. The event showcased software upgrades to the self-driving technology and new hardware called the Tesla FSD or Full-Self Driving computer.
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Watch Tesla Unveil Its Full Self-Driving Computer In Under 5 Minutes

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Comments 100
gilded 16 hours ago
Tien Doan
Tien Doan 5 days ago
No demonstration of concepts = massive red flags
The Moeller
The Moeller 5 days ago
Lol these death traps. Thanks elon, i've made a fortune buying PUTS on tesla. Elon isn't a genius. Tesla cars are about to become relics.
Jack Rodgers
Jack Rodgers 5 days ago
Sounds as if Tesla’s system is more advanced than some of the military’s air planes...
William WAGENER 6 days ago
I just picked a Tesla X, SUV, in April 2019, with $40,000 down, and My only REGRET was not getting it July 2018, when I would have had FREE Super-Charging for 8 years. Love it, LUV it, can stand to drive those old gasoline/ diesel guzzlers anymore. Screw the BIG OIL Companies, cause I got a solar system on my house and recharge for free, plus all the business deductions. I JUST LOVE IT. And no black for me, BLUE and I LOVE it. Did I mention I LOVE IT ?
Im unable to drive a vehicle because I’m too high on weed all of the time. This is gunna change my life - Snoop Doog
Do yourself a favour and watch the full 3 hour presentation!
José Silva
José Silva 7 days ago
See this AMD and NVIDIA.
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 8 days ago
Elon is in the End Game now.
K S 10 days ago
yes, but no money.
Egyptian Doctor
Egyptian Doctor 12 days ago
767 dislikes from the german car manufacturers
Void 2 days ago
Oil companies*
adi6183 14 days ago
elon musk is such a crazy guy
Ezcaper 14 days ago
But can this computer system run minecraft?
Raymond Bouldaire
Raymond Bouldaire 15 days ago
2:40 Elon's swinging dick could power New Zealand
Hayan Imadi
Hayan Imadi 16 days ago
Uber has KILLED someone using LIDAR Tech in a Volvo!!! It was in Arizona a 49 year old woman was run over while the car was going 40mph
Alan Xu
Alan Xu 16 days ago
Mark Maxwell
Mark Maxwell 16 days ago
Good luck dickhead The liability lawsuits for intoxicated people and hacking as well as hardware breakdowns and accidents have only just begun. 😂😂😂😂
ilkercan Kaya
ilkercan Kaya 16 days ago
Elon is a gift to the human kind. Very wise man! I'm buying a tesla when I have the money for a car. Full support for Mr. Musk!!
nickvj030 17 days ago
Old tech for Chinese quantum pcs..... as always said, eeuu is 80 years behind china nowadays
Self Aware Devices / Bilinçli Cihazlar
1 bullshit 2 it is plagiarism 3 it is nvidia & intel tech combined.
Yad .A
Yad .A 17 days ago
We have tesla autopilot And on the other hand is Cadillac super cruise which is just cheating the car cant actually scan the roads it can only drive itself on pre scanned roads
Keerthan Kumar
Keerthan Kumar 18 days ago
Hes like a mentor to me, an inspiration,only problem hes getting fat and unhealthy.
Christoff Tobing
Christoff Tobing 18 days ago
How to steal a car Then : connect several cables to start the car Now : hacking
Ninjacus NoVA
Ninjacus NoVA 18 days ago
Side note: if I’m not mistaken Tesla model s doesn’t have a backup sensor to detect movement and distance, but it has a backup camera. Why don’t they somehow add a sensor into the T logo on the rear bumper. Also a model s/x makeover would be nice very few things have been done in the last 7 years other than the front bumper, software updates, and the new motors just now released.
Andretti 18 days ago
Elon's billions at work - Genius.
Andretti 18 days ago
Going to Mars By Elon is the reality. Tesla Cars are perfect, because of Elon
Dividend Income
Dividend Income 18 days ago
Does anyone remember that Ford invented car dealerships because they wanted to take the inventory off their balance sheets and create a more positive quarterly report? Well guess what, Tesla is in its infancy and is going through similar growing pains to keep the company alive. Anyone that doesn’t believe Tesla will be the future is an absolute fool. Mark my words.
PT R 18 days ago
Self driving cars are something that EVERY major car manufacturer is working on today. It has nothing to do with EV as such, so Tesla is just one player among others. Then why a player with 0.2% of the market has the muscles to compete with WV and Toyota, that are 60 times larger? My take is that this focus on self-driving is just one try to keep Tesla interesting, and justify the valuation of the company, which is at least 10-20 times too high.
PT R 18 days ago
Elon Musk just talks away LIDAR, thats just because their cars are not equipped with them. Tesla is doomed, of course it is valuable to have 3D information (distance) instead of just cameras with 2D pictures that Tesla has. Tesla is really doomed as a compoany unforteonately. Musk just tries to talk up the stock as much as he can.
Innosos 19 days ago
Well that was anticlimactic. Here's the computer. It has redundancy. And can use models to see its surroundings. And update its model via the net. And send specific data for edge cases and missclassification examples of the model.
Huub Slinger
Huub Slinger 19 days ago
please make these self driving cars unhackable!!!
miro2424 19 days ago
Can I use my Tesla to do some Bitcoin Mining? Asking for a friend.
Jay Magee
Jay Magee 19 days ago
Paul A
Paul A 20 days ago
I love driving - its like meditation for me. I don't want anyone or anything to drive me around. But if self driving cars means I can get hammered after work now and then and still get home in my own car...I guess it could be useful. I guess.
Jeury delarosa
Jeury delarosa 21 day ago
Ladar is DOOMED lmao GO TESLA! Why is ladar doomed? Because we don’t drive shooting lasers out of heads.. we drive with our eyes. Gg no re boiiiii
Matthew Sargeant
Matthew Sargeant 21 day ago
is tesla skynet? ha
Lilian 21 day ago
Musk’s LiDAR comment just seemed moronic. Looks like he does not want to acknowledge that Tesla does not use superior sensors because of cost-cutting...
Haiku Metzger
Haiku Metzger 19 days ago
I think if he says it's unnecessary, it's unnecessary. If you can get a better result with lower cost tech, your competition really is doomed.
Devansh Jangid
Devansh Jangid 22 days ago
Feels good to see Tony Stark is still alive, only with a different name
First Last
First Last 22 days ago
tesla is a GREAT COMPANY. however lithium ion batteries are not practical at all.
Rob 21 day ago
True. Hopefully we will find an alternative. Can't wait for that day
William WAGENER 22 days ago
I just bought the 6 000 pound X, and I love. it.
Ryan Salazar
Ryan Salazar 22 days ago
Chinese hackers watch out! blue print with be compromised.
Darryl T
Darryl T 22 days ago
So when I retire from work, I will retire from driving as well. Nice!
Johnathan Sanford
Johnathan Sanford 22 days ago
Commercial aircraft-style technology in automobiles. Tesla is 💯
Peanut Buzzard
Peanut Buzzard 23 days ago
Rob 14 days ago
+Peanut Buzzard Teslas won't take over completely. There's not enough resources to produce that much batteries. It won't happen, electric vehicles cannot replace every car on the road and you're being too paranoid in general. Or a troll. I can't tell. Whatever it is, ICE cars will be here for a long time, so you will always have a choice. By the way planes are flown completely on autopilot. But you don't care about that right? You only care about the Tesla hate
Peanut Buzzard
Peanut Buzzard 14 days ago
Rob not until the government forces us all to drive Teslas. Then, if you say something naughty on Twitter, you “mysteriously” crash and die while watching a Harry Potter DVD
Rob 14 days ago
+Peanut Buzzard "I’m not going near that shit". It's okay. You don't have to :)
Peanut Buzzard
Peanut Buzzard 15 days ago
Miguel lopez yea, because 0.00005% of miles are on Teslas because no one buys them. Couple that with the autopilot kills. Holy shit bro, omfg you’re stupid.
Peanut Buzzard
Peanut Buzzard 15 days ago
Rob In how many of those car fatalities did the self-driving feature kill the occupants? Only in the Teslas? Uhh ohh!!
Coolie 1156
Coolie 1156 23 days ago
Can’t tell if that’s a woosh yes or a woosh no
Aristides Heracles
Aristides Heracles 23 days ago
how much did you sell the fsd conputer
Rxmbo 23 days ago
Tesla is like Facebook in the begining. analysts dont understand the technology behind this.
JCisJD 23 days ago
3 Qs.....Is Tesla using its customers as data gathers for future products ............Will a 2020 autonomous tesla taxi be able to get me home, from say , my local city,. (Plymouth uk) to my village, i very much doubt it will be able to manage that. ...........When will Tesla be able to make a wheel arch from one pressing not 16 different parts?
DAS PPG 23 days ago
Yes full self driving makes me want one even more. Won’t be able to afford it for a while though😂
MaJesticGoat Gaming
haha nvidia
Rob 21 day ago
+MaJesticGoat Gaming oh, so that's what happened. I see
MaJesticGoat Gaming
+Rob it's not funny it just because they used to use Nvidia's self driving computer but now they developed their own so now they don't need nvidia
Rob 21 day ago
+MaJesticGoat Gaming What's funny?
MaJesticGoat Gaming
+Rob what u mean and?
Rob 21 day ago
Randall White
Randall White 24 days ago
I I'm not a licensed certified technician or CPU engineer in school at this point but I do have the longevity made it to immediately brain the full scale updates do the CPU computing processing disk - plate used to mobilize the R/C theory so that competitors have to revise their patents.
Randall White
Randall White 24 days ago
At this point the vehicle can not go full fledge global. Do to the effects of severe weather
Tyran Mathurin
Tyran Mathurin 24 days ago
Tesla chosing to not include lidar is a huge mistake
Miguel lopez
Miguel lopez 21 day ago
Lidar has its advantages but also dissavantges, its resolution is to low, it cant read signs, its expensive, compromised the look of a car, and doesn't improve with software updates. Using a mixture of sensors yeild the best results.
Tyran Mathurin
Tyran Mathurin 24 days ago
Why does the guy sound so nervous, though?
Rob 21 day ago
You mean Musk? Unfortunately that's how he talks
cxsian 24 days ago
Rob 21 day ago
+cxsian So do you.
cxsian 21 day ago
+Rob nah it just weird tthat they all stutter
Rob 21 day ago
Is this your first time seeing Elon Musk? lol
Wero Visuals
Wero Visuals 24 days ago
can't they put this computer on a walking robot and have it recognize people just like it recognizes car and bam! Terminator!
Mike Lopyrev
Mike Lopyrev 24 days ago
“Anyone relying on LIDAR is doomed! Doomed!” Hahahahahhah. Love this guy. Wish he didn’t push himself so hard. Looks tired.
an alcoholic dream car
Peanut Buzzard
Peanut Buzzard 25 days ago
Peanut Buzzard
Peanut Buzzard 25 days ago
Elon Musk created PayPal, an online escrow system. Of course he is qualified to tell you that an auto-driving car is safe.
Peanut Buzzard
Peanut Buzzard 14 days ago
Miguel lopez I educated you. Here, drink some Kool AIDS. You are a regressive close minded person, like my wife.
Miguel lopez
Miguel lopez 14 days ago
+Peanut Buzzard are you 15?
Peanut Buzzard
Peanut Buzzard 15 days ago
Miguel lopez you’re grasping at straws. Good luck to you sir.
Miguel lopez
Miguel lopez 15 days ago
+Peanut Buzzard he didn't get all his money from PayPal and he practically had none in 2008, but bounced back when he was given contracts and got investors, do some reaserch.
Peanut Buzzard
Peanut Buzzard 15 days ago
Miguel lopez no he didn’t. People gave him money because he created PayPal and he hired people to do stuff. Now he hires people to “dig holes”. You seem to be able to read English - do some research man. Elon is a puppet.
Peanut Buzzard
Peanut Buzzard 25 days ago
Dude, I have “all compute”. Musk is a fraud.
Nicholas Brown
Nicholas Brown 25 days ago
Wait until 5G hits completely - and TESLA can update the AI network for self driving mode - Tesla will be the only car out there not getting into accidents because it will have a better, faster direct connection to the internet everywhere - communicating with everything around it, not only will make it safer, but will make it the most advanced automobile in the world. When the AI and its self learning from experience is networked with every other tesla out there and all of them are pulling in data - tesla can roll out upgrades and new models based on that data - no one is looking at this whole entire picture accept for Elon Musk - mark my words - if you read this - you heard it here first. Oh, and I'm just a 35yr old nobody that knows computers and is self teaching myself AI / AI Learning / AI data merging / AI growing and database structure in Nowhere South Dakota with a Graphic Communications degree from a tech school and a GED.
Miguel lopez
Miguel lopez 21 day ago
Except that 5G is not actually needed for this.
Hase 25 days ago
I love Musks engineering driven focus on redundancy. I hope that in the future they will find a way to implement redundancy for the camera behind the rear view mirror ( looking out through the windshield) as it is still a single point of failure.
asim bughio
asim bughio 25 days ago
the world needs an electric car which is not limited to range and can go anywhere around the world with the self charging system using a solar sunroof or something else that can actually make it happen. you are genius and can make anything happen you should be working on that car which doesnt need the plugin recharge like a smartphone than the who world will have to switch on electric vehicles.
asim bughio
asim bughio 21 day ago
+Rob you dont know anything and arguing bullshit, if there wasnt any tesla or we didnt have that problem i wouldnt be talking about it. you think you are too smart but actually thats dumb. i m done with you.
Rob 21 day ago
+asim bughio lmao your country doesn't even have a Tesla yet you are complaining about the range. You aren't very smart
asim bughio
asim bughio 21 day ago
+Rob not in my country. there isnt a single supercharger on the road to recharge a tesla. if not by solar charging some other options may work an electric current generator in to hood of the car can charge the betry while driving. musk can do anything its no suprise for him.
Rob 21 day ago
+asim bughio Superchargers are getting installed every week. The situation is getting better. Also Tesla does charge on its own. Solar panels won't provide enough power and they would just impact the price and safety of the car. It's already heavy as it is too.
asim bughio
asim bughio 21 day ago
+Rob bro, we dont have charging stations over here so thats the main problem for us that is why i want that self charging car.
Sean Hardman
Sean Hardman 25 days ago
Yes it makes me want to purchase one
Datta 25 days ago
04:19 -> EndGame -> Avengers -> Tony Stark -> Elon Musk -> This video -> 04:19 🤔 Everything is interlinked
Jeff Bommarito
Jeff Bommarito 25 days ago
nikolai solonski
nikolai solonski 25 days ago
At this point can people around the world just try to help Elon to build whatever he wants to build. Or at least wouldn't stand on his way?
Amaz 25 days ago
Elon and Tesla team doing tremendous work
grood yew
grood yew 25 days ago
well Mr. Lusk you can throw your money away, after all its your money. But on the flip side this bold move will provide motivation for all other car manufacturers and eventually lead to a revolution in autonomous driving. I would think with all that work and effort you would be working harder in the direction of robotics.
Das Daleberger
Das Daleberger 25 days ago
Stephan 25 days ago
Red nose day ?
tom thorn
tom thorn 25 days ago
Elon Musk is a guy who never stops amazing me! He is so insanely intelligent and brave! He has done so much where most people have heckled him every step of the way. They laugh when he says he is going to do something and then he does it. Why people WANT to hate him and discredit him is beyond me. He put every penny he had in Tesla to keep it going. I am and always will pull for him and for Tesla.
Yuval Brandstetter
Yuval Brandstetter 25 days ago
The EyeQ®5, launching in 2020, will go to the next performance level, enabling processing of more than sixteen multi-mega-pixel cameras and other sensors. Its computational power targets 15 trillion operations per second, while drawing only 5-6 Watts in a typical application. So for 72 watts 0ne can have 180 ntrillion operations Thus Tesla's computer is no better thgan existing technology
TRdonkeyshot 25 days ago
2:41 made me check if i had the video on 2x speed
Randy Bobandy
Randy Bobandy 25 days ago
Aw shit, Musk needs to consider salads. We need this great man healthy!
I'm your REAL dad.
I'm your REAL dad. 25 days ago
Self driving cars will eventually allow the Globalist scumbags to control what streets you can.....and cannot drive on.........Don't fall for it.
Miguel lopez
Miguel lopez 21 day ago
+I'm your REAL dad. the government doesn't need self-driving cars or buying huge plots of land to move people to bigger cities, they can just use the EPA to restrict development and push business into the cities, but humans have always had a thing for big cities so nothing much has changed except for farming, what you call globalism is essentially the majority mindset of people in a ever growing population.
I'm your REAL dad.
@Miguel Lopez......There's a little more to it than that......The globalist scumbags want to eventually force everyone to live in large cities.....That's why Obama was buying up large areas of land for government control......Eventually your self driving cars will only be programmed to drive on major connecting highways and city streets. It will shut off of you try to go down an unauthorized road......Read Agenda 21.
Miguel lopez
Miguel lopez 21 day ago
Private roads already exist.
DJ FX 25 days ago
Skynet is near
Max1Millions 25 days ago
Elon 2:15 😂😂😂
gunriderpt2 25 days ago
elon is looking THICC
Boss Okanagan
Boss Okanagan 25 days ago
DO you think even HE believe his own bullshit?
arul s
arul s 25 days ago
this is a piece of amazing news... why is the stock down though =/
Peter Perfect
Peter Perfect 25 days ago
Elon Musk is a genius, the 21st century Leonardo da Vinci!
Rob 21 day ago
Let's not fanboy over Musk, okay?
Mobydick 25 days ago
He did not invent this. The engineers of Tesla did.
Manny Echaluce
Manny Echaluce 25 days ago
Just keep the darn thing from self combusting and make it hack proof.................
Nunya Business
Nunya Business 25 days ago
I think my mind got blown just now
Gabi Xod
Gabi Xod 25 days ago
German work colleague seed that's propaganda 😁
James Tomich
James Tomich 25 days ago
YES, I want a Auto car
D Ravines
D Ravines 26 days ago
4:27 is that even a question?
ZoZ S 26 days ago
When your Tesla breaks, Just keep driving driving driving
Unauthorized Expression
This is one of those times that I think driving drunk would actually give the designers some insight they might not otherwise have. We've all done it at some point. I remember the few times I have driven while extremely drunk and in those moments the only thing I thought about was, stay within the lines and maintain the correct speed. That's it. If something out of the ordinary had happened, like i was cut off, I'd have been screwed for sure. My point is that I think developers have a tendency to make their job so much harder than it needs to be. At the end of the day the only thing you are trying to accomplish is staying within the lines and maintaining the correct speed in relation to the traffic around you. That last part is admittedly very complex, but not as complex as you might think. Liberals do it everyday for godsakes. ;-)
Pauly Walnuts
Pauly Walnuts 26 days ago
Smart move to get your product out on the market before you reveal how smart the chip is ;) Verrrrrry Smart move.
Lester Sales
Lester Sales 26 days ago
If ( carCamera == carAccident ) { stopTesla(); } else continue ();
alfredo ramirez
alfredo ramirez 18 days ago
//All the code needed for a tesla
Invesigator 2
Invesigator 2 26 days ago
Elon Musk dislikes Lidar and Facebook.
Rob 21 day ago
As we all should
Malem Mutum
Malem Mutum 26 days ago
love the background music!
Steve M.
Steve M. 26 days ago
Megalodon John
Megalodon John 26 days ago
38k msrp and 30k projected yearly income Car pays for itself in a year wouldnt even drive it just have it in the driveway making stacks 💵
Under the Surface
Under the Surface 26 days ago
I admire Elon greatly but i want him to exercise a bit more and not get pudgy
Dave Corbin
Dave Corbin 26 days ago
FSD is one of my main reasons for buying a Tesla. I want my car to be able auto navigate Hwy 17 in heavy traffic. If the robotaxi idea ever becomes a reality, that's just gravy!
tatt oo sticker
tatt oo sticker 26 days ago
John de la Vega
John de la Vega 26 days ago
Up to this point, this is likely to be the greatest technology event ever with regards to hardware and software integration, and a very practical application.
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