Galaxy Fold: Watch Samsung unveil the foldable phone

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Samsung's first foldable phone costs $1,980 and goes on sale April 26. Here is the announcement at the company's event in San Francisco.
Samsung reveals more about the Galaxy Fold ruvid.net/video/video-bjGwl0-k1jQ.html
Samsung's foldable phone is here!
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Comments 100
Elias 3 days ago
My comment with 3K+ likes got deleted.
Tareq TGM
Tareq TGM 10 hours ago
Let's get those back for you
Patryk Bulat
Patryk Bulat 12 days ago
1:02 You Mean "InfinityF**ks Display"?
Tareq TGM
Tareq TGM 10 hours ago
Oh wait
Tareq TGM
Tareq TGM 10 hours ago
Hahaha. Apple fan.
LooneyTunesFan101 13 days ago
Josh says WTF at 7:14
Little Man
Little Man 13 days ago
Galaxy Foof
Sans Mans
Sans Mans 17 days ago
Galaxy foof
Lasky Labs
Lasky Labs 18 days ago
*H e y J u s t i n*
Lasky Labs
Lasky Labs 18 days ago
Dark 19 days ago
This is a dumb gimmick that will never take off and the few people who will get this will mostly use it in closed position in which this phone is both ugly and thick with huge ass bezels around the screen
RockStarRei 25 days ago
1:07 Please clap.
BlueCreeper Month ago
Where’s my 512 gigs of ram ranch?
‌ Month ago
That's exclusive to the Sungsung Galaxy FooF, it's not on the Samsung Galaxy Fold.
BlueCreeper Month ago
Who came here from cs188
Avoxion Month ago
My DSi can do the same
#kuro Month ago
So we have iPhone : the phone that does the same thing but looks cooler Samsung : future is old so we go back in the past for innovations ... FLIPS PHONE Hauwei : [ caught a new black hole using the new hauwei Pscope thanks to the x5000 camera zoom ]
Robbe pinsart
Robbe pinsart Month ago
But who's gonna pay 2k for a phone that thick?
Nic Nac
Nic Nac Month ago
Wow Samsung made a sideways flip phone....
Menace Swag
Menace Swag Month ago
you know what would be shocking is if I play Netflix and the screen is only halft I would ask for my money back, I hope it's not though
Menace Swag
Menace Swag Month ago
4.5K apple dislikes 😅
Adi Abdillah
Adi Abdillah Month ago
1:07 I'm pretty sure he's expecting loads of applause or whoa at this point before he thanked the audience, so sad
Digital Virus
Digital Virus Month ago
God help those people who smash their screen.....
Iska Mag
Iska Mag Month ago
I don't even Samsung but they promoted tablets so i give it a huge respect. The only thing i ask for is to give every country Snapdragon instead of exinos, or at least Russia.
Berhnardt Do
Berhnardt Do Month ago
Theirs conversations made me think of english lessons for kids. So unatural.
TJ The 90s KID
TJ The 90s KID Month ago
I hate that the screen is only a 4.8in display when folded though.
JUST U FMK Month ago
Justin Denison: introduction Galaxy Fold Member: Huh Justin Denison: thanks you!
Abdullah  Dikmen
Abdullah Dikmen Month ago
2 years ago : iphone removed the headpone jack 2019: samsung be like yes we want that to so yeah now you have it no headphone jack
Reid Chrysler Manares
Is it just me or the way specs are presented doesn't seem unraveling enough? There are not even texts displayed on the presentation, just the speaker talking.
Spencer Welch
Spencer Welch Month ago
No headphone jack & not dustproof/waterproof/drop proof, no thanx - I'll sick with my Active.
Thuban06 Month ago
So.... no actual PHONE functionality?
Bamda Seven
Bamda Seven Month ago
That $1,980 + Tax is going to pay for my next gaming PC. I'll pass.
penguin world order
Why so nervous Josh? Did apple send you a death threat?
kraken509 Month ago
Why is this guy unveiling this?? This is pretty amazing tech and he is so dull!
kraken509 Month ago
Lol no one cheered until he cues them to
guildrich Month ago
😴 😴 😴
GrDov Wd
GrDov Wd Month ago
The paid fake audience members are so funny ........... Not sure who was in charge of cheering up the audience for applause and excitement ... but clearly they didn't get the same speech script as the boring, monotonous presenter ....... :D So funny how the (fake) audience cheers up when there is no need ... :D .... and the guy always expects the people to be crazy excited when he pauses ... weeeellllll ..... i think that was already a good feedback to know how poor the need for this product was !! Except for Gmaps, watching movies (i have a great computer with a 17" screen for that ... outside it feels good to disconnect on my commute or when with friends !!) and playing games (greeeaaaaatttttttt more time alone in front of the screen ......... what a dream life !! [sarcastic tone]) ... what other purpose this GalaxyFold has? Getting $2,000 from geeks? ok! Good luck trying to sell it !! :D :D :D
Tareq TGM
Tareq TGM 10 hours ago
I'm excited! It made alot of pre-orders! (And people dissapointed.)
Peppe Bruno
Peppe Bruno Month ago
*hey Justin*
torq Month ago
This is the sad prom version of an apple keynote. "Amazing"
Harut303A.K. Month ago
I’ve been keeping a good diet, and watching my shape so that when the time comes, I can get as much money as possible from selling one of my kidneys
Johnny Sega
Johnny Sega Month ago
Hopefully the battery is longer zz
Vinicity Month ago
Hi Justin!
jw dove
jw dove Month ago
It took them 10 years to take the flip out of phones. It took them 10 more years to put it back in.
Karichatti Kari
Karichatti Kari Month ago
Just 2 kidneys...
camolambo X
camolambo X Month ago
No no no not Samsung, huawei made a foldable smartphone first
camolambo X
camolambo X Month ago
Ima ask you one thing do you think that the iPhone x is worth the price it sells for?
The Brass Master
No no no that was the Iphone 6, apple did it first, easily bends to the body's contours
Jamie Tippett
Jamie Tippett Month ago
I know its only a small feature, but I really would have liked to see an s-pen with this phone. But Samsung would of destroyed their note phones if they did
Rowern Zenti
Rowern Zenti Month ago
Finally can play games and RUvid at one time 😂🔥
Mike Dono
Mike Dono Month ago
Needs to be at least 5 point 5 inch
Anish Shakya
Anish Shakya Month ago
why is josh shaking?
beatsbyNAIVE Month ago
Imagine having to design a case for this
KodeyTheNeko Month ago
This sounds useless and overpriced
Muhammad Danial
Muhammad Danial Month ago
vixien srisongkham
wounder which youtube idiot will make a drop test
Ryan King
Ryan King Month ago
Who’s here from cs188?
FSXgta Month ago
512GB of Ram Ranch
Vicente Paricio
Vicente Paricio Month ago
Hey, Justin
Callum Watson
Callum Watson Month ago
had to check it was real haha
Mark Meadows
Mark Meadows Month ago
cs188 brought me here LOL
Tom Lake Charles
And open and close, and open and close, and open and close...
Benito Month ago
Galaxy RAZR
Shinya Kogami
Shinya Kogami Month ago
Why does that guy look like the brother of Trevor Einhorn from The Magicians (Especially when he called for Josh i thought he calls Trevor xD) They should get Bryan Dechart (Connor from Detroit become Human) next time.
s8wc3 Month ago
Wow Samsung has a really good Steve Jobs impersonator!
Plate Month ago
ds 2
León Month ago
Can't wait to see what Apple will do against this, make another iPhone 5 and call it the iphone XI and put a sticker price of over 2k on it? The strip down some of its functions and sell for 200 less
Flip phones are still cool right... Anyone?, ok then...
The Brass Master
Bruh remember when blackberries where a bigger flex than iphones
Russell Hunter
Russell Hunter Month ago
But does this phone fold itself out of existence?
Lasky Labs
Lasky Labs 18 days ago
It doesn't just define the category! It defiles it!
לאונרד גולוב
+Marshal Garand lets you capture the moment in (not) vivid colour and (not) rich audio
Marshal Garand
Marshal Garand Month ago
Visual and sound by Jesus
BlueCreeper Month ago
512 gigs of ram ranch?
‌ Month ago
The Sungsung Galaxy FooF can definitely be folded out of existance.
Nicholai Tunstall
So cheap, we'll take the lot!
Light Yagami
Light Yagami Month ago
Pretty great
Nathaniel's Phone
Why does the front screen look so abnormal with massive top and bottom bezels?
Alex Obue
Alex Obue Month ago
I already have a phone. For 70 dollars and their selling a $2000 phone that folds
DickBurns Month ago
Samsung engineers have developed battery combining technology known as WIRES! 😂
DickBurns Month ago
Samsung: Solving a problem nobody had.
dragon 71
dragon 71 Month ago
Almost $2.000 for a phone yea right if you drop it or something oh SHIT
Shaf Serious
Shaf Serious Month ago
Im on this shit! This is the shizzle
Elie The Metalhead
Elie The Metalhead 2 months ago
Samsung made fun of Apple for having iPhones with a notch because it supposedly looked ridiculous. 8:12
hayabusa sun
hayabusa sun 2 months ago
It costs $ 2000. I can buy an flag ship smart phone and a 12.9 inch ipad pro. the combined screen size is way more than the Samsung fold.
Debra Wright
Debra Wright 2 months ago
Would it be better to buy a tablet and a cellphone since a tablet last longer than a cellphone the agony of decisions for myself lol
Circulation 2 months ago
I see a line of dead pixels within 5 months...
Circulation 2 months ago
it should cost 7699 usd.
Jessica Gehrt
Jessica Gehrt 2 months ago
Samsung fold: 7.3” display 10.5” IPad: am I a joke to you?
Bobby Smith
Bobby Smith 2 months ago
So when I drop this said phone and brake the inner screen how much is that? Lmfao the shit is to dear it’s a bloody phone how many faults will this have? Lol
Donald Trump
Donald Trump 2 months ago
People more excited about the colors than about the folding technology.
Code With Nick
Code With Nick 2 months ago
Huawei introduced Foldable phone, Samsung introduced Foldable phone and Apple.... introduced Dual Sim 😜🤣
Demon YT
Demon YT 2 months ago
How much
gourav jangra
gourav jangra 2 months ago
My dad really gone like this He galaxy note fan I am more s9 fan
Isiac Artison
Isiac Artison 2 months ago
I’m not putting this shit near my face
VAM3.14R !
VAM3.14R ! 2 months ago
SirenCycles 2 months ago
front display is garbage
Doctor George
Doctor George 2 months ago
2000$ for a nothing much fone, i guess i better stick with my note 9.
THE Brother Holmes
THE Brother Holmes 2 months ago
8:00 "Easily pull up Google Maps" (...and he has to tap THREE times!) There's no place like home! There's no place like home! There's no place like home!
Daniel Osorio
Daniel Osorio 2 months ago
josh is shaking a lot man....
Mine Strap
Mine Strap 2 months ago
Wow 2000 dollars for a piece of shit Android that includes a virus 😂 god bless apple
Omar Delawar
Omar Delawar 2 months ago
1998: Motorola comes out with the flip phone 2008: Apple destroys the flip phone with the iPhone 2018: Samsung redevelops the flip phone, calls it “fold” 2028: Nokia redevelops the singular screen phone, calls it a 1+Phone
‌ Month ago
What about the Nokia Morph?
ariel :D
ariel :D 2 months ago
7:57 easily pulling up google maps
张硕 2 months ago
Jaden Hodges
Jaden Hodges 2 months ago
This is not worth my money
ucheucheuche 2 months ago
Steve Jobs might have liked the Fold, because of its compact 4ish inch folded screen.
Torre Florim
Torre Florim 2 months ago
Too big for Steve Jobs.
Imagination King
Imagination King 2 months ago
I think nobody needs this phone
Ufpt Izzy
Ufpt Izzy 2 months ago
your wallet becomes magically foldable if you buy this phone
Eddie P
Eddie P 2 months ago
Someones lady is going to buy this phone for them so that they can always see what youre doing
High Frequency
High Frequency 2 months ago
The sheeps 👏👏👏👏👏 Wooooooo "State of the art" "One of the most powerful" "Theres more" Lol George carlin would be laughing and now bend over like the phone and give me your $2000
Torre Florim
Torre Florim 2 months ago
"The screen unfolds into a tablet!" *dead air* "We made a sophisticated hinge mechanism to allow this!" *dead air* "It comes in four color variants!" *thunderous applause*
rope Month ago
'thank you, thank you'
Capt. George
Capt. George 2 months ago
Typical Apple behind the curb.
Skye Mills
Skye Mills 2 months ago
Iam getting one 😍
mani oommen
mani oommen 2 months ago
Ridiculous. The presenter is borrowing Steve Jobs line. The phone doesn't look any thing special.All they did is added one more screen using set of gears.Guess I need to buy a lubricating oil also.
Film flam
Film flam 2 months ago
i was an iphone guy until i got the note 8. I will never buy outside of samsung again. unbelievable phones
Hayden Herrick
Hayden Herrick 2 months ago
gone too far gone too far
Simar Dhillon
Simar Dhillon 2 months ago
I have been regular user of iphone since IPhone 3gs ! For the first time in my life, I am not so proud of being Apple user ! @apple I hope u read this !
5133937 2 months ago
Why would your choice of phone make you feel proud or not? YOU ARE NOT YOUR PHONE. Free your mind sheople!
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