Galaxy Fold: Watch Samsung unveil the foldable phone

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Samsung's first foldable phone costs $1,980 and goes on sale April 26. Here is the announcement at the company's event in San Francisco.
Samsung reveals more about the Galaxy Fold ruvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-bjGwl0-k1jQ.html
Samsung's foldable phone is here!
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20 фев 2019




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Комментарии 16 019
Isiac Artison
Isiac Artison День назад
I’m not putting this shit near my face
VAM3.14R !
VAM3.14R ! День назад
SirenCycles 2 дня назад
front display is garbage
Doctor George
Doctor George 2 дня назад
2000$ for a nothing much fone, i guess i better stick with my note 9.
The Brother Holmes
The Brother Holmes 3 дня назад
8:00 "Easily pull up Google Maps" (...and he has to tap THREE times!) There's no place like home! There's no place like home! There's no place like home!
Daniel Osorio
Daniel Osorio 3 дня назад
josh is shaking a lot man....
Mine Strap
Mine Strap 4 дня назад
Wow 2000 dollars for a piece of shit Android that includes a virus 😂 god bless apple
Omar Delawer
Omar Delawer 4 дня назад
1998: Motorola comes out with the flip phone 2008: Apple destroys the flip phone with the iPhone 2018: Samsung redevelops the flip phone, calls it “fold” 2028: Nokia redevelops the singular screen phone, calls it a 1+Phone
ariel :D
ariel :D 5 дней назад
7:57 easily pulling up google maps
张硕 5 дней назад
张硕 5 дней назад
Jaden Hodges
Jaden Hodges 6 дней назад
This is not worth my money
ucheucheuche 6 дней назад
Steve Jobs might have liked the Fold, because of its compact 4ish inch folded screen.
Torre Florim
Torre Florim 6 дней назад
Too big for Steve Jobs.
Imagination King
Imagination King 6 дней назад
I think nobody needs this phone
Ufpt Izzy
Ufpt Izzy 7 дней назад
your wallet becomes magically foldable if you buy this phone
Eddie P
Eddie P 7 дней назад
Someones lady is going to buy this phone for them so that they can always see what youre doing
High Frequency
High Frequency 8 дней назад
The sheeps 👏👏👏👏👏 Wooooooo "State of the art" "One of the most powerful" "Theres more" Lol George carlin would be laughing and now bend over like the phone and give me your $2000
Torre Florim
Torre Florim 8 дней назад
"The screen unfolds into a tablet!" *dead air* "We made a sophisticated hinge mechanism to allow this!" *dead air* "It comes in four color variants!" *thunderous applause*
Capt. George
Capt. George 8 дней назад
Typical Apple behind the curb.
Skye Mills
Skye Mills 9 дней назад
Iam getting one 😍
mani oommen
mani oommen 9 дней назад
Ridiculous. The presenter is borrowing Steve Jobs line. The phone doesn't look any thing special.All they did is added one more screen using set of gears.Guess I need to buy a lubricating oil also.
Royalty free content
Royalty free content 9 дней назад
i was an iphone guy until i got the note 8. I will never buy outside of samsung again. unbelievable phones
Hayden Herrick
Hayden Herrick 9 дней назад
gone too far gone too far
Simar Dhillon
Simar Dhillon 9 дней назад
I have been regular user of iphone since IPhone 3gs ! For the first time in my life, I am not so proud of being Apple user ! @apple I hope u read this !
5133937 8 дней назад
Why would your choice of phone make you feel proud or not? YOU ARE NOT YOUR PHONE. Free your mind sheople!
Anurag S
Anurag S 9 дней назад
Mate x is way better
recon forsales
recon forsales 10 дней назад
Samsung makes the best folding phones
Mohamud ilyaas
Mohamud ilyaas 10 дней назад
please tell me " first look of galaxy fold" And please tell me " galaxy note 10 First look"
Maria Ero
Maria Ero 10 дней назад
Matthew Vido
Matthew Vido 10 дней назад
Funny how there's barely no comment about the price of this thing considering the shit apple got for releasing one half that. Most likely a fad like 3D tvs anyways
Kopi Kustik
Kopi Kustik 10 дней назад
Samsung has launched the Galaxy Fold, what can iPhone do? 😄
John Ten
John Ten 10 дней назад
LOL - starting just $1980 and you hear the audience DEAD SILENCE... that's so funny. LOL
John Ten
John Ten 10 дней назад
OMG - 6 cameras... RIP SLR
Rachel S
Rachel S 10 дней назад
I like the fact it’s portable. Pocket size......! Hate my pockets are always too small to hold my iphone pluses.... it falls out of my pocket but I dont want to give up the screen size. This samsung device is very appealing to someone like me 👍🏻
isme eiger
isme eiger 10 дней назад
i guess this is just a prototype now, cause there is NO other vloger's hands-on video, only Samsung's ad, just like the 1st generation Iphone Steve Jobs showed us.
mounaja manthri
mounaja manthri 10 дней назад
J K 11 дней назад
André Mariano
André Mariano 11 дней назад
josh was nervous
96donov 11 дней назад
HUAWEI WILL BE CHEAPER !!! = cheaper = better !!! you have no idea what manufacturing is like easy asf
Razvan Mesteriuc
Razvan Mesteriuc 11 дней назад
Josh was a nervous wreck.
Jack Day
Jack Day 12 дней назад
the only thing stupider than this, is the ifold
Liam Fontaine
Liam Fontaine 12 дней назад
have fun opening that thing trying to fix it
OutbackKanga 12 дней назад
Fuk the devices i use a 32 inch monitor on a real pc :P
Robert 12 дней назад
Ole boy Josh's hands were shaking so bad I bet several people thought he just came from AA or NA meeting , I did
Ryan Saeed
Ryan Saeed 12 дней назад
Makes a Speech... Waits for applause...... A FEW MOMENTS LATER... "Thankyou" Audience: Starts Clapping
Julian Smith
Julian Smith 10 дней назад
Samsung users are not as geeky as Apple users, so meh its just a phone that turns into a tablet. Audience only got excited when they could what it actually does. Probably proves Galaxy users are smarter than iphone users Or maybe after all the apple FU that there is sceptic audience.
Azteca Norte Americano
Azteca Norte Americano 12 дней назад
This is innovation unlike apple bigger screen and extra cameras 😴
Ricky St. Louis
Ricky St. Louis 12 дней назад
This synthetic dialogue is deadly.
Goth Pop TV
Goth Pop TV 12 дней назад
7:56 "I can EASILY pull up Google Maps..."
Goth Pop TV
Goth Pop TV 12 дней назад
Look at this Steve Jobs copy-cat standing up there trying to convince everyone that they need another device with a screen
Victoria Trin
Victoria Trin 12 дней назад
Looks like Samsung's biggest comeback. Love it!!
羅峰 13 дней назад
we will see ....
Anthony Crawford
Anthony Crawford 13 дней назад
But with time will it last.with that hinged system.after a couple of years or months it probably will need repair.🤣🤣🤣
Courtney Oconnor
Courtney Oconnor 13 дней назад
I would not buy this product just because of his "thank you's". Smug...
MrTheOneAndOnly 14 дней назад
The Asian guy was shaking so much
Master Yoda
Master Yoda 14 дней назад
"I can easily pull up Google Maps" Click....no response...click click...nothing...CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK!!! "there, easy"
The_God_lilmal 14 дней назад
Ben Carew
Ben Carew 14 дней назад
So over these smug Steve Jobs wannabes
ou l
ou l 14 дней назад
I only buy IPhone and Huawei.... Samsung? The tiny poor company stealing the tech from MOTO, Nokia, HTC and IPhone, lol....
Ben G
Ben G 14 дней назад
My Motorola flip phone is rolling in his grave right now saying "they killed me, only to copy me ...."
Peter A Stone
Peter A Stone 14 дней назад
Rubbish. Stupidest yoke ever
Sim Quiring
Sim Quiring 14 дней назад
This guy is TERRIBLE> how ?? come on samsung this was the best guy you got for this. hahahaha
ou l
ou l 14 дней назад
Is this Nokia tch from 1998 to 2000? Are u kidding me? We are back to 20 years ago?
ou l
ou l 14 дней назад
So stupid design.... it's 2 phones joint together....
Sreehari MN
Sreehari MN 14 дней назад
Bad presentation
Siddhant Singla
Siddhant Singla 14 дней назад
It looks like a nokia communicator
Mr Meh
Mr Meh 14 дней назад
So, I fold out and trade my entire wallet which is replaced by another thing that folds.
John Wick
John Wick 14 дней назад
Why people hyping about foldable phone? Apple have this technology since iPhone 6. Apple best
Roxy Raccoon
Roxy Raccoon 15 дней назад
"Our Engineers developed 'special' technology' to combine both batteries into a single power source." @5:59 Wow, WOW, Wow....WOW.......WOW! ......Wow. I hope they developed a power button.
kshuf 15 дней назад
This is a product that I'm actually impressed with. Apple better get their rear end in gear or else people are going to leave their overpriced phones for these cool foldable android phones.
Nico Salamanca
Nico Salamanca 15 дней назад
Seems like theres an early android lag on 8:02. Haha. Ios still overpowers android cpu’s
Angel Morgado
Angel Morgado 15 дней назад
Wow they re invented the flip phone
Danks 15 дней назад
my man josh shaking like a mofo
Mark H
Mark H 15 дней назад
What will the cases look like..?
Jason Bishop
Jason Bishop 15 дней назад
RUvid premium for all Samsung users is what got me
zack9912000 15 дней назад
Really cool concept that Apple will steal as their own as usual. People who say they don’t see a purpose are not very opened to the new possibilities. For people in the service industry, HVAC, plumbers, delivery people, doctor offices and so on. They can pull up any info they need on a tablet size screen and go to their next call. Get a signature be on their way
Alpaca 15 дней назад
Hope no other companie will make such a terrible thing as a folding phone. This thing is a joke.
Dayton 15 дней назад
Glorified flip phone, we're going back in time
Adam Kohler
Adam Kohler 15 дней назад
Perfection Vanity
Perfection Vanity 16 дней назад
For 1980 better let me play some overwatch or warhammer.
Collin C.
Collin C. 16 дней назад
For $2K I can buy a laptop that does even more...
Zhenzhong Shen
Zhenzhong Shen 16 дней назад
Where the prototype phone is?
Albert J3
Albert J3 16 дней назад
Why do all these idiots say something marginally unimpressive and then stand there waiting for applause as if they just announced we discovered the cure for cancer?
It's Easy
It's Easy 16 дней назад
Cant wait for Jerry to bend it backwards lol
servo honox
servo honox 16 дней назад
foldable explosive phone by samsung only for $2000
HiJinks 16 дней назад
You know it's a big deal but cause it's one man...in the dark...on a big stage...in front of an audience
King Leo XVII
King Leo XVII 16 дней назад
How much does that phone cost........just and arm and a leg.
Mozzman 16 дней назад
Apple will "invent" this in 10 years and sue you for it Samsung 😂😂
Luis Braz-Ruivo
Luis Braz-Ruivo 16 дней назад
$2000 for a phablet! I think I can buy a premium phone and a premium tablet for that price! Galaxy Fold....is its fate defined by its name? Very neat but not for that price. And by the way, stop pretending being Steve Jobs, there is only one and he is not in this world anymore. PS- the “thank yous” before applause were quite cheesy....
Kevin Roger. Singh.
Kevin Roger. Singh. 16 дней назад
Very overpriced, for $2000 , this device better do all my house chores.
Incomplete Randomness
Incomplete Randomness 16 дней назад
Galaxy fold, cuz you needed more screen to replace when you drop it.
Jan Blqn
Jan Blqn 16 дней назад
This guy lacks charm.
chris7jakarta 17 дней назад
Waiting for the dozens of bend video's
FanofDocumentaries 17 дней назад
Long pause...Thank you.
Kaichi 17 дней назад
*I CAN EASILY OPEN GOOGLE MAPS* tap tap tap - ffs.. "opens"-finally
Simar Thind
Simar Thind 12 дней назад
UG Bots
UG Bots 17 дней назад
2g daam
virslandir 17 дней назад
Steve Jobs copycat
Hugo Pulido
Hugo Pulido 17 дней назад
I ask you is this mans' greatest achievement?
Aloosh Osman
Aloosh Osman 17 дней назад
One of the worst presentation for unveiling new phones
weis edel
weis edel 17 дней назад
The future of Samsung Galaxy is 360* new era design of telecom and communication. >< Square>
Gregory Kim
Gregory Kim 17 дней назад
huawei bend samsung fold
Andy Leo
Andy Leo 17 дней назад
apple users will still say an ipad is better
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