Watch live: Protests continue in Twin Cities after death of George Floyd

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Protests on the streets of Minneapolis and St. Paul continue for a third night after the death of George Floyd in police custody. Warning: Video may contain strong language.
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Watch live: Protests continue in Twin Cities after death of George Floyd

Published on


May 28, 2020




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Charley Walker
Charley Walker 16 days ago
Hello everyone, ∆ CHANGE & SAVE THE WORLD ∆ I mean personally do you care or even try? Shouldn't we be trying to make the world better? We need to change and it shouldn't be resisting with one another, it should be the system and the laws that are due' to change. The way things are going now there will be no unity and currency fluctuations will increase along with other global concerns, for example police brutality. Police brutality and 'power' is a common misconduct happening to all Countries and is majorly effecting our relationships within our communities and influenced highly on media. The ideology is we all need to learn how to change how the system is treating us, and how we are treating each other. We should have the common idealism of kindness and compassion for everyone including accepting all beliefs and race and to work together. Statistics say that the black community in America have a 2.5% higher rate of being charged, most of the time arrested irrationally. Following on accepting the current world affairs of Covid Virus that has lead millions to unemployment, inclining at a high rate for the American black citizens; following on with the 40% lower pay rate since 2018 and many other cases. Something is wrong here! * If we listen to the media and everything influencing/ surrounding us it will become us. We have the Power to make our own decisions and the will to change and make our own paths. * Not everyone grows up/ lives in a charming safe neighbourhood * * Not everyone will agree and get along which is natural.* * Are you trying at all to make a difference? * * Black lives matter, All lives matter, what your pizza delivery guy or friend don't matter? * * Citizens should have knowledge and the rights for the correct police force procedures. * www.businessinsider.com.au/us-systemic-racism-in-charts-graphs-data-2020-6?r=US&IR=T Share this if you care
Laney Xiong
Laney Xiong Month ago
Bad guys. All bad guys; Alots of you peoples are robbers look at you guys. That why white hate you guy so much. Even i like you people but at this point i can't accepted. I had trusted the wrong people. I feel to be sorry to my self. If you still thing that you are correct then keep robbering ok. This is not protesting it is robbring every where. From now on I'm no longer trust you proples. We had been treated the same way other than white. Why would you prople never learn and fix it?
JD Spears
JD Spears Month ago
Joanne Kitchens
Joanne Kitchens Month ago
43:04 21:45 51:36
Al Jr
Al Jr Month ago
Police officers around the country is to blame for this.Disrespecting people of all colors Babylon has fallen🙏🏾
Kevin Hanes
Kevin Hanes Month ago
President Trump will declare martial law and bring in the military. Anyone caught after the curfew will be shot. Any looters or rioters will be shot down on the spot. Keep It up morons
Cayla McDonald
Cayla McDonald Month ago
Visit The Mask Justice on etsy! Masks For Expression! What is happening isnt right and we need to rise up!!! Let your voice be heard while protecting yourself! BLM and George Floyd masks available!➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️ www.etsy.com/shop/TheMaskJustice/
Athlon i7
Athlon i7 Month ago
I thought people were suppose to stay 6 feet apart. No social distancing here. Protestors(rioters) will be testing positive very soon.
Jonathan Riley
Jonathan Riley Month ago
They are winning. They want riots, looting, destruction and chaos so they can use martial law. COVID-19 failed so they turn back to police brutality. These actors were successful as we can see from the response across the USA. ruvid.net/video/video-QOihzXGNlFU.html
andy s
andy s Month ago
Just a distraction for the Flynn documents de classification in early june. Buckle up forr the truth if you can handle it .
Rob Cracker
Rob Cracker Month ago
Why isn't anyone talking about the 2 Black Louisiana Cops who killed 2 Innocent White people who did nothing wrong, a father and his autistic son. It's here on RUvid: "2 La. Officers Charge With Murder In Shooting Death Of 6 Year Old Boy" - ruvid.net/video/video-7grD5VYFlp0.html
The lovable Lefty
He better pray inmates don’t find out who he is
PhantomMatrix Month ago
They will all go away if you just give them all free weed! 😂🍃
Alejandro Nazario
This looks like the riot scene from the Joker movie
Afishson Month ago
America Heros on the streets in Minneapolis , FREE America
SpacedOutt Footage
Eyeswideshut Month ago
Don't forget to keep paying attention to Greta Thunberg. She happens to also be a specialist about this subject.
Scout Month ago
Today, People angry their first amendment is being violated by the government are the same people who don't understand the second amendment is there to counter that violation.
James Wayne
James Wayne Month ago
Air force should fly over drop a bomb
Ms. Flowers
Ms. Flowers Month ago
You right the cops that did that to George F. do need a bomb dropped on them.
Robin Sears
Robin Sears Month ago
Everyone come out and help with the protest. Teach police a lesson. 3rd degree murder and manslaughter is a JOKE! The only change need be 1st degree murder. One million people protest in every major city.
DNHW Y9 Month ago
USA USA freedom
DNHW Y9 Month ago
Wear mask bros. Took video and put it in social media show how police treat our fellow citizen.
DNHW Y9 Month ago
People on the street, be water!!!
DNHW Y9 Month ago
All black and all minority, speak out, do something, our US government will then face the problem instead of supresss.
DNHW Y9 Month ago
People leave home and join the peaceful demonstration, show freedom of speech, police stop working against people, show freedom of human right.
DNHW Y9 Month ago
Police shall not use tear gas and non lethal weapon against people who express freedom of speech. That`s what US government claim against Hong Kong police when they try to control rioit.
DNHW Y9 Month ago
Fight for freedom, fight for human right, free the black people, and free all minority.
chinw76 Month ago
I need entertainment, I want to see buildings on fire, explosions, gun fire. Lets make this a great night
chinw76 Month ago
Burn all buildings!! destroy all business and homes, this way you can't have a place to live or buy food.
breezee6483 Month ago
These rioters are bought and paid for by George Soros~Why would you destroy your own small businesses? They won' t be opening back up for sure after such idiocy. Civil disobedience and rational discord is more what we need.
Brenda Hahaha
Brenda Hahaha Month ago
Jon Snow
Jon Snow Month ago
Rodney king anyone thank god for camera phones these days
pro hacker
pro hacker Month ago
Why do they have to censor everything? Like we cant even use livechat anymore come on, *who are you afraid of?*
Emmanuel Xiong
Emmanuel Xiong Month ago
DON'T TOLERATE CRIMINAL BEHAVIORS. Innocent folks don't seem to have as much rights as criminals these days. I'm tired of paying for criminals to destroy my livelihood.
A C Month ago
A C Month ago
@Brandon Wilson We have to organized more. We must take the battle to them!!!!!
Brandon Wilson
Brandon Wilson Month ago
It's at the White House today. It needs to be much bigger
Lahnna Mckelvie
Lahnna Mckelvie Month ago
He murdered that innocent man in cold blood such a tragedy when will this end. RIP george floyd 💔
Skywalker Moonman
Man that Coronavirus is having a feast atm
WolfCastle Wolfcastle
The Nation is with you mpls!!!
Gary Morgan LFC
Gary Morgan LFC Month ago
The Chinese officer who was standing there whilst the white officer was murdering George is just as bad
Holland1312 Month ago
RIP Mr Floyd
Mr Fruitjuice
Mr Fruitjuice Month ago
Worst President Ever. He doesn't care about anybody, apart from himself.
mrzack888 Month ago
When one police station gets burned, people in the rest of the country realize what’s possible. Now a huge psychological barrier has been lifted.
Scout Thatcher
Scout Thatcher Month ago
I guess social distancing is not needed after all
周世民 Month ago
Support the American people to defend freedom and stop racial discrimination. The American people are heroes, overthrow violent governments and defend democratic freedom
инь янь
инь янь Month ago
Народ вы молодцы . Боритесь и отстаивайте свои права .
FireRose Month ago
RIP George. But the looting and riots need to stop. You are punishing the innocent.
Chirho Knight
Chirho Knight Month ago
If police stop arresting petty crimes in cities like this, a lot criminals and mistaken criminals will not have a high death rate by police, we might have to make shop lifting, stolen credit card and check frauds, car break ins, pick pockets, destruction of property, non arrest-able offensives, only arrest those who commit violence and murder.
Miya cheng
Miya cheng Month ago
What a beautiful sight to behold
Robert Rae
Robert Rae Month ago
They are all waiting for nightfall when the "Free Stuff" protest starts.
John Smith
John Smith Month ago
Import Mogadishu, get Mogadishu.
Mohamed Wadi
Mohamed Wadi Month ago
It’s crazy and it shows how much the cities loves people it was really messed up of what that cop did
цуке цукерман
I think: "All the policemen who were there should be held accountable and the authorities should apologize and compensate the business for the loss due to the riot and be sure to compensate the relatives for the loss. You are the richest country in the world and everything should be fine, people hold on to each other." My condolences
Please help who can help 4231 2000 0378 3700 thank you
keto1year Robert
Tse Frank
Tse Frank Month ago
Hong Kong riotors stand with the people of Minneapolis especially when Nancy Pelosi addressed our city riots paid by the CIA to brain-washed youngsters & NED funded seperatists city politicians as a beautiful sight to behold , back fire will surely be innevitable !!! Go Go Go !!!
Some of those people out there wearing masks and protesting like they are safe and some of them don't have weapons their selves to fight back even if there was any confrontation to where they have to fight back like omg 😆🤣 😂.
Dave S
Dave S Month ago
That cop was wrong, but so are these...people. Now we see why he felt he needed to do what he did. With this kind of mentality the violence will never end. Violence begets more violence. Pride comes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.
Aquahoma Month ago
so much for social distancing
Dave S
Dave S Month ago
Just a clue for NBC. If you don't fan the flames, they go away.
Thomas Schierer
Thomas Schierer Month ago
Mostafa Alhashmiet
All Americans need to gather against this brutality.
Police unions are a public nuisance
Johnny Rizo
Johnny Rizo Month ago
Hahaha this is funny, they charging people that are burning and breaking into places but they don't charge the police officer 😂😂😂😂
Mayson Hopkins
Mayson Hopkins Month ago
Wow. I think we can all agree that this is the LAST thing we need right now.
Ktm Four
Ktm Four Month ago
I hear their bringing in the national guard ill bet all the money on the planet they wont be their too take in those corrupt police they will be their to fight and oppress the situation I GURANTEE that ...the corruption is thru and thru they will never stop at all costs even humanity WE ALL MUST ACCEPT THEY ARE EVIL THE TIME FOR THEM TOO ACCEPT ACCOUNTABILITY HAS PASSED THIS IS A TREASONOUS OFFENSE AS IT IS WEAKINING OUR INTEGRITY AND FAITH IN THE SYSTEMS ABOUT TOTALLY GONE WHEN RIOTS BREAKOUT EVERYWHERE FROM THIS JUST REMEMBER I TOLD YA SO
C White301
C White301 Month ago
I suppose NBC and the liberal media don't know the difference between a protest and a riot? I totally get that have have been given marching orders to exclude the use of the term riot, but why? Who is giving them this narrative?
Blac Black
Blac Black Month ago
THIS IS trump's idea of "greatness" in America???😏
Dave S
Dave S Month ago
@Blac Black Wrong again. My IQ is probably twice yours.
Blac Black
Blac Black Month ago
@Dave S Im starting to see that you're letting my comments get to YOU👀...talk about being "stuck". Lol, I've had stalkers/trollers before like you...only they were smarter n cuter.😏 Stick that up ya hind parts n 😁
Dave S
Dave S Month ago
@Blac Black Are you starting to see why you are stuck, and will always be stuck?
Blac Black
Blac Black Month ago
@Dave S it takes one...(not many 5 star morons like yourself left in the world, thankfully)😏
Dave S
Dave S Month ago
@Blac Black Yep, 4 star moron
Thomas Cianciola
at least no one is worried about fake corona. this is proof we need to fully open up everything right now
Dean Month ago
When the looting starts, the shooting starts.
Adam Harrington
Adam Harrington Month ago
That's not social distancing. they are doing it wrong.
Cathy Month ago
These protesters are obviously receiving Unemployment checks. Why are they not at work?
Cyan Blue
Cyan Blue Month ago
Those officers wanted to be filmed doing what they did. And they had orders. This incident is too complex.
Erick Hicks
Erick Hicks Month ago
That's a great sized Lynch mob too big for the cops to stop 🤔😂😜🤗
Defund Democrats
Looks like the plan for civil unrest is working out just fine. Stop burning your own communities burn down the police station. At least we jave someone like Trump trying to get to the bottom of this. Biden would jave just said he aint black no worries.
Avr Works
Avr Works Month ago
Hey cops, his name was George Floyd. Remember that you sick jerks.
Laleesh Pleetu
Laleesh Pleetu Month ago
When they are finished destroying Minneapolis they need to go to New York and protest Cuomo's sentencing all those poor elderly people to death in the nursing homes. And if they still have it in them, move on to Jersey and Michigan.
Craig Williams
Craig Williams Month ago
Well-spoken done lemon well spoken
God Bless Twin Cities
Anson Month ago
Happy to see this from Hong kong
MC Kenny
MC Kenny Month ago
- speech on April 16, 1968 Recently, Martin Luther King, a black American priest, was assassinated by American imperialists. Martin Luther King was a nonviolent man, but the American imperialists did not tolerate him, but used counter revolutionary violence to suppress him. This incident profoundly taught the black people in the United States a lesson, aroused a new storm of their anti violence struggle, and swept over more than one hundred cities in the United States, which is unprecedented in the history of the United States. It shows that among more than 20 million black Americans, there are extremely powerful revolutionary forces.This black struggle storm happened in the United States, which is a prominent manifestation of the whole political and economic crisis of American imperialism. It has dealt a heavy blow to the US imperialists trapped in domestic and foreign diplomatic difficulties.The struggle of black Americans is not only the struggle of the exploited and oppressed black people for freedom and liberation, but also the new clarion call of the whole exploited and oppressed American people against the tyranny of the monopoly bourgeoisie. It is a great support and encouragement to the people of the world in their struggle against US imperialism and to the Vietnamese in their struggle against US imperialism. On behalf of the Chinese people, I firmly support the just struggle of black Americans.Racial discrimination in the United States is the product of colonialism and imperialism. The contradiction between the majority of black Americans and the American ruling group is class contradiction. Only by overthrowing the reactionary rule of the American monopoly bourgeoisie and destroying the colonial and imperialist systems, can the black Americans achieve complete liberation. The black people in the United States and the working people in the white people in the United States share common interests and common goals of struggle. Therefore, the struggle of black Americans is getting more and more sympathy and support from the working people and progressive people of white Americans. The black American struggle must be combined with the American workers' movement to end the criminal domination of the American monopoly bourgeoisie.In my 1963 statement on supporting black Americans in their just struggle against racial discrimination in the United States, I said: "the evil colonialism and imperialism system flourished with the enslavement and trafficking of black people, and it will end with the complete liberation of black people." I still hold that view.At present, the world revolution has entered a great new era. The struggle of black Americans for liberation is an integral part of the general struggle of the people of the world against American imperialism and of the contemporary world revolution. I appeal to workers, peasants, revolutionary intellectuals and all those who are willing to oppose the American imperialism all over the world to act and give strong solidarity to the struggle of black Americans! People all over the world unite more closely and launch a sustained and fierce attack on our common enemy, the US imperialism and its accomplices! It is certain that the complete collapse of colonialism, imperialism and all systems of exploitation will bring about a complete turnaround of all the oppressed people and nations in the world.
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