WATCH LIVE: Pelosi, Schumer hold news conference on Trump's budget proposal

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) speak about President Trump's proposed $4.8 trillion budget for 2021. The White House's proposed election-year budget would slash major domestic and safety net programs, setting up a stark contrast with Trump’s rivals as voting gets under way in the Democratic presidential primary. Read more: wapo.st/2OLOqZL. Subscribe to The Washington Post on RUvid: wapo.st/2QOdcqK
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Comments 80
Kris S
Kris S 5 days ago
BIG MISTAKE voting these creatures in office. Both have been in power way too long.
Kris S
Kris S 5 days ago
Schumer and Pelosi are destroying our country; Now holding up a stimulus package while the market crashes. Liars and ANTI American
CAPTAIN ANGELO 16 days ago
WhatWillYouFind Month ago
Bernie 2020. New government, new system. No more stealing from the poor!
Thomas Happy
Thomas Happy Month ago
Remember in the movie Frist Contact in Star Trek there was only fewer governments and it will happen. It's scary how accurate and many people will die if they don't learn to survive.
Brandon Thomas
Brandon Thomas Month ago
Drain the swamp
Brandon Thomas
Brandon Thomas Month ago
Impeach the dems
Brandon Thomas
Brandon Thomas Month ago
Y’all fools
Brandon Thomas
Brandon Thomas Month ago
You lieing bastard
John C.
John C. Month ago
F. O. S. 😎👍
Chris Drahosz
Chris Drahosz Month ago
What are you doing with the budget for YOUR DISTRICT Nancy??!! 🤔🙄🤭
Chris Drahosz
Chris Drahosz Month ago
Chuck Shammer 🙄
Joseph Sherwood Believer
Says the people with states that are falling apart with bad policies
Really Month ago
Pelosi what is wrong with you cant you see that everyone can see you messing with your teeth with your tongue = its getting ridiculous actually. and Schumer isnt it about time for you to move to the old folks home. Praying for you and Nancy that you will both be out of the picture - please retire. It will make a lot of people so happy. all you know is to spew hate with your LIES. We will see over time if you are right or not. but right now I dont think so.
michael fraser
michael fraser Month ago
How much money you spent complaining about Trump ? Why don't you tell us what you been doing? Why don't you tell us how you are making America great ? Why are you running your election on beating Trump not on how great you can make America ?
Smug Smugly
Smug Smugly Month ago
Lock and load 💣Pelosi you stink!
David Stone
David Stone Month ago
🛑 Congressman Collins,Says It's Time for Angry Democrat sore loser Nancy Pelosi to Get Over Impeachment. Trump was exonerated of all charges. Stop wasting $millions$ in taxpayer money on more impeachment nonsense. Get busy Cleaning up your San Francisco. It is a drug infested homeless hell hole.
gregalegalis Month ago
Ha ha one of the few clips that have more dislikes than likes.... Ha ha ha ha.. That's called voting!
JCIL Month ago
These people are evil and ridiculously stupid
a0groovy Month ago
how is she were she is,and talking about budget when california is falling apart with thousands and thousands of ppl are setting up in homeless camps trash everywhere,and him with all the ppl leaving NY and moving out. how can they even speak about or be able to rule on anything about a budget for the country. far as i am concerned is if a business man like trump can make our country richer or better and maybe we will all get to a reasonable plateau.
blucollardad Month ago
Well we know what democrats are spending time and money on the next four years!
Mario Month ago
We all know your both con artist. Just look at your districts. Is that President Trumps fault too?
W and S
W and S Month ago
hey anything goes. I wouldn't even pay any attention to any bullshit proposals. he'll be gone soon.
Matthew Even
Matthew Even Month ago
If these two clowns really cared for the "PEOPLE".....they would fight to pay back the social security funds bush and panama stole
J Z Month ago
Matthew Even What are you talking about?
Mark Farparan
Mark Farparan Month ago
I can't believe she actually said, "I Yield Back" @ 10:45 in this video... She thinks she is in the Congressional Hall... She is LOSING it!!! Have another Drink Nancy!!! WAIT TILL ELECTION DAY!!!
Caryn Decker
Caryn Decker Month ago
The people it hurts is me Medicaid is what I have for my many health care problems before I got it I was in the emergency room with no way to pay I can’t hold a job with my conditions and they fought me on ssi that I finally just got tge Little I got I can’t get by ....he will put people like myself below poverty with no where to live ....if you think there’s homeless now. Wait til you see what happens after they cut ......veterans live on many of these things ....they will have more than a problem than they have already
Caryn Decker
Caryn Decker Month ago
Trump needs to cut space
jettstap Month ago
I’d like to Pelosi slip on some iced cement steps and shatter her hips for the mischief she caused with her corruption
Joe Benson
Joe Benson Month ago
No class, they darn well nobody believes a word they say anymore but they keep getting up there spewing their tripe. Go away already! Trump will go down as the best president ever
Brock Hansen
Brock Hansen Month ago
I can't even watch this train wreck of a dude with the worst hair in the f****** world. His voice makes me wretch
Brock Hansen
Brock Hansen Month ago
What a horrible person
dan page
dan page Month ago
@Richard Born What are you doing fishing? Shouldn't you be working?
Chris Maxim
Chris Maxim Month ago
Nancy got some big ole titties
Lillian Cooley
Lillian Cooley Month ago
More polish and Schumer spinning. Pretenders of caring for national debt
Hong Trinh Tran
Hong Trinh Tran Month ago
Democrats all look, act and sound scary and untruthworthy. They earn their huge salaries just to hate Trump, care for illegal migrants, give money to other country, make China Great Again and DO NOTHING FOR AMERICA. Vote them all out in 2020, 2024, 2028, 2032, 2036, 2040 ... Look at the districts the DemoRats are representing, Nancy Pelosi should be ashamed of the homeless all over the streets of San Francisco, Maxine Waters should take care of Lós Angeles full of homeless people live in tents all over the cites. They hate our President so much than love America and people. They have nothing better to do than accusing our President on what he never does. President Trump is acquitted from their impeachment plans drive them crazy. Don’t listen to these sick people.
Drew Month ago
Pelosi is an old alcholic.
Meredith Gregory
These fools are counting on the fact that people will not look into the budget themselves. Remember, the Dems & the ones campaigning want to put us into Trillions of dollars more into debt, to the tune of $30 trillion +. And once again, Democrats have to lie their way thru everything. Why Democrats are people living in streets when you could have worked towards helping that not occur. How many illegals are living on the streets compared to our Vets & citizens. And you work so hard to defend the rights of Illegals. The two of you are so full of crap. You stand up there, spouting all you want to do. When have you done anything but line your pockets with taxpayer money. What have Democrats done EVER for the Americans. Democrats United in hate.
Meredith Gregory
...and yet they have nothing to offer as an alternative. They couldn't come up with a budget because they were too busy spending our tax dollars on trying to impeach a POTUS we fairly elected. All these past years with Dems in charge, what have they done? Nothing for us except get rich off of all those "Stimulus" programs of Obama's. Nobody, but all those Democrats, from Obama all the way down to Bloomberg, Solyndra thru Brookfield Properties. The walls are starting to wabble & soon they will start to crumble. People are starting to see what is really going on.
The Death Twitch
Look at all these criminals
Marybeth Dentler
U are such a liar schumer. Get ur facts straight.
Jody Clark
Jody Clark Month ago
Tricky Trump lies ALL the time. He's doing the Hitler playbook. First thing is to discredit the media. The second thing is to free your friends and jail your enemies. The failure of the impeachment is the nail in the coffin for the Republic. We are now officially a dictatorship. Republicans want to DESTROY the country and overthrow the government!! REPUBLICANS are not builders but destroyers like the SONS OF CAIN that they are.
travis brown
travis brown Month ago
who cares what them two have to say.i would not put them on my show.
richard buckwell
Pelosi Schumer you can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time LOSERS your gone
Alan Smith
Alan Smith Month ago
Fire these clowns
“I yield back”, lol, doesn’t she realize where she’s at? Oh this was entertaining, they cannot take well deserved criticism
Frank Roth
Frank Roth Month ago
Pelosi is just a figure head, she is too weak and too old, Trump has her looking like a Rag Doll.
akadair1 Month ago
Bullshit! Schumer is the liar, and hypocrite.
Ayoungjd Month ago
How come there is no Democrats defend them in this post???
Ayoungjd Month ago
No our lives is better with Trump you morons
Ayoungjd Month ago
Hahaha 2 losers
dennis smith
dennis smith Month ago
cant listen to his verbal feces for the stupid people....
roy shultz
roy shultz Month ago
Where's the Dems budget plan?
Robyn Guinn
Robyn Guinn Month ago
Pelosi needs to go home to her city and fix the poopy drug infested mess on the streets before bubonic plague breaks out.
LibertyMatrix Month ago
*Failed Democrats are finally being exposed!*
J Z Month ago
LibertyMatrix That’s hilarious! Considering the fake Christians didn’t do anything for us when they had all 3 branches of government. Trump is costing us more to be president. He is at to $130,000,000 for his golfing of 500 out of 1000 days! Remember trump loves the uneducated!
Vincent Trujillo
Democrats are delusional this is the end of their party Trump will win 2020 get the House back and another conservative Supreme Court Justice and keep fulfilling all his campaign promises thanks Nancy and Chuck for all the wonderful work you guys do for the Trump campaign!
David Castagna
David Castagna Month ago
The 2 liars...they have no problem wasting tax payer dollars on fake investigations...please give it a rest..Crying Chuck and Nervous Nancy ...there isn’t a person on earth who can beat Trump...he’s already proven himself to all you haters..
tree cutters of America
Lying American hating losers. Do they think we're that stupid and that uninformed to know better . All I got to say is Trump 20/20
soxbearshwks Month ago
scumbag democRATS
Inglorious one
Inglorious one Month ago
You can spell....good job.
Marvin Miller
Marvin Miller Month ago
I would like to hear from all democrats, What has the democratic leadership done that makes you proud to say you are a democrat?
Jason Brotherton
Democrats are un American. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are criminal.. Time to set term limits. Lies for the sheep.
Brad Gray
Brad Gray Month ago
Schumer is a old fart that has done nothing for the People
Brad Gray
Brad Gray Month ago
You are a bunch of idiots.
Common Sense
Common Sense Month ago
Trump MAGA 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸. Red Wave!!! Pelosi and Chucky, please go crawl into your coffins. The citizens of our great nation is done with you.
KitKat 1
KitKat 1 Month ago
Democrats, you guys SUCK!!! You all are LIARS!
Trev Mills
Trev Mills Month ago
Fix California...show us your skill? You never will because you don't care!
Trev Mills
Trev Mills Month ago
Haha the crazy lefties Will never give up. Look at the country ..It's amazing! Whose a fraud this guy who has no idea. Shut your mouth and wait for the election. Let the people vote. No smiles here but so many blue collar workers are smiling because a better life.
Eithel Rotschild
Schuuuuuuuuuuuuuu mm eeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr.
Brad Houltzhouser
Coke heads !
Greg D
Greg D Month ago
Two winners!...keep wasting money on someone who's done more than any Dem ever has!....unbelievable that they believe this crap...what have you ever done!...nothing.
Felix Acosta
Felix Acosta Month ago
Schumer may I offer you toilet paper/napkins so that you can wipe your mouth after you kissed pelosis as?
Dozer op
Dozer op Month ago
Not sure who actually watched the sotu by Trump, but when Trump talked about lowing drug prices, he was clearly lying because the house has tried to pass hr3 which they chanted at that time in sotu, hes currently on court trying to take insurance from families and his current budget does clearly try to cut ssdi and ss, education and social safety net. It's an all out assault against what's left of the middle class and reining in the funds the poor have left. So either we wake up and realize when they criticize socialism, they are actually denouncing populism!!!! Wake up folks!!!
Deborah Ide
Deborah Ide Month ago
I just read the budget for Education. The President is adding Pell Grant for vocational training in lieu of Traditional College. He has offered Tax Credits for anyone who donated to Scholarships for K-12. Despite these additions the budget will be cut by 12% To me that's Fiscally responsible. So that's just one lie by those jerks.
No Name
No Name Month ago
These people are a joke.
Millard Tibbs
Millard Tibbs Month ago
Consintrate on cleaning up the streets and homeless people in your own States, leave the president doing his job, give him what he needs is the only way to help American people
Martha Martha
Martha Martha Month ago
REPUBLICANS are blocking protection bill on our election with MOSCO MITCH becouse they want RUSSIA to intervene and help TRUMP to win the 2020 ELECTION. That's the only reason we're not stupet.
Kelly Ketcham
Kelly Ketcham Month ago
That whole thing was such a waste of time you guys are trying so hard for him not to be president again it scares you guys for him to be president again it's like you're trying to impeach him once again what a joke
Kelly Ketcham
Kelly Ketcham Month ago
Nancy pelosi makes almost $250,000 a year and is worth about 29 million dollars you can look it up on Google you never hear her talking about taxing the rich people
Kelly Ketcham
Kelly Ketcham Month ago
Wine wine wine don't you guys ever stop if it's not one thing it's another let the president do his job and you do yours I've never seen so much disrespect for a president
Martha Martha
Martha Martha Month ago
So what are we going to do to stop this. We need to vote him out in 2020.
aileen brown
aileen brown Month ago
Since before Trump's presidency the Democrats have wasted how much money trying to take him out. They don't care about that. But they won't mention that!
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