Watch Live: New York Governor Cuomo Holds Coronavirus Briefing | NBC News

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Watch live coverage as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo holds a coronavirus briefing.

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Watch live: New York Governor Cuomo holds coronavirus briefing

Published on


Apr 4, 2020




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Comments 80
Den Allin
Den Allin Month ago
Comply submit dont question authority
Random Letters
Random Letters Month ago
Down with Cuomo
Random Letters
Random Letters Month ago
Down with Cuomo
Random Letters
Random Letters Month ago
Down with Cuomo
Random Letters
Random Letters Month ago
Down with Cuomo
Random Letters
Random Letters Month ago
Down with Cuomo
Random Letters
Random Letters Month ago
Down with Cuomo
Random Letters
Random Letters Month ago
Down with Cuomo
Random Letters
Random Letters Month ago
Down with Cuomo
Random Letters
Random Letters Month ago
Down with cumo
Universal Channel
Know Thanks
Know Thanks Month ago
his brother is a bad actor
Perry Fast
Perry Fast Month ago
This guys a pos. Maybe he should have bought some but your typical democratic. Having the government bail you out. Karma and looks your brother claiming he has it. Next story.
One Life
One Life Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-ABLI62zSC4w.html corona virus effected
Long Fei
Long Fei Month ago
This guy is a complete failed talker. What has he accomplished more than Spain in protecting people in NY? What a shame that we still need to waste time on him.
juan lemus
juan lemus Month ago
Gov. Cuomo a true leader.. keep it up.. we almost out this mess coused by this weak administration.
Shelly Smith
Shelly Smith Month ago
It seems like NY really needs to be propped up by the FEDS constantly. Without them they would have just not have even basic supplies. Yes NYC is a huge problem since they are unsustainable on any given month, but even so NY state seems woefully behind on preparing for emergencies.
If your State Governor close thier border alot earlier the death wont be this great... and have stockpile medical ppe, more people is alive today...Your Federal and State caught napping when Corona hits USA!!! It makes me angry im not American but i pray and really feel sorry for you guys!!!
M I Month ago
Governor CUOMO is not telling the truth about the medical situation in New York according to people who lives there and people from other states visiting to see the situation the news has been reporting from him. ruvid.net/video/video-JspUjrdW-1Q.html&feature=share. What’s wrong with this video?
Joe alonzo
Joe alonzo Month ago
Why are Democrats dying in New York? Because on March 23, Governor Andrew Cuomo executive order barred pharmacists from filling prescriptions for chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine to trait Corona-virus patients in New York. Just because President Trump said, it will work.
Aliece Month ago
You should run for President
Mexico lindo
Mexico lindo Month ago
He wants to be president....hahahahha.... Look at him, he is sooo well informed...hahahhaha...
Electa Comings
Electa Comings Month ago
Why only include some counties in NYS?
Electa Comings
Electa Comings Month ago
We are not get the testing done in upstate it's a fight to get one
Tigran Shmis
Tigran Shmis Month ago
Best candidate for the Presidency these days
David Anatola
David Anatola Month ago
Salute to governor Cuomo....that man is under a tremendous amount of stress and he is trying his hardest to take a stand for the people to ensure as many lives can be saved as possible because whatever it is that has been unleashed upon humanity is very real and the governor knows that that's why he's so passionate, salute!!
Cu Tèo
Cu Tèo Month ago
*New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has connection with China that is why the virus outbreak in his state. When President Trump ordered closing all flights from China To US, Governor Andrew Cuomo was against President order since he thought that was a racist. As a result, 300 flights from China had landed at NY airport after the locked out. Consequently, he earns 4000 body bags from this disaster at of today. For the sake of convenience, please asking China to send more 200,000 body bags to New York for future use.*
maung maung Oo
maung maung Oo Month ago
We don't need China Gov's helps. They make the virus problems. America company need to make more productions for Ventilators , masks and medical instruments .. NO more MADE IN CHINA in USA.
Donna Hall
Donna Hall Month ago
I love listening to Governor Cuomo... no blaming previous leaders, no telling off reporters, no denials, no shadiness.... just a "real person" doing what needs to be done to help improve outcomes and irradicate problems
Kaye Kittrell | Late Bloomer Urban Organic Garden Show
Please stay well Governor and get some rest if possible. You must stay well. 💗
Charly Hayes
Charly Hayes Month ago
Find your Buddha Soul
Cuomo handles this like a PRO, sadly Trump doesn't
Ehab Masaad
Ehab Masaad Month ago
The government need to lower the taxes For all the manufacture in the USA so they cant move to china or any other country
Geektarded Month ago
What a clown. I’m glad this gabroni isn’t in charge of our state.
John skyleir
John skyleir Month ago
This guy is awesome and asap he should run for white house. What a leadership, he's a family guy I can tell and he feels the pain and share his pain with others.. very simple and humble God speed Governor.
Karma Rain
Karma Rain Month ago
Governor Cuomo you hang in there you are handling this as it should of been handled from the get go ... We are praying for you and the people of New York .. The job you are doing is a big one and you will come through it soon .. All New Yorkers are Blessed to have you .... I know you said you wanted nothing to do with being President but it would be the saving grace of America..... we all Admire and respect what you are doing and how you carry the load of the New Yorkers and it has to be so frustrating to deal with all that going on there as well as those blocking you from day one and when he said you are on your own that was the moment you got a second breathe and became even more stronger that is what the people of America need going forward.. please take care and I hope your brother is doing well so hopefully you guys can work together after all this is said and to save us all . I know you have your hands full right now too much to even consider it and so I hope I do not cause you any trouble for saying/ writing this because we all know potus can be so insecure and like a few weeks ago he said you were trying to run for President which by the way you handled it so Outstanding not going to his level or letting him distract your real purpose of helping the people of New York and hopefully gave much needed guidance to other Governors and Leaders ... and you did it with the highest of standards and your Mom should be very proud of you as we across the Country are right now ..WE LOVE YOU NEW YORK AND GOVERNOR CUOMO MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL AMERICA IS PRAYING FOR YOU This too shall pass hang on ...
John Adams
John Adams Month ago
Canadian health care system is now playing God. Nursing homes where patients contract covid-19 will NOT be brought to hospitals. Only hospice care will be provided. Government health care at it's finest.
Erwin R
Erwin R Month ago
Cuomo keeps talking about the inevitable Aprx that is coming. I think it just gives him a way out to say, I told you it will get worst. If it gets worst than predicted he will then say the people who predicted it was wrong. Not him. He already made a huge mistake of not taking steps early as CA did. the delay was because of the businesses, financials. He was more concerned with business than people and still is.
Snow Bird
Snow Bird Month ago
Don't listen to this guy he is a liar, listen to this Dr. ruvid.net/video/video-v1xI2ediSJM.html
Nancita Jimenez
Nancita Jimenez Month ago
This is the only press briefing that is actually soothing to me. He makes me feel like I am not alone. I feel well-informed but not afraid. I don't even watch the white house briefings anymore. Cuomo's vibe is exactly what we need here in NYC.
Snow Bird
Snow Bird Month ago
Yi Jin
Yi Jin Month ago
This reporter thinks that Governor Andrew Cuomo and team are ill-prepared. They KNOW their data. That is why they can circle back and answer the questions without having a tantrum or meltdown, sprinkled with fictitious data.
Ryan T
Ryan T Month ago
Cuomo did not prepare any. He spent money to solar panel etc. Now he is making complaints...poor
Jerry Muncey
Jerry Muncey Month ago
Obama ! duh
Frank Poth
Frank Poth Month ago
Paraphrasing: "It's good to help people because then they might help you. For example... If I have a garden hose 500 feet away..." 10 minutes later... "Containing the virus is good because you contain the enemy"... We don't need that comparison, we're competent people. He forgot he was speaking to the American people and not a class of Preschoolers. "Why doesn't America have the manufacturing in place to produce our own equipment?" You didn't notice China undercutting our manufacturing for YEARS and now you ask "Why can't we manufacture?" If this was a war with China and not a pandemic that started in Wuhan China (as Cuomo stated), we wouldn't have sneakers. We wouldn't have clothes. We wouldn't have essentials, including medicine because China makes all of that. Say what you want about this comment, but I'm just recapping what actually happened in the video. Everyone dropped the ball on this and this guy is wasting air time at 2 words a minute and everyone thinks he's a great leader? "Can't figure out why we're not prepared to manufacture"... Because China put us out of business. Democrats were against putting tariffs on China and against Trump on restricting travel as early as he did. We have a leader who has and is taking action in the long and short term. Watch him at the White House press briefings.
Billy Budiman
Billy Budiman Month ago
This is the number one in my everydays watching program now.
Freedom Hongisto
Even though I live in Michigan...this guy really needs to run for President in the future! I'm SO in! Intelligent, strong and hard-working!
Yuyu Liu
Yuyu Liu Month ago
even though the coronavirus is still on stay strong and don't let it get you.Alway wash you hand ,stay healthy,and take good care
Yuyu Liu
Yuyu Liu Month ago
it is really risky the coronavirus is getting more serious
Free Hoa
Free Hoa Month ago
My Hero....
CKLG Month ago
Thanks, CHINA!
Ken Haley
Ken Haley Month ago
How many ventilators in New York are already functioning for two patients? Dual usage.
Imo Lax
Imo Lax Month ago
He does not dabble in false hope - but he reassures us that we will get through this
James Sacchetti
James Sacchetti Month ago
What we need to do is Boycott 3M they sold the American people down the tubes they said f*** you to the American people well I think it's time for the American people say FU these companies that prefer to sell their product before they sell to us
Matthew Erwin
Matthew Erwin Month ago
This goof had the opportunity to purchase 16,000 ventilators a couple of years ago!! Instead he bought solar panels to fight fake global warming!! Great job !!! He can’t even run a state no way he could run our country !! And the liberal idiots in New York keep voting for these clowns !! 😎
Xu Justin
Xu Justin Month ago
not long after NY is under control,that's the time when NY should defence other States.
khan baba
khan baba Month ago
some people are very emotional. 😂 but nice talk doesn't convince me sorry. I rather vote for the guy who qualify.
Lucypetuniaggm Month ago
I don’t care for Cuomo’s politics, but I’m immensely impressed by his management in this incredible crisis as well as his clear communication throughout. The physical & mental energy required to simultaneously deal with the hundreds of difficult-to-meet needs on multiple layers is beyond what I can imagine. What we’re witnessing here is leadership determined to put the best interests of the country ahead of partisanship. It’s something that could, if applied on a nationwide level, go a long way towards healing the horrendous divide in this country. Unfortunately, there are some who, even in this time of crisis, continue to sing the same old “gotcha” partisan tune playing the political blame game to ensure that the best interests of all are subjugated to the ultra-partisan desperate desire to win at all costs. It’s unconscionable. Thank you Governor Cuomo & courageous healthcare workers everywhere for making the best interests of all people the top priority. God bless, and please stay safe!
Metta Tan
Metta Tan Month ago
Vote NY Governor as the next president, he has the Qualities to become the president of USA
Jelly Belly
Jelly Belly Month ago
Cuomo, very presidential. His staff, also outstanding. Ignore the federal government they are useless. If we were under attack by Russia we would be doomed. The federal government is clueless.
Stanley Kubrick
Stanley Kubrick Month ago
People need to stay at home ! otherwise the curve can not be changed
Stanley Kubrick
Stanley Kubrick Month ago
God bless NY. What a nightmare. Can`t imagine how long need to recover the economy of NY after this pandemic
Yasiale Lopez
Yasiale Lopez Month ago
I want Andrew Cuomo to be our Next president 🙂🙂🙂🙂
Mr.J Month ago
Thank you Oregon.
Val Hud
Val Hud Month ago
I love New York he should be the president awesome job
Zika n Fina
Zika n Fina Month ago
Stay strong, New York; we are inside.
trend trend
trend trend Month ago
A majority of ny praised this jerk action..sad world
Franz Bow
Franz Bow Month ago
What's the discharge protocol?
J S Month ago
The nurses who are not working or showing up to work should be fired!!!!!
Belly Chua
Belly Chua Month ago
Ask and it shall be given. No need to hijack the things you need. Simple ask and it shall be given. Oregon gave without asking for it.
LJ Month ago
LJ Month ago
Graham Brechin
Graham Brechin Month ago
We need a Manhattan Project!! ... right now!
eclipse Month ago
President Cuomo
Joe Guo
Joe Guo Month ago
Thank you China. Thank you Alibaba
BooBoo Bear
BooBoo Bear Month ago
china killed millions the CCP virus
Bill Kaska
Bill Kaska Month ago
I look MORE forward to the NO BS from Cuomo briefings because Trump SUCKS. Cuomo, I will vote for you in November even as a Write-In candidate because you ARE A LEADER !!!! GOD BLESS CUOMO and his family. True American Hero saving LIVES !!
james o keeffe
james o keeffe Month ago
knob jokey
Denzo D
Denzo D Month ago
I hope American companies and the government have woken up regarding this present predicament during this COVID-19 pandemic as a result of outsourcing our basic supply chain overseas (especially from China which is one of our known potential adversaries), thereby putting our national health and security at a very high risk. We should bring back all manufacturing in this country, especially as regards our medical/hospital equipment and pharmaceutical needs.
Denzo D
Denzo D Month ago
CDC estimates in US for Oct 2019 - Mar 2020: For the Regular Flu Virus: Illnesses - 39,000,000 to 55,000,000 Medical Visits - 18,000,000 to 26,000,000 Hospitalizations - 400,000 to 730,000 Deaths - 24,000 to 63,000 (Worldwide: 291,000 to 646,000) For the Chinese novel corona virus COVID-19: Illnesses - 311,635 (As at early morning of April 5, 2020) Deaths - 8,454 (Worldwide: 64,743) It is very obvious, then, that there must be an ulterior motive by the globalist billionaires (like George Soros and Bill Gates who are vocal proponents of population control and forced vaccination), the Democrats and their conniving corrupt mainstream media for blowing this Wuhan novel corona virus from China OUT OF PROPORTION that has been causing a lot of fear, panic, hysteria, anxiety & depression, social chaos, and deep business and economic downturn in the country and overseas. Why is there no similar hype as regards the seasonal flu epidemic in which an average of 36,000 Americans die every year? Government authorities should determine areas where the contagion is severely happening and issue self-quarantining and or limited area lock down accordingly, but not declare a state wide or nationwide lock down. The government should also allow doctors to administer Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin, where appropriate, to COVID-19 patients, especially those who are in serious condition under the Right To Try Law. Logical thinking!
Henry Oosterwyk
Henry Oosterwyk Month ago
the WHO are predicting 1-5 to 2-5 million deaths for USA this season
Lilibet Windsor
Lilibet Windsor Month ago
At 17:19 he describes how he breaks the laws that he is making everybody else obey.
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