Coronavirus task force holds briefing after Trump signs stimulus bill - 3/27/2020

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Members of President Donald Trump's coronavirus task force hold a press briefing Friday as the economic stimulus bill is signed into law. The briefing comes after both Senate and House passed the CARES Act - a $2 trillion economic stimulus bill in response to the deadly coronavirus outbreak.
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Coronavirus task force holds briefing after Trump signs stimulus bill - 3/27/2020

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Mar 27, 2020




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Comments 80
Be Happy
Be Happy Month ago
Bill Gates for prison for crimes against humanity
Alex 2 months ago
Mark D
Mark D 2 months ago
Dove 2 months ago
►STAY HOME FOR AMERICANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ◄
Dove 2 months ago
****My Question is/ and has been: HOW MANY MORE DIE??? Before You SHUT IT ALLLL DOWN???? HOW MANY MORE????? WHOSE HANDS IS ALL THIS BLOOD ON??? ?????? PEOPLES LIVES FIRST!!!!! ECONOMY LAST!!!!!!!*****
Lethal Truth
Lethal Truth 2 months ago
It's ole prune face Devos ...I'm here for laughs. Success...this administration? Appreciate what? America is the worse dealing with this virus. Strongly investing? The response from this administration has been late and slow acting as hell. Yes .let's go to a more serious person to speak on the virus.
Laurence Bell
Laurence Bell 2 months ago
Hes a narcassist but with no intelligence
David B
David B 2 months ago
Do NOT listen to Trump! Listen to the medical experts. They know what their talking about. Trump has no clue.
Madison Alvarez
Madison Alvarez 2 months ago
David B it’s not like he has an entire team of medical professionals briefing him every single day.
Salvatore M R
Salvatore M R 2 months ago
Literally For you President Trump Isaiah 26:20 This Scripture is Literal and is in The Kong’s James Version of The bible Literally God bless you President Trump!!!!
Chariot Reacha Browe Publishing, Inc.
The system is broke and Americans are to blame. There are too many unrelated objectives in this law. This was suppose to be about the coronavirus and the American people. We got tax dollars going to the arts for a pandemic! The truth is that the Democrats were never going to allow a clean bill. "If you want money for the coronavirus, we want money for art and a number of other things." If you want to play ball, there will be some give and take. Never let a crisis go to waste...
Brody Richard
Brody Richard 2 months ago
1:23 starts ..saves you atleast a little time
Dwane Yocum
Dwane Yocum 2 months ago
I have a sister-in-law who's chronically late for everything. And predicatively, she always arrives by saying, "Oh well, late again," proving she's aware of what she's doing. Psychologists will tell you all sorts of reasons why some are always late, but I have my own theory. First, they believe they're more important than others or the function they're late for. Secondly, they only think of themselves and never bother to think of what affect their behavior has on others.
James Bomd
James Bomd 2 months ago
ek lee
ek lee 2 months ago
President Trump help from God coming to mitigate Global medical and Economic meltdown Lockdown is good we build up many skill sets like cutting hairs ,cooking, DIYs and more vitally attending many online Churches Remember a Church is never a building . God said feed my lambs not maintain my Church Buildings. A foretaste of Enoch experience for self lockdown for 300 years walking with God in Holiness 24/7 after spending his time with his loving family for 65 years In this regard ,our lockdown period is too short if the MCO is extended to 1 month or 1 year is short as compared to 300 years of lockdown. Global lockdown is good for my Global Meta Divine Group to deliver Quantum Technologies at quantum speed God had set us apart for past 8 years during the transition from Church Age to Kingdom Age Year 2012 when we rejected 1 MDB deal . Unleashing Holy Grail Quantum Game Changer Products with Holistic Approach to meet the deadline of God's Timing Bye bye to classical products like drugs and vaccines Welcome Quantum Products to meltdown Illuminati groups and Covid19 Virus Quantum Decoy Spinners versus Fake Classical Deceiving Spinners to ensure the following 1)The Super Filthy Rich, deceiving Banking System, money gamers and Illuminati evil groups become poorer and poorer The billions poor and needy becomes richer and richer in all sectors 2A)This is the righteousness economy called One Godly World Order. The order and blessings of Melchizedek as kings and priests unto the Real God. The Golden Quantum Age after the Covid19 Global Spring Cleaning 2B) The Compassionate Prosumerism versus 3A) The Deceiving Kleptocratic Plucked from the Hot Air Capitalism 3B) The evil One World Order Eg 1 Route 1 Belt 1 Virus with classical technology 4) After the Global Spring Cleansing as in 2 Chronicle 7 : 13 to 14 5) Repent the Kingdom of God is at hand 6) With the Fruits of Repentance ,the world shall enjoy more than 70 years of Golden Age within the Kingdom Age prior the Millennium Age 7) Satan wanted to rope in Jacob's Trouble ahead of time, God forbids 8) God turns the Covid19 as global warming shots of seal judgement into greater blessing Provided if global humans repented, God relents 8) This year is 5780 so we have 6000 - 5780 years = 220 years of Kingdom Age or Golden Quantum Age prior 7 years of Judgement or Jacob's Trouble followed The Blessed Millennium Age 9) Seal Judgement of warning shots have being unleashed, the beginning of End of age Cheers the best is yet to come provided if human on planet earth repented, God relents Remember : God is God of Love, Justice and Severity
Bryan Boatwright
Bryan Boatwright 2 months ago
Mr. Trump, citizens nor elected officials need to kiss your ring, shoes or your backside.
Adam Patel
Adam Patel 2 months ago
GOD Alimghty punish arrogant people this is one of them
Adam Patel
Adam Patel 2 months ago
Why this idiots standing so close? They don't the rules?
Charles Ponzi
Charles Ponzi 2 months ago
I am sovereign. I am in charge of my own body and my own health. What good is safety without freedom.
Charles Ponzi
Charles Ponzi 2 months ago
Spread the virus of truth. CORONA AND ZAN - ISRAEL & THE STREETS OF L A ruvid.net/video/video-adYmv-bgapg.html
Jamvic Marcelo
Jamvic Marcelo 2 months ago
Question: Is the $1200 only for american citizens only or does that count all the greencard holders | legal immigrants too?
T Nel
T Nel 2 months ago
Green-Card holders have S.S. numbers, are legal residents, and participate in the economy. The answer is yes.
ZoommaiR 2 months ago
Trump will go down in history as the worst president this country has ever had. He acted too late in responding to this virus, downplayed the seriousness of it, and all this after we were warned this was coming.
Raymond Harry
Raymond Harry 2 months ago
" Time and tide wait for no man." Don't delay, enhance precautionary measurements.
tom ronollo
tom ronollo 2 months ago
Trump a dollar short and a day late or better yet- Trump lied, people died.
Raymond Harry
Raymond Harry 2 months ago
" If Wishes Were Horses , Beggars Would Ride."
Ruby Rojas
Ruby Rojas 2 months ago
The largest industry last year was Real Estate.
Wil Chambers
Wil Chambers 2 months ago
Biden would of had the hospital everything they would need now! Not scrambling around trying to find it now!
Corrine B4
Corrine B4 2 months ago
I wanna know who is in charge of making sure the governor of the states get what they need any other time paperwork is signed ???
Siddarth Krishnan
Siddarth Krishnan 2 months ago
What a beauty this man is💪
grant zeng
grant zeng 2 months ago
let the brain do the brain's job, let the hand do the hand's job. a junior official will be good enough to do the news briefing.
J C 2 months ago
Pence is a saint.
vintage stereo
vintage stereo 2 months ago
praise Boeing...3 planes.....and they only get...how much??? 50 billion?
vintage stereo
vintage stereo 2 months ago
that was not a briefing, this was a explanation to the public how often and when you can use the words"great, incredible, tremendous, fantastic". A real briefing is what major Cuomo gave.
Tortured Soul
Tortured Soul 2 months ago
Kindsay Boden
Kindsay Boden 2 months ago
I love you Donald thank you for taking care of things and helping out I love you your an amazing and good president your cool thank you Donald
Yournamehere 2 months ago
Did you hear about the great incredible Governors ?
philam1973 2 months ago
Reporter: who is guiding you in your decision making? trump: did you know ice cream has no bones? Most people don’t know that. It’s a tremendous ice cream that has no bones. We are going to make sure that you don’t try to put them in our great ice cream.
Talecia P
Talecia P 2 months ago
Clearly Panera is.lol
funksailor 2 months ago
Oh hallowed Donald, thank you for your brilliant leadership during the Trump virus crisis. Please allow me to bow down and kiss your ring so that my states can get some of your ventilators for my undeserving and unwashed plebes.
Rick Svendsen
Rick Svendsen 2 months ago
I'm watching this and just getting a overwhelming feeling of patriotism. How Americans and big and small businesses are stepping up to the challenge not only at home but we are going to help other struggling countries after our needs our met. If this doesn't open people's eyes about how good a system capitalism is I don't know what will. We are going to beat this. Then I read the comments and I read all the narcissistic comments and bashing it's like they want America to fail. We have never seen anything like this. We were completely unprepared and people are actually mad Trump can't pull all these resources out of his rear. I think we are doing a phenomenal job. The contrast speaks for itself.
Dave Lee
Dave Lee 2 months ago
no action, talk only = nato
Bill Myers
Bill Myers 2 months ago
Great Presentation - Top Of The Game at this Point - The Demwit Media is HUSHED UP,
ZoommaiR 2 months ago
Wearethedivineone Earth
You are deaf
Matthew Cary
Matthew Cary 2 months ago
Stop airing and sharing these. What we need now is the truth, not a stump speech from a narcissistic sociopath .
Matthew Cary
Matthew Cary 2 months ago
@Talecia P The fu..... your attempt to be clever is only surpassed by Mr. Trump. He is the cleverest, most smartest with words, huge deal. Big big deal. I look forward to his supporters seeing how history writes about his failures as a human...
Talecia P
Talecia P 2 months ago
You've officially been dooped, tricked, bamboozled.
Talecia P
Talecia P 2 months ago
Truth. If someone has been label a sociopath then their words cant be trusted. He admits it a hoax but instead of you hearing those words you think "oh, another situation hes not taking seriously" . So he comes back with a new script saying usa has the most cases and u don't question it at all
Jeremy Chapman
Jeremy Chapman 2 months ago
Anyone else notice he’s worn the same suit a week straight?
Jeremy Chapman
Jeremy Chapman 2 months ago
They got Betsey Devos there for what??? To act like she’s Mrs. Kennedy? Get out of here...
Hosam Mokhles
Hosam Mokhles 2 months ago
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Scott Kuechenmeister
Will the Trump family executions be free or pay for view?
Blaster Elforg
Blaster Elforg 2 months ago
70% of this money will go to bailout corporations which once again will not create jobs but their CEOs and senior execs will pocket it in bonuses, and stock holders will get their money thru record one-time dividend payouts since the stimulus will be marked off as profits, though the stocks will thereafter remain worthless. Companies will then shut down since nothing will change at the company except for a few people who will get their pork. Another 20% of the stimulus will go to Democrat fringe groups. Bipartisan compromise.
Scott Kuechenmeister
Nothing like waiting for the Shithole President to start the war on Corona.
Ed Catt
Ed Catt 2 months ago
Social Distancing isn't really a thing at 0:39
Jasper Jack
Jasper Jack 2 months ago
The media and the Democrats has created our situation in this country. I'm getting so fed up with the media attacking Trump for trying to help Americans. Didn't several Democrats visit China last year? Never did find out what that was about.
tommyTCB 2 months ago
Trump has failed from the start. How can you be so stupid and not recognize this danger? Oh yeah, I forgot we're talking about Trump. . . He throw his people to the wolves
Siddarth Krishnan
Siddarth Krishnan 2 months ago
tommyTCB name a country that recognized the danger. like why u gotta hate this man just bcuz the left brainwashed ppl? He’s the best president for your country look at the action he’s taking now. This guy is real as it gets man, he’s lighting a fire under companies to make them help with covid cmon bruh
2018-2019 Cloud
2018-2019 Cloud 2 months ago
2018-2019 Cloud
2018-2019 Cloud 2 months ago
#true #trending #ThankYou45th
Jodacy Filho
Jodacy Filho 2 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-cL4rd0MRuqk.html 👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆
Damon Nugent
Damon Nugent 2 months ago
Does the president have co vid 19? the world leaders been shaking lot of hands...
Dan Jackson
Dan Jackson 2 months ago
His Grandpa Frederick died of the Spanish Flu after taking his dad out for a walk. Maby, perhaps first generation decendants of Spanish Flu survivors have a higher resistance to Coronavirus?
samim samimi
samim samimi 2 months ago
In thepast decades was problem of so many order from insight american and sideseffects of those people reslly hurt people with wast of money
samim samimi
samim samimi 2 months ago
Hop to face orignal americans
VP A-Team
VP A-Team 2 months ago
He answers questions like my ex-brother-in-law who has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome...I'm not being facetious, he really does.
VP A-Team
VP A-Team 2 months ago
The media is 'fair' in there because he's vetted out all the 'nasty' media...this is why he often asks 'who are you with?'
samim samimi
samim samimi 2 months ago
Mr presedent you were explainning about american business like airlines over a may be continent or may be universal so the resoure has always interests for stable business lists the rest you know your business some of you might know as presdent said first when he meet chinna presednt was additional information remember we are not in that additional lists done
Jeanne McCarthy
Jeanne McCarthy 2 months ago
Trump , You are the man . Don’t let them beat you down. YOU ARE A TRUE LEADER!
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown 2 months ago
the ruvid.net/video/video-x9tPFsawXbE.html prophecy, it will change how you see life and the future.
TheVayneMain 2 months ago
G.E. and FORD are owned by the 1%😂😂😂of course you'll get a "patriotic" support from them
VP A-Team
VP A-Team 2 months ago
“I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and wouldn't lose any voters, okay?” I guess that's true now since there's hardly any potential witnesses...
VP A-Team
VP A-Team 2 months ago
@Wil Chambers Hey, budda boom budda bing
Tracey Reitterer
Tracey Reitterer 2 months ago
President Trump NEVER SAID THAT, you asswipe. A NY reporter wrote a hit piece on him, stating Trump could shoot someone on 5th Ave & not lose any supporters. All Trump did was repeat that FAKE NEWS reporter & his words at his rallies. Get your facts straight before opening your pie hole.
Wil Chambers
Wil Chambers 2 months ago
Wise guy!
VP A-Team
VP A-Team 2 months ago
@Jeanne McCarthy lol
Jeanne McCarthy
Jeanne McCarthy 2 months ago
“ Don’t be a cutie pie”
Krissy 2 months ago
Trump is handling this very well! He closed China and Europe borders very early. Dems didn't want the borders closed. Imagine what Hillary would be doing. 😅 Prayers to POTUS 45 #Trump2020 #KAG2020
VP A-Team
VP A-Team 2 months ago
"The data, we call it data..." Uuuumm is this a new word Trump just learned?
Wearethedivineone Earth
@Craig Weaver like Obama
Craig Weaver
Craig Weaver 2 months ago
You say data, I say data. I’m pretty sure it was a very light joke. Glad most of you aren’t smart enough to get something so in depth. Keep beating him up. Make sure you find something in every single speech he has. Keep up the good work, you are really helping the county with what you are doing. It is good to see so many people that can’t have some respect for our Commander in Chief. I’d love you see y’all move to another county and make it so great!
VP A-Team
VP A-Team 2 months ago
@rocqitmon lol. I guess they don't teach 'data' at Wharton.
rocqitmon 2 months ago
VP A-Team He's a bit slow - 60 yrs in his case.
KathrynPieta 2 months ago
I cried when he was elected, but he impressed me watching the first time I ever listened to him live since elected. He was precise, addressed appropriate topics, sounds organized, intelligent choices made that are critical at this time. Give credit were credit is due. Liked the way he told off the FDA(SOMETHING I WISH I COULD HAVE THE CHANCE) and put them in their place. This is not the time for partisanship as I understand it. He is using office powers to over-ride possible counterproductive decisions by others affecting this war on viruses. Forget the waste of money put into that useless monster called the war on drugs. Just legalize like they did with alcohol and cut off their revenue plus the motivation behind it. (That includes the good & bad guys) But the CIA wants the money for their budget to keep all the useless departments created over time. Thankyou TaskForce, Army Core of Engeneers, etc. for all your good work for us and the world.
VP A-Team
VP A-Team 2 months ago
Thanks to the efforts of Tim Apple...
Elenhith 2 months ago
Cases of the virus? You're number one! This is what happens when you have a crap health care system and a moron for your president.
Y M 2 months ago
Its interesting to note that the press is maintaining social distance, but the people on the stage are not...
Zaid Soub
Zaid Soub 2 months ago
They got vaccine already, nothing to be afraid of
Wil Chambers
Wil Chambers 2 months ago
I would want a chair. Standing for a hour and half hell no!
Timothy Jnj
Timothy Jnj 2 months ago
His hand told us he tried to defend himself no confidence
A B 2 months ago
Forward to 1:15
Monica Pipi-vadia
Monica Pipi-vadia 2 months ago
SAY GOOD BYE TO THE ... BALLOON! EVOLVE #5G ...only the old people will be in high risk as after 70 days catch #COVID19 one become immune and most of the young people are already immune! YOU CAN'T AVOID WHAT IS DONE!
rajpal singh
rajpal singh 2 months ago
its china virus.... all innocent people dead .... responsible china
VP A-Team
VP A-Team 2 months ago
I hate how Trump says "As you know..." just before a false claim.
Justin M
Justin M 2 months ago
Now that’s a leader! President Trump is doing what no one else could do so well.
survivor030406 2 months ago
Didnt GM lease the Lordstown Ohio plant to an EV Truck startup company?
SweetBizou 2 months ago
Yes and Trump knew and tweeted abt it the day it happened...
Melissa Seaver
Melissa Seaver 2 months ago
I wouldn't vote for this puke if I was forced to. He wants governors to be appreciative. Trump thinks hes a God and hes nothing but a self righteous self serving Hitler
Mike Cortez
Mike Cortez 2 months ago
A complete moron. The world is laughing at us because of this lunatic, huffing and puffing all over the place.
David Rintoul
David Rintoul 2 months ago
"Wartime president fighting an invisible enemy?" Nope! It's an epidemic, not a war. It's not invisible, it's microscopic. It's not an enemy, it has no intention. This rhetoric only makes it worse.
David Rintoul
David Rintoul Month ago
@Gregory P "If 50 million people believe a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing." George Bernard Shaw
Gregory P
Gregory P 2 months ago
How? It doesn't seem to bother 60+ percent of the people who approve of President Trump's handling of this pandemic.
Cheryl Riley
Cheryl Riley 2 months ago
He is talking in circles. Where are all the promises? Front line workers are dying. Now US has surpassed China but Trump hopes to see everyone in church on Easter. He is scary bottom line
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