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Leave Means Leave
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Watch Jacob Rees-Mogg on Newsnight - July 9th




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Comments 19
phooogle Year ago
"I recognise" is such an over-labored term now please not using it.
jenwill11 Year ago
I hate Sarah Wollaston she lied to the electorate when she pretended to be a leaver jumping ship to remain the day before the EU referendum, she's untrustworthy and should not be an MP
ORLA S Year ago
Mrs Mayhem is a Quisling !
Sean Donoghue
Sean Donoghue Year ago
I truly am disgusted.. Not only are they trying to tie US to the EU through the back door. Not only undermining the people and her own Party, But the entire media architecture is structured to sound like actually leaving as per vote is somehow the wrong, extreme, and stupid thing to do. If this doesn't wake people up to the obvious subversion of democracy we now live in I don't know what will.
Bake been
Bake been Year ago
I'm sick of hearing that the 48% need to be listened too, They don't!, that is democracy, If the country did this every time, then anyone who is elected would have to do what the losing side wanted, How can you have a manifesto if you try to follow the others sides manifesto because they lost., Stupid
James Berry
James Berry Year ago
This woolestone creature was allegedly one a Brexiteer then turned tail. Now she's happy that the government is listening to the voice of 'business'. presumably, then she's also happy that the government has IGNORED THE VOICE OF SEVENTEEN MILLION FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND BRITISH PEOPLE? So much for democracy then. She claims the government is doing what's 2best for the country" Well the government decided to give that decision to the British people. We decided that leaving the EU, all of it was best for OUR country. She is unbelievably hypocritical.
Pete Wood
Pete Wood Year ago
The only way of sorting these undemocratic, unrepresentative, self-serving idiots out is deselection. They all stood on a manifesto and then seem justified in doing their own thing once they become an MP. If you want a personal mandate then become an independent MP. The 52/48 argument is so bogus. The referendum result did not suggest implementing 52% of Brexit. 52% beats 48%, the 48% should have had the good grace to accept that they lost the argument and get behind the 52% effectively making 100% Brexit. If the result had been reversed then the 48% would have got zero, absolutely zero concessions from the 52%.
Makadidu Year ago
Why do people keep saying "We have to listen to both sides". The question was in or out. If we have to listen to both sides, what was the point of a referendum? If Remain had won, would people have said that we have to listen to both sides? Of course not!! That would have been it, and the question wouldn't arise again for another forty years, or until Ukip gained power.
Mors Magne
Mors Magne Year ago
Mogg did extremely well in that interview because he was up against some clever people.
jenwill11 Year ago
Who would they be?
James Page
James Page Year ago
Remainers have basically just rejected the majority vote and replaced it with the minority vote. They have lied and colluded with the EU against the people of this country. This dozy bitch is part of the problem she wants the winners to compromise so the remainers can shaft them.
J V Year ago
Loyal to the PEOPLE ......we voted to LEAVE. This is NOT a difference of opinion between members of the Conservative party. I DON"T CARE WHAT REMAIN POLITICIANS THINK.........THEY LOST THE DEMOCRATIC VOTE.
J V Year ago
No such thing or hard or soft Brexit. You are either in or out. "softer still" means NO BREXIT AT ALL.
Michael Ingram
I don't understand the suggestion that there should be an automatic fallback position in case the EU doesn't agree. For goodness sake, that just says to the EU we are prepared to backtrack so the will automatically not agree. These ladies (May and the one in this clip) do not understand simple negotiating skills. I guess the truth is they don't want to leave.
gommechops Year ago
They do understand how to negotiate at least enough to get what they want while trying to make it look like its inevitable and 'pragmatic'. Like you say, they dont want to leave, its that simple. I hope Trump meets Boris, I would love to be a fly on the wall for some of these meetings at the moment.
S.P. Ward
S.P. Ward Year ago
Backstop is just another way of keeping us in the EU.
Jonathan Wilson
How any member of the Conservative and Unionist party (It's full and actual name) can willingly bend the knee to Brussels and Germany boggles the mind.
Brian Little
Brian Little Year ago
JRM IS a man of honour which is more than can be said for Gove and the other traitors in government.
Machinist Year ago
you cant get a softer brexit than what may wants, she has betrayed the british people, the worrying thing is the EU wont accept this, they have completely outplayed her, we didnt even have a chance because she screwed over the brexit department and didnt allow them to make any whitepapers or policy, shes a traitor and should be removed and replaced with a leaver, i wouldnt mind a no deal as thats a proper brexit but i cant see may allowing it.
Sean Donoghue
Sean Donoghue Year ago
Machinist... I think at this point that we want The EU to not accept it. anything that delays this is better. We need time, then we need politicians to amendment the shit out of it. and argue to it a no deal. hopefully in the interim we have a leader challenge.
Mark Gable
Mark Gable Year ago
She herself switched sides. Typical lying politician.
bo ptah
bo ptah Year ago
TM has obtained a coup d etat on the country by the globalists. The country has voted to leave the EU. Staying partially under the ECJ and completely under SM rules for goods and other things . Is a complete betrayal on steroids.
Andrew Year ago
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