Watch How Police Caught Chris Watts, Family Murderer, With Body Language - Police Body Cameras

Derek Van Schaik
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Witness the exact moments when police knew Chris Watts was guilty in his family’s disappearance and the eventual found murder of his pregnant wife (Shanann) and two young daughters (Bella and Celeste). We’re going to analyze Chris’s body language from police body cameras to show you when police knew he did it.
Chris Watts is the Frederick (northern Colorado) man who eventually admitted to murdering his pregnant wife (Shanann Watts, pregnant with Nico Lee Watts) and two young daughters (Bella Watts and Celeste Watts) on the morning of August 13, 2018. Early that morning, Chris Watts covered up the scene of his crime by loading his deceased pregnant wife and two young daughters into the back seat of his work truck, which took him about 50 minutes.
His pregnant wife, Shanann, was found buried in a shallow grave in an eastern Colorado oil field (CERVI 319) where Chris worked and the bodies of his two little girls were found dumped in oil tanks. I live just 40 minutes south of where all this happened, so this case literally hits close to home.
At first Chris Watts claimed his family was just missing and that’s where we’re going to start in this video. We’re going to watch through police body cameras how this first day unfolded and I’ll point out Chris’s body language which caused police to really suspect he was guilty. Since cameras are now everywhere with doorbell cameras, police body cameras, and cell phone cameras, it’s shocking to witness first-hand how everything unfolded and then unraveled quickly for Chris that first day.
In the comments: What do you think Chris Watts was thinking about when he was watching his neighbor's security camera footage?
Give this video a thumbs up so I know you liked it and I’ll do a follow up video on the FBI’s interrogation tactics used on Chris Watts, which got him to finally confess.
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Dec 16, 2018




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Comments 73 964
thaddaeus jones
thaddaeus jones 7 hours ago
Murdered people, but unable to go through the motions to not appear guilty. Didnt consider her phone didnt consider her car. What the fuck was his plan? Did he not expect police to come looking?
y yg
y yg Day ago
Bless that neighbor who called the cops. What a true friend. She picked up on the suspicious situation just a few hours after her friend went missing.
MemzKid Day ago
Man I want a family so bad. Some people just don’t appreciate what they have and it pisses me off. Please appreciate what you guys have
Brandon Baza
Brandon Baza Day ago
Man even the dog barking tells that something bad happened:(
Rex Trowbridge
I imagine he was thinking "OH, S##!, what do I say now"!!! He knew he was in deep do do....
Orly Ray
Orly Ray Day ago
It's way too easy to do a bid language analysis on someone you already know is guilty. Do one on a case that's unsolved
Jessi Knelssen
Jessi Knelssen 2 days ago
Shannon says "hes the best thing that has ever happened to me" what about the worst
Jessi Knelssen
Jessi Knelssen 2 days ago
Love thy neighbor thats wat im talkin bout
Taylan Demir
Taylan Demir 2 days ago
Whos else wanted to smack the FKN phone!! out of his hands??
Taylan Demir
Taylan Demir 2 days ago
This has to be the DUMBEST murderer of all time. I want to smack his face sooooo hard. He has such a punchable face!!
Elijah Mikaelson
Elijah Mikaelson 2 days ago
Showing the clips of what happened just enjoying their life reminds me of the Titanic.
Bobby Sweeney
Bobby Sweeney 2 days ago
Chris was thinking, "How can I turn invisible"
Coral Kitten
Coral Kitten 3 days ago
I want a best friend like her dude, she knew something was wrong immediately, she was so worried she just wanted her to go to the doctor 😭
Boodlebug13 3 days ago
nothing good happens on my birthday. first castro was also born on the 13th, in 2004 hurricane charlie hit florida, and then my 18th birthday this happened. I love that my birthday brings lots of negative things. including my birth.
Matt Paul Palm
Matt Paul Palm 3 days ago
what a sick person.
Morgan Shehan
Morgan Shehan 3 days ago
Disgusting guy, horrible actions... but I don’t like the narrator- he’s way too peppy to be speaking of a matter such as this. Very annoying.
Carmen Driscoll
Carmen Driscoll 3 days ago
He should have ran to the pool to see if they were there .
Cloudie 831
Cloudie 831 3 days ago
Everyone is so calm w/ him. I would've been like...."Dude wtf? Where's your family? Don't act stupid!"
Great analysis!
Martha romero
Martha romero 3 days ago
I hate this man.if i had the capacity i wish he could be dead he doesnt deserve to live
Erica Leah
Erica Leah 4 days ago
Over a year since these beautiful angels gained their wings😇💞👼🏻
Benny The Bagman
Benny The Bagman 4 days ago
I see great friends who truely care, great neighbors who truely care and a horrible husband who doesn't.
Lets_Get_Faded 18
Are the flashbacks necessary for this seems kinda fucked up
Jay 4 days ago
He also took that wedding band off her cold dead finger... could be why he does t want to touch it
Susan Fagan
Susan Fagan 4 days ago
‘All the girls blankies are gone ‘ .. he used them to suffocate his babies with ! I hope every living second of your life is filled with a thousand times the terror you inflicted on your family! 😡
Susan Fagan
Susan Fagan 4 days ago
Bella knew he was gonna hurt her .. heartless pos !
Zena Padilla
Zena Padilla 4 days ago
Great video. Bravo! I really liked the flashbacks and rewind visual effects. Those poor dear sweet children. Chris Watts' face @16:09 was totally priceless. Talk about being looking guilty as sin. And yes, I think he probably did...you know.
Callin Ace
Callin Ace 4 days ago
Yeh at that moment he thought that cop would be starting to approach him from behind to handcuff him
Christina Reynolds
The narrator sounds inappropriately excited. Like he's talking about something fun rather than tragic. Show more respect please
Chien Yang
Chien Yang 4 days ago
If we ignored the fact he killed his family, he was the calmest person I had seen when knowing his whole family was missing. When I lost track of my child, I was walking quickly to almost running in store looking for my child. I did not even hold my phone nor care where my phone was.
TOPBLAZER85 4 days ago
love ur vids, would like to see you analyse the mccans to see if their body language gives any indication as to whether they are telling the truth
Blixx 5 days ago
When chris keeps his one hand on his head..omg have u ever see this?
Blixx 5 days ago
I think your wrong about when Nicole shook her hand after touching shinanns phone..did you see the very cocky way chris went to grab for it? It was like can you move your fucking hand so i can see it..then her reaction was just pissed because she knew chris isn't acting with a sense of any urgency and she wants to say chris knows but she can't just incase he didn't..
Teresa Thayn
Teresa Thayn 5 days ago
I get that this is horrible, but you're spot on w/his body language!! Downright creepy!! Bad dude.
mike 6 days ago
Women like bad boys, that's what happens when women like to play with fire
Chelsey Littlefield
I listened over and over again but does anyone know what the cop said into his walk or talkie at 16:06. I just can’t make out what he’s saying!
Chelsey Littlefield
Callin Ace thank you!!
Callin Ace
Callin Ace 4 days ago
Says something like -“ dispatch ...91 you can cancel Medical first stage”
Alexis_Jade 6 days ago
So did nobody catch how that light mysteriously turned off at 17:33
CallmehCat 6 days ago
At around 16:25 look in the blue room is that a little girl moving or am i crazy
Kean Kennedy
Kean Kennedy 3 days ago
Yeah, same little girl you can see with his wife's friends at 9:05. She's remarkably low key throughout the video.
Martha romero
Martha romero 3 days ago
I think you were paranoic
Bella Wilson
Bella Wilson 6 days ago
Those flashbacks are hard on my heart
sharpie boy6
sharpie boy6 6 days ago
No, the sunglasses fell because of his hands.
This guy should’ve booked it out of country immediately regardless of not being able to be with Nicole. But he decided to come back to his second interrogation because he’sso narcissistic he thought he wouldn’t get caught despite the overwhelming evidence
absolute757 6 days ago
Pls tell me he got the death penalty
Patrick Sullivan
Patrick Sullivan 5 days ago
@absolute757 I know but him knocking that he will never ever get out again, people telling him what to do and when to do it every day plus the fear he will have of somebody in there stabbing him up makes me feel better😉
absolute757 5 days ago
@Patrick Sullivan well I cant disagree with the wishes of the victims fam... but damm, if any1 deserved it
Patrick Sullivan
Patrick Sullivan 6 days ago
No the family of the dead woman asked for a life sentence instead of the death penalty
just 7 days ago
tough to watch..anyway why wasn't the back door a possibility, couldn't they have gone through the back and then locked up afterward, I missed that..
WhitDog WhatsUp
WhitDog WhatsUp 7 days ago
The whole time I'm watching this I just keep saying..... "I'm so confused, how could he do that?!?!" It's actually a "good" thing we don't understand, if we did .... we would be garbage too!
11pupona 7 days ago
This has to be up there as one of the all time best videos on internet.
Charlie Farson
Charlie Farson 7 days ago
How do you SMILE like that? What a psycho
Charlie Farson
Charlie Farson 7 days ago
Om 7 days ago
A lack of genuine expression. You can't fake congruency without expression. IE hand gestures. I use hand gestures a lot when I speak cause it allows me to express myself freely. There was also no scratching or itching whenever the officer mentioned his wife's name. He was getting pissed at the officer asking him questions as well. Rough scratching of the head or brow is irritation, light scratching is attraction. I'm sure there would be a lot more emotion coming from him if he really cared. You have to be really present to spot these things. Plus he's preoccupied with the phone, I'm sure you would want to give your full attention to the officer and the other people involved.
Khair Muhammad
Khair Muhammad 8 days ago
What's with all that hand motion?
E-VER 717
E-VER 717 8 days ago
Thats why never talk to the cops, hire an attorney, He'd be free right now if he hadnt open his big mouth and agreed to the lie detector. Same with Jodia Arias, look at O J Simpson, Anthony Casey, they hired lawyers and never talked to the cops.
Jason Springer
Jason Springer 8 days ago
Chris was like a Scooby-Doo villain. "I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for her meddling friends"
michael delguercio
why is Nichol holing the phone like a piece of pizza ? i.m not a c.w. fan. I think he is a p.o.s....And Nate didn't do anything hereoric. hes just the ultimate nosey neighbor Nicole did it all. Agood friend to have .
strxka 8 days ago
If chris was black he wouldve got done straight away🤦🏾‍♂️
Diane Malloy
Diane Malloy 8 days ago
I noticed also that a person could get a WHOLE LOT of house in Colorado! I’m in California
Diane Malloy
Diane Malloy 8 days ago
The police were suspicious of Watts the first time they spoke. Is that why he let the neighbors walk aimlessly around the house? I guess it wasn’t considered a crime scene yet.
HawkeyeSTiGuy 8 days ago
31:00 Did he just say his wife was 15 MONTHS PREGNANT? What a stupid ass he is. It's a shame she fell for him. She & her children deserved so much better! WTF.
mtmb73 9 days ago
Watching from jaackmaates podcast. Cannot get my head around this at all
Ash 9 days ago
just a death row is good for him nothing less i'm so angry so angry he has to go to death row
Wwafsa Afgl
Wwafsa Afgl 9 days ago
28:28 IM going to jail .. 😂
TheBrown1 9 days ago
All this would have been missed without the officer bodycam and of course the neighbour nate dogg's doorbell cam.
TheBrown1 9 days ago
She was absolutely stunning and loved him and their daughter's more than anything and he Ended it all for Greed deserves the death penalty nothing more nothing less but the gas chamber so he is SUFFOCATED
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