Watch Elon Musk’s Neuralink presentation

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Electric vehicles, rockets... and now brain-computer interfaces. Elon Musk's newest venture, Neuralink, aims to bridge the gap between humans and artificial intelligence by implanting tiny chips that can link up to the brain. At a press conference on July 16, Neuralink's ambitious plans were detailed for the first time, showcasing a future (a very distant future!) technology that could help people deal with brain or spinal cord injuries or controlling 3D digital avatars.
Elon Musk says Neuralink plans 2020 human test of brain-computer interface: cnet.co/2Zb3piU
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Science & Technology

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Jul 17, 2019




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Comments 100
Eden -.-
Eden -.- 14 minutes ago
2020 stop already you're ruining the other years too
James Dobson
James Dobson 2 hours ago
uhhh,... sword art online? elon..? Are you not telling us something..?
/Considerate\ /Killjoy\
LOL I came here cuz I saw a article saying it would be like the nerve-gear from sword art online haha.....
The Saint
The Saint 11 hours ago
Mark of beast coming folks! Jesus is the answer!
FBI -Federal bureau of investigation
Order 66 remake
DuBsTeP sEnTiNeL
DuBsTeP sEnTiNeL 22 hours ago
I really think past dystopian novelists have made us absolutely terrified of things like this, but this really is the future, and I hope you can come to see it this way.
Isaias Soria
Isaias Soria Day ago
Yea guys don’t get the implant, y’all won’t get anything beneficial because Elon is so evil and has done only evil things for humanity. But I’m going to do it
The Turtle
The Turtle 7 hours ago
Isaias Soria Only done evil? This isn’t “evil” and he isn’t either, SpaceX and Tesla aren’t evil. This guy is changing the world for the better, only religious nuts who cling to fairytales can’t see that.
paal-erik thelle-barbeau
is that grimes playing during the ad?
Just some guy without a Moustache
Now the schools gonna want to take over my brain
Milo Gieg
Milo Gieg 2 days ago
Something's got him terrified.
Kat Kuch
Kat Kuch 2 days ago
He sold out the human race
James 2 days ago
enters sao, elon musk shows up , “you may be wondering where the menu button is “
PhDPRO 1 2 days ago
My problem is that its a electronic and can be hacked
Moods 2 days ago
You need to wake up Elon is a bot.
Showbik Showmma
Showbik Showmma 2 days ago
is that waterproff that is the point!! what happen when we will take shower??
Santi Vidal
Santi Vidal 2 days ago
Why is everyone so scared. First of all, it won't be obligatory. If you don't want to use it you can just refuse it, no one is going to force you. And second, knowing Elon Musk's control of timing (he always keep delaying Tesla's upgrades, he overestimates the Mars arrival, etc), we all are going to be dead when this becomes something. I'm personally not scared, and, if I'm still alive when this becomes functional, I won't have any problem with using it.
ThePersonaWeeb 2 days ago
This really, *REALLY* looks and sounds like the backstory of a Supervillain
White Rabbit
White Rabbit 3 days ago
He is the one who said A.I. was the biggest threat...
White Rabbit
White Rabbit 3 days ago
Too soon!!! He's not even involved with VR... he is gonna be too old when the technology begins to become viable.
White Rabbit
White Rabbit 3 days ago
HE STOLE MY IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dm 3 days ago
The potential for positive and negative consequences alike are fascinating to theorize on. Doobie time!
Dilip Kumar
Dilip Kumar 3 days ago
I think he also has a vision on time travel,
Greet Verboven
Greet Verboven 3 days ago
We see you, Snake !!!!! 👿
Elyk Steeley
Elyk Steeley 3 days ago
8:05 so they could in theory make you feel pain, hungry, thirsty, tired, whipe memories, etc?
Gerson Soares
Gerson Soares 3 days ago
Para todos que estão vendo isso e a marca da besta que no livro do apocalpse falar vigiais irmãos porque o pai esta vindo nos buscar vocês tem que esta em santidade e rebeber o espirito Santo para ir ao encontro do senhor.
Ad Reeves
Ad Reeves 3 days ago
All he needs to do is put Tik Tok on it and the younger generations will be begging for one. I would rather be thrown in jail or ostracised that accept a chip in my brain. Humans are heading for a dystopia future of depression and round the clock surveilence. I don't want any part of this.
KeepingUpWith Lay
You can control your emotions by following the Laws of Attraction.
Beatriz B. Guasch
Will this help people with bipolar?
The Turtle
The Turtle 7 hours ago
The normal guy
The normal guy 4 days ago
It’s sword arts online all over again watch by 2022 it will be realised people will get killed and stuck in a game
OrMa 4 days ago
Fikkatelo su per il kulo
Simon Robinson
Simon Robinson 4 days ago
1:36 intro of nothingness
Peter Sampson
Peter Sampson 4 days ago
Zero original thought, or creativity machine. " Henry Fording" humans. Okay I made that stupid (I admit) phrase up, but if I was plugged into this robotic system I would be equally as boringly perfect as you.
Catalin Popescu
Catalin Popescu 4 days ago
Very stupid ideea...... But if you want to "invent" stupid things good luck!
Sandeep Rajakrishnan
bascally, elon wants to be immortal
RezaRob3 4 days ago
It sounds extraordinary. So many applications for controlling our devices with our mind. Thank you Elon Musk and NeuraLink team.
Jokes Yay
Jokes Yay 4 days ago
Origin story to Dr. Evil
SushiFN 5 days ago
I know this is weird but if u do a Handstand Aren’t You Holding The Earth?
Jhong Pro
Jhong Pro 5 days ago
the real life Tony stark of iron man, hoping to see real iron suit
Gay ass
Gay ass 6 days ago
I swear y'all watch too many movies, Christ Almighty
Joseph H.
Joseph H. 6 days ago
"With great power comes great responsibility" ... Elon: I know it can be represented by an electrode statistic. 010101010
Joseph H.
Joseph H. 6 days ago
It's all fine and dandy until someone decides your brain is "dangerous" and in need of "treatment".
TRUTH 6 days ago
Added To My Research Library, Sharing Through TheTRUTH Network...
Francisco Maldonado
Remember it's all in your head lol
unnamed citizen
unnamed citizen 7 days ago
Wait til' y'all die from information overload *(Im not joking, you amateurs can't handle the mechanics).* Elon is an occult dunce...just another initiate con
I think this is good for people with psychological and neurological problems but for a normal person I don't think this a very good idea for many reasons lol
QUIT 7 days ago
Am i hallucinating or, are there Alien heads at the minute 14:14 ? 🤔🧐
Jahseh Recardo
Jahseh Recardo 7 days ago
Nobody understands how important the things he's talking about actually arr
G. R
G. R 7 days ago
This is some Black Mirror stuff. This robot would be good for regular surgery I imagine.
Teej 7 days ago
Sao up in here
Urabe Mikoto
Urabe Mikoto 8 days ago
This is gonna be like Sword Art Online, do you imagine ?, It would be cool got our own world saved in a Hard Disk and make it as we want also invite our friends to and have a mega party in space with Hitler and Sauron.
Jared Lim
Jared Lim 8 days ago
Any sword art online fans here?
Donde Esta La Leche?
Forza horizon 4 intro???
Esra Özdağ
Esra Özdağ 9 days ago
İnsanlık buna hazır mı bilemem ama ben kesinlikle hazır ve heyecanlıyım.
luan 9 days ago
Whos here from GUYS 2020 JUST GOT CRAZIER
MarcoJT 9 days ago
I wouldn’t mind being asleep for over 3 years and be in a game that is almost like real life but cheaper and more fun
Nicholas Tichnell
Leo 9 days ago
Just make it unhackable...
Scottie Pimpin
Scottie Pimpin 10 days ago
Elon: AI will destroy mankind!!! Elon: so I have this microchip I can insert into your brain that will transform you into AI....any takers?
Alessandro M.
Alessandro M. 10 days ago
easy to make himself beautiful with the ideas of Nikola Tesla, he is the true genius
J.S. Volgers
J.S. Volgers 10 days ago
those little threats were in our skies for a long time..even smaller...we breath them in..drink them..nanites but with certain interphases..we are already online by now..something has done this since 2008..i dont understand this old showmodel
Inas Bjorklund
Inas Bjorklund 10 days ago
Maybe try it on yourself first, you already look like a robot. Humanity doesn't need your invention.
Tyler L
Tyler L 10 days ago
Imagine soldiers with literal eyes in the back of their heads
Tunaru Albert-Cristian
This is a threat to the existence of the human race and what makes us humans!! Mark of the beast is real!
OverProject 11 days ago
Causes brain tumorssss
Love Love
Love Love 11 days ago
Mark of the beast
Kuba Kurela
Kuba Kurela 11 days ago
Really? Bluetooth? Im gonna get hacked in 5 SECONDS...
Grace Peay
Grace Peay 11 days ago
I liked him better when he washed dishes at the soup kitchen with Howard, Bernadette and Raj on the episode of The Big Bang Theory. I am sure this has probably already been somewhere done by someone , somewhere..
John Love
John Love 11 days ago
Should bring an end to bipartisan govt when everyone has it
Chris Lecky
Chris Lecky 11 days ago
We need a Virtual reality avatar project, it would eliminate the risk to human life whilst working without the power needs of human life support and artificial human habitats.
King Malaki
King Malaki 11 days ago
I’m am not going bald just to put a chip inside my head nah I’ll rather let them cut my head with hair on it
Sonshinedaniel 11 days ago
Neuralink ver 2 will be implanted in the forehead 2024. There we go official mark of the beast.
Chris Lecky
Chris Lecky 11 days ago
Lets make Neuralink compulsory like a vaccination, then link everyone up to a vast human network capable of interfacing with a super quantum computer lace network built on pluto. 44 minutes ago
Suat Huseyingültekinoğlu
the god of technology prophets are fathers
Raunak Shetty
Raunak Shetty 11 days ago
Who has seen movie called "Upgrade"
norkator 11 days ago
When you see Elon Musk being on the task of helping to make these things possible you know it's going to happen no matter what.
Robert Edwards
Robert Edwards 11 days ago
Slave devices mark of?????
OOPS CAPS LOCK 12 days ago
Syed Ali
Syed Ali 12 days ago
I already know the answer to this but still will ask no matter ! How are you going to integrate the neural signals to the actions or determine which ones or zeros describes the specific or multiplex actions in the same time ! How are you going set the said actions on the chip !
Syed Ali
Syed Ali 12 days ago
I really don't want to add in but how are you going to damper the frequencies from the neural link for the hearing sensory of the human ! Helping them not to go mad from all the exposure of data frequencies from the chip ! Because the neural transmitters are biological and not wave frequencies !
I hate you Bitch
I hate you Bitch 12 days ago
Will this only be for men?
Danielathan 12 days ago
I don't know about you, but I do *not* want *anything* implanted in my brain.
I hate you Bitch
I hate you Bitch 12 days ago
Same. This thing is only good if it isn't connected to the internet and is only used to help the blind see or move limbs
Rob Best
Rob Best 12 days ago
Can't cure cancer but this.... No problem.. These people need shooting
Neil Aspinall
Neil Aspinall 12 days ago
I thought Elon was against A.I. ?
สุกชะนะ หลวงลาด
Tina Pitts
Tina Pitts 12 days ago
What about rejection????
the coup is retarded
No thank you periodt.
AlienCandy 13 days ago
Book Writer
Book Writer 13 days ago
Are they GF?
De Evolve
De Evolve 13 days ago
iPhone ... Deal beaker. I won't support apple. A LOT of people won't.
Baby Bromance
Baby Bromance 13 days ago
I had to pause the video to ask this; "Can't these threads malfunction from our emotional reactions and end up shocking or electrocutes someone that got implemented? Maybe when an implenteè's blood changes pressure, it reacts with the threads which in turn gives the individual a shock treatment that would make them to collapse.
Gino Bertoli
Gino Bertoli 13 days ago
So the nuro link is supposed to help us tap into the infermation that we normally can’t tap into
Doctor Song
Doctor Song 14 days ago
NJMazani 14 days ago
Okay: 1. Are these chips hackable? (What if someone hacked the chips and managed to control peoples brains since they are connected to the brain?????) 2. Are they trackable? (Are we able to know the exact location of people 24/7?) 3. We haven't tested this yet!
Squidz 14 days ago
I rlly just want a neural smartphone e.e
Lisa Hughes
Lisa Hughes 14 days ago
Men playing God. This cannot be a good thing. What’s that saying in the Bible? “ Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD.” Thanks Elon but I’m good.
MrSweetStuff 15 days ago
COOL now I can play Minecraft on my phone without those pesky controls!!! I’m so hyped!!
Tina 15 days ago
This is what the Revelation in the Bible is talking about.
pRoFlT 15 days ago
The gaming community needs to jump on this and make VR games you see in your head! forget about holograms or 3d glasses.
Wolf Messing
Wolf Messing 16 days ago
Greatest ever made Discovery in the Universe, positively made by Sapience, greatest among all Human Discoveries, was utilized on level of primitive masturbation device. However PRACTICE for Aristotle denotes purposeful conduct, of which only rational beings are capable.....
Justin Brown
Justin Brown 16 days ago
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