Watch Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Reunite and Win BIG! | SAG Awards 2020

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The former couple reunited at the 26th Annual SAG Awards, where Brad was spotted watching Jennifer's acceptance speech! The SAG Awards were held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, which aired Sunday on TNT and TBS.

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Jan 20, 2020




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Aaiza Rehman
Aaiza Rehman 2 days ago
1:28 are these people kidding me. Let them be.
Kaka Apa
Kaka Apa 2 days ago
hurts to see her old and all botox
Andile Gumede
Andile Gumede 3 days ago
False alarm people.
Barbara Ruiz
Barbara Ruiz 5 days ago
Why on earth should anyone hope these two get back together? I have seen front covers of magazines taunting Jennifer for the cheating scandal since I was a little girl! She deserves WAY more and I hope she stays strong. Don't get back to your cheating ex, girls! That's just toxic.
liddy lundor
liddy lundor 7 days ago
Omg yes brad cheated on her but it looks like she has forgiven him and they are friends leave it alone now. Brad is very successful and so is Jennifer they have separate lives and can love each other from a distance honestly I love them both and it might be hurtful but she's not bringing it up everytime she sees him the past is the past.
Maybelline Barlow
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Miss Sweet
Miss Sweet 8 days ago
Jennifer's Botox makes her look masculine.
Aasish Limbu
Aasish Limbu 8 days ago
C. C.
C. C. 10 days ago
use the shadows,Gothic
C. C.
C. C. 10 days ago
uncut on Golf
C. C.
C. C. 10 days ago
Pazuzu,use the shadows . . .
C. C.
C. C. 10 days ago
uncut on eyelids
C. C.
C. C. 10 days ago
Rene Cantwell
Rene Cantwell 10 days ago
facebook.com/100044462237816/posts/197046918454048/, Golden Globes 2020, Ricky's speech was brilliant, Pedowood is going down
Michael L
Michael L 14 days ago
These comments are completely ridiculous . Are people really that narrow minded and naive ? How could people ever just automatically take Jen's side ? Because she is a woman and looks like at face value like the victim of infedelity ? What Jen went through ? Why isn't people ever looking at what Brad went through for 8 years with this conspiring , plotting , cunning , calculating , using , manipulative grifter 1st ex wife of his ? Jen was the perpetrator of a hoax on Brad from day one and has never appologized to ANYONE for it . She is admired for this betrayal ? WTF ?? Look folks , Jen preyed upon Brad's longing for a family , kids , and marriage .Things his parents had . But the reality is that common sense , logic , and reason dictates that Jen never had intentions of supplying the family and kids part , even for Brad Pitt it turns out .Common sense obviously dictates that Jen was on birth control for 8 years with Brad just bamboozling him with whatever she could say to keep her scam going on him , for her career . She has probably been on BC since her teens really to this day . She still has no kids . I believe Jen never wanted a family since she was from a divorced dysfunctional broken family herself . She didn't want the embarrassment of being a single mother possibly if her and Brad split up . Brad was humiliated in Hollywood and public opinion for 8 years not having a family with Jen sooner in their marriage . Nobody should be cheated on , but Jen lied to this man for 8 years with a straight face repeatedly , everyday , humiliated him in the public eye with his fans , colleagues , and friends mocking him . Then she walked away from their marriage unscathed like some do gooder victim which is just laughable . The sad part of this whole hoax is that there are plenty of Jen Annistons everywhere in regular society that do this shit to good men like Brad everyday . Most men like Brad are not cut out for adoption , they want their kids to be blood . The truth is ironically Jen and Angelina are alot alike in ways , which would explain Brad's attraction to both women . Both are neurotic women . Both smoke . Both were known for sleeping around in Hollywood with random artists and actors . Jen was estranged from her mother , Angelina was estranged from her father.
sweet dove
sweet dove 14 days ago
americans maybe love jennifer more than angie BUT the world loves ANGELINA JOLIE MORE THAN that woman.
Elisa Mondragon
Elisa Mondragon 14 days ago
Didn't he say his life with her was miserable? And he needed to be high to handle it 💁🏻‍♀️
Mik Mak
Mik Mak 17 days ago
Oh people this just means jen has moved on. And forgiven people in her past. Just for her peace. Nothing more
patti tehaate
patti tehaate 17 days ago
Good on you Brad Pitt there's not a contentious bone in Jens body ,don't you forget it.
아퍼라지따 18 days ago
Brad Pitt has the most amazing life, I mean he married two of the most wonderful woman. Angelina and Jennifer, but he didn’t value those relationships.
Serena Gomez
Serena Gomez 21 day ago
I wonder what would have happened if Brad hadn't met Angie and cheated on Jen? Will the two of them still be together?
Sarah Jane Clarke
Sarah Jane Clarke 24 days ago
I just wish Jen would cut ties with Brad, how can she even be friends with him after the public humiliation she endured due to him and Angelina. Jennifer does not need him dragging her into another media circus, which he will do😁
ton ton
ton ton 26 days ago
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Neez Truth
Neez Truth 29 days ago
Brad Pitt is a good person. Clearly, a PR team is using bots to harass Brad Pitt with the same old false allegations that he has denied for years while Aniston is still unethically reaping off a fake golden girl victim persona at his expense. Leave him alone. Aniston betrayed him, lied about it, disparaged him & his family for 15 years, and her stans are still spreading abusive comments against him for over a decade. He did not deserve this backlash for being nice to her. Stop lying. Bots egging on rabid fans who were brainwashed by her PR team and the tabloids. Brad Pitt knows his truth and he deserves better than this ongoing backlash. Thousands of lies and attacks in this comment section. She is the one who has gotten the free pass on all of her sordid actions. He will reap his good karma for years to come. All of you attacking and lying him over false narrative will get your bad karma. God punishes liars
Neez Truth
Neez Truth 29 days ago
Ironic, how her brainwashed stans still spitefully harass him when she cheated on him with Matt LeBlanc and then covered up the evidence in 2004. She won because he helped her out with his A-list buddies. She ran a malicious smear campaign against him and uses him for headlines to this day. His fans and supporters are mostly scared of her attacking fanbase.
Neez Truth
Neez Truth 29 days ago
There are too many abusive comments to respond to. I won't bother to react to bots or haters who spam comments sections with lies. Brad Pitt did not cheat on her. He moved on with Jolie several months after he was separated. That is the God-given truth. He does want to get back together with her and it is only her fans who have had this fantasy while continuing to disparage him for 15 years. God knows she was never a victim. Enough!
Natalie Terrazas
Well I mean it’s there choice if the do go back or not whatever works for both of them that’s what it’ll be. I bet he does regret what he did to her that’s why he gets to see her from a tv screen 📺 a distance.
unicorn diva
unicorn diva Month ago
Brad is soooo hot, freaking Greek god
Green Machine
Green Machine Month ago
Who Cares the way things are Going.Hollywoods in for a Severe Reality Check,Soon Enough
Marina Molashkhia
BRAD. & Angelina.... FOREVER ❤️ ❤️
Mußi kero
Mußi kero Month ago
Respect every woman who deserves it👌
Galman Ferguson
Galman Ferguson Month ago
Jen really has no hate in her bones
Jackie Briggs
Jackie Briggs Month ago
I am sure brad thought about Jen after making a huge mistake with Angelina. Jen is pure. Angelina is not. And Brad changed. Angelina took advantage of him. I am sure his love for Jen was more pure.
S S Month ago
2020 she is 51 years old, how can she look like that at that age!? is it surgery because wouldn't make sense otherwise. Also eating a healthy diet people at that age would still look like 50 or few years younger is lucky but she look too good for 51 of age, like she is on her 40 is scary, what does she take to be like that
Samba Warrior
Samba Warrior Month ago
People need to calm down. They decided to be on good terms, thats it.
Amber Thiede
Amber Thiede 2 months ago
Jen must have been pretty cold up there on stage. 👀
Lore Star
Lore Star 2 months ago
Buff Guitarist
Buff Guitarist 2 months ago
look how brad aged perfectly. Jennifer looks like a botox puffed drag queen, brad is so cool and handsome
Sunflower 2 months ago
Why are men like this? They cheat on you and when things don't turn out the way they expected with the other woman they look at you again....
Yeezy Season
Yeezy Season 2 months ago
Is anyone going to mention nipples tho?
DEMHA GAMING 2 months ago
I feel like Brad Pitt now that he’s older realizes all the mistakes he made in his past life and prob regrets it, I’m not saying he’ll get back with Jennifer I’m just saying he seems a lot more humble
Devesh Bose
Devesh Bose 2 months ago
Brad is best
Ayu Abdullah
Ayu Abdullah 2 months ago
Brad Pit is sooo charming even at that age. He can get any younger beautiful ladies with that charm, fame and wealth.
Debby 2 months ago
And she’s still not wearing a bra 🤦🏾‍♀️
Lu catherine
Lu catherine 2 months ago
Theres ill people in this world they talking ro themself. Im one of them. I pray i and all safe and God say for all and safe cure all. Apology and thank you. GOD BE WITH US ALL.
Lu catherine
Lu catherine 2 months ago
U love me
Lu catherine
Lu catherine 2 months ago
Lu catherine
Lu catherine 2 months ago
Katy perry
Lu catherine
Lu catherine 2 months ago
No disaster
Lu catherine
Lu catherine 2 months ago
Bcos u love me
Lu catherine
Lu catherine 2 months ago
May brade know why
Gizelda Roberts
Gizelda Roberts 2 months ago
Who gives a fuck these people litetally do NOTHING to deserve all this attention are they feeding hungry people? saving lives? No they're wearing "the right clothes" and acted like someone they're not. This is backwards and shameful to pay actors the amount of money they make to portray people who ACTUALLY live the lives they play at for big money. It....makes....me....sick. People are DYING are STARVING but nope....the same positions that were considered fools and jesters in.a King's court are now faking a life for 2 hours and making millions while the humans who LIVE the reality can't buy new shoes. UNbeliebeably upside down.
Lu catherine
Lu catherine 2 months ago
Amerita datling
Lu catherine
Lu catherine 2 months ago
Jens beautiful sweet ameritana
Lu catherine
Lu catherine 2 months ago
Lu catherine
Lu catherine 2 months ago
Azure Phoenix
Azure Phoenix 2 months ago
He went crawling back. No leash. Angelina found out the hard way. Vanity 💜
Dylan _
Dylan _ 2 months ago
Why would Brad cheat on such a beautiful woman?
MrZoukdotcom Zouk LAmbada Bootycamps
She's such a lovely woman, it's a shame he made such a big mistake on someone so special.....
Kim Tran
Kim Tran 3 months ago
Ex bumb into one another are normal , what’s so big deal ?
Kim Tran
Kim Tran 3 months ago
She looks so boring old as 🤣🤣
Nada Elfadil
Nada Elfadil 3 months ago
What toxic comments !!! You are talking about their personal lives and keep judging them coz maybe you have nothing to do, the three of them got over it but you still talking about the same shit! Wow seriously 👏🏼
Alexandra Penney
Alexandra Penney 3 months ago
Prob should've worn a bra Jen 🤦‍♀️
Britannia 3 months ago
Why should Brat want HER back? He described her as boring, there was something wrong in their marriage, otherwise he wouldn't have left her for Angelina. She is obviously not able to have kids and now beyond child bearing age. She should stop fooling herself, won't happen!
manik cepy
manik cepy 3 months ago
Jennifer deserves better man. But I don't hate Brad Pitt. It is just ny opinion.
M L 3 months ago
Jennifer Aniston, I love you sooooo much. You are soooo beautiful and lovely ❤️
Bidibidi 3 months ago
From a woman to another, have some respect for yourself Jennifer. It’s a shame to see a woman have such low standards for herself. Friends my big toe. All grown adults who’s been/are married clearly understand what that means. He cheated on her, married his mistress, builds a big family with her, and then gets divorced due to addiction and substance abuse and now Jen misses him and thinks he’s gonna treat her better than the first time? Wake up woman! Smh.
Lizzy 07
Lizzy 07 3 months ago
Inna Sokolova
Inna Sokolova 3 months ago
I bet they are going to be together.
Rhianna Alexis
Rhianna Alexis 3 months ago
Brad: I need to add this to my tinder profile Me: Well MAYBE if you didn’t cheat on Jen you wouldn’t have one
Fezfouza Alili
Fezfouza Alili 3 months ago
Sherri Bradley
Sherri Bradley 3 months ago
Jennifer is soo beautiful. She deserves so much more. Why take someone back that might do that again?? Find someone you can actually be happy with and start a family.
Bitch Bogus
Bitch Bogus 3 months ago
Rachel taught Joey herself how to control infront of the camera🤷🏻‍♀️
Soin 1D
Soin 1D 4 months ago
Even as friends the way they look at each other is such a strong connection it’s undeniable
Maddie Sefchick
Maddie Sefchick 4 months ago
I want angelina jolie and Brad to get back together
Riri XD
Riri XD 4 months ago
Cheaters gonna cheat 😴😒😒😒😒🤐😒😒😒
Cutie Pie
Cutie Pie 4 months ago
Nipples 👀
Chiyo Lu
Chiyo Lu 4 months ago
I'm so impressed by all the comments here. Damn. Right on the feels. I guess y'all just forced faith in humanity in me. Whew 😰
Jamel 4 months ago
You can tell she is still very much in love with him...He should have never left her.Finding someone who truly cares about you in this world today is priceless
mina stans danganronpa
oh my god she’s so pretty
What a dick he shouldn’t have messed with angelinas heart if he still liked Jennifer
Minnie Mice
Minnie Mice 4 months ago
Jen, walk away, RUN. Brad will always be attached to Angie via the his kids. Angie seems like she will be a night mare to deal with and possibly control Brad via the terms and conditions about the kids. No more of this chummy loser bullshit, “were just friends”, don’t be a door mat. If you wouldn’t invite the mistress to ur 50th b day bash, don’t invite the cheater husband. Don’t let anybody make u look like an idiot, ur Jennifer freakin Aniston. When Jen and Brad touched in the picture u could see there was chemistry 🧪, and it would be so fun and hot to get together and let the sparks fly, but this would not be in Jen’s best interest. I know it’s hard girl, but ur dignity and self respect need to come 1st. You need to set the record loud and clear to Brad and therefore every man after him that you don’t put up with bullshit. Then all the Jackasses will get out of the way and you will attract the men that know how to respect you. ✊🏼
Lisa Wu
Lisa Wu 4 months ago
Rachel Green knows: once a cheater, always a cheater. Jen would know too
꿀벌대소동 4 months ago
Brad, stop drooling for her!!!!
Dikshyant Singh
Dikshyant Singh 4 months ago
People who used to sag reunited on sag.
Khush Varshney
Khush Varshney 4 months ago
The I hate Rachel Club broke
Samira 4 months ago
i love jennifer aniston she is a real women not like a man that Angelina jolie is. Angelina jolie just want pup up babies Jennifer is a a angel.
Roseand Stem
Roseand Stem 4 months ago
She didnt age well
umberallah days
umberallah days 4 months ago
It is sad life what brat Pitt is living ... he is not sure where to go? Even at this age he could have remained with angelina but he didn't. So yeah.
Miss First
Miss First 4 months ago
#FOREVER Brad Pitt e Jennifer Aniston ❤❤❤🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Trisha Borro Solis
Trisha Borro Solis 4 months ago
Well me Im still hoping david and jennifer would be together Lol
angreinisia subrata
angreinisia subrata 4 months ago
No apologies for "affair"!
yolo yolo
yolo yolo 4 months ago
If jen can do without bra she can do well without brad
J. Scott Elblein
J. Scott Elblein 4 months ago
I'm not one who really ever gaf about these celeb partnerships and still don't, but I've said all along, Jennifer is 1000x hotter than Angelina. Angelina hasn't been hot since maybe her 20's.
Pak Fong Nyee
Pak Fong Nyee 4 months ago
Security guard
Pak Fong Nyee
Pak Fong Nyee 4 months ago
Pak Fong Nyee
Pak Fong Nyee 4 months ago
Verónica Luna
Verónica Luna 5 months ago
This matter receives a lot of criticism. In my opinion, everyone deserves a second opportunity without feeling so guilty and why not? After all This is her/his life and our opinions are not important for them. 😊😁 I will continue watching the endless stories of love of these celebrities but finally, they will decide if continue or not. 😏😜 Just enjoy the movie...
LETICIA MARQUES 5 months ago
It's interesting
Mirabel Rose
Mirabel Rose 5 months ago
Omg shes ugly 😥😥😥brad is geogous omg 😍😍
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