WARZONE doesn't care about my feelings and I'm too sensitive to handle it

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Mar 29, 2020




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Comments 80
Mfuller _100
Mfuller _100 3 days ago
Title :warzone. Intro: multiplayer
The_one_who_stares -
His team going to the tallest building in downtown reminded me of a team I found doing that. They sniped me, I self revived, ran away, sniped them. They revived, so I ran up the building specifically to kill them, with no care for anything else. Then I sat back and waited to see if they came. They did, I killed them again. I had fun.
RoastedToes 5 days ago
Just thought of a challenge accepted. Play a game but have your automatics switched to select fire
Mobile Avalos
Mobile Avalos 11 days ago
Wait...Jev uses C4
Dayne Tour
Dayne Tour Month ago
Dude you're the only cod player I watch. You're funny and not a cocky asshole (marksman). You've been doing this forever but keep it up man
Chief Malkallam
Chief Malkallam Month ago
I felt that don't wanna play anymore I'm ass 😂😂
Francisco G.
Francisco G. Month ago
“Oh there’s me” 😂
McKee Huffman
McKee Huffman Month ago
if you say my name in a video i’ll donate $5 to charity
iHCSx Month ago
Dont ragequit its annoying. Only quit when all are dead.
Obscurewinner22 Month ago
what do u run on your mk2
inBloo -
inBloo - Month ago
What is his custom AR at the end of the video
Vincent Scott
Vincent Scott Month ago
0:41 LOL. When people recognize you through your snipes
Jerome Landsberg
Jev you should make a stim knife class
Jonathan Gorman
Jonathan Gorman Month ago
I feel like jev is the boomer of cod just complaining bout everthing
Passive VII
Passive VII Month ago
Kinda an old video to comment on but like we have gone through this type of quarantine before in 1940s there was one and in 1918 and later on there were more its just been ages since we have had one so everyone acts like a bunch of idiots
Jochem De Roo
Jochem De Roo Month ago
I love the video titles
hayden Month ago
idk why but i love the big band swing shit in the intro
Triple _Murda
Triple _Murda Month ago
This Shit Just Got Real If You See Jev In The Lobby Just Exit As Fast As You Can
Uchiha Month ago
Just why man why ruin it.... like fo fuck sack if your getting a check every month for abusing a young lee audience and all you can do is these shitty ass videos... come on man like RUvidrs are fucking weirdos
Deadly Schmuck
Deadly Schmuck Month ago
Why can’t I get the lobbies that I’ve gets jeez. These kids literally have 0 awareness. The kids I get lobbied with play like it’s a ranked siege match of the top 12 players.
Hawkmoon Lacrue
Hawkmoon Lacrue Month ago
I believe the rumor that sbmm is in warzone cuz I play with some friends that are super good and I can’t do shit I play by myself or with a friend that just downloaded warzone and I smack on kids
TopShagger Illiam
I beg someone tells me jevs quick scope and mp7 laid out 😫
DBambina Month ago
What attachment do you use to aim that fast with a sniper?
Bla Bla
Bla Bla Month ago
i use to play on xbox one. i turned off cross play and i got SWEATED on. like holy shit.
Mike, TheAnimated
Dude, you're video titles have been cries for help for months.
Noah Gonzalez
Noah Gonzalez Month ago
Yup this is my favorite faze member without a doubt, keep up the dope work jev
yung andre
yung andre Month ago
I play keyboard on Xbox and I don't get out into PC games I play with Xbox players
Tank Reacts
Tank Reacts Month ago
lol small channel youtubers like myself dont get responses from streamers about mics cx
Austin The manbear
The thing about skill based match making it’s terrible I’m a level. 57 because I don’t have PlayStation plus and I did when MW came out and I join a lobby for br and I get level ones and same thing with blood money
King Crimson
King Crimson 2 months ago
Im sorry for laughing when you died to the heli Jev.
Kevin Galvan
Kevin Galvan 2 months ago
You still masty as ever brus happy you still ouchea doin the damn thing I been watching for 6 or 7 years damn..
Jhit 2 months ago
You Play Against Str8 Bots Bra
Grand Generic
Grand Generic 2 months ago
The Caevman
The Caevman 2 months ago
There is sbmm in warzone, and cross play was input based but recently I (an Xbox player) have been lobbying up with mouse and keyboard pc players
owen v
owen v 2 months ago
If I had a helicopter kill me like that, there would be many broken things: -my TV -my controller -my hand and nose, each respectively from smashing my fist into my nose.
Ricardo Flores
Ricardo Flores 2 months ago
then im fucked at 2020 sens
EXP3RT Neer 2 months ago
Am I the only one that plays on 20 sensitivity for both
Grave boy Y
Grave boy Y 2 months ago
5:48 too bruh I’m dead Luv u jev
Grave boy Y
Grave boy Y 2 months ago
2:02 lmao bruh
CocaCrocs 2 months ago
I think i heard echo idk
IamCmD 2 months ago
How do kids laser me when I pop my head out for a second but Jev runs around with a sniper and players just blankly stare at him lol
Abdulla al Marwani
Abdulla al Marwani 2 months ago
what headset does jev use??
Cermes 2 months ago
Fucking love the cowboy bebop music in the beginning
Tree Trunk
Tree Trunk 2 months ago
Jev let’s play, I’m sorry to see you’re dealing with shit teammates. Let’s get shit done and take continuous dubs.
MrAlcatrol 2 months ago
You sound like death knight from shadow legends
KidNamedJax 2 months ago
these all sound like weird porn titles
Stay Social
Stay Social 2 months ago
My boy Jev playing some Cowboy bebop ost! Nice
Trump 2 months ago
Does Jev play with kontrol freaks?
Trump 2 months ago
This game is extremely frustrating to play! The only amazing thing about the game is the Campaign, everything else is just really bad & stale.
Jacob Cook
Jacob Cook 2 months ago
2:02 Molotov spam 🤣
ジョヴァニー 2 months ago
The most disgusting intro ever!😍
clout ivan
clout ivan 2 months ago
i swear i’m the only one that plays on 20 20
itsGREYnotGRAY 2 months ago
UGH JEV YESSSS the montage in the beginning with the bebop music thank youuuuuu
Dilan 2 months ago
Jev: plays a team-oriented game mode Jev: Why the fuck am I always fighting groups of people
Jace42 2 months ago
Been playing on medium since MW2 don’t know how people play on such high sensitivities 😂
Impailed l
Impailed l 2 months ago
I use to play on 15 but now I also play on 10
Arturo M
Arturo M 2 months ago
Controller on p.c is the sweatiest shit any one human being can do..
oliver stenfelt
oliver stenfelt 2 months ago
Jev I just want you to know that I love you’re videos😁😁
Helpumuch68 2 months ago
There is def skill based matchmaking in warzone cuz I went with a level 1 friend and the competition was way less. We won with honestly no fight whatsoever
Helpumuch68 2 months ago
“Yea that’s Jev”
Nathan Lopez
Nathan Lopez 2 months ago
I like how when jev snipes kids, they’re like “I love you jev”. When any other faze members snipes. “FAKE FAZE”
TheRealFreckles -
TheRealFreckles - 2 months ago
Jev the original ax50 gets fully covered when it has Damascus on it
225 2 months ago
3:10 every single teammate I get no mater if I party up. I don’t want to play sniper elite warfare I wanna fuckin rip kids close quarters get a brain, and stop being ok with your 8 kills a game......1 coming from gulag.
Mazz 2 months ago
love ya 3000 but man, kinda trash today tbh
tac 2 months ago
I used to laugh at his rage but then I turned on call of duty modern warfare and now I laugh at jev while raging at the same things
tac 2 months ago
When ever I see jev hit a mufuckin clip, I ask myself," where the hell does he find all of these people."
Simple 2 months ago
Hands down best faze member since he’s ever set fucking FOOT INTO THIS GROUND OF GAMING PUSSYS
Duhjangus 2 months ago
cowboy bebop
Nicholas Aire
Nicholas Aire 2 months ago
meloche1syndrome 2 months ago
Just increased mine to 10, have been slowly increasing it
meloche1syndrome 2 months ago
I played with a guy who had a FaZe clantag, but it wasn't yellow. So i assume it was a wannabe
meloche1syndrome 2 months ago
Unless xredneckgingerx is in faze and doesn't use the calling card
abram mackay
abram mackay 2 months ago
What gun is he using at 10:22
forthaawin 2 months ago
Who else got that glitch where everyone screams molotov when your about to jump off the plane 😂
blakedasavage64 toxic tho
2:01 it's so funny
Craig H
Craig H 2 months ago
What gun does he use nearing the end? Sort of looks like the FAL?
Track revibe
Track revibe 2 months ago
Man I can’t play on ten that’s too slow for me, I have to play 20-15 sensitivity
Angus John 69
Angus John 69 2 months ago
Play fifa is u dont care about your sanity
lucy f
lucy f 2 months ago
Dude ur reverse boosting stop
Sunnydoe 2 months ago
I thought he was in warzone whole time 😂 I was like yo this man popping of tf
I'mRed Dragon
I'mRed Dragon 2 months ago
whats the music in the beginning?
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