Warriors vs Lakers BEST Highlights & Plays from 2019 NBA Preseason!

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Check out the best highlights, plays & moments by the Los Angeles Lakers & Golden State Warriors team from the preseason | 2019-20 NBA Season
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Oct 18, 2019




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Comments 35
Roy Realize
Roy Realize 8 months ago
Ilang no. 1 pick paba kailangan ni lebron pra ilampaso si curry? realtalk si bogut palang yng nakampe ni curry na no. 1 pick
Joshua Celoso
Joshua Celoso 8 months ago
di kailangan ni lebron lampasohin si curry banban.0finals mvp taas yan lang yung tatalunin nya?di na nga marunong mag dunk.taas erbol pa 1st quarter unang tira ng tres erbol agad nyahaha
Joshua Celoso
Joshua Celoso 8 months ago
Roy Realize bobo ka tanong ilang allstar ba sa lakers? davis nalang bobo.kaya duo nalang tong nba e.dalawa nalang din allstar sa gsw.dahil di na ngayon alstar draymond green at russel bobo.klay curry nalang..bobo wala kang alam
ChurchedOut Mind Building
I'm telling you now, th Lakers taking this season!!!!
Alan Matthew
Alan Matthew 8 months ago
God bless you and your family House of Highlights! And may Jesus Christ be with you and your family everywhere y’all go! Forever and Ever and Always! Amén
George R
George R 8 months ago
When you have your starters playing rhe whole game like the warriors did there's an issue there... Lakers going to dominate the whole NBA this year!!!! The clippers are to short as far as there lineup 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Doc 8 months ago
@GhostGamer702 you been watching the preseason? Lakers look so fucking solid and they are deep af.
George R
George R 8 months ago
@GhostGamer702 really curry 30 points Russell 25 Green 17 points i think the warriors were trying to much in this final game... Learn from the Lakers they rested all there starters
GhostGamer702 8 months ago
It’s only pre season dude so their not going to make that much hustle plays which will make a difference in a game and the lakers are to overrated their gonna underperform
sp1cy 8 months ago
Abdias Liburd
Abdias Liburd 8 months ago
Put the complete game
shawns bot
shawns bot 8 months ago
Lakers have 4 named centers smh
Roman Avila
Roman Avila 8 months ago
shawns bot only 3 AD is a Power Forward
nac gaming
nac gaming 8 months ago
Lets go Gsw is better
angie torreblanca
angie torreblanca 8 months ago
lakers 2nd unit bullied the warriors LMAO
Banban 8 months ago
No one: Commentator at 1:02 : *jAcOb EvAnS*
Darryl The Great
Darryl The Great 8 months ago
Buckeye4life 440
Buckeye4life 440 8 months ago
Lebron is a sell out who bows down to dictators. He’s a communist scum bag
La Bound
La Bound 8 months ago
Norvell jr is the real deal bruh
La Bound
La Bound 8 months ago
Right right
212keith 8 months ago
La Bound yes bro hes going to be nice
La Bound
La Bound 8 months ago
212keith u feel me bro
212keith 8 months ago
GhostGamer702 wtf are you saying this is the nba if hes doing it, it doesn’t matter vs who
La Bound
La Bound 8 months ago
He is a rookie too whatcha talking about look at his college tape dude🤦🏽‍♂️
Brice Tikum
Brice Tikum 8 months ago
Watching AD move like a guard, but still play like a C or PF is crazy
Pablo Ramos
Pablo Ramos 8 months ago
He used to play point until that growth sperk
Topo topor
Topo topor 8 months ago
How many Lakers vs Warriors games have been played in preseason? and why?
Dji nn
Dji nn 8 months ago
sizing them up
Banban 8 months ago
The lakers played them 4 times. 2 times with brooklyn
Curry is noob without Durant
Ronald Weasley
Ronald Weasley 8 months ago
They waive off 5 players on their roster, they could get someone close enough to Klay so they could be a Playoffs contender team.
Dats a paddlin
Dats a paddlin 8 months ago
Cuban Maybe but until Klay comes back this isn’t a contending team. That’s just the truth. He is so underrated.
Cuban 8 months ago
Whoever your team might be, I hope Curry drops 40 on them and you come back to reconsider this bizarre statement you just made.
GhostGamer702 8 months ago
Noah27 Ph I sense a warriors fan becoming a lakers fan #BANDWAGON
Dats a paddlin
Dats a paddlin 8 months ago
Ronald Weasley True but come on KD made them unbeatable. Curry gonna be gassed trying to keep this team in the playoff hunt this year.
Acmali Salic
Acmali Salic 8 months ago
yes warriors keep it up
Kiing Waqas
Kiing Waqas 8 months ago
@LeKobeBeanJames#23#24#8 Get your toxic ass outta here. Leave that guy alone smh
GOLD YT 8 months ago
@LeKobeBeanJames#23#24#8 Jesus Christ! What's this guy ever done to you? All he was doing was cheering for Golden States! Calm your ass down dude!
U are a bandwagon and u guys only beat us once so calm down dumbfuck and we beat u guys the majority of the time. So u guys are definitely not ready for the season u guys are going to get the 6th seed in playoffs and loose in round 1 against the blazers.
Abdirahman Jirrabey
Abdirahman Jirrabey 8 months ago
House of Highlights, why doesnt your full game highlights work?
PG 13PACERNATION 8 months ago
Lakers and GSW playing best game of 7 in the preseason😂😂
Tj Taz
Tj Taz 8 months ago
Warriors fucking traded everybody. Lakers even got my guy Quinn Cook. I only know 4 players on the Warriors and Klay ain't playing so it's 3 rn.
Tomsquid 8 months ago
Did Norvell just drop that one dude twice?
Notorious Blt
Notorious Blt 8 months ago
@GhostGamer702 he got dropped
GhostGamer702 8 months ago
No he tried to draw a charge on the second one but you don’t know if he really flopped or not so kind of yes and kind of no
Pablo Ramos
Pablo Ramos 8 months ago
Yeah 😭😂😂😂😂
Corpy Hogan
Corpy Hogan 8 months ago
Team Gamers he needs to take kcp spot
Xeis _ColdX
Xeis _ColdX 8 months ago
Team Gamers it was Poole and yes
XxXSolgerboy41 8 months ago
Aye who here in 2016
Millennium 8 months ago
DimensionZombie 8 months ago
Ryan Wow
Ryan Wow 8 months ago
“Highlights”... so overhyped.
Young Baller
Young Baller 8 months ago
@Ryan Wow RESPECTABLE ? yall ass asf yall devin booker can averge 80 points a game and yall still wouldint make the playoffs
Kobeezy 8 months ago
Ryan Wow “respectable” you may have forgotten... this is the Western Conference
Korey Paul
Korey Paul 8 months ago
@Ryan Wow Who's gonna respect them when they're 15th? 😂
Ryan Wow
Ryan Wow 8 months ago
Grimm Fandango we’ll be respectable this year. Just watch.
LC .337
LC .337 8 months ago
Phoenix Buns 💩
Roman Avila
Roman Avila 8 months ago
darling心語 香港♥️
@Chester Villaruel google翻譯?有點聽不太懂意思
Chester Villaruel
Chester Villaruel 8 months ago
darling心語 但我也要注意
Mikmik Tv
Mikmik Tv 8 months ago
Supporter of Lakers!!! Hit like if u also!!! 👇
Lebron James
Lebron James 8 months ago
Bruh the warriors and Lakers played as much in preaseason as the Yankees and Astros played so far
Francis Benfold
Francis Benfold 6 months ago
I've been profiting off sportsmodelanalytics dot com and their forecast models. Seriously the best 24 bucks I ever spent
Super Toad 64
Super Toad 64 8 months ago
NBA finals 2020 = Lakers vs Clippers
Super Toad 64
Super Toad 64 8 months ago
@GhostGamer702 i mean western conference finals. u dumb.
Super Toad 64
Super Toad 64 8 months ago
@RemoveBeforeFlightGaming: TheGod11 yes
GhostGamer702 8 months ago
Your probably one of those losers who just says their a laker fan but ain’t even a sports guy
GhostGamer702 8 months ago
Your so dumb
Simon Kaggwa Njala
Simon Kaggwa Njala 8 months ago
Jorge Ramos
Jorge Ramos 8 months ago
Let's see all the Lakers bandwagoners make excuses
GhostGamer702 8 months ago
Mikias Tekle in the PRE SEASON
GhostGamer702 8 months ago
angel torreblanca in PRE SEASON you didn’t see the starters making hustle plays cause they ain’t tryna get hurt which also equals them not playing their full potential
Mikias Tekle
Mikias Tekle 8 months ago
your embarrasing to us Warriors fans......your making us look like fools.
angie torreblanca
angie torreblanca 8 months ago
bruh.....the lakers 2nd unit killed yall in preseason LMAO
GhostGamer702 8 months ago
Let’s be honest here half of you guys here are most likely bandwagons to the lakers
Christer Davis
Christer Davis 8 months ago
Daniel Tso
Daniel Tso 8 months ago
It’s gonna to be hard since it is too competitive
Ezra Przytyk
Ezra Przytyk 8 months ago
messi the GOAT
J.H 8 months ago
"Too competitive"
Bryant Foster
Bryant Foster 8 months ago
Lakers will beat the Warriors just like this in the regular season too. Its crazy what a year can make
GhostGamer702 8 months ago
It’s only pre season so that means they might not go for as much hustle plays as they should so they won’t have a risk of injury and LAL is way too overrated tbh their going to underperform
Fresh Evans
Fresh Evans 8 months ago
@Goat- Ez$ for LaL
Goat- 8 months ago
Bryant Foster don’t think it will be this easy but they mostly likely could beat them again your kinda milking it
Ka Kjj
Ka Kjj 8 months ago
Lakers messed up by getting green
Guys don’t even listen to him he’s a bot he has another account named trantula guy with a Michael Jordan profile pic. Don’t reply to his comments he’s a bot. He’s also a bandwagon raptors fan. So don’t even reply to him. He’s a bot.
Bleak 8 months ago
Dylan N tf does being black have to do with anything
Dylan N
Dylan N 8 months ago
​@TJ11 nah i'm not black
TJ11 8 months ago
@Dylan N nah ur tripping
Dylan N
Dylan N 8 months ago
@The Goat he's just gay relax. Not tripping.
B C 8 months ago
Fahmi Aziz Rosyidi
Fahmi Aziz Rosyidi 8 months ago
How much norvel get the pts
Henry Thomas
Henry Thomas 8 months ago
Fahmi Aziz Rosyidi He scored 29pts tonight
Corey-Blade Wade
Corey-Blade Wade 8 months ago
First here
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