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A lawyer (Mikey Day) attempts to prove Wario (Elon Musk) is not responsible for Mario’s murder.

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Published on


May 9, 2021




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Comments 0
Cherry Quagsire
Cherry Quagsire 12 minutes ago
My dislike was removed on some 2018 rewind shit smh
Erik S
Erik S 4 hours ago
This show sucks. Bring back madtv
where is the funny
CyanB0nez 4 hours ago
they called it a "red turtle shell"... *sigh*
Armania Minni
Armania Minni 7 hours ago
What the fuck, he tricks people to buy doge coin an does this shit 💩 too
Noah Blair
Noah Blair 14 hours ago
Ok, this has Elon musk playing WARIO in court! We have officially entered the “so bad it’s good” category, folks!
SomeDonkus 21 hour ago
OneBillionTacos 23 hours ago
Just saw this for the first time after hearing about it quite a bit... I think Mario's not the only one on cocaine.
Very Naisu
Very Naisu Day ago
Nintendo made Wario Ware for the Switch as an apology
dwinosam Day ago
How bad is this show aging
Joseph Stalin
God I hate Elon
Hot Dog *Parts Sold Separately*
I only thing I liked this episode is Elon Musk Dancing in a Wario Costume.
hell ño✔️
Whoa, soo funny 😐 I laughed a lot😐
Frenchy47 Day ago
This is considered humor?
Nightmare Day ago
Wario is German not italian İdk peach is but she is mushroom kingdom princess so she is not born at italia so she is not italian either
Kaiju Village
🙂. Waht.
patio87 Day ago
This is SNL. Just let that sink in.
Ajeje Brazorf
I'm Italian and I love this, being stereotyped from Elon is a pleasure
A F Day ago
That laugh track in the background.
David Kramer
David Kramer Day ago
❤ya Elon😘
Shredder Day ago
i shouldve sold
Luis Cuneo
Luis Cuneo 2 days ago
please someone remove the laugh track only to show how creepy this is
Syed Irfan Ahmed
Syed Irfan Ahmed 2 days ago
So clever writing SNL 👏
saculll yolo
saculll yolo 2 days ago
i hate you.
Glenni Channel
Glenni Channel 2 days ago
peach is murder for mario mario games is so stupid gigty gigty glenn quagmire peter griffin hehe
Lil Beedz
Lil Beedz 2 days ago
Elon musk for president
Dig Duke
Dig Duke 2 days ago
Nobody's mentioning a black mario.... but acknowledging the Italian peach 😅
Nero Jones
Nero Jones 2 days ago
Jesus Wept
charliecraftsit 3 days ago
“But uhh… look guys look, its one of my worst achievements: Courtroom Sketch on the Saturday Night Live! AHHAH!”
Phil coutinho
Phil coutinho 3 days ago
Why does peach and wario sound Italian and not American and German
Vergel Anime
Vergel Anime 3 days ago
Paul Jenkins
Paul Jenkins 3 days ago
Lorne Michaels saying, "okay, that's it. We had a good run."
Daniel Robertson
Daniel Robertson 3 days ago
SNL… you’re fake comedy
nahia blanca guinovart
grimes giving peach an italian accent when she wasn't supposed to gives me life
Spongebob Squarepants
*Here they are Nintendo, copyright strike them*
Gissele 3 days ago
A next comedy Mario game be like:
elgatocosmico 333
Que chucha no entendí na
METALMAN4Wii 3 days ago
My Mario Kart Tour Badge is Wario Billionaires because of this.
jonathan cortez
jonathan cortez 3 days ago
Elon Musk is a living legend who invents and does amazing engineering and than goes SNL to do skits and hangs out with Joe Rogan and smokes weed.
Lord Death
Lord Death 4 days ago
I always knew someone who made a n64 truck would be a n64 villain
Vincent Carver
Vincent Carver 4 days ago
They removed the Mario party music
Charlie Compton
Charlie Compton 4 days ago
who’s laughing in the audience of modern snl?
yakkowarner1990 3 days ago
maybe it's the record player that's hidden offstage
moth 4 days ago
The Ice Mask Gang
Can’t believe Nintendo allowed this
User C8D
User C8D 4 days ago
What was this bit supposed to be
Jaimee Archibald
Jaimee Archibald 3 days ago
Unfunny I think
Salvage the wolve, furry
Typo SNL skits
Salvage the wolve, furry
I honestly prefer SNL's gets more than this music video nonsense
SpiderPiggy Gaming
Would Smith
Would Smith 5 days ago
Whenever I feel embarrassed for something I do, I remember this skit and continue to my life without any regret. Thank you Elon.
Hailios 5 days ago
this is cringe
G Zenco
G Zenco 5 days ago
Hello, I'm governor Andrew Cuomo
Red Green Fox
Red Green Fox 5 days ago
It didn’t even take one second for me to know this is terrible
Can of Paint
Can of Paint 5 days ago
This is undoubtably the worst fucking skit i've ever seen. Jesus how lazy lmfao
Adam Brass
Adam Brass 5 days ago
Elon's wife nailed the characature of Peach.
Ryan Dommerman
Ryan Dommerman 5 days ago
I agree, best Italian accent of all.
ALMIGHTY GOD 5 days ago
Yes, a normal italian family
Silver Hawk
Silver Hawk 5 days ago
Why is no one talking about the fact that Wario is played by Elon Musk?
TAGC 503
TAGC 503 5 days ago
Wait how the fuck did let mario party music pass in here
J P 6 days ago
I want this without an audience
The Mos Eisley Cantina Band
I laughed at the "but I am Japanese" good concept bad final product
FlyingJesy 6 days ago
I feel If it was done with less over exaggerated reactions to everything, it would've been kinda funny
Nightmare1398 6 days ago
Wtf is this?
TROPIC MAMGO 6 days ago
Is that musk
Za Goudou
Za Goudou 6 days ago
Is Wario fucking played by Elon Musk
Joe Zegers
Joe Zegers 7 days ago
0:35 Andy Beshear next to Wario?
CHI-DOG73 7 days ago
Kind of stupid
RobuxJuice 7 days ago
han vario et elon møsk
April W.
April W. 7 days ago
wholesome 100 Reddit karma keaunu reeves bitcoin
Justin Tuthill
Justin Tuthill 7 days ago
Strawberri9 7 days ago
SNL had Waluigi in their skit before Sakurai put him in smash
Slay Jay
Slay Jay 7 days ago
The only thing I laughed at was how the guy tryna play Luigi said, “I was”
Philip Booth
Philip Booth 7 days ago
You know when a skit or show is bad when they need canned laughter to tell you what parts were meant to be funny.
Skinny Lil Bill
Skinny Lil Bill 7 days ago
Jesus is Lord
Evasion 7 days ago
Haha soo funny :|
Nasho64 7 days ago
Mario Movie (2022) Leak
Andrew McGregor
Andrew McGregor 8 days ago
Onions are onions Garlic is garlic God bless us all ✌️♥️
Andrei Moldovan
Andrei Moldovan 8 days ago
this is so shit
Thomas Cable
Thomas Cable 8 days ago
1 Elon musk is Wario because he’s super rich? I mean I guess it makes sense. 2 when Wario was walking to the stand Wario’s battle canyon from Mario party which is really dumb to here is better songs for that scene 3 why does peach have a Italian accent she speaks fluent English 4 Wario is German not Italian 5 Mario dies by a banana peel? I mean ok I guess This never happens in the Mario kart series so isn’t very good of a way to kill Mario 3/10 not very good
Christopher W
Christopher W 8 days ago
Who's the actress who played Princess peach?
Christopher W
Christopher W 7 days ago
@April W. hi sis
April W.
April W. 7 days ago
MoveFaster 8 days ago
SpiderWillz101 8 days ago
Mario land 2 has a backstory behind wario and wario actually is just the #1 fan of mario
JAZ 8 days ago
That's extremely so too perfect
Aaron Wynne
Aaron Wynne 8 days ago
No way that's elon
erico293 8 days ago
I actually like this
Will Russell
Will Russell 8 days ago
3:59 Ok… I finally found a real life video game based skit worse than Pixels now. Earn that paycheck Adam!
H a l f - T i m e
Not funny, didn't laugh.
Cliffordlonghead 9 days ago
Wow lol using Mario Musjc
DaFuq!?Boom! 9 days ago
When the most expensive person on Earth plays Wario, this has to mean something...
Yankis Day ago
@Hidbid Human trafficking has entered the chat
Dig Duke
Dig Duke 2 days ago
@Hidbid 🔫 you always could
Qmwneb Rvtcyxuz
Qmwneb Rvtcyxuz 6 days ago
I mean they're pretty similar. Just replace warios gold mine with elon's cobalt mine. The labour conditions are about the same.
Hidbid 7 days ago
wait you can buy people now
moth goths
moth goths 8 days ago
Hi DaFuq
Niksor Spirez
Niksor Spirez 9 days ago
Imagine this without the laugh track
Narahari m v
Narahari m v 9 days ago
Tesla left the chat!
Luke Casio
Luke Casio 9 days ago
Jesus SNL is painfully unfunny when most of the time
RyanCR 9 days ago
Warios accent doesn't like wario
bminutes 9 days ago
Professional comedians doing youtube level humor
jpkjnn 9 days ago
The funniest thing about this sketch is the mean comments.
Samael 9 days ago
Fairy Girl
Fairy Girl 9 days ago
Grimes was also great lol
Fairy Girl
Fairy Girl 9 days ago
Neon 9 days ago
daddy elon wario
Quote 9 days ago
Inaccurate! Wario doesn't use child slaves to mine for his goods!
poyo 9 days ago
Omfg this is a disgrace to the Wario brothers and the Mario brothers shame on you SNL
Randomness Productions
Nintendo sees Mario on SNL: this is fine Nintendo sees Mario on SML: *u wot*
Randomness Productions
@That One Guy I wasn't talking about how good you think each show is, I was talking about how come Nintendo shoots down one, but not the other? Both have parodied Mario in an obviously adult orientated manner.
That One Guy
That One Guy 9 days ago
Both suck, both sml and snl hasn't been good in years
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