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Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story - That's Amore & Walk Hard: After trying his hand at pop covers, Dewey (John C. Reilly) discovers his original song may be a hit.
BUY THE MOVIE: www.fandangonow.com/details/movie/walk-hard-the-dewey-cox-story-2007/1MV2fc8d55663acda93988b9f050b012c6c?cmp=Movieclips_YT_Description
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Following a childhood tragedy, Dewey Cox (John C. Reilly) follows a long and winding road to music stardom. Dewey perseveres through changing musical styles, an addiction to nearly every drug known and bouts of uncontrollable rage, until finally, he wins the heart, but not necessarily the body, of his loyal backup singer, Darlene (Jenna Fischer).
TM & © Sony (2007)
Cast: Chris Parnell, Jack McBrayer, John C. Reilly, John Michael Higgins, Matt Besser, Tim Meadows
Director: Jake Kasdan
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Comments 80
Jason Denney
Jason Denney Day ago
If you think about it , he accidentally killed his brother , sacrificing him for fame !!! Gave the devil his due!
William Darkhölme
0:06 There reactions are priceless.
Tin Man
Tin Man 5 days ago
As hilarious as this movie was, this song was actually good. John C. Reilly can actually sing.
Debbie Nandalall
Debbie Nandalall 6 days ago
But the singing is on point! I need Mr. Riley to sing more.
King Tigrones
King Tigrones 7 days ago
i dotn trust any thiestic religion
Fishing With Eddie
Walk hard and then get arrested for exposure
Stephan Bruno
Stephan Bruno 9 days ago
Shadow Toons
Shadow Toons 10 days ago
So your telling me the motherF*cker cut his brother in half???
Sebs Ignat
Sebs Ignat 10 days ago
Both a songs are good albit for different crowds
Amini moose
Amini moose 12 days ago
"Your mother was wrong!"
DirtyDeeds469 13 days ago
They cut out the part where the red head girl says he walks so hard well I would plow the readahead silly
Otto von Bismarck
Otto von Bismarck 13 days ago
Never forget there is a jude behind every window controlling your chances at advancing your life please them you please the world
RJDCR 14 days ago
JCR for Pres
J RM 15 days ago
This might be the worst movie I’ve ever seen
Just Talk
Just Talk 15 days ago
Studio Musicians: "Dewey we don't know this song..." Also Studio Musicians: (Instantly sings the backup lyrics)
RYK3R Official
RYK3R Official 11 days ago
Hey, they just followed his lead
rebeka talebi
rebeka talebi 16 days ago
In times like these you have to “walk hard.”
D Shack
D Shack 16 days ago
And after about two to three seconds the guy likes the song already. 😂
Cheap Ship
Cheap Ship 16 days ago
The guys: we don’t know the song Also the guys: *starts singing along*
fishy2002 16 days ago
Paul James Brady
Paul James Brady 16 days ago
The wrong kid died
Zangetsu Gaming101
Zangetsu Gaming101 17 days ago
0:35 : Theres nothing you can do 2:49 : they be dancin 3:24 : Except "THAT" guy
Zangetsu Gaming101
Zangetsu Gaming101 17 days ago
0:44 , serious mode activated
Mattias Crowe
Mattias Crowe 18 days ago
Comedy legends behind playing the upright bass and the drums, double take on chris parnell
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 18 days ago
Here is a perfect example of giving people second chances
Finnix 18 days ago
His hairstyle reminds me of Ritchie Valens
James Sillas
James Sillas 18 days ago
Basically a Jewish adaptation of walk the line😂
E-MAN 19 days ago
I didn’t think the first song was bad
VoyageOne1 19 days ago
Ross Robinson should've told Fred Durst this when they decided to record "Faith"....
david webb
david webb 20 days ago
You're stupid, Jerry
Matt W
Matt W 21 day ago
What could it possibly hoit?
What Mimi Sez
What Mimi Sez 23 days ago
All who make fun of Johnny Cash will burn in the eternal fires of hell
StageLined 25 days ago
The people who made Bohemian Rhapsody needed to watch this movie
Makani 29 days ago
He walks so hard!
roger smith
roger smith 29 days ago
so jews brought persvision into music? was it talmudic? hahahaha
Chef MatSeg
Chef MatSeg Month ago
Dewey is incredible! Best version of that's amore 👌
Charles Warren
Charles Warren Month ago
He dripped LSD with the Beatles. Then he got on PCP and turned over a car the middle of the street.
John A.
John A. Month ago
I hear the train a coming
ahceda09 Month ago
Way before Simon Cowell
The Goons Fishing
I love this song
Steve Wolfe
Steve Wolfe Month ago
This and cow bells is epic...
Litty Boi
Litty Boi Month ago
Dean Martin 😳
Dirk Pierce
Dirk Pierce Month ago
I'm Hard right now just listening to that song!!!!!!🤣 Mommie heeeeelp!!!!
Zach Tracy
Zach Tracy Month ago
But when did the Skeletons come to Life?
donniesmith333 Month ago
Loved Jerry Smith in this episode of interdimensional cable. Actual real surgeon Beth must be jealous
Jody Schmuckatelli
Egon Spangler became all devout and traditional
Jimmy Jhoners
Jimmy Jhoners Month ago
Old movies are pretty good
Joe The incredible
A cheap knockoff of walk the line
Mr Critical
Mr Critical 14 days ago
It’s a parrots
Hard to Handle wedding band entertainment
Nice parody of how people tthink it works.
Hard to Handle wedding band entertainment
Nice parody of how people tthink it works.
YYDROJ 2 months ago
Slowbro 2 months ago
Wrong kid died
Lincoln Moanei
Lincoln Moanei 2 months ago
Rocky road
McK USA 2 months ago
I hated this movie the first few times I watched it. (I lived with with stoners who watched it on repeat for a week.) Now it's my religion.
GrandiaKnight 2 months ago
3:07 . Kenneth is immortal!
Toby Dammit
Toby Dammit 2 months ago
“Lechaiem I’ll do it for you” lol thats the jewish guys name
sunnyztmoney Month ago
Iron Cross666
Iron Cross666 2 months ago
Walk Hard!!! Love this Movie
JJMM33 2 months ago
The wrong kid died
Zanda 2 months ago
Is this movie like a parody of walk the line?
Eric O'Connell
Eric O'Connell Month ago
Yes and the Ray Charles movie "Ray"
Mario 2 months ago
Yep. Hilarious movie
Q 2 months ago
Hey it's bald guy from Seinfeld!
Dan Hodgson
Dan Hodgson 2 months ago
I use “you’ve failed conclusively” in my everyday speech
Stank Nugget
Stank Nugget 7 days ago
Aaron D She says it to me, too.
Aaron D
Aaron D 9 days ago
My mom says it to me every morning.
YUP !!!
YUP !!! 2 months ago
" Your mother was wrong!"
bobs UrUncle
bobs UrUncle 2 months ago
When they came in with the harmonies and knew the lyrics, I laughed so hard I hars a coughing fit!
Fantastic Films
Fantastic Films 2 months ago
This is just ridiculous. I love it
Double Dose
Double Dose 2 months ago
"Heres Americas new hit song recorded just 35 minutes ago"
Kons37 Flyingreapper
Double Dose that’s an record I reckon
jackdaniel holt-ellison
it's caleb the cannibal
Pingers Bingers
Pingers Bingers 2 months ago
3:06 His presence ruins it...
jedi182 2 months ago
RIP Harold Ramis
Virus Of Death
Virus Of Death 2 months ago
Wrong kid died!
ZoeQuinnIsAMurderer 2 months ago
For people who never experienced the 50's- they did a remarkable job with that diner scene. Every photo I see of that era shows horney teens dancing in a diner.
B_ 5hannn
B_ 5hannn 2 months ago
Pretty sure this is supposed to be a parody of walk the line
Robert Parkreiner
Robert Parkreiner 22 days ago
Big brain
Casper Widd
Casper Widd 2 months ago
best amore version ever
xmypantsx 2 months ago
“Uh, maybe it was a wrong song choice?”
Gabriel Schleifer
Gabriel Schleifer 2 months ago
I know it's supposed to sound corny, but this is actually a really cute version!
majer gamer505
majer gamer505 2 months ago
This is the best parody movie I've ever saw
M???????? A???????
M???????? A??????? 2 months ago
The song was an instant hit in just 35 minutes 😂
Sullivan Dmitry
Sullivan Dmitry 2 months ago
Walk the line is still the best of the musical biopics
LastFanStanding12 3 months ago
I feel like they wrote this scene (as a parody of Walk the Line) and then wrote the rest of the movie.
Zac Monarch
Zac Monarch 3 months ago
Anyone remember the movie the river wild..when I saw that I never thought John c rielly would be in such funny stuff
Carolina Barboza
Carolina Barboza 3 months ago
I actually really like this version of "That's Amore"
René Gutiérrez Velilla
@Young Vacuum just shut up.
Anthony Ramsey
Anthony Ramsey Month ago
@Young Vacuum He didn't misspell "thank you" he misspelled "thanks." You do realize that "thanks" is an actual word, right? *
Anthony Ramsey
Anthony Ramsey Month ago
@A Not So Cool Guy thanks*
A Not So Cool Guy
@Anthony Ramsey thx
Anthony Ramsey
Anthony Ramsey Month ago
@A Not So Cool Guy then*
Adrian Medina
Adrian Medina 3 months ago
"I think it was a wrong song choice.." Haha ya'think!? This movies awsome.
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