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Waging war against a modder and his army of cops in gta 5 online!
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Dec 4, 2019




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Comments 60
Michael Williams
Michael Williams 2 days ago
Ik this not funny but 8:27 xpert predicted George Floyd death
TDOT 4 days ago
bro in the beginning why the rockets sound like fortnite?🙆🏾‍♂️
Colton Miller
Colton Miller 5 days ago
Dude I thought of something crazy or highly impossible try get a modder to give you a rocket launcher but as a mini gun if that even possible
sevensins0 6 days ago
Mantasarul Elahi
Mantasarul Elahi 6 days ago
9:21 Kevin: should we go off the radar and just like destroy everybody... RUvid Fans: isn't that what you do all the time?
Theredpurge 13 days ago
He’s also a try hard with the MK2 Heavy Sniper
Theredpurge 13 days ago
I love of whenever he falls it’s like he acts like it’s real & getting hurt
Jerome Rowland
Jerome Rowland 20 days ago
Xpert is the Goat of gta 5 they needed modders an invincible cops to kill this man and they still lost the war😦
Denver Allen
Denver Allen 29 days ago
We be going ham on Instagram
Lemmy Verlé
Lemmy Verlé Month ago
Lol i also always get in wars in that area in gta on ps3 i dont like that
Frozen Potato
Frozen Potato Month ago
he hacks too
Al capone Brazzini
Brother play a gta 5 arena war
Vaibhav Tamer
Vaibhav Tamer Month ago
That snipe was dope
Xdlayton83 A
Xdlayton83 A Month ago
How else is singing money 💰 in the bag
MrBeffBoss Month ago
GG xpert... Maybe i will see you again in another session ;)
Ring John
Ring John Month ago
Okay, You guys didn't see anything
Medardo Pinos
Medardo Pinos Month ago
pinchi stoner
pinchi stoner Month ago
Ayo love your vids bro keep up the work 😂u funny asff man
Jerry Month ago
8:27 who's here after George floyd death and heard him say that
Fiona Murray
Fiona Murray Month ago
Mohammed Salah
Mohammed Salah Month ago
8:26 "I can't breathe"
Rohan Kumar
Rohan Kumar Month ago
I noticed that aswell
MaximilElon Mus
MaximilElon Mus Month ago
Jay Allen
Jay Allen 2 months ago
Well this seems relevant now
Ahmad Altway
Ahmad Altway 2 months ago
8:27 “i cant breathe, i cant breathe” sound familiar?
MaximilElon Mus
MaximilElon Mus Month ago
dented aclete
dented aclete 2 months ago
Emperor Brotatoe
Emperor Brotatoe 2 months ago
6:55 Mega L
AP0110 _ SkYH1GH
AP0110 _ SkYH1GH 2 months ago
4:48 golf club to da balls
TheOG Knight
TheOG Knight 2 months ago
4:35 he get launched so hi then hits the ground he was still fine lol
The Casual ATV Guy
The Casual ATV Guy 2 months ago
Hey I'm down for goofing off in videos. Once I get a really fast super car I will resume jumping mountains. I'm noobsmcduck on PC
Mr pink
Mr pink 2 months ago
I subscribed for that quick shot 😂
quihlz 3 months ago
Shoot the little propeller in the back of the helicopter and it disables the while thing, also look up how to get God mode speedo, it would be a great vid
Francisco Tabares
Francisco Tabares 3 months ago
There's a modder who is changing the time
YNE Lox 3 months ago
Brooooooo whats your controls keybinds can anyone help
IllIlilIllI -_-
IllIlilIllI -_- 4 months ago
pc: modders PS4: lots of tryhards and sime glichers XBOX: i have no idea becouse i dnot have one someone tell me what happense
Nathaniel GReennagh
Nathaniel GReennagh 3 months ago
Same as PS4.
Amiri Terry
Amiri Terry 4 months ago
How do some of the weapons on the weapon wheel have yellow or red?
Gavin Dionisio
Gavin Dionisio 4 months ago
Left a like for the snipe
Gtafan95 4 months ago
Those invincible cops in the helicopter remember me of the Police Maverick in Vice City. Let me explain. In Vice City, on rare occassions the Police Maverick that chases you is invincible and it keeps following you even after you die or get busted. It's heavy stuff!
funboy1492 4 months ago
Hey do u also play on the ps4?
TheEraXO 4 months ago
10:35 Kevin gets distracted like how dory would from finding Nemo
Andrew Gooderham
Andrew Gooderham 4 months ago
These kind of videos makes me farts really wet
Chris Banda
Chris Banda 4 months ago
this one had some icy kills
Israel Diaz
Israel Diaz 4 months ago
Is this on 360 or ps3
thonytadino 4 months ago
Caleb Raley
Caleb Raley 4 months ago
Kills like 4 people flawless in a buzzard, dies to a bridge and a pole right after
MattGamesNow YT
MattGamesNow YT 4 months ago
I had to deal with an army of modders yesterday 😭 they were all bullies saying I’m a five year old moron and a prick
CraftyForBots-_- 5 months ago
I love how the rockets sound like fortnite ones
Alan Chavez
Alan Chavez 5 months ago
1:22 he crashed so hard that it turned day
tom house
tom house 5 months ago
He got shot behind a wall.
Jake Cobb
Jake Cobb 5 months ago
What is the outro song called
Ruby Kisner
Ruby Kisner 5 months ago
Left a like for the quickscope
i will devour your soul
sup xpert
Como tienes ese logo en la camiseta es tu crew? Esta hermoso
Herbert Wallace
Herbert Wallace 5 months ago
Nice sniper shot
Dozha Deville
Dozha Deville 5 months ago
2:56 If I stand still he won't see me...
LOCKDOWN 6 months ago
Expert: oh someone's car Proceeds to place a bomb on it
GBblocks179 6 months ago
Xpert is like a cop They say stay down as they continue to kill you
John Marston
John Marston 6 months ago
Lol love it when you crashed man. Love ur videos man keep the good work up man peace out homie
BRAVOITSME 6 months ago
Lol nobody gonna day anything how the night just turned to day like that
Mickxd 6 months ago
The rocket from that helicopter sounds like the fortnite rocket launcher. I don’t play fortnite anymore but I played it and it sounds pretty much the same
Dillion Wardell
Dillion Wardell 6 months ago
xpert love your videos
WillTheNarwhal 6 months ago
how do u get colored mags
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