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Waging war against a modder and his army of cops in gta 5 online!
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Dec 4, 2019




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Comments 726
Dillion Wardell
Dillion Wardell 3 days ago
xpert love your videos
WillTheNarwhal 6 days ago
how do u get colored mags
Questioning Bee
Questioning Bee 14 days ago
What gun are you using that allows you to scope in and out (the sniper)?
DocToxic TF2
DocToxic TF2 14 days ago
10:50 HAHAHA
Leo Garmiani
Leo Garmiani 14 days ago
How can all your guns shoot explosions
Marawan Said
Marawan Said 16 days ago
Can u plz lower the price of your merch because my parents said if the merch is 25 dollars they will buy me it and i really want the hoodie
Toni Macaroni
Toni Macaroni 18 days ago
I had the invincible heli once to and I just flipped it over using explosives
gaming basel cat
gaming basel cat 20 days ago
Jonathon Clark
Jonathon Clark 20 days ago
So if you play online go with ps5 or PC i own a xbox so i it is not worth getting a xbox
Jonathon Clark
Jonathon Clark 20 days ago
if xbox one as a disc insert that don't mean can play it offline like people think
Jonathon Clark
Jonathon Clark 20 days ago
Don't buy xbox one
Trevor Estrada
Trevor Estrada 21 day ago
8:05 man this pisses me off every time I’m trying to walk on a ledge and the characters decide they aren’t finished walking
TheREALSaiyan 24 days ago
7:33 voice of an angel 😂
Coolio170 25 days ago
Say we’ve been going ham and ham a gram
GxoTokyo 26 days ago
This Video Is Underrated ⚡️
lamar barnes
lamar barnes 27 days ago
Hold on u went ghost in a buzzeer i thought u couldnt
CreeperCake 29 days ago
Why do u use the Fortnite rpg sound effect? 😂 Edit: And the sniper sound
MaximumGecko _
MaximumGecko _ 29 days ago
What’s with the fortnite sound effects?
Ricardo Chavez
Ricardo Chavez Month ago
I think since he's a modder it wouldn't be fair
Allie O
Allie O Month ago
Allie O
Allie O Month ago
The way he hit his head that was bad and funny😂😂😂😂
tysheem Hood
tysheem Hood Month ago
Allie O when he blew himself up lol that sound effect was funnier than it should have been 😭😭
Under DarKX
Under DarKX Month ago
Doggie Doge
Doggie Doge Month ago
Btw not cops groupée sehs in helicopter aka call merryweather then ask for chopper support it will be them.
Doggie Doge
Doggie Doge Month ago
It’s easy o get hacks in any server my friend he has never wanted on and is useing cop mods
Logan Neeley
Logan Neeley Month ago
The editing makes your vids so much better
Stephen Miles Taylor
I hate mod in game
- Blessiin -
- Blessiin - Month ago
1:24 He got hit so hard he flew to daylight on that bike lmao 😂
Gatis Month ago
7:49 that was good
skyler Rodrigues
It also started snowing and in gta it doesnt start snowing until later in December not December 4th
James Reaper
James Reaper Month ago
These are the best videos Xpert you just running and gunning all over creating chaos.
Grim Diciigram
Grim Diciigram Month ago
Luv u ✖️pert thief
Blessiings_ x
Blessiings_ x Month ago
Outro song 🔥 🔥 🔥
Basketball Life
Basketball Life Month ago
That halo voice over was awesomely it brings back memories
Lets make It happen
6:55 “ YELLOW ITS TIME TO” Xpert: (Kills himself) ........................
Felipelity Month ago
Report this hacker and cheater, griefer lord with social club ID- emiboss12
rimix 360
rimix 360 Month ago
Yes Kevin we TOTALLY didn't see you blast yourself with your own rocket launcher 😂 (I laughed So hard when that happened)
HBK D2SLUTTY Month ago
Dat song at da end was hittin
38 lynx
38 lynx Month ago
theres modders are back noooo
brooklyn Month ago
~ Trap someone in the van and take them to the nudist camp ~
YOUNG XT Month ago
That is very bad parkour
Jayy H
Jayy H Month ago
Hey Xpert, bring back a little bit of the gta RP please ! It was so hilarious trolling people !
LebronGTA Month ago
As soon as i saw “Booty has activated ghost organisation” i was like nope back into my apartment. 😂😂
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna Month ago
LebronGTA u were in his game?
WeezyFDiamond Month ago
what the name of your crew on the ps4
cartoons tv
cartoons tv Month ago
get everyone in the back of Titan and jump from titan at mid air
Joe Blow
Joe Blow Month ago
Tyler Troutt
Tyler Troutt Month ago
See if you can put the bat mobile in back of a cargobob and go off radar and fly it to yatch 😂
yze 126
yze 126 Month ago
Get evey body to get a scramjet and go to the military base and see how long u can survive
BlitzSpace Month ago
Xpert sorry for killing you with mods I was the guy that killed you with 5 bullets you said in the ballistic armor I’m a really big fan bro and keep up the good work
michael _2xx
michael _2xx Month ago
For real that was you that's cool
Ok there are 666 comments so I will make it 667 so it won’t be scary
wind of fjords
wind of fjords Month ago
Ttv_ Yt
Ttv_ Yt Month ago
add me on xbox one to play gta"extrakiller3455"
TheRealDeal Month ago
Yeah I really do got to leave a like for that shot
Travis B
Travis B Month ago
Xpert - "Should we go off the radar and just destroy everybody?" Absolutely Everyone - "YES Xpert, the answer to that question is ALWAYS yes!"
Trayvelle Jackson
Kevin makes Gta V so fun but in real life it’s boring sometimes 🤣🤣
BMW Slayer
BMW Slayer Month ago
He looks like KSI
Lil Chunni
Lil Chunni Month ago
Bro u should do more gta rp vids man
Who misses juice wrld ? Rip juice wrld may he rest in peace :( I'll miss his great music
Solo Gamer
Solo Gamer Month ago
I left a like for that legendary snipe😁
klf wade
klf wade Month ago
You should get the cargo and use it to to get a tractor and kidnap people
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