[VRChat] The Great Family Friendly Challenge! (Funny Moments)

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A new challenge! I have to be family friendly for an entire four hours, am I able to do it?
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Sep 23, 2018

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Comments 1 530
Galadriel Godriforth
Whoa! You sound civilized.
The Greatest person alive
He goes to shonzos jiggly heaven for a family friendly challenge Retard alert retard alert kids
Vanessa Williams
Vanessa Williams 4 days ago
I like how hazzard was being a complete troll
shadow rider
shadow rider 5 days ago
Saying hell is not a bad word
Muffin plays Standoff
Hmmm why nadition is there :3
Updated 7 days ago
my mwa mwa sade hell not bad wrd haha
nightmare luna
nightmare luna 10 days ago
I like the end when you went ALL OUT ONE THEM it was so funny I couldn't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂
yoona 10 days ago
5:11 the double take
krimit the frog
krimit the frog 20 days ago
I wish he lost
Novi Erwin
Novi Erwin 21 day ago
was it full of trash? *_or is it full of bitches that can't keep their legs closed?_*
Novi Erwin
Novi Erwin 21 day ago
Kokoro _
Kokoro _ 25 days ago
I saw naddition and greigh happinessss
The True believer//RonanTTb
The True believer//RonanTTb
when you had 3 strikes you said damn so your 4th strike was ur fifth so u lost either way
ItsKP Bianca
ItsKP Bianca 28 days ago
Wait haven't he notice that flaretheunknown is there? But maybe there friends....IDK....
Ian McKellar
Ian McKellar 29 days ago
4:18 to 4:27 is pretty much my entire life
Kokoro _
Kokoro _ 29 days ago
It’s kinda easy to do the challenge. Just don’t talk. Don’t respond to anyone, and go somewhere unpopular.
Black Cat
Black Cat Month ago
Nothing I love more than watching a man slowly loosing his sanity
Nord SMITE_607
Nord SMITE_607 Month ago
macrackle I've done this before with my whole school (cause we all decided to play a VRchat for the last day of school because it was last day and we are allowed to play any game on the last day of school) but anyway I feel your pain man of being chased by the whole VRchat room
Lil Poptart
Lil Poptart Month ago
i thought he was going to pull a chandler
Tong & Jing
Tong & Jing Month ago
I sweared for the whole time when i was watching this
Lunar kun Play
Lunar kun Play Month ago
I'm his maid because my name is Candice lol I'm coming now
Milk Tea & Matcha Boba
Nadd was in here saying poor little Bebe
bob_da_ temmie
bob_da_ temmie Month ago
3:10 Did anyone notice Naddition and Greigh?
Brady Flockton
Brady Flockton Month ago
I’d lose this challenge so bad
TheRoboticpanda Gaming
In 2019 and watched end game and macrackle made an end game reference to the movie it’s mind blowing!!! Quote “We are in the ENDGAME now!” At 12:48
Midnight playz 101
Dan Jhaffer Desembrana
Hey look its grieng from nadditions crew :D
soJI choi
soJI choi Month ago
you did it see it not so bad at all it fine but you som kid watch this rigth there like 1-12 yreans old rinht
trainmanofspace Month ago
And here we have a anime looking character thats going insane over being family friendly
DJacob 1300
DJacob 1300 Month ago
Random poor guy: what’s a harem? Internet: You are the dumbest human being to ever exist, how could you not know what that is Me: *leaves before anyone notices I look up what it is*
Jaiden Bratis
Jaiden Bratis Month ago
When Mackrackle goes HMMMMMMMMMMM it sounds like he is shitting out a Melon
Addye K.
Addye K. Month ago
I know this is VERY late but my friends and I are trying to go a week with family friendly words and jokes. Wish us luck!!
Clover Gacha
Clover Gacha Month ago
You should have worn bootie shorts with those thigh highs
andy the ghoul
andy the ghoul Month ago
someone please make a gif out 11:21-- 11:38 and put a link in the chat
andy the ghoul
andy the ghoul Month ago
Strike 1 : 2:23 - 2:32 Strike 2 : 4:43 - 4:45 Strike 3 : 5:33 - 5:44 Strike 4 : 11:02 Strike 5 : 12:22 - 12:28 Strike 6 : 14:12 you lose @Macrackle
Eyeless Eclipse
Eyeless Eclipse 2 months ago
5:20 XD that laugh was amazing
sean gutman
sean gutman 2 months ago
3:10 when you nut and she dont stop sucking
userdroid1 [Gaming And Tutorials]
Am I the only one that notice that Greith and Naddition were playing
itz _MinMin
itz _MinMin 2 months ago
Am i the only one that fell inlove with this youtuber's voice? 💕 (anyone?😂)
Gacha Wofie Games 2034
I died from laughing he sounded so relieved when he was allowed to swear and all that again xD
リンちゃまーP 2 months ago
funny thing ya mention crayons and coloring books cause, "Coloring" was like the code word my family would use for sex when talking around little ears.
Wheatly’s Mod
Wheatly’s Mod 2 months ago
at the end you sounded like morty when we went mad
Pinkie Gacha
Pinkie Gacha 2 months ago
*B E G O N E T H O T S*
JirenFP 2 months ago
Le Gen Dary
Le Gen Dary 2 months ago
16:31 me when my parents are finally gone home and i could swear to my friends
PiperPie 2 months ago
4 hours, i'd have trouble with 10 minutes
Fluffy Senpai - Gacha and More
I kind of want the thigh-high stockings. I already have a few, but they are not that high.
joseph jeow
joseph jeow 2 months ago
Oooo you say fuck hmm? You win no is 1minceie yeah you loser ok i sos you fuck alll today hahaahahahahahaahahahajajajajahahajaha you die im darkevil.exe i not say swear ok i win i not you hell you yeah you cant say no 3 siltk ok ahhahaahahhahahahah bye ......
Dj Duck
Dj Duck 2 months ago
Any time like * vacuum *
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