Volcano from Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Mirinda,Pepsi and Mentos Top Reaction

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#MyExperiments #Volcano #Reaction
Hello Friends, in this video I will show you reactions from different drinks and mentos.
Top Volcano Eruption
I hope you enjoyed the video !
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Comments 80
Marcel Maria
Marcel Maria 2 hours ago
australia: *burning* my experiments: *pours fairy in a sand hole*
sujata rai
sujata rai Day ago
nerumiann 326
Nacimzarem Halawi
kek ovechich
kek ovechich Day ago
5:43 я представил человека который верит в иноплянетян была бы умора
may boscan
may boscan 2 days ago
환경단체한테 한번 고발당해봐야 정신차릴려나 땅속에다가 뭔 지랄이냐?? 니들같은새끼때문에 지구가 썩고있다.
Dude... its DIET Coke u need
socrates boskos
socrates boskos 2 days ago
Unnessacery ecological damage. I hope youtube doesnt pay him a dime.
Cuộc sống quanh ta Vlog
Trò chơi thú vị
Mettaton 2 days ago
1:46 look at his hand dude
TwP 1438
TwP 1438 2 days ago
5:41 minecraft’s ghast in real life & flying popcorns This 7:11 also
Andrey K
Andrey K 3 days ago
Вот кому делать не@уй!))))) И мне, раз я это смотрю)))
Ires Rosales
Ires Rosales 3 days ago
Wow how do you do that? Mentos and what else?
本間智也 3 days ago
W-Shy boy-S
W-Shy boy-S 3 days ago
Is that a heart shape at 0:44
Colorado Cannabis
It's good to see the environment and kids today are so in touch
helios wong
helios wong 4 days ago
maybe H2SO4
Cristian Araujo Tático
Aonde eu vim parar nessa quarentena...
최재나 4 days ago
내가 맨날 천날 분리수거하면 뭐함...ㅜ이런사람들이 있는디
tao zeng
tao zeng 4 days ago
A second later he would have been caught in the “white thingy”
tao zeng
tao zeng 4 days ago
Oof a balloon
tao zeng
tao zeng 4 days ago
Oof he need to buy a lot of coke and that chewing gum
tao zeng
tao zeng 4 days ago
How satisfying
김치볶음밥 5 days ago
돈벌라고 별짓을 다하네;;
Doubleaa500 5 days ago
If you want to get liquid out of a bottle quickly then make a vortex in it then pour it out so the liquid and air can transfer in and out smoothly and evenly
JoshJazz01 5 days ago
5:20 it’s like a giant mushroom went airborne
Klà Nardy
Klà Nardy 5 days ago
Why do it in the ground? in this way you pollute .. do it in a container!
CoolGaming YT
CoolGaming YT 5 days ago
Kang Heekyung
Kang Heekyung 5 days ago
환경오염 생각좀하시길
Paulo Henrique
Paulo Henrique 5 days ago
c'os diabos já viram o que é beber uma cola e depois chupar um mentos?
0427ゼロ 5 days ago
DosneyPlace 5 days ago
9:00 me after Taco Bell
Josh Watford
Josh Watford 6 days ago
Now that's interesting.
김형준 6 days ago
너거집에서 해라 이새끼야
Gino Cage
Gino Cage 6 days ago
Cómo desperdician ésas cosas, va a llegar el momento que ni.pasta de dientes vamos a tener
Sebastian Dr. Queck
Anyone these days eating any mentos. 2 years production of mentos bought by this guy for experiments....the freshmaker. glad he doesnt use toilet paper at the moment.....
こじうど 6 days ago
막창에소주 6 days ago
5:45 고추닮았다
Fanya fuckinggreenman
заебали вы со своей рекламой по 10 секунд
sʟᴜsʜ・ 6 days ago
Use diet Coke it works like 10x better. And people actually drink regular coke 😑
Vivan Rai
Vivan Rai 6 days ago
Please dont let all that foam float away so easily.... It might be harmful to birds or some other creatures
HyeonSeok Seong
HyeonSeok Seong 6 days ago
Imagine what will be happen, if they are reacting each other in your stomach.🤪
Steven Ray
Steven Ray 6 days ago
Imagine if it just kept growing and ate the world
머시라꼬 6 days ago
이게 모야
Sparks 51
Sparks 51 6 days ago
mentos and coke = big mess!
早乙女勇 7 days ago
「?」🤔 ?の液体ってなんだろう
scott d
scott d 7 days ago
dude just made clouds !!!
scott d
scott d 7 days ago
hole in ground::::: GROUND ZERO !
Joao Paulo Berardi
Oq e aquele liquido que ele joga???
나는너실삼 7 days ago
유튜브 조회수에 미쳐서 환경 파괴도 아무렇지 않게 하고...
Hector Rosas
Hector Rosas 7 days ago
Anybody know what liquid could have been used
Bennie GFX
Bennie GFX 7 days ago
5:38 ight imma head out
Yuriy S.
Yuriy S. 7 days ago
What's was the last ingredient?
thefivepoints 7 days ago
Whats the other ingredient they'rr adding other than Fanta/Coke/7Up/Mentos that they're not telling us?
Jay G
Jay G 7 days ago
It's vinegar he uses ain't it ???
太郎横浜 7 days ago
lipis born
lipis born 7 days ago
do not to use coke pls.. waste money
渡邉悠斗 7 days ago
Is it hot? Im Japanese.
Trenhoitfoot Gaming
Ребята Кто не знает что за магическая вода, это обыкновенный уксус 😎 пожалуйста
Arthur Galimullin
А пишут, что перикись)
Myxomop110 Advanters
Кислота или разбавленный?
Александр Мишаков
и везде кола, ментос...фейри...а что за "секретная добавка"?????
Pillow Stars
Pillow Stars 4 days ago
Это вроде бы уксус
raveesh Srinivasan
Such waste man ..and to think so many people would have worked like dogs so that these guys can just waste it miserably
Пуся Васечкин
Перекись водорода, а порошок - скорее всего какая-нибудь борная кислота.
talha Sharif
talha Sharif 7 days ago
Why you wast this thing
챨리와 행복공장Charlie
Is there anybody who knows the substances(white powder and transparent liquid) in the experiments? I have no idea what they are.
Esmeralda Molinos
The amount of retardation in this comment section is shocking. People really believe that this guy's little experiment will have unrecoverable environmental changes that will cause Earth to stop working properly. These useful idiots are probably the same people who ask the government for communism via Twitter with their Iphones, making paragraphs complaining about people who eat meat while wearing a leather belt.
john denver
john denver 7 days ago
Should have done this on a mound of dirt for effect
( 5:16 ) PLEASE F****** EXPLAIN I AM SO F****** CONFUSED!
Andrew Bratos
Andrew Bratos 8 days ago
try some food color, snd see if you can force it through a small opening. good job
renan gameplays
renan gameplays 8 days ago
i want see they cleaning
1:42 カッターの使い方怖すぎやろ! そんなんやから手の甲が傷だらけになってるんやな(笑)
Matthew John Calaycay
Dr. Pimple Popper's biggest cyst of 2020
prototype zenon gamer
amazing i really like it
luca g.lisickza
luca g.lisickza 8 days ago
what is that clear liquid you put after the methos? thankz
luca g.lisickza
luca g.lisickza 7 days ago
@Corey Nunn thanks bro
Corey Nunn
Corey Nunn 8 days ago
Hydrogen peroxide
luca g.lisickza
luca g.lisickza 8 days ago
tf is mirinda?
Dovaogedy 8 days ago
''? '' what is this
Corey Nunn
Corey Nunn 8 days ago
Hydrogen peroxide
Adrien Genouvrier
You fool ?!
kiyan west
kiyan west 8 days ago
Idk if this is interesting or I’m just bored from staying inside with the virus going around
Chris Belrand
Chris Belrand 5 days ago
CoolGaming YT I was joking, but thanks for not being a prick. X
CoolGaming YT
CoolGaming YT 5 days ago
Chris Belrand you don’t need to know so please don’t panic and don’t touch your nose mouth or eyes and remember to wash your hands
Chris Belrand
Chris Belrand 6 days ago
What virus?
Jay G
Jay G 7 days ago
You me and everyone..were bored bro...lol wtf ..lol
FRAN HXC 8 days ago
Cuanto gasta este hombre al mes en Coca-Cola y mentoos jajajajajajaja
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