Volcanic lightning, impeachment, Australia bushfires: The Week in Pictures

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A look at the week's top photos from around the globe.

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Jan 17, 2020




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Comments 63
kevin williams
kevin williams Month ago
They had to turn off the HAARP machine. The instant rain and hail causing more problems. So the fires continue.
angelo pandan
angelo pandan Month ago
I think, Games of Throne will be filming in Taal Volcano for the new season and they don't need a green backdraft for editing, the area was too perfect. 😁
Economy2day Month ago
This is cool, 1 week updates much better
rodibremo Month ago
The pictures are denatured by a script much too big, much too big, much too big. Non?
Meow Month ago
The thumbnail is spectacular. Amazing photo😍
Denis Month ago
It's my favorite time of the day
Julius Villas
Julius Villas Month ago
A motion Magazine.
Danny Sullivan Music
This certainly has been an interesting year so far...
iz real
iz real Month ago
The century is off to a great start lol
s h
s h Month ago
Joel 2:30 30And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke.
Avetor UAC
Avetor UAC Month ago
WHO say drangon? i nofing see
Sallie Mae
Sallie Mae Month ago
Dear Jesus please calm down all the volcanoes on the world.Stabilize the earthquakes plates around the world.Douse the Australian fires with enough rain.Let all nations plant trees.May The Holy Spirit came upon all head of nations that all will be level headed take away their pride and consider the citizens that each nation serve.Jesus please make all nation dismantle their weapon of mass destruction and use these money to feed the poorest poor of your children.
s h
s h Month ago
Joel 2:30 30And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke.
Authentixz Month ago
Hello its youurrr daily dose of internet
Stephen Month ago
Mostly cgi and bullshit scam and hide behind kids. Joke fake news. Con.
Fix It
Fix It Month ago
The Power of Photophop can go a long way.Lol
Chase Month ago
So basically end of days?
Anna Month ago
God be kind to Australia we love them and all our creatures
Freeursoul Park
Freeursoul Park Month ago
That volcanic cloud straight out looks like Dragon head sticking out of sky.
Facts First
Facts First Month ago
This was caused by climate change, rite guize?
SUGAR XYLER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now quote something from Cinderella
s h
s h Month ago
@Pillar of TruthRevelation 12:12 Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.
Pillar of Truth
Pillar of Truth Month ago
Get ready folks, the dragon is on his way - he'll be here soon.
JPrime Month ago
It be scary out there 😔
شبار -أستغفر الله-
لللهم اللطف على كفرة الفجىرة
Ivares Kesner
Ivares Kesner Month ago
In other words the world is going to shit and we all have the privilege of watching it happen in 4 K.
Barbara Peehl
Barbara Peehl Month ago
Ther is no impeachment it is a lie, Donald Trump is the best President we every had amen. President for life the Lord pick him to be are lovely President
iz real
iz real Month ago
@Moore Mark liberals are crackheads tho?
Pillar of Truth
Pillar of Truth Month ago
Trump said son of a b**** this very day in front of college students. This man uses profanity like a drunken sailor despite the fact that God said put away all corrupt communication from your mouth. Donald Trump stood up in front of thousands of people and used God's name in vain multiple times. Donald Trump is speaking like the devil because he has the devil inside him
Moore Mark
Moore Mark Month ago
Clearly someone needs attention. Even a crack addict can see how fucked up Trump is.
parrotprodigy productions
Sorry, but he has been impeached by the House. Now the trial moves to the Senate.
stevie jongh
stevie jongh Month ago
NOT YOU Month ago
(((Soundafek))) Month ago
Volcanic lightning is spectacular.
Disaster Entertainment
Paul L. Munoz Actually no. Volcano lighting can be explained scientifically. Stop using god for what’s happening.
Paul L. Munoz
Paul L. Munoz Month ago
...but frightening in nature as an act of God.
Mark F
Mark F Month ago
End coming.....impeachment will be real soon. 666 coming ....
iz real
iz real Month ago
Impeachment? Are you talking about trump?
Pillar of Truth
Pillar of Truth Month ago
@Me Me we have been in a 40 year probation period that started November 1980 and will end November 2020 - soon after that the 7 year tribulation will begin. Now is the time to repent, yesterday, if not sooner.
Me Me
Me Me Month ago
Mark F nope unable to come to that conclusion not enough signs.
parrotprodigy productions
Warren's lying isn't "news". Just an extension of her normal behavior.
Brandon Vanlieshout
Anyone else taking a dump at this moment?
Facts First
Facts First Month ago
The volcanos are because of climate change right?
Logical Conservative anyway, volcano emissions are a minute fraction of what we humans deploy into our fragile atmosphere...dum dum
Facts First
Facts First Month ago
@John Marko It was a joke to make fun of leftists, dum dum.
John Marko
John Marko Month ago
No, the volcanoes are not “because” of climate change, however climate change can and will be affected because the volcano blew its top and is spewing harmful gases, dust and rock, and tiny particles of molten rock and sand that turns into microscopic glass particles that can quickly kill anyone or anything that breathes too much of it into their lungs.
Ivares Kesner
Ivares Kesner Month ago
Kind of like saying that guy who was shot at 4.15 pm in Brazil today didn't die due to reasons mostly caused by poverty and overpopulation. You cannot use one example to dismiss all the others. Nor can you dismiss repeated peer reviewed science because something somewhere happened for an unrelated reason.
David Baylon
David Baylon Month ago
Ask that troll Greta
Eric Frank
Eric Frank Month ago
Despite warrens worthy praise for hard work in her professional life, she’s shown low integrity in the public domain and stands only to lower the bar this election cycle. I’d rather Tulsi Gabbard or Kathleen Sebelius be on their way to a presidential nomination by a landslide
Simon Sozzi
Simon Sozzi Month ago
#CancelWarren...and Student Loan Debt #NotMeUs #BernieOrBust ✌🏼🥰🐛🍄🦋🌈💕🥰
Debbie Webbie
Debbie Webbie Month ago
Poor people and animals in Australia my heart breaks for all of them..
Average Boi
Average Boi Month ago
NOT YOU I think the only horrible here is you
NOT YOU Month ago
Animals are beautiful...human beings are horrible
Danny Month ago
That volcano better buy carbon credits!
warrock tutorials
WWIII great job trump🤬
warrock tutorials
Derp 27 i am flying trough the iran in 7 days to bali and im scared
jahseh onfroy
jahseh onfroy Month ago
Derp 27
Derp 27 Month ago
warrock tutorials he backed off on the military campaign so it’s safe to say we’re not going into WWIII, and no I don’t support him, I hate him as well
catalinacurio Month ago
And what week it was, generations of college students will write their dissertations on the politics of this week.
Jenny Hartnett
Jenny Hartnett Month ago
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