Vocal Coach Reacts to Beyoncé - SPIRIT (From Disney's "The Lion King")

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Hello Tarabytes,

I’m excited to present to you my latest reaction!
I hope you enjoy it :)
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-Tara Simon

Published on


Jul 30, 2019




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Comments 820
Tara Simon Studios
Tara Simon Studios 11 months ago
THE ONLINE SINGING COURSE is available now with TARA SIMON!! 56 Daily Video Lessons to take your voice from Good to Great!! Check it out at: tarasimonstudios.com/ssnh2.0
SD_03 Daniel
SD_03 Daniel 6 months ago
You need to do “Bigger” next
Alec Obel
Alec Obel 5 days ago
5:36 part is the failure of the song
iago07 20 days ago
Beyoncé was snubbed for the Oscar. PERIODT.
marc chesley
marc chesley Month ago
The problem I have with your reaction is you are a vocal coach by what credential I don't know. But you compliment her outfits and things but you don't see this as a memorable song. This is a subjective thought and you are entitled to that. But my question is why have you not tried to pursue a music career since you are a vocal coach and can read music? I heard your imitation of Whitney Houston's IWALY and I was not impressed it was average but nothing memorable that stood out. You are just another imitator who tried her best to duplicate an anointed singer and fell short! No feeling no emotion at all. So again I say why aren't you a singer with a career?
Queen T.L.Interaction
Hi I wanted to know how you avoided being copyrighted on this video?
Zimber ManVir
Zimber ManVir 2 months ago
So it was perfectly flawless.
Kyee Young
Kyee Young 4 months ago
I don't think the song is memorable to you because it wasn't meant for you. No offense.
Jubilee 5 months ago
Her lows are so good because she got that deep Houston TX accent 😁
Shakira Writes
Shakira Writes 5 months ago
Do other side by beyonce
Ruby Munoz
Ruby Munoz 7 months ago
5:41 “Ok.” !!???????? No. AMAZING.... Beyoncé’s range is incredible
Breeze MkHael
Breeze MkHael 8 months ago
Random Request: can you REACT to Candace Glover "Lovesong" from American Idol. It's one of my FAVORITE vocal performances and I don't see any other vocal coaches reacting to it. It's old (like 2012 or 2013) but it's definitely worth a listen! Amazing vocaaaals!
lioness19able 9 months ago
No disrespect but you don't know what the song represents. It's beyond your understanding because this represents the African Spirit. It's actually way deeper than you can see because you don't know the background. Just do a little bit of research and then revisit the video and song. That song means something different to people of African descent and ppl who understand Beyonce'. Keep up the great work.
Katlo 11 months ago
Please reach to OTHERSIDE. ❤️
Suzan Lasley
Suzan Lasley Year ago
How much is Beyonce's team paying you to "react" to her "vocals"? Having a vocal coach "react" is another angle in her Public Relations stategies. Hmmm.
Suzan Lasley
Suzan Lasley Year ago
AS USUAL self-entitled Beyonce' STOLE IDEAS for the Spirit video from @rharha_nembhard. Petite Noir - La Maison Noir (Extended) | OFFICIAL VIDEO ruvid.net/video/video-hMoVH1pv5gg.html
This is the ending song for her movie/music visual ‘Black is King’. You honestly have to hear her whole album. I wouldn’t say that this was suppose to be the ‘big song’.
Gabriel Verdan
Girl what is your range? You can do Beyoncé’s lowest notes like ?????? How?
Ray Parker Jr
Ray Parker Jr Year ago
I find whenever I do riffs/runs I tend to lend on the first always longer.
alethea m.
alethea m. Year ago
"She wraps your ear in this great blanket of sound..."
i kept on coming back to this reaction because you are very quick at catching those notes..well done
Aly Year ago
She didn't mention Blue ivy... Please tell me she knows blue.
Zenpea Year ago
Your hair looks like Son SeungYeon's in her performance of "I am wind". Please react to it!
Aura Reid
Aura Reid Year ago
Excellent observations. I noticed the same things as well and I can't speak the technical language in the same way that you do but I completely agree with all of your points (all of the glows and all of the grows). Nice work TS 👍🏾
TrellBeyLike Year ago
Hey Tara could you react to Bigger visual by Beyoncé.
Molokwu Chinonso
She never reacted to Bigger or Otherside 🥺🥺
Suzette Bartels
She is like another Freddy mercury that only comes one on earth R.I.P Freddy 😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢
She costumes are representing African goddesses. Yellow for Oshun goddess of love, fertility and sensuality. The blue for Yemaya goddess of water.
Tara Simon Studios
Oh wow! thanks for sharing!
Mariah Smith
Mariah Smith Year ago
Listen to tori kelly
nn Year ago
i know you heard her say savage
Eileen Tang
Eileen Tang Year ago
more beyoncé!
Jaric Lorde
Jaric Lorde Year ago
Ok song ? Guhhhhhhh this is art
Jaric Lorde
Jaric Lorde Year ago
Queen of vocals 🗣
Murphy Year ago
The other songs she was in were more memorable... Bigger is definitely better than Spirit writing wise
Oliver Year ago
I agree with everything also that Spirit was not the primal choice imo. Bigger is so much better.
Taynan Paiva
Taynan Paiva Year ago
Hi! I love to work! Subtitule in portuguese please!
Omega Thornton
REALLY I LOVE THIS SONG ...maybe it’s a black thing maybe you just don’t understand.
kristin vaha
kristin vaha Year ago
Love that song!!! 🥰
The besttt🔥🐝👑👑👑👑👑
Dan Llyod Sambajon
Bey is one of the genius singer I know.
Daniele Di Lorenzo
Sthandile Mpanza
I love your voice 😍😍
Vocal Beast
Vocal Beast Year ago
Plz react to demi anyone
Please react to the second part called bigger by Beyoncé 😍😍
Daniel Tillman
When simba roared I got chills
ThatGuyyZeus Year ago
Please read the words with out the music.
Robert Johnson
Please react to Latoya Luckett: Back 2 Life and KeKe Wyatt: Back to you
London Black
London Black Year ago
Did she say Savage
Jayden Ozoemena
5:31 - 5:36 LOL i love her reaction
Shawna Oliver
Shawna Oliver Year ago
wow youre amazing!!
Duane Gonzaga
Duane Gonzaga Year ago
Hi Tara! I love your videos and also your lessons when reacting to live videos! Can you react to Beyoncé's City of Hope Gala where she sang Schubert's Ave Maria and a new arrangement for Halo? Thank youuuu! ♥️
Duane Gonzaga
Duane Gonzaga Year ago
@Tara Simon Studios yay! I've already DM'd you the link 😊
Tara Simon Studios
Totally! DM me a link on Instagram!!
DT_General Zod
i know nothing about high level vocal stuff, but i watched this video to the end and enjoyed it... wow!! YOU'RE GOOD!
ayee rogers
ayee rogers Year ago
React to beyonce spirit acapella it’s so much better!!!
Nicolas Saint Clark
tara please review otherside
Vrndavan Das Arzadon
Please react to Rachelle Ann Go , "Rise Up"
julia redward
julia redward Year ago
bigger >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> spirit
Ruthie Morris
Ruthie Morris Year ago
It’s the spirit of it, there is a movement of black people re-connecting. I get goosebumps every word and the video.
Diego Augusto
Diego Augusto Year ago
shamunka Year ago
Because it’s African.... for us it is EVERYTHING
jas tennis
jas tennis Year ago
Hello wardrobe!❤❤
jas tennis
jas tennis Year ago
Can you please react to Beyonce' at Hope Gala!!!!PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE!❤❤❤
Dragon Magick21
Dragon Magick1776 Jazmine Sullivan does wonderful runs, riffs and deep to high notes. Tori Kelly also does wonderful runs and everything else.
Dragon Magick21
Here's a not so oldie song that you might enjo Tara. ruvid.net/video/video-f3BRpyB5ayw.html Lisa Fischer 'How can I ease the pain'. This is the album version, but there's a live version and the note is even higher.
Anne Day
Anne Day Year ago
I appreciate the fact that you pointed out that Spirit was an underwhelming *song* while still having an outstanding vocal performance. Beyoncé's vocals and arrangement really elevated it from meh to good. I wish she didn't insist on cowriting all her own music. With great songwriters she could have had a really anthemic power balad like Listen (from Dreamgirls) but with her current musicality and vocal maturity and THAT would have been incredible. (And while I know many people will say she *did* cowrite Listen, her contribution to that song was so miniscule that she was not included in consideration as one of the three main cowriters the year it was nominated for an Oscar. Make of that what you will)
Samuel Lourand
Mariah carey!!!!
Manu Villacarillo
Tara saying that spirit is an "Okay" song is legit, "Bigger" is by far the best one in the album, lyrically and sonically
Daniel Myles
Daniel Myles Year ago
Honestly spirit is great but Bigger from the same soundtrack is better.
MH Designs PH
MH Designs PH Year ago
Please react to BEYONCE SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW. Its super awesome, simple singing and just pure vocals. :) ruvid.net/video/video-cu_O6y04-TU.html
Nathan Creek
Nathan Creek Year ago
Her deep parts in this were just teasing us that she didn't cover Shadowland for the movie because her voice would have suited all those low notes so well
Just Journals By Anon
elton john doesn't like the song either....they should have kept the same song as the original
sagalindhe Year ago
I'm sorry, but I didn't like Beyoncé's voice as one of the characters for the movie
Shari Eddington
Every time I listen to that song it gives me chills
inyaindo Year ago
You should react to thirdstory still in love with you.
Plz reaction on Indian singer
Jackleberry Year ago
Beyoncés voice is getting lower and darker and I love it
Zairia Green
Zairia Green Year ago
ruvid.net/video/video-ZmgS2euRB7w.html REACT
Leah van der Velde
react to “otherside” or “bigger” from the same album
Eric McDavis
Eric McDavis Year ago
malibo losedlamini Thambo
The first line was SWAHILI.. *Ishi kwa muda mrefu mfalme*... Live long my king
Glassboulders Year ago
Please react to Bigger: ruvid.net/video/video-o0Q4v4gHf_E.html 😭 It’s Bigger and Bigger only. 😉
Kenyon Donner
Kenyon Donner Year ago
Please listen to the gift
Beverly Year ago
Great Memorable Song...Indeed!!!
Deanna Everhart
Beyonce is a strong vocal singer.
Michael 7 months ago
haha thanks Captain Obvious!
Dilawar Hussain
I'm in my school choir and am I the only one who feels like our school choir should sing this 🤦‍♂
justjana Year ago
Please do! 😊
jajuan hampton
React to Beyonce aol session 2008
Keith Brooks
Keith Brooks Year ago
Can You React To Jazmine Sullivan Kiss from A Rose or lions Tigers and Bears
Jasmine Wise
Jasmine Wise Year ago
As white woman it's not surprising that ur not n2 the song and it really dont matter cuz it wasn't meant 4 u
Kevin Wills
Kevin Wills Year ago
React to The Other Side
I definitely agree with you about that super high note she hit. I think it's the first time I've ever felt underwhelmed about something Bey did. Lol You should listen to Otherside and Bigger. They are FREAKIN' beautiful!
Freedom Soul
Freedom Soul Year ago
I'm only giving a thumbs down on your view of the lyrics of the song. I honestly see that you hear the song only and don't feel it. But at the end of the day your a vocal coach, the message in the song will bring a tear to the spirit.
Clipz Pro
Clipz Pro 2 years ago
React to rachel alexandra
Danielle Tilda Moro
Have subscribed to your channel for a few weeks now. Should've discovered you a long time ago. Ugh. Anyway, I love your videos. Not just this one but the rest of em. The analysis, the technicalities, the negatives, the postivies, the personality and of course them hair and blouses omg. Yass. I'm stanning. BTW, as part of the hive (beyhive - Beyoncé's fanbase) and a former normies, if you love her lows, kindly listen to her songs that showcase that. here are some vids I would really want to hear analysis from you: 1.) Her la Vegas concert when she sang a stripped down version of sweet dreams and sweet love and she was sick so it added Flava to her voice 2.) Listen (Live on Oprah) - also sick, but imma be wigless if you do analyze that 3.) Recordings (where her lows are mostly used) - Otherside (From Lion King: The Gift Album) Bigger (Also from the Gift) Friends (with Jay Z) Halo 😇 😂 lives Coz I fell in love with her voice after it matured and sounded fuller and bigger. And honestly just her popular live performances in award shows catalog. Her stripped down and ballad songs, her rap songs. Any of those honestly. I don't expect you to do all just some you'd like. Thabk you and I'm hours in watching vids on your channel. This is one rabbit hole. Help.
mable nabasirye
mable nabasirye 2 years ago
I love this song, every time am hearing the lion king Omy my brain starts working faster and thanks the reaction
Jack Brown
Jack Brown 2 years ago
Can you react to her acoustic version PLEASE on the piano!!!!
TDM 2 years ago
I love this particular song!!!
Ali Shaikh
Ali Shaikh 2 years ago
Hi dear Tara why not make reaction video about Arabic singer Haitham Mohammed Rafi this the link ruvid.net/video/video-2gMJVl6IZSY.html
Von Tae
Von Tae 2 years ago
Loved your review!
M !
M ! 2 years ago
It’s crazy cause that video was shot in the Grand Canyon 😊😊💖
I'am Salia
I'am Salia 2 years ago
if you loved them low notes, REACT TO OTHERSIDE BEYONCE!!!
MaKiyah Smith
MaKiyah Smith 2 years ago
i LOVE how dark her timbre has become
The Undaunted
The Undaunted 2 years ago
But you forget, Beyonce doesn't even have lows. She literally ruins her songs by trying to sing a broader range than what she should sing. She should have just done a duet for this song with someone who complments her "talent."