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Jaclyn Hill
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Alex Faction RUvid Channel - ruvid.net/u-AlexRivera20
PK's Channel -
Patrickstarrr's Channel - ruvid.net/u-theepatrickstarrr
Hope you guys enjoy my first week of Vlogmas! It wasn't too exciting since tons of our plans got canceled do to my stupid sinus infection.
New video coming soon! & more vlogmas next week!
XOXO -----
Hi I'm Jaclyn Hill from JaclynHill1 on RUvid. I am a professional makeup artist. I'm young, ambitious & full of life. I post makeup tutorials and makeup reviews on all different holidays and themes, like smokey eye tutorials, how to shape and sculpt brow tutorials, challenges/tags, celebrity makeup tutorials like the Kardashians and Jenners along with other celebrity makeup looks, hair tutorials and more! I hope you love my makeup tutorials.

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Dec 10, 2014




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Comments 1 845
haaykaytee 6 months ago
Jaclyn looks beautiful just like this
Tammy M
Tammy M Year ago
This bitch did not have the flu., you literally can barely get out of bed for days when you do..why is she always lying for no reason...
Rebecca Hovis
Rebecca Hovis Year ago
Maria Glover
Maria Glover Year ago
Can you do this again!!! I love your vlogs! Pleaseeeeee
Leilani Kilian
Your moms gorgeous!
Nele Bellens
Nele Bellens Year ago
for the people who want to see the video of Patrick and Alex, here it is ruvid.net/video/video-Az2XNgj0tnM.html
Houston Martinez
I live within 20 miles of her yay
keely passmore
omg jaclyn i love you x
So nice!
Jessica Antoniou
Jessica Antoniou 2 years ago
So now that you have an editor you can do vlogmas again !!! Please
Brogan Moffat
Brogan Moffat 2 years ago
Omg I would LOVE if you did this again! Like weekly vlogs that would be amazing!!
Wendy Brown
Wendy Brown 2 years ago
Petting Penguins!!! So amazing!!!!
Riley Hand
Riley Hand 2 years ago
It's so cute that you were playing with the penguins last week with your family ❤❤
Nicki Lanina
Nicki Lanina 2 years ago
Omg your eye makeup looks so good in the beginning!!
Tiffani Ntanos
Tiffani Ntanos 2 years ago
Its soon weird watching you hangout with PK! I was good friends with him in high school! SUCH a small world!
Holly Nielsen
Holly Nielsen 2 years ago
I'm binge watching Jaclyns videos because I've never actually done that before and I love this one! I think I'm obsessed with Jaclyn now.
Khloe Poston
Khloe Poston 2 years ago
Wish you could do this on your Vegas trip now :) Love you Boo Boo!
Joscelyn Taylor
Joscelyn Taylor 2 years ago
I wish she'd vlog :(
Camry Jackson
Camry Jackson 2 years ago
You and your friends are so adorbs!!! I'm so loving these vlogs!!! & can we just take a moment to praise your sunglasses collect.. LOVE THEM!! You're so great, keep doing you Jaclyn!!! You're such an inspiration!!
Jaden Lukash
Jaden Lukash 2 years ago
As strange as this might sound I truly consider you a friend. I wish I knew you in my personal life. You are someone I look up to and I wish you nothing but the best. Can't help but loving you JH!
Lucy Adams
Lucy Adams 3 years ago
I love these videos!!
coffeegirl18 3 years ago
I love that you show your filming setup. I honestly thought your were at a desk the whole time. Also I love Annie's mac and cheese 'cause it's little bunnies. Spongebob is cool too though.
Talia Q
Talia Q 3 years ago
Jacolyn my name is Talia when I herd your neices name I was like holy moly someone has the same name as me?! That's a first!!!!!
iiaurak 3 years ago
please do it again
The Clover
The Clover 3 years ago
I love vlogs with your friends omg I enjoy them so much
Nicole Poore
Nicole Poore 3 years ago
why is pk so gorge, ugh i swear when he comes on camera i smile every time you guys are such friendship goals 👯‍♂️💚
Lilly wink
Lilly wink 3 years ago
Lilly wink
Lilly wink 3 years ago
kawaianuhea808 3 years ago
Bun game strong hunty.
Hayleyslife 3 years ago
OMG! PATRIC!!!!!❤️
Jennifer Jones
Jennifer Jones 3 years ago
What vlog camera do you use?
Amy076Lou 3 years ago
You guys are all so cool 💙
Anna Cox
Anna Cox 3 years ago
I know this is from a year ago! But this was hilarious!😂 I love it!
Kelsey Ellis
Kelsey Ellis 3 years ago
You should for sure vlog again in the near future
Lady Judy
Lady Judy 3 years ago
Love your vlogs lady Your friends and hubby r so fun, lucky girl Xoxo
Brittany Sutterfield
I would give anything for you to vlog
Mary Turgeon
Mary Turgeon 4 years ago
Omg Omg Omg I am soooooo envious right now that you got to cuddle with a penguin! They are my favorite animal ever! PK wanna hit me up? hehe. Love your videos!
Lauren Chandler
Lauren Chandler 4 years ago
I miss your vlogs 💔💔💔
Michelle Sully
Michelle Sully 4 years ago
who are they? are they just friends?
TheTigereye22 4 years ago
+Michelle Sully yes they are just friends! :) Jaclyn has linked their channels in the description box if you want to check them out :)
Malerey Villasenor
Malerey Villasenor 4 years ago
I am so obsessed with you. I watch your videos everyday. Your positivity is so inspiring and the fact that you can just hang w people you love and sit around and do nothing and STILL be so happy is amazing to see. Totally want to meet you!! xoxo
Julie Edinger
Julie Edinger 4 years ago
Georgie is soo cute xxx collar looked alittle tight though 😟 saw the second pup in the first part of your video but where was she or he later in your taping ? SO SORRY TO SEE YOU WEREN'T FEELING WELL 😢
brianneidk 4 years ago
Your mom looks so young holy hell you've got good genes
Raya C
Raya C 4 years ago
Omg my goal is to have friends like this lol
Dashia Baptiste
Dashia Baptiste 4 years ago
I love Others having Fun. Love it.
Yvettee mariee
Yvettee mariee 4 years ago
What camera do u use for ur vlogs and picture on IG :)?
taylor harris
taylor harris 4 years ago
i HAVE to know where you got the green muscle shirt you're wearing in this video! so adorable!
Ashley Duran
Ashley Duran 4 years ago
i need riends like that :'(
Omg! Why did I just discover these vlogs today! Love you Jaclyn! Your always a good time!
Hazel Weaver
Hazel Weaver 4 years ago
ugh Jaclyn's inner and outer beauty just bring me so much happiness!!!
Yesenia Cardenas
Yesenia Cardenas 4 years ago
This may be a little odd, BUT- what kind of haircut do you get for your shih tzus? I have a shih tzu and can never figure out the perfect haircut for her.
Freya Fa Rye
Freya Fa Rye 4 years ago
Oh my god, you have such a beautiful home! Can you do a home tour? :D
Chasitty Matos
Chasitty Matos 4 years ago
TheCandyoung 4 years ago
do you have a video on your hair dye/ products you use routine?? Or can you please make one :)?
Lauraxx Pardy
Lauraxx Pardy 4 years ago
"why is there a piece of wood in my drink?" STILL FREAKIN KILLS ME I CAN'T
Lauraxx Pardy
Lauraxx Pardy 4 years ago
+Lauraxx Pardy and Patricks "0 impressed" face hahahahaha
Robin Speaks
Robin Speaks 4 years ago
dang, i wish i had that much energy when having the flu. im over here with a baby cough trippin'.... what meds girl?!?!!!!!
Amanda Brady
Amanda Brady 4 years ago
I don't know what inspired me to pick this video to watch, but I am glad I did because I am DYING laughing at the hilarity!
Diana Carson
Diana Carson 4 years ago
I know this video is somewhat old but I wish I had friends like these! :(
GabeMua 4 years ago
I wish I was your friend :/
Ambiee 4 years ago
This was fun to watch
Kacee Poglajen
Kacee Poglajen 4 years ago
+Jaclyn Hill you don't want this again! Being sick. You said your sick on snapchat and you don't wanna get worse because you didn't take care of it :(
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