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Our Coachella house was insane!!
Come see my standup in San Jose!! improv.com/sanjose/comic/jason+nash/
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Comments 100
Jason Nash
Jason Nash Month ago
Hope you enjoy today's vlog!! Don't forget to get a ticket for my San Jose show on April 28th!!: improv.com/sanjose/comic/jason+nash/
Miriam B
Miriam B 20 days ago
max smart yes but its better to be safe then sorry that guy could be anyone or dangerous he has to put himself first especially when he is in his own home
Haku mist
Haku mist Month ago
Sadly I'm poor 😞
Myluan Bergeron
Myluan Bergeron Month ago
Jason Nash ur in my home town Jason where are you
Alexander TheGreatest
You had 3 days at Coachella and wasted like 3 minutes of the Vlog with that goofy ass little bit lol I love your Vlogs.... But I feel like there was just a lot of missed potential. Yes.... This is coming from someone that has never videoed a single event in my entire life...so I'm sure that hurts even more knowing that hahaha!! Jk jk I love your videos man!! They're a great contrast from Davids videos and I enjoy seeing both sides!
SunamiDevil Month ago
In my opinion Brandon is literally great value scotty, and it hurts to watch. The vlog was honestly really good until that drawn out, unfunny bit. Jason is funny, but not funny enough to pick up the deficit that is Brandon's "comedy".
moony0205 5 days ago
Is that improv at around 8 mins??? I mean even myself is way better at that. Your script, sorry improv, was really bad 😂😂😂
reez TM
reez TM 9 days ago
He really don’t know how to vlog :)
Silverboult 10 days ago
6:58 David looks dead
ImLeoSavage 10 days ago
lol jeff went to prison for violence right , did he beat up a kid or something...(paralyzed)
a-wanderingcloud 0-0
8:47 Scotty 😂👏🏻
Brenna 10 days ago
He was breathing so hard in this vlog. Wtf
I HankusBiggs
I HankusBiggs 15 days ago
Jason Biggs is my uncle
I HankusBiggs
I HankusBiggs 15 days ago
Look at my last name. Its Biggs
israel tenco
israel tenco 15 days ago
Todd has a bigger butt than Jeff 😂
NEST GEE 15 days ago
None of this shit is funny
x FIZZY x 16 days ago
Brandon’s bit was unnecessary tbh.
Bry Halla
Bry Halla 16 days ago
Why do I feel like that bit about Jason isn’t welcome in the vlog squad is a satirical parody for Brandon? :|
William Helland
William Helland 18 days ago
Way better when I see your face.
Tony Griffith
Tony Griffith 20 days ago
David disappearing behind the door was fucking hilarious.
Sergio Alcantar
Sergio Alcantar 20 days ago
“I don’t think they hit each other once.” They literally didn’t. 😂
•Bambi •
•Bambi • 21 day ago
It’s weird seeing you vlog Coz I always see you in David’s blog 😂😂😍
Water Flow
Water Flow 24 days ago
Acting was very porn star esc.
cloudzinmyize 25 days ago
Why do you hang with teenagers, it's creepy. You are OLD. OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER🤔
Bebebarbra K
Bebebarbra K 26 days ago
Jason you fucking hilarious
Christopher Kostiuk
yo @Jason Nash let me fight toddy or jeff im a kung fu instructor. would be a great vlog. I would let the whole group do a few classes too
Annelise 26 days ago
I fucking loved how you claimed your room. I will have to try that sometime!
why tho
why tho 26 days ago
4:57 Todd and Jeff look like two frat boys fighting over who’s going to take the college freshman’s virginity
Thanos 26 days ago
i should have been went to coachella and kill everyone that ends half cringey people from the world
Oscar Enrikwe
Oscar Enrikwe 27 days ago
Nobody: Jason: Coconut juice is so good!...high in sugar though
Reza Falufi
Reza Falufi 27 days ago
Pls Jason make new intro
However Whoever
However Whoever 27 days ago
Disappointed to see Brandon ....
Reilly Janine
Reilly Janine 27 days ago
Im going to your show in san jose this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
claudia Abuga
claudia Abuga 27 days ago
4:40 what pro fighter is watching this.
Oksana Gotthardt
Oksana Gotthardt 27 days ago
I like how no where in the video were that at Coachella
AZ 27 days ago
I’m sorry but that bit was so fckin lame.
Oh hey
Oh hey 27 days ago
I fucking love Jason 😂😂😂❤️
Katie Medvecka
Katie Medvecka 28 days ago
7:30 me when someone knocks on the door and I pretend nobody's home
Laura Elle
Laura Elle 28 days ago
"Jason's cool. Why are you here?" God bless Scotty.
Dead Turtlee
Dead Turtlee 28 days ago
The ending song is a bop lul! 😮 Jigitz-Maia Wallace
Marylou Hernandez
Marylou Hernandez 28 days ago
I wish Jason would come to Utah but then I think about it and Utah fucking sucks
Sarah Nicole Starling
David and jason are so hot dude
Julie Rodgers
Julie Rodgers 28 days ago
Why is Jason always out of breath?😂😂
Emma Peterson
Emma Peterson 28 days ago
I love you and don't mean to hate, but I watch Davids vlogs all the time and found your channel and I think I expected too much...
Jailene Lizeth
Jailene Lizeth 28 days ago
“Baby 5 years ago we were car camping in tents!” The fact that Zane is so appreciative 😭😭
Hooverity -HTV
Hooverity -HTV 28 days ago
Was that sonreal at 9:36 ?
SidDaKidIII 28 days ago
...Who is J/Jay?
zuri robinson
zuri robinson 28 days ago
David's so cute when he eats
Morgan Kell
Morgan Kell 28 days ago
How is David eating an orange like that
zoei 28 days ago
Aw Jason that was so cute thanking them for working out w you
natalie miranda
natalie miranda 28 days ago
the bit where you pretend no one likes you got old like two years ago
Yvng JAG
Yvng JAG 28 days ago
“Not toDay” 😂😂😂Jason is so underrated idk why my friends don’t like watching his vlogs
Shadi Valentine
Shadi Valentine 29 days ago
I wish they would stop using Jason’s age as a joke.
erin baby
erin baby 29 days ago
is Jason gay? that's the real question
Sh4rpN 29 days ago
still the same intro...
Joe Stacks
Joe Stacks 29 days ago
where the fuck has brandon been? been a while.
Payten Gregory
Payten Gregory 29 days ago
What’s his intro song??
Taylor Lockewood
Taylor Lockewood 29 days ago
Honestly, I don't like everyone hating on you. It bugs me. No. It makes my skin crawl. I get a joke here and there, but it's all the time, and it's not even funny, it's just mean. You: bring David donuts, he: he calls you a "fat fuck" and says he hates doing the blog with you. You're a great dad and an amazing friend. Where's your credit?
Danny Bell
Danny Bell 29 days ago
Todd + Jeff + Boxing = My Dreams Coming True. More of that Jason!
Catherine McCarthy
Catherine McCarthy 29 days ago
The way David ate that clementine🥴😂
Tiger-lillie Castillo
I was literally just crying from a bad day, and like watching this made me forget about everything 😩 love Jason
Candeezy Marie
Candeezy Marie 29 days ago
Who tf is this dude telling Jason he isn't welcome?! I am so lost.... Is this supposed to be dry humor? because that ain't it sis... The cool dude that was like "I really like Jason here though." I'm here for that vibe!
Lili rathh
Lili rathh 29 days ago
what’s the song in the end
XekZiE 29 days ago
“Sean’s my cousin, and he’s marrying my sister” ..... “Wait that’s Incest”
MushMushGaming Month ago
catarina xxo
catarina xxo Month ago
I don’t like Brandon the pedo
Mina McGarry
Mina McGarry Month ago
What engagement about Jason were they talking about?
niktis Month ago
That bit was just a joke guys Jason found it funny, hating on brandon is like hating an actor because the the director made a bad choice. CHILL
Madeline Reyes
Madeline Reyes Month ago
You know, I’d love to see pictures of Jason from when he was younger
Sophia Effio
Sophia Effio Month ago
Where can we find the volleyball match lol
cassidy Marie
cassidy Marie Month ago
i see jeff i click
Hailey Odegaard
Hailey Odegaard Month ago
Jeez not that bad you’re out of breath 😂😂
Emily Month ago
zane being excited about the house and jason hyping him up about how far they’ve come is the wholesome content I signed up for 😭💗
Vlog Squad Best Moments
One thing everyone at Coachella has in common? Diarrhea by Monday 🤣🤣 #beershits #drugshits
Julia Rhodie
Julia Rhodie Month ago
YASSS DAVID’S SHIRT 😍 go white soxxxx
Liv Hill
Liv Hill Month ago
can we start a petition for brandon to literally never be in another video again
Liv Hill
Liv Hill Month ago
jason you have such a kind young sweet spirit ❤️ you’re genuine and it shows
Simply Shay
Simply Shay Month ago
3:09 😛
YnG- KingHB
YnG- KingHB Month ago
This vlog is kinda shit not gonna lie
Elle Handley
Elle Handley Month ago
“Jason’s cool, why are you here?” *THANK YOU*
Bryan XD
Bryan XD Month ago
wow jeffs legs are pitiful XD
Panda Life
Panda Life Month ago
I just realized that Jason looks like Darrel from the walking dead!
Tegan Alexander
Tegan Alexander Month ago
i guess i makeout with all my friends, when we share water lol
Gdog Month ago
Idk why the last skit made me so uncomfortable, idk why
Kyler Baucom
Kyler Baucom Month ago
Omg I love u Jason nash
Courtney Barnes
Courtney Barnes Month ago
im sorry, its weird that he hangs out with 21 year olds and hes like 45... why does everyone act like this is normal and appropriate? does he not have friends his own age?
Mahrukh Mirza
Mahrukh Mirza Month ago
Um y'all dumb as hell hating on Brandon in this video. Was clearly a bit that everyone was in on and he was probably told to do.
Davidsuth2005 Month ago
The wind kinda messed up the part of the vlog you should get a wind protector but still love the vlog
Mathew Reeves
Mathew Reeves Month ago
Jason PLEASE do stand up at The Queen in Wilmington De. I'd be there for sure. Jim Norton just did a show there
Cmanman Month ago
Can u edit ur vlogs like David u tool bag
Romana Bajcárová
David looks weird lately
xxgoodyxx100 Month ago
Lmao tf he sayin go go go for😂
Twinmz Month ago
the Brandon bit kind of sucked
Emily Dressler
Emily Dressler Month ago
Love you guys!!! Hope you all had a Happy Easter!!🙏🐰🐣🌹💖
A GiantGummyLizard
I wonder if anyone ever told Jason that his 'sons' look just like him. that's when you know you better get friends your own age.
Myluan Bergeron
Myluan Bergeron Month ago
Hey San Jose i life there
Samantha Ollinger
Your vlogs are so cool!
Samantha Ollinger
I love the vlogs Jason!
Atilio Escobar
Atilio Escobar Month ago
2 million subs and Jason doesn't have a mic wind protector. COME ON NASH! Ha.
Mira Weigand
Mira Weigand Month ago
Were is Trisha? Did they break up?
N. Johnson
N. Johnson Month ago
Lol @3:28 its the epitome of what a male Aries and Sagittarius friendship looks like, its just them comparing who is better at certain things and then stroking the other ones ego for 5 min hahahahahaha.
Caroline Month ago
N. Johnson also 4:49 haha
DemMexicanKids 2002
I was eating my leftover enchilada, and the first thing I see is fucking Jason’s purple chest skin and his volleyball injury
Itsmesk Month ago
HAHAHAHAH Sean's my cousin. He is marrying my sister 😂😂😂😂
Mary Marchman
Mary Marchman Month ago
David and the sweat band on his head ☺️ how cute
putudamargemsul Month ago
Man, all the comments complaining about the scripted bit with Brandon... Chill, mah dudes. It's a bit, no need to be so rough
putudamargemsul Month ago
Brandon, don't mind them. You do you
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