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Feb 10, 2019




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Comments 8 172
Shiuli Salvatore
Shiuli Salvatore 5 hours ago
Liza has worn Harley DAVIDson T-shirt...... ❤
Maddie Murphy
Maddie Murphy 6 hours ago
is anybody else thinking about Galentines Day from Parks and Recreation right now?
Taina Ramirez
Taina Ramirez 18 hours ago
ummm i was kinda hoping for natalie to be in here
olivia roberts
olivia roberts 21 hour ago
Please more videos with all the girls
LittleRedGirl 215
Hears Liza talking: turns up the volume and wants everyone else to shut up
Gabrielle Andres Sace
it ended so quick
IAubz Day ago
Caszia Aldridge
Love that Liza eats and occasionally nods along. So me
Tiffany Day ago
Corrrina looks so done with this video
Kylie Lynch
Kylie Lynch Day ago
Why does Corinna look miserable the whole time 😂
Miho Lisa
Miho Lisa Day ago
where’s natalie
Momma & Bee
Momma & Bee Day ago
Corinna not takin for 15 min lol
Arianna Barrera
Love how the vlog squad disowned Gabby!! I’m not even mad about it!😂😂💞💞
Brie Lafferty
Liza eating popcorn is honestly a whole mood
happy little pearl
7:40 oh my gawd i ship it 😂👅
This is freaking amazing I love the thumbnail omg so good Liza looks like a queen in it
anthony b
anthony b Day ago
Where's Natalie
Makayla Takang
Makayla Takang 2 days ago
7:20 - 7:35 I wasn’t even paying attention I was trying to figure out what Erin gave Carly and why she was playing with it
Jose Guerra
Jose Guerra 2 days ago
Lmao i never realized how girly they are holy fuck the first two minutes were just them gushing over everything lol
my name
my name 2 days ago
Niharika Rao
Niharika Rao 2 days ago
We need mooreeeeee!!!
Sadie P
Sadie P 2 days ago
Corina looked so dead in this. I also think you guys should make more vlog squad girls videos cuz I love it.
Jane Balungay
Jane Balungay 2 days ago
Korina is speechless
JoshyJosh83 2 days ago
B Luna
B Luna 2 days ago
GreenGod 101
GreenGod 101 2 days ago
7:40 doe
Sara 2 days ago
sincerelyselene 2 days ago
Mariah is literally me whenever I hang out with my friends. I had to raise my hand before talking 😂😩✊🏻
Zoey Vahle
Zoey Vahle 3 days ago
Where’s natalie💔
Jaidan Downey
Jaidan Downey 3 days ago
“How many people have you dated” Liza starts counting to 50 in her fingers.
Maja Knows How
Maja Knows How 3 days ago
I wish Natalie was there
Grace Kim
Grace Kim 3 days ago
Is Liza Koshy high? All I can think about and see in the video is her chowing down 🤣🤣
Jade Lohan
Jade Lohan 3 days ago
Jemma Phillips
Jemma Phillips 3 days ago
my boyfriend and i are in a log distance rn....i moved to england for college and he's still in the states....it's hard bc we were so use to waking up together and falling asleep but we talk everyday and still argue and laugh like we are next to each other but via phone calls.....it's difficult but if you love someone no matter how far you'll try your hardest to keep it alive and work
Kareena Mistry
Kareena Mistry 3 days ago
Pls do more videos like this❤️❤️❤️
Alin Flores
Alin Flores 3 days ago
You should have a sleep over with all vlog squad girls
isidora filina
isidora filina 4 days ago
how many times did Liza put on chapstick 😂
Nicole Santos
Nicole Santos 4 days ago
Liza’s a literal mood
Leannuh 4 days ago
2.2 MILLION VIEWS, The views you deserve! And on a sponsored vid? Go off!
lane aloha
lane aloha 4 days ago
Corinna is such a M O O D crazy how years ago the prettiest girls use to be the loudest in the room or the most given attention too & it’s like the roles flipped The weirdest/funniest girl gets to talk more and attentive too
Luke Silburn
Luke Silburn 5 days ago
so like is Natalie like sick for this video??????? or what lol where my girl at tho :***(
Cho W
Cho W 5 days ago
surely i wasn’t the only one who noticed liza had rings on both her wedding fingers
ThisQUEENisSHOOK 5 days ago
is it just me or am in so glad that natalie is not in this video because she really doesn't fit in with the other girls
Ferocious_Snail Roswell
@7:39 wooooowww
Lucia Ashantewaa
Lucia Ashantewaa 5 days ago
What was liza counting😂😂😂
matthew agudelo
matthew agudelo 5 days ago
Carly: “we planned this for weeks” Natalie: oh rlly..........
Tavia Dismuke
Tavia Dismuke 5 days ago
I love how Liza is just eating her popcorn that is probably on her crotch.
val g
val g 6 days ago
what is everyone's Myer's briggs personality type?
kamille algarme
kamille algarme 6 days ago
corrina seriously looks like billie eilish
aray Perez
aray Perez 6 days ago
natalie was missing :(
sarah o
sarah o 6 days ago
i think i’m the only one that doesn’t find liza funny at all she’s annoying af
Kmbella XD
Kmbella XD 7 days ago
Honestly in love with Mariah. She’s perfect for Heath and hilarious. Love her accent
Becky black
Becky black 8 days ago
How Liza got in the middle? She's like a natural queen
Grace Cooper
Grace Cooper 8 days ago
kristen wearing iowa state gear???? sign me up roll clones
Bella McCord
Bella McCord 8 days ago
@9:30 that used to be my absolute favorite brand of air popped popcorn! I was/am so addicted to it omg i love Buddha Bowl
Audriana Fierro
Audriana Fierro 9 days ago
Corinna could have at least acted like she was interested and wanted to be in the video
Dora Nunez
Dora Nunez 10 days ago
I’m late but I love this !
Harvster Flex
Harvster Flex 11 days ago
Kristen seems like one of those girls who are entitled, just my opinion
Jessica Valdez Vlogs
Unicorn_cereal 2424
Where was Natalie?
meep 32
meep 32 11 days ago
Looking back at this video, I just realized that Gabbie isn't in it 😩
Meme Queen
Meme Queen 11 days ago
Loved this
Rahi Le_Shanbi
Rahi Le_Shanbi 12 days ago
This video was very genuine and all but honestly I miss Trisha and Gabbie in them I know many people might argue that they don't like Trisha and Gabbie but no one can deny the spirit both of them brought to the group I mean they may not be my favourite ones (Although I diiieee for Trish's moment with David or Jason when I die laughing) but they are a part of the girl vlog squad now or then.
Mollie Williams
Mollie Williams 12 days ago
mcpickle32 12 days ago
Love you girls!!!!!!!! Thanks for this - I needed it :)
Welcome to my Ted talk
Wait what about Gabbie and Natalie ? I feel like im experiencing fomo for them
Welcome to my Ted talk
maddie a ooof
maddie thornton
maddie thornton 13 days ago
Gabbie left the VS, Natalie was probably busy
totinos pizza roll
totinos pizza roll 13 days ago
Regina Phalange
Regina Phalange 14 days ago
5:25 the only time corinna spoke in the video lol
Marina Taveira
Marina Taveira 15 days ago
Invite natalie for the videos!!!!
lily anna ollinger
lily anna ollinger 15 days ago
Part 2????
lora 523
lora 523 15 days ago
yes. im living for this. also am i the only one that wanted to be a part of this?!
margaret bustamante
Who tf is liza dating?
Serenity Stump
Serenity Stump 15 days ago
Who's the most tomboy out of u 6
Siobhans Faith
Siobhans Faith 16 days ago
I needed this. As a female mechanic with only a few female friends who can’t relate to me I love this coz it feels like I’m just sat with them chillin ❤️ thank you girls x
Lonnie Gonzalez
Lonnie Gonzalez 16 days ago
We need more vs girls videos!!
coco isk
coco isk 16 days ago
wow... I need friends
Madi Kiely
Madi Kiely 16 days ago
They should make a RUvid channel
Hhfhd Kef
Hhfhd Kef 17 days ago
Anyone else just skip through the pro mo
Ava Servatius
Ava Servatius 9 days ago
Hhfhd Kef the whole vid pretty much is a promo
Loco Luque
Loco Luque 17 days ago
Where’s natile 😕
Katelyn Marquez
Katelyn Marquez 17 days ago
yes yes more vlog squad girls pleasee 😍
Amber Cole
Amber Cole 17 days ago
"I'm at the very beginning" I see you Liza👀 Edit: she also called her old ex her ex but called David by his name👀
Sabrina Virk
Sabrina Virk 3 days ago
Who is she dating?? That was tea
YetusFetus OwO
YetusFetus OwO 17 days ago
Make this a series!!!
Safire 2957
Safire 2957 18 days ago
This is the best video ever I wish my friends were this close with me and we could just have a girly day:( I hope I get good friends like them also can I just say how beautiful these girls are!!!
Rach 18 days ago
Can y’all start a podcast
Youtuber 18 days ago
Why was Corinna in the video
Ayati Singla
Ayati Singla 18 days ago
I wonder if the guys watched this together lol
tatum friedman
tatum friedman 18 days ago
Ahahahahha everyone is talking Liza is just eating. Me.........
lindsey gam
lindsey gam 19 days ago
What about Natalie?
Audrey Reyes
Audrey Reyes 19 days ago
This makes me wish I had girl friends
Maryammx 19 days ago
Mariah and Heath are honestly the cutest 💜🖤
Ellen Lovold
Ellen Lovold 20 days ago
I don’t know why but this is the sixth time in the past 2 days that I have watched this video
Shay D
Shay D 22 days ago
Karina looks high as hell in this vid😂
Tammi Oldham
Tammi Oldham 23 days ago
I 👏🏻 LOVE 👏🏻 THIS 👏🏻
Codi Mileti
Codi Mileti 23 days ago
Let Corinna talk
Christina Rivera
Christina Rivera 23 days ago
Please make this a series!
kim gyussi
kim gyussi 24 days ago
Carly being the oldest but literally looks the baby of the group.
Emily Gomez Vlogs
Emily Gomez Vlogs 24 days ago
I never watch these types of videos but I'm surprised I watched the whole video love that for me
Annale Doan
Annale Doan 24 days ago
Corinna tries to kiss Liza, Liza responds with tongue wiggle
Olivia Marin
Olivia Marin 24 days ago
I loved this🥵💞
kittenpoop 806
kittenpoop 806 25 days ago
i’m corinna in the group, i’m not introverted but my friends just talk so much and won’t let me speak 😂
Sabrina Virk
Sabrina Virk 3 days ago
seriously theyre all so damn excited. It was a lot. I wouldnt be able to hear myself think let alone talk
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