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We went to New York and David, Natalie, Todd, Scott, Corinna, and I ate some really fun foods!! Grasshopper tacos, sushi burgers amazing bagels, mac and cheese springrolls, chic-fil-a, and sweet potato ice cream!!
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Jan 23, 2020




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Comments 1 645
Jason Nash
Jason Nash 28 days ago
What is your favorite crazy food!?!??
Saad S
Saad S 5 days ago
Next time go to Harlem and hit up Haji's bodega for the chopped cheese. Hands down best sandwich iv'e ever had!!!!!!!!
Isaac 16 days ago
i don't know i have eaten so many exotic foods. i think i have to say 'iguana' it's a latin word for lizard.
Nqrcz 17 days ago
Sadiks penis
sunny BGK
sunny BGK 21 day ago
Fries dipped into milkshakes :)
sunny BGK
sunny BGK 21 day ago
BIGGYsmalls610 tapa tapa tapa tapa tapa tapatIooo~~~~~ On my TacoOoo
Krono Mikon
Krono Mikon 5 hours ago
Corinna is such a good listener
JuanTipay 11 hours ago
Ube= purple yam
Maria Eliza
Maria Eliza Day ago
I don’t understand why most people hate Corrina. She’s actually sweet and calm most of the time.
Northlands trucking llc
Now if you could finger paint after you eat
NAUTICA Boy 3 days ago
What do you mean that kid was just worried
Eduardo Herrera
Eduardo Herrera 3 days ago
That’s we eat in Mexico
Eduardo Herrera
Eduardo Herrera 3 days ago
Is actually is good
shafiqah sam
shafiqah sam 4 days ago
i love it whenever corinna is in your vlogs bc you treat her so well
Wublic Perks
Wublic Perks 5 days ago
Jason Nash , call me
Emily Emily!
Emily Emily! 6 days ago
Jason Imma need that picture of David with the stuffed animals
Imperial actor_84
There’s no Chick-fil-A in Alaska and also no chipotle I have had Chick-fil-A once in Florida though
Di Dii
Di Dii 7 days ago
next time your in NYC go to HARLEM PUBLIC to try the pulled pork mac n steez IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND
SK 7 days ago
2:14 truer words have not been spoken
mcmorgan84 8 days ago
The fry guy looks like Wyatt
Tyler Ross
Tyler Ross 9 days ago
Corinna looks like Margot Robbie when she wears glasses
Briana Ashcroft
Briana Ashcroft 10 days ago
Cause when i smile i look like a maniac. Best ending line i ever heard
Yamez Alverez
Yamez Alverez 10 days ago
5:34 it's so nice these young men feed that homeless guy
D3ST1NY ! 12 days ago
Can I just say I really love the song/tune you play at the end of your videos😂🤦🏾‍♀️ I always sing along every single time😂
MelissaNichole 12 days ago
Dang Ube is everywhere now. Woo Filipino 🙌🏽
Bryce Moreland
Bryce Moreland 13 days ago
Man....what a title I mean...I didn't even think twice I just clicked lol. I also make similar vlogs on my channel to!
Chris Murphy
Chris Murphy 13 days ago
Tfue was so pissed
Whitney Caskey
Whitney Caskey 14 days ago
Natalie is so iconic 😂 Corina: Idk why everyone doesn’t like it this is the best thing I’ve ate in a long time! Natalie: Are you eating? 😂😂😂
Ange Vale
Ange Vale 14 days ago
Ube, my favorite 😍
Ezabel Marie
Ezabel Marie 14 days ago
Jason looks so good!
Shaikha Khalid
Shaikha Khalid 15 days ago
I really liked saddiq
The Real Trending Page
Kid was prolly concerned.. If it was a life or death situation you would be happy he noticed.. but I guess your just self concious
Gaby Cordero
Gaby Cordero 15 days ago
I love these kind of videos especially because I live in NYC but I'm so broke so I can't go to all these places
So What
So What 15 days ago
jason is so kind 💜💜💜💜❤️ ilove him
R 16 days ago
New York >>>>>> LA
Known Entity
Known Entity 16 days ago
Its amazing how i live in Nyc for 25 years and have never heard of these places lol
hulivar 16 days ago
sigh...it's so dumb with some of these foods man where they just fry the food which you're not tasting the actual nasty shit but instead you are tasting the fried breading and sauce.
MsCasualviewer 17 days ago
LOL @ cuz when I smile I look like a maniac..... It's kinda true too LOL
Souky Bird
Souky Bird 17 days ago
Awwh thanks for being nice to Sadiq and giving him a taste that was really so sweet of you ❤️
Koimataariki Bishop
This is one of the best laid back vlog I've seen in a while.
Koimataariki Bishop
This is one of the best laid back vlog I've seen in a while.
James 6765
James 6765 17 days ago
2:15 my two favorite things in 1 picture Scotty and Beetlejuice
Jackson Dudley
Jackson Dudley 17 days ago
Is it just me or do you put vlog squad in the beginning of every video for views
ally0105 18 days ago
Love how the video is mostly with Scott, Todd and Corinna but somehow Natalie and David are still the thumbnail 😂
cassandra sotos
cassandra sotos 18 days ago
Next time youre im Chicago you gotta take the drive to Bernsteins deli...fm Davids its probably a little over an hr but fm the city, like, 25min. Kinda in the hood, like, on the boarder of the area that isnt the hood and the hood but the best Jewish deli in the Chicago land area. 200 Dixie Hwy unit f, Chicago Heights, IL 60411. 60miles fm davids...totally worth the drive
cassandra sotos
cassandra sotos 18 days ago
Yep. Sometimes an intimate relationship doesnt work out but a platonic relationship does bc youre good as friends just not as more than friends.
Dawn Manymules
Dawn Manymules 18 days ago
“Maybe you have resting sad face” “yeah maybe I do...” 😂🤣😂🤣😂
Sara K
Sara K 18 days ago
I love how they are in New York and they still think of the kids when they could just be thinking of themselves only
abby 18 days ago
is it just me or does jason look like a male version of ellen
Mr.Bane 17 days ago
abby I hate that you said that cause I can’t I see it
Tori_Towely 18 days ago
Andrew Shiroff
Andrew Shiroff 18 days ago
Too many Ads !
Emily Caudill
Emily Caudill 18 days ago
this is a video I should not watch while on a diet.
Zedahkiah Tarei
Zedahkiah Tarei 19 days ago
slowly subbing to the vlog squad members lmfao, i new they wer cool, but FINALLY i decided to check yous out my self, its been 2 days and i haven't even played any games, literally got to work late for sleeping in after binge watching a shjt tone of clips from these guys
Lizard Wizard
Lizard Wizard 19 days ago
I Miss your chill vlogs
Adam Murray
Adam Murray 19 days ago
Jason is totally the nicest dude in the vlog squad.
charlie l-v
charlie l-v 19 days ago
whoever filmed this has parkinsons . Shits all zoomed in and shaky.
Emily Mae
Emily Mae 19 days ago
I’ve never loved Todd as much as I have once he started to sing the pickle song from little rascals
Cristina Sepe
Cristina Sepe 19 days ago
So, I’m 2 minutes into the video and I’m already like. Damn I missed watching you guys. Too funny
Martha Welch
Martha Welch 19 days ago
I think you forgot Jeff
nick is me
nick is me 20 days ago
I thought corrina was vegan she eats chicken?
charmzz101 21 day ago
Jason poor kid! I really don't think he said to be mean or offensive! I think he was just trying to help!
JVCKLive 21 day ago
Jason, I would like to see you on Fallon Next!!
JVCKLive 21 day ago
Corinna is actually good for the vlogs good personality better than my ex
" WAIT JASON .. " " YO ! " " YO ! " " NO WAY ! " " WAY ! " " WE JUST HAD GRASSHOPPER TACOS !! " lmaooo . wholesome shit .
Alex Rada
Alex Rada 21 day ago
www.alexrada.ro/?lang=en You need a private chef!
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