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We went to New York and David, Natalie, Todd, Scott, Corinna, and I ate some really fun foods!! Grasshopper tacos, sushi burgers amazing bagels, mac and cheese springrolls, chic-fil-a, and sweet potato ice cream!!
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Jan 22, 2020




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Comments 100
Jason Nash
Jason Nash 8 months ago
What is your favorite crazy food!?!??
Blaze 4 days ago
Jason Nash it’s called a creamy
Mai Le
Mai Le 18 days ago
lynnie buidong
lynnie buidong 2 months ago
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 4 months ago
Jason Nash I would say you, jokingly. But then I realized you’re a 45 year old RUvidr so I just decided not to
Saad S
Saad S 7 months ago
Next time go to Harlem and hit up Haji's bodega for the chopped cheese. Hands down best sandwich iv'e ever had!!!!!!!!
Raj Kothari
Raj Kothari Day ago
Scott seems like a sweetheart
Aneta Luboch
Aneta Luboch 12 days ago
watching this now during Covid and them letting their uber driver taste the ice cream is so funny. regardless great video. being from New York its fun to watch
kim watham
kim watham 14 days ago
Maybe the kid that asked you if You We’re sad was a empathetic person and felt like maybe he had a connection or felt a moment where he saw himself in you or felt like he noticed a behavior or reaction I. You that brought up feelings in himself and wanted to check I. With you or felt like that was a moment he had with you that he wanted to make sure you heard someone really appreciate you or notice you. He treated you Like he would have want to have been treated and you wanna be offensive and pissy about it . Get over it
Anthony Alvarez
Anthony Alvarez 26 days ago
Watching this during COVID and you hear “I can’t taste it” 😧🤨
jos worth
jos worth 26 days ago
david saying he couldn’t taste anything, defo had corona
IG: baltimark
IG: baltimark 29 days ago
8:20 looks like David had the Rona back in January...what a trend setter
le Villanu
le Villanu Month ago
Ngcwalisa Vilana
I'm just here for natalie
Danny Month ago
Why do Jason's vids get so few views hes very funny??
Won Mind
Won Mind 2 months ago
jason is actually a real nice dude
Won Mind
Won Mind 2 months ago
Corina is beautiful wow
Brenda Paige
Brenda Paige 2 months ago
Scott tried to help film and you yelled at him 💀
Issy Ng
Issy Ng 2 months ago
1:42 David’s tv show on a bus goes past
Abhinav Kataria
Abhinav Kataria 2 months ago
Jason really needs to learn camera angles
Andrew Kang
Andrew Kang 2 months ago
1:43 David really on the bus in the background
Julia Cole
Julia Cole 2 months ago
i love that a 47 year old is hanging with a 27 and 29 year old and they are all best friends
Yashwanth G
Yashwanth G 2 months ago
I love the entire vlog squad but Jason's vlogs are something else. There is true content here, it is the raw version where they all hang out. Its like a huge family. I was initially hooked on David's vlogs but now I'm all for Jason's content.
Luis Chinchilla
Luis Chinchilla 3 months ago
Jason’s vlogs are soooo entertaining especially during this quarintine
Kaitlin Heng
Kaitlin Heng 3 months ago
Jason going "hey guys wait I smell a fire pic" is such a dad thing lmaooo
Nataly boleaga
Nataly boleaga 4 months ago
Omg chapulines!!!! (Grasshoppers) So fucking good!!! Especially when they are in season!! They re so good on their own
Brianie Segura
Brianie Segura 4 months ago
15:12 *Corinna to Todd *:" I hate you so much, I hate you more than anything " 15:20 * todd opening the car door for Corinna *
Talisa Marie Garcia
Talisa Marie Garcia 4 months ago
The last 2 seconds 😂
radicaldoge 4 months ago
my favorite food in NYC is blue smoke, its my go to place for any meal theres one downtown and one on 33rd st i think
Vinny Rux
Vinny Rux 4 months ago
1:45 I like how a bus with David on it goes by
Fyurex 4 months ago
You can just get an uber to wait for you and take you to a bunch of diff places????
Daniel McCarton
Daniel McCarton 4 months ago
"That guy from barstool" 😂😂. Is that the same guy that's now worth 100 million dollars? Dave Portnoy is a legend.
Devin Levitt
Devin Levitt 4 months ago
Yo Siddiq is a real one
James Adcock
James Adcock 4 months ago
I always feel a bit sorry for Jason he tys so hard
Yellow Kid
Yellow Kid 4 months ago
17:44 the guy that’s walked past like tf is going on here😂
Kishan 5 months ago
You can really tell that Jason cares about his friends- he goes out of his way to invite Scott to record! Its the small things that show how awesome he is!
Noelle Sullivan Brown
what song is in your outro!?
Antonio Mariscal
Antonio Mariscal 5 months ago
Fuck miss going places
Boosh. Inc
Boosh. Inc 5 months ago
Bro I love this vlog everyone is so chill and lowkey
Sophie Geoghegan
Sophie Geoghegan 5 months ago
I love how nice Scott is to Jason all the time so much respect for them🙌🏻
Jonathan Kroiss
Jonathan Kroiss 5 months ago
Karina so basic, I want chick filet
Jonathan Kroiss
Jonathan Kroiss 5 months ago
I like how everyone ignoring Karina lol
Jonathan Kroiss
Jonathan Kroiss 5 months ago
Chocolate marshmallow fries they have a name for that... Diabetes
Yasmine Lylia
Yasmine Lylia 5 months ago
What I got from this video is that Jason wants toddy and Corinna back together more than them
Yasmine Lylia
Yasmine Lylia 5 months ago
15:36 did anyone understood what Corinna said?
Yasmine Lylia
Yasmine Lylia 5 months ago
15:13 as weird as it sounds i really really really missed their bickering
Tatiana O'Connor
Tatiana O'Connor 5 months ago
Corinna sucks....
Sonny Ritter
Sonny Ritter 5 months ago
Todd looks like Tony Stark
LENNIX LAFU 5 months ago
u should of went to the emily restraunt top burger place in ney york the emey burger just look at how good it looks
stanley yelnats
stanley yelnats 6 months ago
New york bagels just hit different
No 6 months ago
Man Todd and Scott are like your sons, you lot are like my favourite people to see hangout with each other
John Doe
John Doe 6 months ago
Jason I thought you were about to say "One bite everybody knows the rules" but you failed me
Lamont Odum
Lamont Odum 6 months ago
They liked that shit they just wanted to complain lol ate the whole thing chaaa
Dieu vierge
Dieu vierge 6 months ago
Why is Joan not in here
Mjbgjk Hjjvghj
Mjbgjk Hjjvghj 6 months ago
Omg that is a huge pet peeve of mine are people like Corinna. They go to places like McDonald's in Japan. And dont want to taste cool foods cus they dont like the color or texture. Like unless its like weird insects or animals, it annoys the hell out of me. Like just taste it. Its not gonna kill you. Like for me it sounds so ignorant to not want to try new foods, different culture and texture and explore. It feels like you want to isolate yourself with only what your comfortable with. Causing you to be so ignorant towards the world around you. And food is one of the main things that makes up a culture. Its so frustrating.
Ethan Brunink
Ethan Brunink 6 months ago
One bite, everyone knows the rules
schwaaa 6 months ago
does anyone else think Jason's laugh makes the vlogs?
TheJolieLouve 7 months ago
I love these videos!
ɳεσɳ ƶσɱɓเε
On low key.. I want him as my driver when I'm in New York
ki killer
ki killer 7 months ago
jason is such a nice dad to the vlogaquad..the way he ask corrina about what she wants is exactly how any father ask their daughter when they are hungry...they are blessed to have jason in their life
Brittany Perez
Brittany Perez 7 months ago
It's pickle Rick
Brittany Perez
Brittany Perez 7 months ago
Where's waldo
Sarah 7 months ago
I love seeing white people discover ube
Alexx Bronson
Alexx Bronson 7 months ago
Okay I’ll admit it I missed the part when Jason took a bit And I definitely went back just to make sure I saw it So what sue me.
Tundasta 96
Tundasta 96 7 months ago
Isn’t it a cucumber?
K L 7 months ago
Jason is so polite to strangers. It’s nice to see that
Adam 7 months ago
Krono Mikon
Krono Mikon 7 months ago
Corinna is such a good listener
JuanTipay 7 months ago
Ube= purple yam
Maria Eliza
Maria Eliza 7 months ago
I don’t understand why most people hate Corrina. She’s actually sweet and calm most of the time.
MotoMadness 7 months ago
Now if you could finger paint after you eat
cooper burton
cooper burton 7 months ago
What do you mean that kid was just worried
Eduardo Herrera
Eduardo Herrera 7 months ago
That’s we eat in Mexico
Eduardo Herrera
Eduardo Herrera 7 months ago
Is actually is good
shafiqah sam
shafiqah sam 7 months ago
i love it whenever corinna is in your vlogs bc you treat her so well
Jerry Vitielllo
Jerry Vitielllo 7 months ago
Jason Nash , call me
Emily Emily!
Emily Emily! 7 months ago
Jason Imma need that picture of David with the stuffed animals
Scott Spencer
Scott Spencer 7 months ago
There’s no Chick-fil-A in Alaska and also no chipotle I have had Chick-fil-A once in Florida though
D M.D.
D M.D. 7 months ago
next time your in NYC go to HARLEM PUBLIC to try the pulled pork mac n steez IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND
SK 7 months ago
2:14 truer words have not been spoken
Marta 7 months ago
The fry guy looks like Wyatt
Tyler Ross
Tyler Ross 7 months ago
Corinna looks like Margot Robbie when she wears glasses
Lucas James
Lucas James 7 months ago
5:34 it's so nice these young men feed that homeless guy
D3ST1NY ! 7 months ago
Can I just say I really love the song/tune you play at the end of your videos😂🤦🏾‍♀️ I always sing along every single time😂
MelissaNichole 7 months ago
Dang Ube is everywhere now. Woo Filipino 🙌🏽
Bryce Moreland
Bryce Moreland 7 months ago
Man....what a title I mean...I didn't even think twice I just clicked lol. I also make similar vlogs on my channel to!
Chris Murphy
Chris Murphy 7 months ago
Tfue was so pissed
Whitney Caskey
Whitney Caskey 7 months ago
Natalie is so iconic 😂 Corina: Idk why everyone doesn’t like it this is the best thing I’ve ate in a long time! Natalie: Are you eating? 😂😂😂
Ange Vale
Ange Vale 7 months ago
Ube, my favorite 😍
Ezabel Marie
Ezabel Marie 7 months ago
Jason looks so good!
Shaikha Khalid
Shaikha Khalid 7 months ago
I really liked saddiq
The Real Trending Page
Kid was prolly concerned.. If it was a life or death situation you would be happy he noticed.. but I guess your just self concious
Gaby Cordero
Gaby Cordero 7 months ago
I love these kind of videos especially because I live in NYC but I'm so broke so I can't go to all these places
So What
So What 7 months ago
jason is so kind 💜💜💜💜❤️ ilove him
R 8 months ago
New York >>>>>> LA
Known Entity
Known Entity 8 months ago
Its amazing how i live in Nyc for 25 years and have never heard of these places lol
hulivar 8 months ago
sigh...it's so dumb with some of these foods man where they just fry the food which you're not tasting the actual nasty shit but instead you are tasting the fried breading and sauce.
MsCasualviewer 8 months ago
LOL @ cuz when I smile I look like a maniac..... It's kinda true too LOL
Souky Bird
Souky Bird 8 months ago
Awwh thanks for being nice to Sadiq and giving him a taste that was really so sweet of you ❤️
Koimataariki Bishop
Koimataariki Bishop 8 months ago
This is one of the best laid back vlog I've seen in a while.
Koimataariki Bishop
Koimataariki Bishop 8 months ago
This is one of the best laid back vlog I've seen in a while.
James 6765
James 6765 8 months ago
2:15 my two favorite things in 1 picture Scotty and Beetlejuice
FnCozi 8 months ago
Is it just me or do you put vlog squad in the beginning of every video for views
AliyahBxVlogs 8 months ago
Love how the video is mostly with Scott, Todd and Corinna but somehow Natalie and David are still the thumbnail 😂
cassandra sotos
cassandra sotos 8 months ago
Next time youre im Chicago you gotta take the drive to Bernsteins deli...fm Davids its probably a little over an hr but fm the city, like, 25min. Kinda in the hood, like, on the boarder of the area that isnt the hood and the hood but the best Jewish deli in the Chicago land area. 200 Dixie Hwy unit f, Chicago Heights, IL 60411. 60miles fm davids...totally worth the drive
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