Visiting the Hidden SAVAGE GARAGE Supercar Collection!

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Welcome to the Savage Garage! Join me with Randy to take a look around his varied collection from the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ to the new Nissan R34 GT-R Nismo V-Spec via a Ford Bronco and off-road Raptor truck along the way. Then of course, a run out in the SVJ with Thrust Mode enabled!
Randy and the crew swung by Washington Dulles airport to pick me up in style with the SVJ, 600LT, Streetspeed717 with the ZR1, and the Urus to head over to the collection to take a look around all of the cars; and what a varied collection it really is. With a number of supercars present including the SVJ, Porsche Turbo S, Ferrari F12, McLaren 720S Spider, and the older Ferraris; 328 and F355. Then there are plenty of friend's cars around as well including some really special and interesting stuff.
On the Savage Garage channel you'd normally follow Randy, Jimbo and the team on many different rallies and road trips, so it's rare to pull all of the cars together for a look and run through them all.
Thank you very much to Randy and the team for hosting me, you can follow plenty more of their rally adventures here:
Thanks for watching, Tim
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Oct 31, 2019




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Shmee150 Year ago
After meeting the guys from Savage Garage on Fuel Run, I'm now over in Washington DC to catch up and check out their hidden supercar collection! Thanks to Randy and the team for this special look at all of the cars and of course we took a run out in the Aventador SVJ... including Thrust Mode! ruvid.net/u-savagegarage
Eric Worthington
Eric Worthington 11 months ago
@Savage Garage whats the cars & coffee location for supercars on Saturday? and muscle cars on Sunday?
TheChaztor 11 months ago
Didnt you watch the video? Needs paint protection and protection film wrap before play time.
Sentiløng Jamir
Sentiløng Jamir 11 months ago
Randy is bad man very Ego
Ahnaf Bin Zakir
Ahnaf Bin Zakir 11 months ago
What does he do for a living?
Dino 11 months ago
@Savage Garage my bad, but I knew it was something like that😂😂
Marcel S
Marcel S 6 hours ago
What a cool guy!!!! Fantastic!!!
loel medina
loel medina 2 days ago
Not going to ignore that R34 tho
David Kelley
David Kelley 4 days ago
I love the big posters on the wall of the Shelby warehouse assembling the Shelby cobras and the gt40s.
Hector Estrada
Hector Estrada 9 days ago
What is your thought on the new gijatani exhaust SVJ for savage garage?
Chad Whetstine
Chad Whetstine 13 days ago
This guy says something that he thinks is impressive, and then stares and waits for a reaction.
ARyan 21 day ago
i saw r34 i click SIMPLE
David Smith
David Smith 23 days ago
I thought he was gona say this is the bronco that belonged to OJ Simpson
Kigoz4Life Month ago
Ferrari F12 w/ IPE @ 18:12
Reena Kumari
Reena Kumari Month ago
What does he do to earn that much
Fahmy Hussein
Fahmy Hussein Month ago
this guy has my dream garage
Joey Daugherty
Joey Daugherty Month ago
The 78 bronco is the best looking one there
LRB Games
LRB Games Month ago
Randy is a cool dude!
Dunk Payne
Dunk Payne 2 months ago
I can't like this guy, sorry! Crass is the term that comes to mind, revs from cold, slams doors bonnets, and STOP slapping the bodywork! Loads of beautiful cars, obviously loads of money but NO style.
Derrick Fair
Derrick Fair 2 months ago
Long time subscriber to Shmee and Savage garage. And this is a monumental video for Both channels. Top Notch
Sebastián Campos
Sebastián Campos 2 months ago
It seems that for them the best thing about having a super car is just: “listen to the cold start” hahahahaha, 80% of the time the car was used was just revved up with the cold engine to try to impress people what it sounds like. I know if you’re bloody rich you don’t care about but poor engine’s 😂
Jessie Kruse
Jessie Kruse 2 months ago
Shmee didn’t seem too impressed by the tail of the dragon reference ....... I wonder if he has ever been on it ?
Ugur Karakuzulu
Ugur Karakuzulu 3 months ago
mic m2
mic m2 4 months ago
I cilick the video cuz of R34 GTR 😒😒😒
Kai Bowman
Kai Bowman 4 months ago
That launch!!.
Marc Hector
Marc Hector 4 months ago
Is this where shmee 150 went home with the arse
Muneeb Siddiqui
Muneeb Siddiqui 4 months ago
That R34 though 😱😈
dom cusano
dom cusano 4 months ago
FFS he always puts an ad before stuff like launch controls or accelerations🤣
Britton Edwards
Britton Edwards 4 months ago
The dude just smacks the door of the raptor on the lift. And throws the hood pins off the licensed Eleanor and lets them just smack the car. I love it.😂😂
Tico buttowskii
Tico buttowskii 5 months ago
Anybody know the same for the raptor? The body kit and stuff cuz I want that on my raptor😍
Kevin Sierra
Kevin Sierra 5 months ago
i couldnt buy any nissan and be happy
Sadi Ozturk
Sadi Ozturk 5 months ago
Reason for me clicking on this video is because I saw the Skyline GTR R34
Barefoot67 5 months ago
wtf are people saying "literally" all the time all of a sudden? "This car has almost 12000 miles on it, literally"......
Stormtrooper_B8.5 5 months ago
Randy is so awesome! Glad I got to spend the day with him on ace spade rally. Even rode with Aks in the F12 B at the track. A great group of guys.
A1 Tanner
A1 Tanner 5 months ago
I think I might know the original owner of that Raptor 😆
Thunderclutch 5 months ago
Love shmee but his disinterest in anything that’s not a super car is pretty obvious.
Why not jump in the skyline or Elinor you will always have another chance to jump in an svj
brallan acosta
brallan acosta 5 months ago
15:08 it looks purple to me
Matt Denman
Matt Denman 5 months ago
shmee why are you filming randy while he’s pointing at and talking about the cars. I want to see the cars he’s talking about while he’s talking about them, not his face. Come on now. You should know better by now.
Travis Hartley
Travis Hartley 5 months ago
Oscar Andres Chaves C
Why dont you intruduce yourself like " it schmee " no?
J Lujan
J Lujan 5 months ago
Worst showing of cars ever this guys sucks behind a camera. He seems like he doesn’t even know how to put gas in a car little more know. About them
Izaz Original
Izaz Original 5 months ago
Most wonderful car collection I've ever seen.!!!!
DannyT 6 months ago
BrOnCo 😍
TOPTREK 6 months ago
Love the GT500 randy
Seth Huber
Seth Huber 6 months ago
ÑaÑo 6 months ago
I love everything about shmee except the way he introduces his vidoes. Idk why it pisses me of I just skip it lol. The rest is always great
Uncle Duck Felder
Uncle Duck Felder 6 months ago
I'm from DC!!! Wish I could have caught up with you for a bit!! Nice tour!! 🍻Cheers
Sycho slurpy Gaming
Sycho slurpy Gaming 8 months ago
Y’all all see where the doge is it says triumph on the rail🤣
Junior e39 ///M5
Junior e39 ///M5 8 months ago
That black skyline
Tej Turk
Tej Turk 8 months ago
I dont know how people still invite you or whatever to show off their cars You sound so uninterested in so many cars and dont know what to say
Pip Pipster
Pip Pipster 8 months ago
9:15 Ouch 😣
LasVegasSal 93
LasVegasSal 93 8 months ago
Wth Shmee you skipped the Mura and the grey car on top after the Rapto man wtf!!!???
Rodney Fosdick
Rodney Fosdick 9 months ago
That grey color on the svj is so sexy I wouldn’t want a colored wrap on mine just a clear protective coat
Rodney Fosdick
Rodney Fosdick 9 months ago
Badass garage don’t get me wrong I lobe the super and hyper cars but seeing badass built ride and exotics in the same garage is badass
javo Javo
javo Javo 9 months ago
Bronco ❤️
Storyline America
Storyline America 9 months ago
If you want to donate the truck, I've got a perfect spot for it...
Deathclone442 9 months ago
There are a lot of r34s in Japan
Regan Ev
Regan Ev 9 months ago
+Shmee150 +SavageGarage What a really great episode! Just like I’d never discovered Shmee until about a month ago, I’m only just discovering Savage and the crew, here, now. What a bunch of cool guys who are totally impassioned by amazing cars! If I ever win the Lotto I’m going over to visit myself!) 🤞🏼😎
MrNot TellingYou
MrNot TellingYou 9 months ago
Svj all day. None of the other cars matter.
Devon Smith
Devon Smith 9 months ago
I’m sitting here drooling over that Chevelle they skipped over
Rylee Cardona
Rylee Cardona 9 months ago
Everytime he says ok I feel he was being disrespectful for some reason
Jason Bagwell
Jason Bagwell 9 months ago
What color is that 720 Spider?
kuoyang chen
kuoyang chen 9 months ago
Nismo on the intercooler u mean....
Carlos Danger
Carlos Danger 9 months ago
Didn't show Mike walking the svj with the corvette
Carlos Danger
Carlos Danger 9 months ago
But nitrous doesn't work by pressing a button
jimmy netty
jimmy netty 10 months ago
r34 for me. i would only drive that lol and the turbo s fuck it shred the streets
jimmy netty
jimmy netty 10 months ago
sick garage! but who saw him opening the raptors door and hitting the pole lmfao!
Jaret Huneycutt
Jaret Huneycutt 10 months ago
What kind of name is shmee??
Rules Of Engagement
Rules Of Engagement 10 months ago
That was a Montgomery County cop is that collection in Maryland?
# 9
# 9 8 months ago
Allan Pahayac
Allan Pahayac 10 months ago
Did I just saw john wick's car
DeLLaware -inc IN GOD WE TRUST
Car it's like women, some people like to collect.. Each and every car have history
Simon 10 months ago
Another RUvidr who can’t say a sentence without using the word Literally 🤬
Leanmachine Painting
Leanmachine Painting 11 months ago
Nice cars I just cringe every time I see a sticker on a car.
__OPSLAYZ_ _ 11 months ago
Savage garage needs more subscribers
TheyCalledMe47 11 months ago
Says SVJ *points at Gallardo spyder*
Michael Matthew
Michael Matthew 11 months ago
What kind of 4 post lifts do you guys use?
Clayton Healy
Clayton Healy 11 months ago
Truck mirrors are mismatch
Hayden Mitchell
Hayden Mitchell 11 months ago
If I could have any car in there earlier the ford R or the r34
Zqud 11 months ago
Only car in there I'm drooling over, is the R34. Fuck all the other shit.
Caleb Hall
Caleb Hall 11 months ago
How many times did the Savage Garage boys brake you? LOL
Rob 11 months ago
Shmee: Manual? Dude in the hat: 😳 ABSOLUTELY.
M1LLSTA 11 months ago
Randy: "Thurst Mode available" YT: "Heres and ad"
M. Julien
M. Julien 11 months ago
Nismo gtr looks like cops car
Prince Bytor Frunobulax
I'm going to stop watching this channel if you dont ease up on the fnckin' commercials
Hasan Ka
Hasan Ka 11 months ago
My mans called the intercooler a radiator...
John Kilpatrick
John Kilpatrick 11 months ago
I like the savage garage content, as unoriginal as it is, but I kinda don’t like Mr. Tillim using the name “Randy Savage”. That’s been taken, bro. Try again.
Rillepille 89
Rillepille 89 11 months ago
The Z-tune of the R34 is such a beast..!
YSL Josho
YSL Josho 11 months ago
This is one of my GTA 5 businesses
Farpoint_ Gaming
Farpoint_ Gaming 11 months ago
That dudes cool
Afdal Asadullah
Afdal Asadullah 11 months ago
Matthew Davies
Matthew Davies 11 months ago
omg. Elenor. Fav car ever.
Idahomadejg g
Idahomadejg g 11 months ago
Dat aventador s is so beautiful
Martin Zavala
Martin Zavala 11 months ago
I hate your personality. I only stick around and watch cause of the amazing cars. It’s sad you don’t like old cars
Lxrd 11 months ago
For all those who wanna listen the sound of r34 can go and check the channel @Savage Garage on youtube - They drove the r34 with shmee.
Mr.GamingMonk 11 months ago
Such a damn weird channels name... or A name in general .. a damn "Shmee" ...man oh man...
Devin Chang
Devin Chang 11 months ago
Watched Savage Garage's video first and then, Hi~ Guys~ I'm ~~
Christopher Stankiewicz
When you have the money you can even import cars like the R34, which if you know anything about licensing/plating imported vehicles (which I'm sure everyone watching this dose) you know currently has to be 94 and below.
Steeve Abitbol
Steeve Abitbol 11 months ago
I approve this garage.
dphotos 11 months ago
I like the Ferrari 355 out of the bunch. It’s simple and beautiful.
JuergenGDB 11 months ago
That Countach color looks a bit like maybe... Nero Pegaso metallic or maybe.. because of the light... Grigio Argento Lamborghini. whatever the case its super rare if its factory..
JuergenGDB 11 months ago
Damn straight...... Straight Pipe everything...
Sam Howman
Sam Howman 11 months ago
He called an intercooler a radiator 🤦‍♂️
SCOLLAY TABLE 11 months ago
Looks like Paul Walker's garage
retardedfreak22 11 months ago
One sec let me just sling these metal hood pins into my paintwork and then rev the shite out of my cold engine. It needs to scratches, chip and pistorn scuffs. I diead a little inside at that point.
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