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Thank you guys so much for all your love and support, I hope you guys enjoy todays videooooo! we had so much fun at Disney world !!
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Nov 25, 2019




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Comments 100
Berthanie Flores-Zepeda
yeah jose is gay as fuck man lol
Berthanie Flores-Zepeda
and i like you bbday
Berthanie Flores-Zepeda
i liked melody quince
Berthanie Flores-Zepeda
i like you family
Berthanie Flores-Zepeda
i have a brother named sebastian and he is 2 years old
Berthanie Flores-Zepeda
i feel really sad about sebastian
Eulalia Jose Mateo
Eulalia Jose Mateo 4 months ago
i went disney and i bought the same mini ears and at the same store..
Clacy ANGRAClA Waslam
Ricardo Castro
Ricardo Castro 6 months ago
I hope you guys grow old and have plenty of kids! This guy seems very humble keep up the good work niki
Angie Lopez
Angie Lopez 8 months ago
You to are a cute couple 😊
26 CELESTE TREVINO 9 months ago
I love ur video ❤️❤️
Karen Garcia
Karen Garcia 9 months ago
Omg I’m so sad I was there the day after you
Marco Villalvazo
Marco Villalvazo 9 months ago
Eva La ChiNa
Eva La ChiNa 9 months ago
The dirty one is hahaja your boy friend hahaha
Monica M.Gonzalez
Monica M.Gonzalez 9 months ago
Love watching you and your family I love how you are so clam and your bf his so sweet and clam too..I have subscribed to all the channel great job Jonathan
RUBY ARIAS 9 months ago
diana -
diana - 9 months ago
Tell your mom que I said y’all missed a vlogmas day, love you nikki 🥰 Also your a big inspiration to me and your gorgeous and have a wonderful personality and I bet your a wonderful big sis lol🥺🥺
Yanntte 111
Yanntte 111 9 months ago
It doesn't even look like melody and jose are dating they act like friends or something but they do not act like a couple no hate i love you guys but just had to say.
Desiree Guerrero
Desiree Guerrero 9 months ago
Hello girl i wish i could tell your mom i love u guys😘😘😘god bless u all
alexa marie lara
alexa marie lara 9 months ago
I went to Disneyworld in the summer I had the BEST experience and I got the same Minnie ears and when I got them they cost $135 which was pretty much worth it because I had a rose gold outfit on P.s I love your channel and I love how positive and creative you are with your channel and I will be subscribed for life and I ship you and Jonathan
Adriana Mendoza
Adriana Mendoza 9 months ago
Nikki you guys are so cute, I love you and johnathons relationship. He’s a keeper! Love you 💕
Bryana M
Bryana M 9 months ago
All that money/time wasted on braces pa nada smh she’s still pretty tho 🤍
C̷ ̷H̷ ̷U̷ ̷Y̷
El CuhhhNathan
Alejandra Romero
Alejandra Romero 9 months ago
Crystal Cruz
Crystal Cruz 9 months ago
Arturo Sanchez
Arturo Sanchez 9 months ago
I love when yall drag jose😂
Erikaa luv
Erikaa luv 9 months ago
😂😂 who chews ice cream??? @2:55
Diamondkate Martinez’s
Love u Nikki v like if you been a fan before 2018
Justme Yram
Justme Yram 10 months ago
2:51 hahah pobre johnothan
Brianna Anaya
Brianna Anaya 10 months ago
When real Mexicans throw their kids in the back 😂
Ana Espinosa
Ana Espinosa 10 months ago
I'm smiling at my phone 🙂 you guys are super cute! Wish you and jonathan nothing but the best 😘❤ you're bringing back memories of when I went to Disney in Florida in 2015 !
Mia 10 months ago
bruh every ride that you got on i got on that bruh😭
Janne Morantes
Janne Morantes 10 months ago
I just went to Florida too to universal studios and got a turkey leg too 😂 there soo good
Jinlena Chhum
Jinlena Chhum 10 months ago
I love the video beautiful ❤️💕😍
mena lovve
mena lovve 10 months ago
Update on the Camaro 🥵🥵🥵
Kellin Benally
Kellin Benally 10 months ago
Okay so I'm following all of you on RUvid except José, what's his RUvid channel name? Lol. Hope you all had a blast out in Florida, love yall. 💕
Ameerah H
Ameerah H 10 months ago
I live in Orlando you guys dhould good to fun spot
Toribio Vital
Toribio Vital 10 months ago
Omg I remember when I went in 5th grade it was so fun bc i was wit my friends 😂💜Did u guys go on splash mountain
Marta Sanchez
Marta Sanchez 10 months ago
No pues wow, i like how ive been watching for months and juts now subscribed😊😂💀❤️
Plain Jane
Plain Jane 10 months ago
“I’m a Monthly RUvidr” lol I love you Nikki💜 god bless you & your Familia Forever!
Samantha Arteaga
Samantha Arteaga 10 months ago
Nicole the funny part i knew u guys went to Orlando by the airport and i was there like a day ago before u guys left💔
Jimmy Del Rio
Jimmy Del Rio 10 months ago
My Boi Ethan got a deeper voice than Jose and Johnathan
Laura Cardenas
Laura Cardenas 10 months ago
I like watching all your videos and your family
life of 89k
life of 89k 9 months ago
Laura Cardenas 💯💯❤️❤️
Karlitadoll 10 months ago
Girrrrrrl ! Wear your bottom retainer !!!!!!!! 😐
Maribel Quezada
Maribel Quezada 10 months ago
Beautiful couples you guys super goals
life of 89k
life of 89k 9 months ago
Maribel Quezada 💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Esmeralda Alexander
Esmeralda Alexander 10 months ago
Omg welcome to Florida!!!!!! Yall are like 1 hour from we're i live ❤❤
Ari's Life
Ari's Life 10 months ago
Nikkie please do a look on the conspiracy pallete if you got your hands on it ❤❤❤
Jaylin Cordova
Jaylin Cordova 10 months ago
Ur so pretty😍😭 and btw u and Jonathan looks so cute together😭🥰
Karen Romero
Karen Romero 10 months ago
You did a great job picking a boyfriend Jonathon seems like a great guy💯 not like Jose who you can tell is using y’all for clout 😔
Audel Mendoza
Audel Mendoza 5 months ago
Karen Romero You are just a hater on José because he LOVE Melody so STOP hating
Luna Aguirre
Luna Aguirre 9 months ago
No he not melody and all of them are good friend you don’t know that if he using them for clout
She’s2RAD 10 months ago
Nikki your soo pretty! Hope you guys enjoyed your trip to Florida... Take care chula! 🤗💕
Bridget’s Makeup
Bridget’s Makeup 10 months ago
They all fighting for the copa of ice cream 😂😭
Aracely Diaz
Aracely Diaz 10 months ago
I love ur videos pos5 more girl
Las pendejas de Chandler
Where’s ur purse/backpack from??? It’s super cute 😍
Anissa Perez
Anissa Perez 10 months ago
I’ll be at Disney for thanksgiving!!!!!
Melissa Orozco
Melissa Orozco 10 months ago
Leslie J Santoyo
Leslie J Santoyo 10 months ago
Omg I love your makeup, what lip color are you wearing? 💓☺️
Ashley K
Ashley K 10 months ago
Who else watched everyone’s videos lol
Jasmine Cortes
Jasmine Cortes 10 months ago
Jonathan troka no quema chuuuu
Guadalupe Orozco
Guadalupe Orozco 10 months ago
Awe I wish they would’ve went when I was their 😢😢 but i love your videos!
FelipersGotJack Fam
FelipersGotJack Fam 10 months ago
Jose's World
Jose's World 10 months ago
Beautiful 😍
Chrissy’sfull Creates
Nikki you have a beautiful relationship with Johnathan 🥰😍 Love your video😀
Serjio cali life
Serjio cali life 10 months ago
You're channel is the best from the rest siguele echando ganas,,as pranks con tu novio ,,it's funny like you're parents are mad because sus novios acenn blogs cuando ellos aces they look enoid as fuck
1Vibez 10 months ago
Looks really fun!
Jayda Barboza
Jayda Barboza 10 months ago
The Aguilar's
Jayda Barboza
Jayda Barboza 10 months ago
Nikki v. Love
Rosa Lara
Rosa Lara 10 months ago
9:03 she is me!! 😂😂😂💃🏼
Gladys Cantu
Gladys Cantu 10 months ago
You and Jonathan are sooooooooooooooo cute together ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️, wish y’all nothing but the best on y’alls relationship
a m
a m 10 months ago
i love nikki & jonathan. Soooo cute😍😍😍
Marlene Osorio
Marlene Osorio 10 months ago
Love you Nikki 😍you look beautiful
Isabella Correa
Isabella Correa 10 months ago
I love you
ToyaToms iii
ToyaToms iii 10 months ago
Nikki looking like sleeping beauty 💕💕💕👑
Ana dominguez
Ana dominguez 10 months ago
Your so cute ❤️🥰
Leslie Montalbo
Leslie Montalbo 10 months ago
Y’all are so cute 😭😭
Aracely Moran
Aracely Moran 10 months ago
Haha I’m going down my list of watching you guys videos just came from watching the Aguilar then Jonathan now your moving on to whoever’s next
life of 89k
life of 89k 9 months ago
Aracely Moran ❤️❤️❤️❤️
MICHELLE FLOREES 10 months ago
Where Are Her Jeans From 🤤
Yensuni Vazquez
Yensuni Vazquez 10 months ago
Anyone see joses face @9:00 ...he looked mad
Jovana Alvidrez
Jovana Alvidrez 10 months ago
I think he looked cansado
Little Elle
Little Elle 10 months ago
Yensuni Vazquez that is just how he looks with a straight face ⛄️
arly ramirez
arly ramirez 10 months ago
nikki and jonathan give me such good vibes i hate melody and jose tho bc i hate jose 🥴🥴🥴🥴
COYOTE swap or you get DEPORTED
arly ramirez lmao
Luna Aguirre
Luna Aguirre 9 months ago
arly ramirez dang spread positivity
meli castro
meli castro 10 months ago
I'm sorry but when she said she's pretty happy, her face expression reminded me of kanye 😂
ale orozco
ale orozco 10 months ago
Yea I know what u mean. On her Parents Channel she has a better mood in my opinion.
Alexis Dumpit
Alexis Dumpit 10 months ago
Michelle Vergara
Michelle Vergara 10 months ago
when jonathan said "trokiando cuh" i DIEEEEEED lmao
Daisy Amanda Rodríguez
Everyone mostly posted there video but Ethan and ur sister tell them to post there video too ❤️
Jessica Simite
Jessica Simite 10 months ago
It looked like you guys had alot of fun! 💙
Keyli Henriquez
Keyli Henriquez 10 months ago
I wish I could go Disneyworld 😁 #oneday
laysha cruz
laysha cruz 10 months ago
I'm glad that you are having so much fun with your family and Jonathan ❤️ keep up with the great work on your videos i will always have my notifications on for your video love you Nikki v and your so gorgeous like always ❤️ Jonathan and you are the cutest couple ❤️😊
life of 89k
life of 89k 9 months ago
laysha cruz 💯❤️
Emily Teodoro Maribel
Emily Teodoro Maribel 10 months ago
Like you videos Nikki v ❤️🌈💕
Marisela Rivera
Marisela Rivera 10 months ago
Me too I traveled really far today and I'm heading to Mexico
Stephanie Ramirez
Stephanie Ramirez 10 months ago
You and your bf are so kute❤️❤️you can tell he is way more mature than your sissy bf . (:
Sury Franco
Sury Franco 10 months ago
It looks like her braces didn’t work 😬
Yoselyn Gama
Yoselyn Gama 10 months ago
Didn’t she have braces ? & now her bottom teeth are crooked ?
Gabby Hernandez
Gabby Hernandez 10 months ago
“I’m a monthly youtuber” 😂 I always love seeing your videos! 💖💖 Small youtuber.. check out our Christmas video and subscribe! 🥰
Beatriz Family style
Beatriz Family style 10 months ago
Janett Yvette
Janett Yvette 10 months ago
I always go to Disney world during the summer
Emily’s Channel
Emily’s Channel 10 months ago
Please do a intro with your bf
life of 89k
life of 89k 9 months ago
Emily’s Channel 💯💯❤️❤️
Lupita Patino
Lupita Patino 10 months ago
You look so pretty Nikki v❤️💞💞💞
Rogelio aguilar Aguilar
My last name is valeria aguilar❤️
Mayra Quintero
Mayra Quintero 10 months ago
Omg I cant believe you guys were just an hour away from me the weather was perfect. Yall should have a meet and greet here in tampa.
life of 89k
life of 89k 9 months ago
Mayra Quintero 💯💯❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Loretta Lopez
Loretta Lopez 10 months ago
You & Johnathan are so cute together .
Melinda Vargas
Melinda Vargas 10 months ago
Is it scary to fly or not really it’s matching ur shirt the Minnie Mouse
Lesley Bojorquez
Lesley Bojorquez 10 months ago
Jonathan and Nikki are so cutee together 🤩💕
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