Virtual reality "reunites" mother with dead daughter in South Korean doc

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A heart-wrenching reunion between a mother and her deceased daughter aired last week in a documentary by South Korean broadcaster MBC.
Wearing virtual reality (VR) goggles, Korean mother Jang Ji-sung burst into tears as an avatar of her seven-year-old daughter, Na-Yeon, emerged from behind piles of wood at a neighbourhood park, which was her usual playground, until she died from blood-related diseases three years ago.
The documentary, titled "Meeting You," struck a chord with many South Koreans while highlighting the growing scope of possibilities for the new technology beyond gaming.
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Comments 80
Global News
Global News Month ago
What if you could still see a loved one even after they were gone? Do you think this goes too far?
Test Pilot
Test Pilot Month ago
I am trying to put my self in her shoes , If my son had passed away would I Do This and I really don't think I would because it would hurt to much to know that I can see his image interact with me but his soul would not be their and I cold not feel him or smell him I would only be saying good by again to something that was not really real .🙋🏻👨🏼, this to me seems more like torchureing yourself and the loved one would not even be doing what the little girl is doing she's not in some place full of fantasy and endless play , you don't know until it's your time to go and eathier you will just not exist anymore or just don't know . I don't know why they would encourage a fantasy that's not real .when some one dies you have to let them go even though you will never forget them but if you don't realize at some point that this is it, they are gone, you would just go crazy.🕊💐🕊
R A M I R O X X Month ago
It's bad
chloejohanna31 Month ago
Quite frankly this is disgusting
Robin P
Robin P Month ago
Life is highly over rated
sky turtle 5 E
sky turtle 5 E Month ago
@안녕하세요 damn you got some issues. And just so you know the younger generation is actually becoming more "Boomerish" but I mean ok.
Felipe The Mouse
This is pure evil. Literally selling souls.
Alva Chesshir
Alva Chesshir 5 days ago
I will speak for myself. I didn't feel it was my place to make a decision on whether what was done was right or wrong. It was clearly understood the mother volunteered. And that act alone she was able to say many things to her beloved little daughter that she was not given a chance to. This technology left her if only for a moment feeling connected to her her child,her baby. For me being an outsider looking in to this lovely woman's experience, well it left me sad for her because in the end the reality was she lost her beautiful innocent little baby girl. If anyone has experienced the loss of anyone especially a child there really never is closure. They will forever live in our minds through our memories of them, in our heart with Undying Love for the rest of our lives. We have that & it's Real.✌
Cosmin-Ioan Moatar
I just seen the whole documentary on Arirang TV and i think that everyone here that makes bad comments or dislike the video need to see it as a whole. She was definitely not obligated to do this, it was her wish to say goodbye even knowing that she would be just an avatar. We are all surrounded by good and mean people as well, this the way world function. I cried with her and I felt her pain, even if I never met them. I'm really lucky that I met them trough this lovely documentary. I wish them well in the future.❤️ Stop being so nasty 😢
Drawerick 92
Drawerick 92 6 days ago
This is what technology should do for us, working along with our emotions and make us better. This is a perfect example of closure for traumatic events. Props to the team.
Raccoonn Reckless
What if she starts rapidly slapping her in the middle of the video
Honey? Where's my super suit?
I can't stop crying when I try to watch the video, I hope she got a sense of closure, poor woman.
Flavia De Brito
Flavia De Brito 9 days ago
She wanted this!!!!! She wasnt forced! Some people would like this and some people wont and in my view I would want to do this with my grandpa who died. It would be harsh but very nice, JUST BECAUSE SHE CRIED DOSENT MEAN SHE DIDNT ENJOY IT. At the moment everyone cries. For me just speaking about my grandpa sometimes brings me to cry and for her of course she cried but it wasn't because she didn't like it or anything. Its just the memories that flood back and I guess people get frustrated.
Alan 10 days ago
tres155 13 days ago
This video definitely tested a capacity for empathy I didnt know I had
Dan Davis
Dan Davis 14 days ago
Vive Pro is still the best headset on the market.
Silveruu 15 days ago
i don't really care about all these sad vr stuff i just hope sword art online becomes real.
Me: *pls... Stop... My tears are* *making me missing my father....* *He died...*
أJakub piatek
أJakub piatek 24 days ago
The woman needed closure, her daughter passed away suddenly. She didn't have the chance to say goodbye. This is like therapy for her. Maybe not for others
김효민 25 days ago
Just saw 301 ep of Westworld, this is creepy af
Josie Gomez
Josie Gomez 25 days ago
Wow i was crying. Wish more people could have time with loved ones who passed away.
Robin Wangai
Robin Wangai 26 days ago
Guys, I'm very sure there's onions on the table. *I'm not crying!*
Krinh 27 days ago
Im not crying. Ur crying
Madam Rabbit
Madam Rabbit 29 days ago
WHy Do i KEep WAtcHiNg ThIs KnOwinF Ill be CrYiNg Rivver
Andy Marshak
Andy Marshak 29 days ago
This is wrong on all levels
Shion 29 days ago
This is psychological torture
Vickie Reynolds
Vickie Reynolds 29 days ago
SICK SICK people are SICK.
Marcos V
Marcos V Month ago
Esa señola está le obsesionada
GamerClub Month ago
Bless the people that made this. 🙏
A Cool Name
A Cool Name Month ago
The mother doesnt look mentaly healthy
ansa Klabautermann
I really hope it helped her..
I'm lockey, lockey, leave you pokey, pokey No Rice a Roni, that's the okey, dokey
Am I the only one that broke in the first 20 seconds?
Ganga Siva
Ganga Siva Month ago
Kratos (God of war) : Am I a joke to you??
Chicken nugget guy Fuffuls
I cried after this :(
katherine RoseMore
to each their own💕 but man..
katherine RoseMore
guys... no . Just no.
Bhuchandra Singha
Pibly Month ago
Oh WOW.....
yonson mills
yonson mills Month ago
As a person with a daughter who died this really hurt to see
E11a Ch3n
E11a Ch3n Month ago
im not crying. my eyes are just sweating.
J K Month ago
One of the most Incredibly traumatising torture a picture a parent can be subjected to. She'lo. She'll never be able to accept daughter's death now
God Month ago
now program your daughter into different set up and adventure with her in the virtual world!!
nancy vallejo
nancy vallejo Month ago
If this helps someone emotionally it’s a great thing to feel the ones that’s are gone by are side what ever helps with the pain of a lost person is good to do as long as it doesn’t cause harm. This people need peace in there heart to.
Yuhuan Month ago
I’m not ok with this. Even if she asked for it, they should’ve refused. Sometimes the best way to help someone is to say “no.” I sympathize with the mother, truly, but this is a line that should have never been cross...
Jay Boi
Jay Boi Month ago
@Levi Ackerman Preach lil "KID" hahaha you be pointin way more facts than gran gran over here hahaha
Yuhuan Month ago
Levi Ackerman. Well, a lot of people are ‘not okay’ with murder and heroin too, but maybe they weren’t helpful enough. By that logic, the only way to be “helpful” is to give emotionally unstable people whatever they want, regardless of the long term consequences and larger societal implications. As to whether or not I’m entitled to this opinion, maybe you’ll understand one day, kid.
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman Month ago
No one really cared or asked if you were okay with it tho!?, I mean you seem to not have watched the whole video but, the mum actually needed this pft who cares if this isn't makin you feel "Okay" this is to help her, and to say no to everything to someone going through alot..thats pity you have dont be soo rude be helpful..you dont seem that helpful by the seems of things.
tulasha lamakoirala
Why people dislike this ??
Dick Thick'em
Dick Thick'em Month ago
I'm quite surprised how fast that made me tear up, without speaking her language the pain in her voice is so clear.
Gyrthez Month ago
I think this would be an awesome therapeutic experience for anyone that were to suddenly lose someone, or lose someone and have difficulty in recovering mentally from the loss. Usually when quite a lot of people think about someone they've lost, all they really focus on was the fact that they're now gone, and focusing on the good memories can be difficult. I feel like this would give people more of an opportunity to think of their lost loved one in a different light than "They're gone forever".
Tim's Modern Gear
so heartbreaking it reminds me of black mirror
Che333 Gar
Che333 Gar Month ago
Tim's Modern Life I feel like we are already in it.
Azize Y
Azize Y Month ago
Lesson is... dont let your loved ones go through chemo. 50% of cancer patients die from chemo and not cancer. A child stands no chance. Give them a paleo diet full of super foods and take them out into the sun and make them happy. The other thing is, we came from God and we return to Him.. death is from God and is unavoidable. We all have an expiry date. There's no promise that you'll reach a ripe old age. Its sad but we should be comforted by God's wisdom and justice and knowing there's a paradise... God forgives everything except partnering others with him. Islam is the only true monotheistic religion. He was not born nor does He beget. Read the Qur'an. May Allah guide every person who reads this with the straight and beautiful path that is Islam
Varg Vikernes
Varg Vikernes Month ago
This would make me even sadder
Tania Azmir
Tania Azmir Month ago
jade Month ago
isn’t this torture for her surely?
rivoli carvalho
rivoli carvalho Month ago
She wanted to meet her daughter one last time...
Hugo Skucek
Hugo Skucek Month ago
XxPeppa is my favorite AnimexX
Vanessa Bryant should do this to Gianna bcuz Gianna is dead. Also with Kobe
Brendan Pilkington
I understand how this can be viewed as not moral but sometimes people just need closure when a loved one is no longer here. In this case the mother says it’s the dream she’s always had was to say goodbye properly to her daughter. It might not be the right thing to do but grief hits everybody differently and if this helps her through it then who are we to judge
Jenny Long
Jenny Long Month ago
i lost my mom when i was young and if i went through this i would probably kill myself from the sadness
Adrees Ahmed
Adrees Ahmed Month ago
Real is real and movie is movie
Андрей Белоусов
The second Deathly Hallow.
DRUMS.777 Month ago
The MIC though.......
youmariann Month ago
John Harrison
John Harrison Month ago
Hi uneducated negative morons. NOTICE: She asked that. That's called Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy. She doesn't feel grief and depression and pain after playing VR.
M8 Subject
M8 Subject Month ago
"they put ads on a video about someone having an emotional breakdown." i want to get a disease and die.
Ainaz z
Ainaz z 3 days ago
Lextragon lmao
Lextragon 18 days ago
Corona to the rescue
i Think
i Think Month ago
Not good don't play someone's emotional
John Harrison
John Harrison Month ago
That's Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy.
Shivangi Month ago
It's really heartbreaking to see 🥺😭😭
tuna pradhan
tuna pradhan Month ago
To me , having such platform , we welcome more pain than happiness .. For the time being , we might feel happiness but later stage there would be more pain .. so it is better not to welcome something at any form (like here virtually) if we can not get physically.. That would disturb lot..
David Samuel
David Samuel Month ago
This is a foolish invention because this will increase the pain of the mother.
John Harrison
John Harrison Month ago
That's Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy. And she doesn't feel the pain.
jamesalex 360
jamesalex 360 Month ago
Filipino: kahit sinong tao iiyak sa nang yari ikaw ba naman mawalan ng sariling minamahal sa buhay
unknown error
unknown error Month ago
All of you complain about the judgemental comments, while I didn't see any of them
Rafael Pereira
Rafael Pereira Month ago
"Be Right Back" episode of Black Mirror, coming to the real life.
Aarsha A
Aarsha A Month ago
We all grieve in our own ways..if it made her happy, who cares whats right and whats wrong..if it gave her peace and the closure that she was seeking, then what does it matter if we think it wasnt healthy or unreal?maybe it doesnt look right to some of us, but it meant everything to the mom.and if it put a smile on her face none of it what we think matters.period.
[ZnohV] Month ago
david canada
david canada Month ago
is it real?
Littlecooldude 1234
This ain’t gonna be good for the grieving process but she should be happy
John Harrison
John Harrison Month ago
Mom wrote review on her blog after playing VR, "I wanted to see her in my dreams, but I can't meet her in my dreams and Nayeon doesn't smile in my dreams. It was a very short time, but I was so happy to meet Nayeon, who always calls me with a smile. As if I had always dreamed of it," And "I want to live with three children next to me with a lot of laughter, rather than missing Nayeon and being sick."
david canada
david canada Month ago
is it real?
Bethapudi Floree
I want this to experience once so that I could see my mom again, miss her alot
david canada
david canada Month ago
hi is it real?
Wisanggeni Sastramihardja
I try to not cry.. but i fail.. God bless the people who have given their time and efforts to give another chance to the mother..
집짓기 Month ago
Do you know what is the most evil disease in the world? cancer? leukemia? no. Traffic accident or cerebral hemorrhage. Such an accident or illness does not give you time to say goodbye to your living family or friends. And they leave them with unforgettable pain throughout their lives. If you think about it in one dimension, "I'll be happy because I reunited with my daughter using vr." But if she can clear her mind, it's not how it matters to her. Whether it's picture therapy, hypnosis therapy or VR therapy.
spidey sense
spidey sense Month ago
This comment section isn't healthy... Don't understand the purpose of this program yet accusing them being evil and crossing line. Her daughter was gone by blood cancer and it was only a month after they started treatment. So she just wanted to say goodbye properly and she got a chance to do it by this project. If anyone watch the full video not just a clip they should understand that this is *not* self-torturing or madness but a step to move on and accepting the reality.
To me it seems like a nightmare but if it can help someone why not
헿헤헤 Month ago
ㅠㅠ 불쌍해 가족을 잃어서 얼마니보고싶겠어 ㅠ
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