Virgin Utah Mud vs Chevy Silverado 4x4

Matt's Off Road Recovery
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We got a call for Chevy Silverado stuck in the mud off the Kolob Terrace Road. We’ve had a few days of rain, and the mud has turned super gooey, slimy and slick. They slid into a ditch and had tried to get it out with a Toyota Tacoma but couldn’t. We were able to get them out of the ditch, and back on the road and then pulled through the slimy section to the pavement.
It’s always good to see young people out enjoying an adventure.
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Mar 15, 2020




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Comments 100
JoeJ8282 Day ago
Yep, that adobe mud is some *serious* snot! It's really heavy and sticky AF on your tires and fenderwells, just like glue, and about as slick as trying to drive on grease on top of ice! Lol!... It's because it has a lot of clay in it... I know about this type of mud from personal experience, as I live in New Mexico, and all 4 of the USA's "4-corners" states; New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado, all have some of this type of mud in most/many places in the state. I used to live on a ranch in SW, NM, almost 50 miles out of town along a dirt road that was made up of this type of mud for a majority of it, along with extremely sandy arroyo/dry river beds for alot of the rest of it, along with many really rough rocky patches... Needless to say, it was an exciting drive each and every time you went to town for anything, and it was pretty much a requirement to have a four wheel drive truck to drive in and out, and one *never* went in or out during very bad, wet weather, for obvious reasons!... The good thing about that life experience during my younger years was that I learned a lot during that time about how to drive on roads like this, and what to do in emergency situations when no-one else is around to help you!... I still use many of those driving tactics nowadays when the weather gets really bad, even though now I live in the Albuquerque area instead.
Slightly Modified
Honestly man these videos are awesome your going places fast! Congrat!
Maxpower36912 3 days ago
Mark D
Mark D 5 days ago
rescuing some stay children should be the name of the video
Trees Happen
Trees Happen 5 days ago
Keep a Husky bag in your jeep, for your ropes in the mud, and hose em off when ya get back to the shop.
A handful of clean dry rags in the back might be useful.
Chris Glover
Chris Glover 9 days ago
i love how kids get a nice 4x4 and then put those low profile street tires on them.
Todd Long
Todd Long 10 days ago
That recovered videographer had some pretty nice footage!
bushpilot223 14 days ago
Man I would love to work for this company!! Seems like a good time.
Ree R
Ree R 14 days ago
Language Children at 8:00 was perfect
Leda May
Leda May 15 days ago
This needs Background Superman Music playing, I think??? Music Peaks.. The.. "wheels with the right amount of throttle..." Maybe Rocky Balboa theme? kek I cannot decide.
Leda May
Leda May 15 days ago
Leda May
Leda May 15 days ago
YOU SAVED A BUNCH OF ALL DRESSED ALIKE ALIEN LIBERALS IT LOOKS LIKE? When you drove up and they all looked alike I was dying! hahaha LOLOLOL WWG1WGA
responsibleparty 16 days ago
I've never seen where he gets paid. I would think you'd want to get paid up front. Curious if that's how he does it.
Alex 16 days ago
I'm not the best off rider, let alone driver...but sometimes i have to ask myself "how did they possibly get in that position"...in such a spot
Casual Observer
Casual Observer 17 days ago
I thought you were pulling up on some cult members. Why do they all have matching rain gear for a little sprinkle?
bernhard85 17 days ago
was that kid just trying to hit the jeep the whole drive out i mean he said keep the strap tight not almost hit me the whole time and rid the high center areas.....
Guy Bean
Guy Bean 18 days ago
Hahahaha 1:48 looks like something out of the Hot Fuzz film. About to crucify the yellow banana
Alexander Locke
Alexander Locke 19 days ago
Stupid kids🤦🏼‍♂️
Dookie Brown
Dookie Brown 19 days ago
Maybe get a cheap set of 2 way radios to communicate between drivers.
Dookie Brown
Dookie Brown 19 days ago
How much did the customer get charged?
Victor Gomez
Victor Gomez 19 days ago
Victor Gomez
Victor Gomez 19 days ago
pavel 19 days ago
is this a "Ghost busters " guys??
Jaber 22 days ago
The yellow banana is one tough truck
samuel c barnes
samuel c barnes 22 days ago
Allen Cabaniss
Allen Cabaniss 22 days ago
Ive noticed that you guys dont use a spike when theirs nothing to hook up to like trees. Or need a snatchblock to pull from a diff direction. Ive been in that situation and blew peoples minds. I use a 6' steel spike drive it in the ground it has a couple loops at the top too hook a chain or block to it. And the hook up my electric winch to it and pull cars out of mud holes. But of course its a about the ground . So i use from 4' to a 6' steel spike. And the hooks on the end also helps get it back out of the ground if its to tight. Anda sledge hammer of course to drive it in. Let me know if that works for or let me see it of course in action. I belive it will help you in some situations ive see you in
RidgeRunner4X4 24 days ago
When U gonna put some real tires on that thing?
Nathan Cook
Nathan Cook 25 days ago
That Silverado probably got lots of new scratches in it! Lollll
Ethan Dips
Ethan Dips 25 days ago
You should get tsl swampers for winter time
michael marano
michael marano 25 days ago
How was that truck so white still?!
aaron abel
aaron abel 26 days ago
That Chevy is a turd
Robert w S
Robert w S 27 days ago
Matt, you truly are the king of bitchs when it comes to 4 wheelings.
A Joseph
A Joseph 27 days ago
Those Frogg Toggs got them looking like a bunch of desert cult members
TheTirado2 27 days ago
All of this is just a regular day for me down here in mexico! I pull out muddy trucks all the time with my 2003 tacoma!! Some of the trucks i pull out are filled with cattle!!!
Hey just curious was that movie tremors with Kevin bacon filmed anywhere near your area?
R M 27 days ago
It’s really good job and not easy
YM harbi
YM harbi 27 days ago
i get stuck on mud once so i place a wood next to the tire ring and the truck was jumping untill i get out , hay from saudi arab
redlight722 28 days ago
Is that their camper trailer further back?
Raymond Mora
Raymond Mora 29 days ago
Take me to your leader. LOL that never get old.
David Lacy
David Lacy Month ago
Matt’s not in The mood for their jokes lol
Rick OBrien
Rick OBrien Month ago
Someday , SOMEBODY that's been rescued by Matt & Company, is gonna spill the beans on what one of these tows costs !
Truth Keeper Films
It's funny that people offroad trucks... they aren't meant for offroading. They are meant for pulling/hauling. Lifts do nothing but lift the body but the axles/differential clearance remains the same.
Owen Kittredge
Owen Kittredge Month ago
I grew up in the Mojave Desert I called that type of mud, "Snot on a Doorknob slick mud" mostly clay not much sand will do this.
Francis Malonza
Francis Malonza Month ago
That road was too messy. good try.
ED Burke
ED Burke Month ago
are they the blue man group relatives ?
Jason Amy
Jason Amy Month ago
What is the Price? Simple Tow, Driving rates, Return rates, Types of trucks used. Australia is a big place. Love to see your prices in the USA compared to AUS. Jason Amy
Jason Amy
Jason Amy Month ago
Love the work, So impressed no swearing. There must be times, words of disorder would be used? Love your beard and your attitude to work. I'm 57 living in Australia. Great driving skills. I'm also a welder. Thanks. Jason Amy
Joe Pamplin
Joe Pamplin Month ago
You’re an absolute genius. In business and in practice! Constantly saving these $40k+ vehicles with your humble, yet AWESOME Jeep without adding even a scratch. A true professional! Love the videos, keep em comin.
Code Ultimate
Code Ultimate Month ago
matt your jeep power steering pump sounds pissed af when you turn right
kjfuell Month ago
We've got the same slimy stuff in northern Utah.
Mark Belden
Mark Belden Month ago
Freaks me out when they all have matching rain gear
Alexei Tetenov
Alexei Tetenov Month ago
Keep Pressing!
annette nez
annette nez Month ago
Does tire chains help? I mean for the Chevy truck....
Richard Month ago
Ok so why does yellow jeep such a beast?I'D get an old solid front axle land cruiser if banna ever died
Queso Blanco
Queso Blanco Month ago
Sometimes it looks like a shitty job, but it sometimes looks like a fun job. Balance, eh.
macombiam Month ago
enjoy watching your successful recovery videos. have you had any NOT SUCCESSFUL/FAILED one's as well?
Ruairi McCarthy
Ruairi McCarthy Month ago
Thats some serious MUD
Mike Lyons
Mike Lyons Month ago
The weather was muddy and slick.
Tyler Hansen
Tyler Hansen Month ago
“This is LEGIT!!” 😂😂
john f
john f Month ago
you should build more of these and sell them, you wont have to get dirty
Franky Scottz
Franky Scottz Month ago
That yellow Jeep gets it done son!! 💪🏼
Duane Ayers
Duane Ayers Month ago
With people being ignorant about understanding what when where how 4 wheel works will keep this man in business for a long time.
rick urso
rick urso Month ago
Like the way you have them use the from wheels like a rudder when pulling them backwards.
StoneysWorkshop Month ago
fun that you take this lighter old school jeep and rescue all these fancy , heavier, full of tech modern vehicles
Twilight Han
Twilight Han Month ago
The Aliens in the Chevy were like, hey, finally! Earthlings!
Brian Jackson
Brian Jackson Month ago
Brown dogs rule !!
Tobias Engström
Anyone here playing mudrunner? :D
PG Frank
PG Frank Month ago
We need a Matt's off road recovery video game!
Stivie Mshuza
Stivie Mshuza Month ago
This jeep is a badass machine
Darkened Destiny
9:15 other worldy light
Brian Elsner
Brian Elsner Month ago
What’s with the bright orange jacket 🤷‍♂️
Joe Starr
Joe Starr Month ago
They looked like aliens in the road when you pulled up on them 😏 good job.
Harold Wilkerson
Do you ever think about running pizza cutter tires in the winter and spring and wider Mickey Thompson Baja type tires in the summer
Aaron Bounds
Aaron Bounds Month ago
Peggy Ballenger
Peggy Ballenger Month ago
That Jeep is awesome
Jesse Roddick
Jesse Roddick Month ago
"keep tension on the rope" barely keeps tension... just listen to the damn tow truck driver
Derek H
Derek H Month ago
I really don't like mud. I avoid it like the plague.
Brap 69HD
Brap 69HD Month ago
You should bring walkie talkies for communication between vehicles and such
RAH Capital
RAH Capital Month ago
slick as goose sheet. like the red clay here in NC
send it
send it Month ago
why would those kids think it is funny idiots
Hold My Beer
Hold My Beer Month ago
Matt you handle every call like a professional.
David Rutherford
I'd get stuck with her 6:55
colton koger
colton koger Month ago
Did anyone see the camper. Whats the story on that???
Patrick Faricy
Patrick Faricy Month ago
For the first time ever, I thought Matt was toast when he was first hooked up to the truck and his Jeep sunk all for wheels and wouldn't move. Awesome video(s)!
C4L Media Group
C4L Media Group Month ago
Everyone probably doubts you because you pull up with a older and small jeep haha but she does amazing
Captain Goldbeered
They definitely burned one lol
James McDonald
James McDonald Month ago
This guy pulls 500k views and doesnt say one bad word. RUvid gotta be payin him well
TheF150drvr Month ago
They spent the next week cleaned mud from under the truck. Lol
Trae Cummings
Trae Cummings Month ago
Matt your doin it brother. And we thank you for it. Hi Ed👋
Jeremiah Bean
Jeremiah Bean Month ago
Tires make a big difference. If you got street tires on your vehicles try and stay out of the mud and sand if possible
Just Out Here Tinkering
Freakin weird dudes....
Collapse TV
Collapse TV Month ago
My god Silverado's look horrible now.
Drew Bonifacio
Drew Bonifacio Month ago
George H. Reed Jr.
He’s sure is not very good at following instructions!
David Radtke
David Radtke Month ago
Some people think it will suffice to have 4x4 and drive street tires. You can do that with the right tires, right tire pressure and 2WD except on slippery mud and wet grass. Then you need a Subaru AWD. 😋😂 It just needs a skilled driver. Lots of European overlanders did it just with 2WD.
pc600 Month ago
Silverado Driver Stupid Bull ! Look at the front tires where to turn!
austingost505 Month ago
Chad Banana
MM Reporter
MM Reporter Month ago
You've made the little yellow Jeeps pretty famous and could probably sell one or more a year for pretty good money.
Shane Haws
Shane Haws Month ago
Hey how do you like that badlands winch Is it holding up ok love all your recovery videos
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