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Oct 21, 2018

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Comments 40 729
Kate Lauren Ramos Duchesne
am 13 and I think its normal
Ella Rachel Manasseh
“Eyeliner, I think-“ Tal Fishman 2018
mariaxtia 6 hours ago
I love watching these kinds of videos 😂😭
Christian Javier
Christian Javier 7 hours ago
hunter romeo
hunter romeo 8 hours ago
koreans and Chinese are like this
Sonniphia Tran
Sonniphia Tran 10 hours ago
“ take her out swimming.” 🤣😂‼️ dying
Marmar V.
Marmar V. 11 hours ago
Some people say "BE YOURSELF" and then if you're being yourself. They will judge you.🙄
garchomp301 1209
garchomp301 1209 14 hours ago
Girl number 2 really just needs to get her teeth fixed.
jay jay
jay jay 14 hours ago
Effin made in china...
East Coast Shark
East Coast Shark 16 hours ago
Bahahaha Tal reminds me of totally Kyle from The Amanda show with the wig on😂
angeli thalody
angeli thalody 19 hours ago
those are eyebrow stamps not stickers
jihane elazzabi
jihane elazzabi 20 hours ago
perrie dllm
perrie dllm 21 hour ago
1:28 that s tape
Rand Jareer
Rand Jareer 23 hours ago
This is the funniest and weirdest video
Philly Sixgles
Maybe lot in China and Korea
Philly Sixgles
Most the people are Chinese ladies
You know the vibezzz
Yes ! It's clay in the damn nose stay askinnnnnn 😭😭
Let's talk 2
Let's talk 2 Day ago
Sama _Unicorn
So u know most Asians dont have the nose bridge or whatever u wanna call it so they put that thing on their nose 👃 so it looks like they have a nose bridge
Golden Playz
Golden Playz Day ago
Don't trush all beautitul girls some girls only use makeups
I know one of them there
winter rose
winter rose Day ago
They use circle lenses as contacts it makes the eyes look better
rossie ginah
rossie ginah Day ago
Go swimming on the first date😂😂😂😂😂
Casual Everything
Dislike done
MelonHell Day ago
But can you blame them? A lot of Asians are birn ugly AF so yea there gonna find ways to hide it
Cleo Harper
Cleo Harper Day ago
I think the two of you were made for each other
Lisette García
Wasn’t sure what to expect but this was so cute! Especially loved the men’s makeover 😻
Angela Bueno
Angela Bueno Day ago
I'm a girl, and I have always wondered what they're drinking and what's it for? Someooone educate meeeee. 🤔😭
SC Crow
SC Crow Day ago
they use fake teeth that push out the mouth/ gives the impression of a recessed chin but the tranformations are good nonetheless
Life adventure and trips
Ugly Teeth
Ugly Teeth 2 days ago
Ngakak 😭
Speedy Gee
Speedy Gee 2 days ago
7:48 She Still Cute... Not as Bad as the rest of the video
Yung1nn 2 days ago
Tal looked like johnny bravo
Fifa Playz
Fifa Playz 2 days ago
The 2nd one she cant change her teeth so yea
min yoongi's swaggy wife
I think that true beauty is from the inside!
It's a video that causes racial discrimination.Not only in Asia, but in any country.^_^
Heather Mimi
Heather Mimi 2 days ago
This is why you should take us to pools in the first date hahahhaa
brielle st omer
brielle st omer 2 days ago
Emma Madison
Emma Madison 2 days ago
Plastic surgeon:Am i a joke to you😁
Danielle Ramirez
Danielle Ramirez 2 days ago
I am a arties and a scoer player
Danielle Ramirez
Danielle Ramirez 2 days ago
Omg she cut her nose. even tho i am a girl . she useing clay
Steven Beshears
Steven Beshears 2 days ago
Like the video but y'all need to shut up
Ronny Charles
Ronny Charles 2 days ago
Almost all of them use fake buck teeth.
Michael Jackson is Amazing!!
“Eyeliner I think.. don’t quote me on that.”- Infinite.
Jazzy .A
Jazzy .A 2 days ago
So it’s beautiful to beautiful Transformation 💕
Dhariel Pagkalinawan
what you gonna do if,both of you will take a swim?, and get out of water?,what are you doing?😂😂😂😂😂😂
Simply Glowy
Simply Glowy 2 days ago
Lmaoooooo 💀
bucky barns
bucky barns 2 days ago
Never ever ever trust an Asian girl
Unknown YourWorstNightmare
This video just reminded me of True Beauty
sundus qureshi
sundus qureshi 2 days ago
that thing they stick on their face to make it look slimmer is tape i know this because iv tried
Mayonnaise Sauce
Mayonnaise Sauce 3 days ago
This video raised my self-esteem
Angel Guangco
Angel Guangco 3 days ago
Lesson: Not all girls are beauties or not all beauties are girls. 😅
Ayu Sasha
Ayu Sasha 3 days ago
hahahahahahahahahah bring she swimming ahhahaah
A.M.S Ally
A.M.S Ally 3 days ago
Not happens in west Asia
Ryan Sean Abejero
I'm not believing that he shave her nose 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😶😶😶😶😶😱😱😱😱😱
Zhanserik Smit
Zhanserik Smit 3 days ago
It's like forom this💩 to this😻 it's disgusting 🤮
La Va
La Va 2 days ago
Thats just rude HATER ALERT
AC Miranda
AC Miranda 3 days ago
I think most of the girls are from china?
Joe Bellemare
Joe Bellemare 3 days ago
Whaaaaat 🤤😨🤦‍♂️
Ashley Koutnik
Ashley Koutnik 3 days ago
Crims0n GamingYT
Crims0n GamingYT 3 days ago
This Video Stop My Friend Finding Beautiful Gf!
Cudat Yūsha
Cudat Yūsha 3 days ago
I’m scare now,
Presley Roughley
Presley Roughley 3 days ago
7:50 did I just spot that dude!!!!!!!
Amathylar 3 days ago
Ummm, so what happens when you wake up in the morning and take a shower....
Nafia Salimah
Nafia Salimah 3 days ago
not all an asian girl like that,i dont use it
Kuya Win
Kuya Win 3 days ago
Omg😨😱😱 how many girls are lying to their partner about their beauty 😂😂
Pooja Shivhare
Pooja Shivhare 3 days ago
What a fake beauty. Your inner soul is your genuine beauty.
Pooja Shivhare
Pooja Shivhare 3 days ago
OMG she is going peel the face. Hahahaha
Ghost GamerYT
Ghost GamerYT 3 days ago
Try not to look away jk
Mr. cmn
Mr. cmn 3 days ago
SaraKim Taehyung
SaraKim Taehyung 3 days ago
Sophia Ledbetter
Sophia Ledbetter 3 days ago
Please do
Hey fuck you Guys
Flying scene was aswm
Hannah Ron
Hannah Ron 4 days ago
Do you know what I say "they are ArtISt
Hannah Ron
Hannah Ron 4 days ago
Vampires are Asian!
geaniece miles tanding tuhod
Ahaha I really laugh at this video
John Vincent Santiago
wow cool hair caylus
Rhebhecz QB
Rhebhecz QB 4 days ago
watching from mindanao Philippines
ma biaka
ma biaka 4 days ago
i think this is fake😅😅 i think they changed people when the ting happen
Nhu Quynh
Nhu Quynh 4 days ago
Hk biết má nào vietsub nữa 🤔
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