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Slow Mo! Watch this amazing footage of a Russell's Viper repeatedly striking - you'll never walk barefoot again!
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Natural World: India's Deadliest Snakes
India has 275 species of snakes, more than any other country on the planet. Every year over one million Indians are bitten.
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Mar 25, 2018




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Comments 1 031
I’m a fool in my own shoes 🙃
Nicholas Shelton
Nicholas Shelton 9 days ago
Racist snake
Chris Shellenberger
So wait.. you mean to tell me that if i step on a snake, sometimes it will react by biting me and sometimes it will react by trying to escape? .. ASTOUNDING! WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?!
Jyothi Jyo
Jyothi Jyo 12 days ago
the innocent one is the snake here
Sam Ranarana
Sam Ranarana 17 days ago
I v bitten by one of them and watching this !!# shitee!!#
Abid Khan
Abid Khan 19 days ago
Jhota kota
Jeremy Owww my eye Stephens
Im still walking barefoot.
Wild- Energy
Wild- Energy 26 days ago
i thought they've paid someone to get bit
KumarTech 26 days ago
So what do we call it? Clickbait or super clickbait?
vijayakumar sivam
vijayakumar sivam 28 days ago
What happened to him?
C J 29 days ago
Guy almost looks like Gregg Popovich
Sneaker Beast
Sneaker Beast 29 days ago
C J yo I just said that 💀😂
Prem Ramman
Prem Ramman 29 days ago
That foot fooled me more than once
Imran Noor
Imran Noor Month ago
Moral of the story more than 65 percent of the Rendian people take shit in the open street 🤣🤣🤣
Fred Brauer
Fred Brauer Month ago
Wow. Genius. He found that if you step on a Viper it'll bite you. I did not know that.
bipindas k g
bipindas k g Month ago
അണലി സാറ് പാവാ അണലി സാറിനെ വെറുതെ ബിടൂ 😢😢
Ludwig Fischer
Ludwig Fischer Month ago
The next time take a steel foot. Taste the snake teeth quality 😉
Sneaker Beast
Sneaker Beast 29 days ago
Ludwig Fischer Lmfaoo mean
peter gold
peter gold 2 months ago
I believe some very venomous snakes will bite an animal without injecting venom just to make it back off if its not going to attack the snake
Umang Saikia
Umang Saikia 2 months ago
Next would be real foot fake snake... How a real foot can injure a snake...
TextBookPuncher1 2 months ago
Viper had to eat shit to get the taste of that foot out from his mouth.
Dustin Wyatt
Dustin Wyatt 2 months ago
Lame. Real foot next time.
lee lunk
lee lunk 2 months ago
Cliff T
Cliff T 2 months ago
I remember a band called blackfoot.
Ashok kumar
Ashok kumar 2 months ago
1000 th comment I completed
Introvert 2 months ago
The real subject is foot
Mìnístry of Sound
Mìnístry of Sound 2 months ago
You guys are good!! Really good!!
Xplane 11 Fan
Xplane 11 Fan 2 months ago
No one was harmed in making this slow motion
KNOWLEDGE # 2 months ago
WHY he got a blk foot????
Joybemobb T
Joybemobb T 2 months ago
Wow now I know RUvid is a lie🧐😲😲
Malik Johnson
Malik Johnson 2 months ago
As a Black man it hurts my feet to watch this..
Neo Neo
Neo Neo 2 months ago
We must kill 🐍!!!
SaB Junior
SaB Junior 2 months ago
Why they had to use a black foot tho?
マダラうちは 2 months ago
Why a black foot tho?
LK shaw Krisaan
LK shaw Krisaan 2 months ago
Its Romulus Whitaker ,ive met him and his kids several times at his crocodile conservation park and had chat with few times ,he is such great human being he has soo much love for these reptiles 👏👏👍
Laishram Chaningkhomba
More than 65? Really? Which year's record is that? Thats so untrue. Damn this bias media
Cartier Qahlil
Cartier Qahlil 2 months ago
They had to use a black foot🤣
Godi sang
Godi sang 2 months ago
SNAKE must be also FAKE am confused🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😁
Jerard Genela
Jerard Genela 2 months ago
Is that you greg popovich
Frank Matthews
Frank Matthews 2 months ago
Can’t be authentic unless you have a real black foot
Duadias 2 months ago
this was on my bday and my favourite animal is snake
RRM PH 2 months ago
My god
Myvleermuis1234 De vries
Bite the snake back
Mr King
Mr King 3 months ago
Ok so the snake is fake....foot was real
Vignesh Swaminathan
Vignesh Swaminathan 3 months ago
The artificial foot does not give a shit about no Viper’s bite ...
Selvam Dev
Selvam Dev 3 months ago
Ohh. What a shooting. Very nice. Showing fake as a real.
Tony Graham
Tony Graham 3 months ago
Lol would have to be some brave mfker to put your foot in there like that in the name of science lol
Infante De Marina SEMAR
The snake walked away at the end because you guys kept on stepping on it and it bit it so much he was just like “This is not damn worth my god damn time”
jamie gibson
jamie gibson 3 months ago
Greg popovich of the san antonio spurs.
PalmBeach Grown
PalmBeach Grown 3 months ago
Cant lie, they had us in the first half folks.
Dr Vidya Sagar UP wala
Jackson Warner
Jackson Warner 3 months ago
Dodge Viper emblem brought me here 😂
Saad Al Kabir
Saad Al Kabir 3 months ago
omg...I thought it was real😂
shivam singh
shivam singh 3 months ago
you've shown us how to make a movie
Hug a language lover lover
Why Russell wipeer
TheAntropopatist 3 months ago
The snake is trying to get away, because it doesn't feel aney warmnes coming from the leg. Snakes can feel, whether it is something that lives or not. It doesn't make a difference between that lag and a peace of wood or stone. Because there is no warmnes coming from there and there is no reason for snake to attack. That was nothing but making you ridiculous...
Praveen Godara
Praveen Godara 3 months ago
Step on the head, you are good to go
ᴀʟʙᴀɴ ᴀɴɢᴏᴍ
'"I thought it was real!!!
specialized 3 months ago
It just wants to get away. And mostly Misses the first bite then comes back for a second bite. So when u step on it, pull your foot away, i might be faster cause the snakes usually misses the first time.
a hamster
a hamster 3 months ago
This is a clickbait and I aint even mad
yasee chaudhry
yasee chaudhry 3 months ago
Anyone who think it was a real person's foot?😂
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