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Slow Mo! Watch this amazing footage of a Russell's Viper repeatedly striking - you'll never walk barefoot again!
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Natural World: India's Deadliest Snakes
India has 275 species of snakes, more than any other country on the planet. Every year over one million Indians are bitten.
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Mar 25, 2018




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Comments 80
Beauty Village
Beauty Village 10 hours ago
Ma god what was dat....
Brad O
Brad O 16 hours ago
PUT ON SOME DAMN SHOES!!!!! You know theyre there. SMH
Lamb Sauce
Lamb Sauce 18 hours ago
The foot is real
John Griswold
Just wow I wonder which is scary the Viper Snake or the Viper Roller Coaster from Magic Mountain?
Andreas Archie
i just think they paid him just to step on viper lol
Eric Halim
Eric Halim Day ago
Now every comments talking about foot 🤣 The snake must be thinking why so many foot these days... I don't blame the snake. I also thinking it was real foot damn.
Bong TV91
Bong TV91 Day ago
why is the foot black? not white? racist!
I glad when the foot is fake because it looks so real thats why people where shoes when walking😞
The snake is Russell Viper ..India's most venomous snake...
Ram rigout Official
Who watching it after uthara case?
Gio jo
Gio jo 2 days ago
David Simon
David Simon 2 days ago
GAMING MASTER 2 days ago
John Julian Senador
you coach pop!.,
jean michel poc
jean michel poc 2 days ago
I want a real foot next time please ...
Mon Redfield
Mon Redfield 2 days ago
I thought that feet is real 😅😂
Sharon Antony
Sharon Antony 2 days ago
Just wear a thick rubber suit all over your body while going in wild
Kutis Bayag
Kutis Bayag 2 days ago
Ouch ! My fake foot is hurt 😢 Haha 🤣😂
torreyintahoe 2 days ago
We need to get some flashlights to India; stat.
Troll Captain
Troll Captain 2 days ago
വാവ സുരേഷ് fans
#Ym Liahus
#Ym Liahus 3 days ago
I thought the foot was real !
Larsoti 3 days ago
The viper after biting the rubber leg : "oh my God, what was that? I think i bit one of the Cardashians"...
A lemon
A lemon 4 days ago
*(Scared Relief)*
sikho simple
sikho simple 4 days ago
I thought the foot was real😅😅 #sikhosimple
Rajesh Kunwar
Rajesh Kunwar 4 days ago
How creative it was specially lungi with foot.
Anu Saji
Anu Saji 4 days ago
Njngade vava suresh nu kamb onum venda
Mister Williams
Mister Williams 4 days ago
I thought that was Coach Popovich lol
The Jew
The Jew 4 days ago
That snake got pranked
Marlene O'Rein
Marlene O'Rein 4 days ago
The money they spent there was more than enough to buy boots for the people and these fatalities would stop. Ignorance is what kills more in India, where vipers are still worshipped as gods.
Dani .
Dani . 4 days ago
Here I am watching this from my hospital bed after getting bit by a copperhead yesterday 😅
Satish Dayama
Satish Dayama 3 days ago
So sorry that you are a victim of snake bite. The narrator has started with negative fake remark " more than 65% of Indian population lives without inner sanitation. " She has connected the snake bite to sanitation.
Johnathan Martin
Johnathan Martin 5 days ago
That bite to the bottom of the foot took my life
veccing 6 days ago
For all of you talking about how his aim is horrible, his internet is just bad.
Exotic Alpha
Exotic Alpha 4 days ago
Ok txns fan
Lui 6 days ago
The snake probably started thinking to it's self like "shit dude I've bitten this thing like 50 times" and that's why in most cases it fled that's just a theory though
First Name Last Name
Lol same thought
Wahyu Prabowo
Wahyu Prabowo 6 days ago
thsirtt is "batik" from indonesian country...
Pietro Durso
Pietro Durso 6 days ago
Mr. Crowley
Mr. Crowley 6 days ago
Never believe what u see
YouTube_fuziax 7 days ago
Why a black foot ? 😠
Mathew Varghese
Mathew Varghese 7 days ago
Romulas witacker
Robin Jormestam
Robin Jormestam 8 days ago
Mr. Saitan Oni
Mr. Saitan Oni 8 days ago
Fun fact: The foot is paid actor
Emeryl Briscoe
Emeryl Briscoe 9 days ago
I know this snake prolly like why ain’t u dead I bit like 50,000 times
John of Debar
John of Debar 9 days ago
RUvid should also introduce Emojis, this one would be WOW
Julieth Muhumba
Julieth Muhumba 10 days ago
A.foot doesnt have valid weight to make snake believes to react maybe
jannis joplin
jannis joplin 10 days ago
I mean.. They poop in the streets too..
Weedy 2x
Weedy 2x 12 days ago
Why it gotta be a black man foot 😴👎🏾
The BugSmith Pest Control
Lol that snake sucks at biting stuff
Peter Newman
Peter Newman 13 days ago
That looks like Barry Gibb, Stayin alive leadin to night fever.
teofilo ljubisavljevic
I have 58 pet snakes. They are the best pets on the planet. Change my mind.
Shannon Knight
Shannon Knight 16 days ago
So realistic
Jacques Foche
Jacques Foche 17 days ago
Toast 17 days ago
Someone needs to find this Russell chap and tell him to stop leaving his vipers just lying around.
Byron Mauck
Byron Mauck 17 days ago
So this is what Jeff Bridges does in his free time
C K 19 days ago
The ugly creature of Nature.
mera baap
mera baap 19 days ago
rlfinch2000 20 days ago
Why a black foot
Mr. Syarif
Mr. Syarif 20 days ago
The leg creator is the one who really amazing
StuntVevo 23 days ago
The reason the snake was trying to leave is because it couldnt scense the threat and it knew it was outmatched
The Life of MB
The Life of MB 26 days ago
young lil nigga
young lil nigga Month ago
they're sacrificed an i-don't-even-know-who-i-am man for bitten by one of the most venomous snake on earth.
Adolfo Rojas
Adolfo Rojas Month ago
I feel scammed
sudagani krishna Goud
Dr Doom
Dr Doom Month ago
Makes me wonder how many nature shows are fake.
shaniqua shanaybay
I feel sorry for the snake now she has to brush her teeth from that nasty foot
Spookay T'is Me
Spookay T'is Me Month ago
Such a realistic foot, that I thought someone had fully agreed to be bitten by the viper for the camera... Holy cow that looked like a genuine human snake bite scenario!
Sharukathif Sharukathif
What a day BBC🤣🤣✌️ Lol
You have one million subscribers
Thanks to your countries ancestors (looters) for making 35 % toilet for Indians. Bricheaters.
Yuwinx Vorsterx
Yuwinx Vorsterx Month ago
I actually thought it was real
Thomas Therrell
Thomas Therrell Month ago
$23 was all they paid this villager, but to him it's a whole months salary.
Rafael Quintero
Rafael Quintero Month ago
An RKO in slomo...
mc mc
mc mc Month ago
Grig popovich is that you?
Q Dog
Q Dog Month ago
That was the smoothest thing i seen. As soon as the snake struck I said dang it got em. Then the lights came on. I said all shit that was slick. Had me thinking some on got bit.
RAJESH s Month ago
Wow. Amazing
TØXIC父 GØÐ Month ago
At first I thought it was real
wehahaha wohahaha
Clickbait :(
Bird 2 months ago
I like how the fake leg squeaked like a dog toy when he was tossing it lol
Follower of MUHAMMAD
Release a banded krait everywhere and You'll see the outcomes
Garion Ramsey
Garion Ramsey 2 months ago
Not safe
Trevor Aston
Trevor Aston Month ago
Well duh
Feels 2 months ago
Russels viper is the most dangerous viper towards humans imo. They're aggressive and the venom can kill you. If it doesn't kill you, it can reverse puberty and leave you with brain damage and PTSD from the pain. Your life will never be the same.
Trevor Aston
Trevor Aston Month ago
A bite from a Russel’s Viper would do a lot worse to you than reverse puberty. I’d rather have my puberty reversed than have my leg rot away. Also, if you get anti venom from a bite, your life will go completely back to normal
Me? I’m no one.
Me? I’m no one. 2 months ago
And this is how they fake documentaries
Volt Tackle
Volt Tackle 2 months ago
The overacting from 1:49 tho
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