Violent George Floyd protests at CNN Center unfold live on TV

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CNN's Nick Valencia reports live from inside the CNN Center in Atlanta where demonstrations over the killing of George Floyd have turned violent.
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May 29, 2020




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Comments 80
sclary9889 7 hours ago
This reminds me of WWE
sclary9889 7 hours ago
CNN is a disgrace. This is so obviously staged it’s disgusting... I bet those cops are hired actors just like those “demonstrators”
David Clary
David Clary 7 hours ago
Teargas works wonders
Robin Hood
Robin Hood 12 hours ago
Mostly Peaceful protest. CNN you have sown the wind and you deserve to reap the whirlwind.
Jorge Lu
Jorge Lu 12 hours ago
Hypocrisy in its ultimate form: CNN hiding behind policemen from protesters ALSO CNN: BUT MARK, WHY DID YOU GET YOUR GUNS OUT?! THOSE KIDS WERE JUST PEACEFULLY PROTESTING!
Yoshi -TheOreo
Yoshi -TheOreo 13 hours ago
It's only violent when these fuckers are at your doorstep? Makes sense. :1
J in the building!!!
Im Qu from the 5th deminsion. All of the maddness is a result of the mind control you guys have subscribed to. The media THEY give you guys gives you a biased narrative. Dont be a fool
Hendrix 15 hours ago
Y’all still wanna defund the police ?
Dan Russell
Dan Russell 16 hours ago
CNN aren’t they your friend.....you kiss their ass and anyone who supports them. And I would bet those officers would rather let them in
☆Super stars2014♡
I can't believe they trying to burn CNN News (Sid and Marty Krofft Indoor Park) ... O_O
Gokibro S
Gokibro S 23 hours ago
whoops looks like the 5th estate is endangered by a peaceful lynch mob
Hale Hafa
Hale Hafa 23 hours ago
Terrorist puppets, full of hate, smashing in windows and stealing airfryers from Whalmart is exactly what we need right??? I say defund double faced terrorist groups who purposely divide!!
Hale Hafa
Hale Hafa 23 hours ago
BLM “Our pain, our cries, our needs, our view, our.. our.. our..” ??? “Let us be seen and heard” ??? Meanwhile 20000000 + Black Lives terminated since 1973, BLM crickets!??? “With slavery and abortion there is a pernicious power dynamic at play, the frequently quoted pro-choice mantra, my body my choice is extended to the vulnerable with an additional mantra your body my choice. For example slave codes which regulated how slaves could be treated and punished, usually allowed the killing of slaves with no legal consequence for the slave owner. “With abortion, Roe v. Wade and Doe v Bolton operate under essentially the same principle, the unborn child is treated not as a separate and distinct human life but rather as property of the mother, that can be killed with no legal consequences. Defund the Police?? What would you have to say if 425,000 + innocent Black children were being killed by cops every year? 1,000 + every day, you people would go nuts, so why this hypocrisy!?? Creating chaos as if you care about LIFE, you support murder of the innocent, you want to be “seen and heard,” why not show some integrity first!??
why do you exist ?
why do you exist ? 23 hours ago
Corona:Now this looks like a job for me!
бро Day ago
любое нападение на палицыю в америке растрел тут менты очкуют
Matthew Lauvray
These are your friends CNN lololololol
Gage West
Gage West Day ago
And you guys still want to defund the police when they are protecting you. You guys really are stupid.
Vinny Najera
Vinny Najera Day ago
This is out of control and keep the building protected from damage.👆☝️🖖🤞🤙🤟🤘
Aldo Moraigne
Such mixed feelings, on one hand, horrible street violence, and the on the other,......it's CNN.
golden smile
golden smile Day ago
It's like the 300 kinda they outnumbered
Ashton 2003
Ashton 2003 Day ago
I love how the radical left socialist party is being attacker at their own news center by their own party. This is why socialism is bad. #FakeNews #Trump2020
adaonetube Day ago
The guy with the skateboard is the type of punk that you wish law enforcement would start cracking down on and throwing in federal prison for 5 years.
adaonetube Day ago
Hey, wasn't Fredo Cuomo the one who said "when is a protest peaceful?"
Alan Garcia
Alan Garcia Day ago
LMFAO😅🤣😂🙃 That's what CNN gets!!!!
Uncle Creepy
Uncle Creepy Day ago
Remember when all the white people rioted and protested across the nation when black officer Noor killed an innocent white Justine Ruszczyk? Yeah, me either. If you had to guess, do you think more black people are shot by cops, or white people?
Mike D'Errico
So fake news is getting attacked now too? Whats the world coming to? 🤣🤣🤣
Allie Neesan
Allie Neesan Day ago
oh what happened to the peaceful protest. cops should let cnn burn
J Dubz
J Dubz Day ago
“CNN building is being attacked and Donald Trump isn’t doing anything about it”
KennyDaBoss55 2 days ago
U people are idiotic let’s destroy stuff and loot so helping ur cause
Vince Bala Nathan
At last the CNN is reaping for all what they have sown AGAINST the President Donald Trump. Serves them right. Elohim will not be silent forever. After all He said that VENGEANCE is Mine!!
A Mountain West Socialist
A riot is the language of the unheard. Are you listening yet, CNN?
JT showbizz
JT showbizz 2 days ago
They dont cqre about the warning cuz cops would do that shit even when its peaceful
Ammar Raza
Ammar Raza 2 days ago
that's what happens when you keep lying to the public with your murderous propaganda
Cataskew 2 days ago
I think the people know who's in charge , I think CNN made enough money on George Floyd's death alone to pay for this building
Rodney Johnston
Rodney Johnston 2 days ago
CNN fake news🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Claude Jones
Claude Jones 2 days ago
Where ever you throw something at the cops say Allah u Akbar 3 times and pray the object strike them above the neck
K Estrado
K Estrado 2 days ago
Search Normal country hell world. Its an odd name but if you want a quick view of what the police are really like then you should. News channels will only show you the good, clean news because they have rules to stick to and governments to butter.
K Estrado
K Estrado 2 days ago
Search 'Normal country hell world'. Its an odd name but if you want a quick view of what the police are really like then you should. News channels will only show you the good, clean news because they have rules to stick to and governments to butter. B
K Estrado
K Estrado 2 days ago
Search 'Normal country hell world'. Its an odd name but if you want a quick view of what the police are really like then you should. RUvid has even deemed the video 'offensive' because of those clips. News channels will only show you the good, clean news because they have rules to stick to and governments to butter.
JM 2 days ago
Funny, we never seem to hear about all those white folks who get killed by the police. Hmmm... www.statista.com/statistics/585152/people-shot-to-death-by-us-police-by-race/
sonia wright
sonia wright 3 days ago
We love you too guys.
silent Jay
silent Jay 3 days ago
And there giving the couple that defended there house with gun shit for preventing that from happening to there house
Gustaaf Argoan
Gustaaf Argoan 3 days ago
George Floyd has been sober for over a month now.
saigo toru
saigo toru 3 days ago
Go outside and see if they are peaceful or violent.. CNN such irony
Ying & Yang
Ying & Yang 3 days ago
Like okay, there's a problem, and you are trying to raise awareness of it. But protesting like this is just pure idiotism. Instead of making the police view african americans better you aremaking the police more against you.
Randy Price
Randy Price 3 days ago
This is beautiful cops should let them have CNN deserves this funny as hell if it wasn't for safety of the officers
Dave Mack sr
Dave Mack sr 3 days ago
CNN don't blame the people we've been getting beat and murdered by police for years people are just now fighting back with their hands what are you going to do when they start fighting with their weapons their guns knights baseballthis is a message straight from the hood we're not going to take it anymore.
AlarmClock 007
AlarmClock 007 3 days ago
serves you right cuck news network. you represent everything that is wrong with society right now.
DP 317
DP 317 3 days ago
Peep the black dude in the white follow them with bro after he said "they need to be changed.its not black or white, officers need to be trained better"...✊🏾
Cebu Who
Cebu Who 3 days ago
Let the place burn
Cebu Who
Cebu Who 3 days ago
CNN deserves this the cops should just step to the side and let them all in and say have at it boys this is CNN Carma
Tim Kindleysides
Tim Kindleysides 3 days ago
CNN: Defund the police....just wait a bit 1st
Manikandeshwar Sasidhar
I used the stones to destroy the stones
Aleksandr Svezhentsev
I fail to understand why the swat team and the police won’t use lethal force. Those protesters are just asking to be put 6 feet down underground.
KennyDaBoss55 2 days ago
Ikr these people are idiotic breaking stuff and stealing isn’t helping their basically asking for it
Trumps Chickens
Trumps Chickens 3 days ago
Artillery really??? #RipBigDrug
Ilovescotch 3 days ago
Law enforcement should of stepped aside and let them do their job , that would be cool
Carolina Garcia
Carolina Garcia 3 days ago
richochett404 3 days ago
this is thugs honoring their own.
Jason Goeke
Jason Goeke 3 days ago
Defund police is there plan it will be fine they said, but when they do they will not be fine
Reee Kid
Reee Kid 3 days ago
CNN tell the "protester's" what happened 1995 2005 2009 2013
ja4nice 3 days ago
First I'm sorry doing this (emphatic speech): But, with the Police the thing to remember is that we "Respect (toke) the fact that they work for us". It has been phrased so many times but, the majority of the population 'just can't do that'. It's not the respect part, it's the toke part, they only exist to uphold the justice system, which mostly is a Governmental Institution. So, if you say tokeado and they say tokenotdo someone loses, it's just like Black wives fatter. [no discrimination] People don't actually say what to do, the Government do, people do say what they don't toke, and their not getting it. ~ Also, get what you want changed written and handed to you, or just forget it ~
Whut Now!
Whut Now! 3 days ago
It will get worse if orangeman wins.
trump 2020
trump 2020 3 days ago
Trump 2020 CNN fake news
biggredd78 4 days ago
uh oh
HerrSchwaar 4 days ago
What a fake reportage !
Big Easy
Big Easy 4 days ago
I would have cops on the stairs it’s hard to get up stairs in a combat situation and what there doing now is like 300 there making go into small space witch helps the people with the lower numbers etc it’s a funnel point
Big Easy
Big Easy 4 days ago
I know how to clear a crowd just start shooting and watch Em scatter . Don’t be surprised if they pass laws that prevent people from protesting well at least if you commit crimes etc during an event and get lengthy prison sentences
myown lilbubble
myown lilbubble 4 days ago
Pull up your pants....you are a grown ass man....😬
EO 9981
EO 9981 4 days ago
Ask the police to leave, or stop hating on them. You can’t have it both way.
Chunky Rivera
Chunky Rivera 4 days ago
Beautiful sight.
Dean 4 days ago
Anyone notice the mobs are made up of kids in their 20's? It's just like Mao's "Great Leap" into stupidity and carnage... a month later crime and death reign.
Illbombya 4 days ago
It's hilarious how these Darwin rejects attack cops then jump into their arms.
Michael Martin
Michael Martin 4 days ago
3:25 CNN, like all MSM, tell a story, not the story.
Anders Christian
Anders Christian 4 days ago
Appears to be another projectile fired seems to be a water bottle
Ed Cox
Ed Cox 4 days ago
Will floyed parents pay for all damages to cities every state????
Jordin Dominguez
Jordin Dominguez 5 days ago
This is the Ending of the Movie Joker but its in real life now 🔥 🔥
bgg Geometry
bgg Geometry 5 days ago
protesting is a constitutional right. looting and rioting is not.
Goog Tube
Goog Tube 5 days ago
Protesters/ demonstrators they are not. They are clearly in your video criminal insurgent rioters/looters ????? Use the proper description, please .
_ I'm an amoeba _
So when its at CNN its "violent" but when they open fire on 2 kids firing 300 shots its "peaceful"? Bullshit
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