Vince Carter’s career-defining moment: The 2000 NBA Slam Dunk Contest | E:60

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Former slam dunk champion Vince Carter opens up about his career-defining moment at the 2000 NBA Slam Dunk Contest and speaks to how that contest helped solidify him as one of the greatest dunkers of all time.
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Published on


Feb 12, 2020




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Comments 80
Daniel Powers
Daniel Powers 2 months ago
This makes me so emotional
KuzarHorche 2 months ago
That was Shaq's top career highlight. 😆
Rafal Kosinski
Rafal Kosinski 3 months ago
Vince dont end your career Vince forever💪👍🏀🏀🏀
Mr Black
Mr Black 3 months ago
He is the best. He is the goat. He is my hero.
stay put
stay put 3 months ago
Once Vince retires the era will be officially over.
บอส เอง#ครับผม
He's a legend 😍😍
Michael Sampson
Michael Sampson 3 months ago
I clearly remember watching this an saying this guy is doing dunks we have never seen. He completely took the dunk contest to another level of creativity.
TMB 3 months ago
Air Canada
mr. Playami
mr. Playami 3 months ago
his dunk at the olympics is on my top 3 all time
Devil Dog US Marine
Devil Dog US Marine 3 months ago
That is me on my kids Playschool basketball rim in living room
sweetchaos Fox
sweetchaos Fox 3 months ago
one of the top fly boys ever set foot, in the NBA Arena
Kitkat Swarovzkie
Kitkat Swarovzkie 3 months ago
Kitkat Swarovzkie
Kitkat Swarovzkie 3 months ago
Hes like having a superpower..
Kitkat Swarovzkie
Kitkat Swarovzkie 3 months ago
Lets go home!!!!
Ridho Wiranatakusumah
Bicol Herbs
Bicol Herbs 3 months ago
If you ask me. I don't need a ring if I can dunk like Vince. Realtalk
George L.
George L. 3 months ago
No, ESPN, he will always be remembered as the guy who dunked over a 7+ footer at the 2000 Olympics. The Iron Man and the 🐐!
Sho'Nuff, The Showgun of Harlem
*If anyone ever disputes the fact that VC is the greatest dunker of all time, you don't know basketball*
Luca Duca
Luca Duca 3 months ago
He's not the best ever (of dunk contests). Gordon is better, but Vince was inspirational for Gordon and everyone
Huckel David
Huckel David 3 months ago
He should retire to let younger players get more minutes or a spot on the roster, selfish if anything.
Jay Khan
Jay Khan 3 months ago
I'd trade in that flashy dunk business in a heartbeat ... for an NBA championship when he led the Raptors. 😬
Cory Lyons Music
Cory Lyons Music 3 months ago
It says a lot about his ability as a player and love for the game that he has played so long and teams still want him. Like he said, I'll remember him for loving the game .
Cory Lyons Music
Cory Lyons Music 3 months ago
Might be the best dunker ever? I'm sorry, did you WATCH that dunk contest?!?!?!
Drew Bechtel
Drew Bechtel 3 months ago
That performance was so nuts I feel like people forgot how great Tracey McGrady and Steve Francis were in it
FRESH 3 months ago
I remember watching this! I was about to to get the beating of my life and left to walk home, all because I wanted to stay at my aunts and finish watching this contest!!
Teddy and Laa Hart
Teddy and Laa Hart 3 months ago
0:30 EIGHT TIME ALL STAR. the disrespect
Jim Vick
Jim Vick 3 months ago
If he was a dunk judge, Gordon would have 2 trophies...
Ross Turpin
Ross Turpin 3 months ago
A Vince dunk is truly basketball
Be Woke Jeanty
Be Woke Jeanty 3 months ago
Vince was a Monster he wasn’t a shooter only a pure dunker
Ahmet Vural Kaya
Ahmet Vural Kaya 3 months ago
Let's be honest! After Vince, no slam dunk contest is good quality.
Ahmet Vural Kaya
Ahmet Vural Kaya 3 months ago
If somebody does a spectacular slam dunk somewhere, there is Vince Carter there. Vince Carter is a definitely a legend. That's all!
UrinatingTheCrowd 3 months ago
I remember playing old nba games and carter had massive stats while raptors in general is trash 😂
Andy Kun
Andy Kun 3 months ago
Why didnt he get Honorary Allstar? This man is a flying phoenix too.
Fiction Veluz
Fiction Veluz 3 months ago
2:03 Jason Kidd's reaction is priceless.
valmont1702 3 months ago
His in-game dunks are insane.
Tirion 3 months ago
say all you want, I hope Vince will retire as a Raptor.
Kixoholix413 3 months ago
They need to retire his #15 jersey in Toronto
poulet chen
poulet chen 3 months ago
This guy deserves a NBA trophy
saz19s8 3 months ago
This was 20 years ago and this man is still playing in the NBA today
Dion Bebe
Dion Bebe 3 months ago
they brought the dunk contest back for the 2000 all-star weekend because of Vince .... that's a statement unto itself...
Korey Paul
Korey Paul 3 months ago
Kenny 20 years later is still trying to replicate that "It's over!!" moment but it's always premature lol
calbastian 3 months ago
He’s no Jordan or Kobe but he’s definitely the best in-game dunker period.
D R 3 months ago
Chris Austria
Chris Austria 3 months ago
2nd best dunk performance ever!
Wynn Ahn
Wynn Ahn 3 months ago
Early 00s had much better tv quality than the flashbacks they show us lmao
Sandi Eržen
Sandi Eržen 3 months ago
vau great cool !!
Taipari Waaka
Taipari Waaka 3 months ago
Best dunker of ALL TIME
banana kuvana
banana kuvana 3 months ago
Good old Vince
estonianrocker666 3 months ago
I want to refresh people memory who still thinks that Vince Carter´s best vertical ever was 43...Did you know that Vince Carter had his first vertical measure only few years ago and this was where that 43 came from.
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 3 months ago
The best dunker ever.
K C 3 months ago
Best dunker ever - in game and in contest. Kobe said so.
Vii N
Vii N 3 months ago
Was T-Mac also in that dunk contest
Kee-pyor Myndopen
Kee-pyor Myndopen 3 months ago
One of the best dunkers. Ever
ItzAriaMHD 3 months ago
Shogun J
Shogun J 3 months ago
Imma stop watching NBA after his retirement
麻鸭鸭 3 months ago
i grew up in the Kobe/McGrady era but I only wore Vince shoes back then. They were futuristic
alexandergoldman 3 months ago
Basically every superstar dunker...those who know what it takes and have the athletic ability to dunk at the NBA level UNANIMOUSLY AGREE that Vince is the greatest dunker of all-time. Sure Dr. J, Jordan, Kemp, Wilkins, Zach, Kobe...all among the dunking greats. But they also know Vince's IN GAME dunks are sometimes good enough to win dunk contests. It's takes greatness to to see greatness.
kosta g
kosta g 3 months ago
half man half amazing.. air Canada. legend
Ejay23 Jan
Ejay23 Jan 3 months ago
23 idiots hating on the Legend!! Best dunker of all TIME!! Mr. Half man Half Amazing!! We will never have another Mr. Amazing ever!! Much love bro!!
YeeSoest 3 months ago
You can not make a highlight reel long enough for this dude... And you can not praise the man enough for his personality, endurance, style, impact...
Aaron madazz Morgan
Aaron madazz Morgan 3 months ago
He's like Wilkins!... Only remembered for his dunks.
Naiyo 3 months ago
If it wasn't for Vince Carter there would be no Toronto Raptors.
Yatish Patel
Yatish Patel 3 months ago
How come Vince didn't ask to be traded to the Raptors before the deadline
Yatish Patel
Yatish Patel 3 months ago
Vince should should make a star appearance at the dunk contest
Rogue Wolf Creations
Greatest in game dunker of all time
Jimmy Hendrix
Jimmy Hendrix 3 months ago
I remember watching this as a young kid and absolutely being mesmerized by Vince’s performance. He undoubtedly put the city on the map! Thank you, Vince.
Eddie Galicia
Eddie Galicia 3 months ago
Thank you for this video of my boy Vince it’s. It was nice to go down memory lane.
BEN FRANKDALIST 3 months ago
My guy 🕳️🤾
princess The
princess The 3 months ago
kenneth griffin
kenneth griffin 3 months ago
hey vince. the raptors won a championship and you didn't. how does that make you feel? as a raptor fan i will never forget you tanking, refusing to dunk, giving away our plays to apposing teams, lowering your average to 15.9ppg so we could only get eric williams and aaron williams in return. you will never be welcomed back in toronto. glad your final year will be as a piece of sh*t last place atlanta hawk. you're no hall of famer in my mind. but you might get in there for staying healthy and doing some nice dunks. 16/3/4 career average, 1 time all nba 2nd team, 1 time all nba 3rd team? zero playoff success? zero scoring titles? zero all defensive teams? your biggest moment being a dunk contest? i'm iffy on pau gasol making the hall of fame and he's 100 times better. your cousin tmac doesn't deserve it either but i guess its a popularity contest and you're quite popular in the states. up here you're a joke
Jimmie Parker
Jimmie Parker 3 months ago
A true legend..but lets be honest the dunks he did back then kids are doing in high school now....just saying its crazy how the game evolves...remember the tim hardaway cross over..and iverson..back then we were in awww of the cross over...now its the easiest move to do 😂😂😂
LPenzel 3 months ago
Half man half amazing
25Live 3 months ago
2:16 not might be. He is the greatest dunker ever!
Joseph Chlimon
Joseph Chlimon 3 months ago
Legend half man half amazing ❤
a 3 months ago
He said that he didn't give his 100% when he was in Toronto....
Greg A
Greg A 3 months ago
I knew he could be something special when I saw him in UNC even though he wasn't the best player on the team at the time. Vc at one point was the best 2 guard in the league. He just didn't evolve his game, just stuck to being the same player. H we didn't improve any aspect of it, which is why he got surpassed by other players.
Ricardo Vera
Ricardo Vera 3 months ago
It gives me chills even today. He’s sensational
Jonas Probsting
Jonas Probsting 3 months ago
The GOAT of those who have not win a title
mardiov 3 months ago
VC is kind of a cautionary tale cause he pretty much went dark after his run with the Nets. I didn't even know he was still playing til like 2 years ago people were talking about how old he was.
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