Village Raid and Vanoss’ Very Unsafe Treehouse! -Minecraft

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Jul 21, 2019




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Comments 1 202
Landen Marlow
Landen Marlow 19 days ago
We need more Minecraft bro
Alice Jarry
Alice Jarry 25 days ago
“You should know this” “Yeah?” . . . . “Yeah”
Emma Rickerby
Emma Rickerby 29 days ago
As soon as he said it
Tip: While falling in a minecart jump out before you hit the ground bc it will reset of how far u fell
Steve Aguilar
Steve Aguilar Month ago
Put this on a soundboard. 12:48
Jacob Kerr
Jacob Kerr Month ago
At least the outro music was kinda correct
Darius Roberts
Darius Roberts 2 months ago
12:48 ahhhhhhhh
Grim Soul
Grim Soul 2 months ago
Omen is basically a bad curse
Terastas 2 months ago
All of my friends: (looks at my RUvid favorites) "Tera? You can't play Minecraft with us anymore."
Anabelle Saquibal
Anabelle Saquibal 2 months ago
Hero of da vilage means all sell is 1emerald so buy diamond armor
Normal Person
Normal Person 3 months ago
I like how, these guys do a raid with OP weapons, shields, and armor and die over 10 times. While I do a raid with a iron helmet, a stone sword and a shield and I come out with no deaths
Casey Portnell
Casey Portnell 3 months ago
Like Terroriser I thought that google was making fun of women and calling them bad omens.
WorldIsALie X
WorldIsALie X 3 months ago
Legend says they are still trying to figure out what omen means
Егор Сальев
I like you)) (from Russia)
massive koala
massive koala 3 months ago
footage got what??
A rock with limbs
A rock with limbs 3 months ago
Did he change the thumbnail?
Terastas 3 months ago
16:46: "You guys ready? Are you guys really ready? Are you guys sure?" 17:10: Brock and Tyler were lying.
Caliber Rivera
Caliber Rivera 3 months ago
I wanna see you guys play Dungeons and Dragons
JacketedDrake 59
JacketedDrake 59 4 months ago
SiDe Infinite
SiDe Infinite 4 months ago
The only thing I learned at the end of this video was that boats are the most op thing in Minecraft
Justus Hatch
Justus Hatch 4 months ago
Hey basicallyidowork if u r looking for a castle there is Kentucky but it is a lot of money I think and it is really big
Lane Hacker
Lane Hacker 4 months ago
Now fill moos house with cows
Plague 126
Plague 126 4 months ago
Marcel just became the “cuz he fuckin pushed me” vine when he fell
Aman Samvatsar
Aman Samvatsar 4 months ago
Boomer #47
Boomer #47 4 months ago
Enjoy the minecraft but come back for season 10
Boomer #47
Boomer #47 4 months ago
Which is when i posted this comment
Regeant 4 months ago
U still gon continue couples retreat?
Dave_Novakovic 4 months ago
Basically I don't post enough...
Travis Gianelli
Travis Gianelli 4 months ago
Oh no):
Travis Gianelli
Travis Gianelli 4 months ago
I'm worried
Travis Gianelli
Travis Gianelli 4 months ago
Hey Marcel, you ok man? I miss your videos):
Ballin _
Ballin _ 4 months ago
Whare are you marcel I miss your videos 😭😭 please come back
DeathRegime 4 months ago
Where are you we miss you
Chase Conway
Chase Conway 4 months ago
Chase Conway
Chase Conway 4 months ago
Anthony Wheaton
Anthony Wheaton 4 months ago
*poke* *poke* yo... “you dead?” *poke* poke* omfg the heat must have killed him
Mr Useless
Mr Useless 4 months ago
I am worried Why arent uploading bro?
Lucky.45 4 months ago
He is in the uk now
Demone 4 months ago
yo Marcel where you at?
gdfag Magadg
gdfag Magadg 4 months ago
Do a blog
gdfag Magadg
gdfag Magadg 4 months ago
Patrick Keers
Patrick Keers 4 months ago
Your house should be a castle
Jaynablus 25
Jaynablus 25 4 months ago
whats this texture pack called?
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