Village Food in Sri Lanka - Epic 19 DIFFERENT Sri Lankan Dishes!

Mark Wiens
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Weligama is a beautiful town on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, and they happen to have some incredible local food. During the Best of Sri Lanka Food Tour with The Hungry Tourist, we were invited by Uchith and Nick to a relatives home, where they prepared a massive home cooked village cooking and eating experience.
I went a little early to see some of the Sri Lankan food cooking and as they prepared all the dishes. Most of the Sri Lankan food dishes were prepared in earthenware clay pots, cooked over fire to give each dish an incredible complexity and smokiness.
There were more than 19 different Sri Lankan food dishes that they prepared and that we tasted during the day. Some of the dishes were local regional southern Sri Lankan food, and each was spectacular in flavor and complexity of spice.
I wanted to take a little of every single dish, and my plate piled up so high, I didn’t ever realize it. It was an absolutely Sri Lankan food feast!
Huge thank you to Uchith, Nick, and Lakk from The Station LK for hosting us at their family home and for putting on a spectacular home cooked village food experience in Sri Lanka!
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Sinan: instagram.com/tatdedektifi/
Tim: instagram.com/timothysykes/
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Mar 17, 2019




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Comments 2 335
Bobby Ponniah
Bobby Ponniah 21 hour ago
Wendy Walsh-Pardey
One day, I hope to visit your beautiful Sri Lanka.
Derebail Bharath
Derebail Bharath 3 days ago
Your explanation of food and taste is any day better than the budgeteer food review
Sachila Kalhan
Sachila Kalhan 3 days ago
Another Best Sri Lankan Cookery Class... facebook.com/theauthentic2017/
Shaik Nafisa
Shaik Nafisa 8 days ago
I miss you Sri Lanka 😢😢
TECH 101
TECH 101 8 days ago
Moringa leaves are added to detoxify histamines in crabs, prawns basically all the Crustaceans.
miles Torricer
miles Torricer 9 days ago
Malini Sugumaran
Malini Sugumaran 10 days ago
Jacintha Sriyani
Jacintha Sriyani 11 days ago
හරිම රසයි
Silva Piumi
Silva Piumi 11 days ago
My country in the best.I love u my motherland 🇱🇰 😘😘😘❤️❤️ Amazing foods 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️
Shemy Naz
Shemy Naz 11 days ago
Hey Mark pls visit Kerala- India
Melvalyn Walker
Melvalyn Walker 12 days ago
thank u mark u opened my eyes to good eats .nuff lov.
Shanmuga priya
Shanmuga priya 13 days ago
Lovely vedio Mark thanks for showing us this wonderful culture....vedios like this keep remainding us that we should never forget our roots. Cooking in clay pots and iron utensils keeps the food fresh for long time retains the flavour hope everyone follows this.
Queeney Ju
Queeney Ju 13 days ago
i want to go there...do they do tours?
Fatima ALM
Fatima ALM 16 days ago
Sara kala nanawa ha ha ha
Fatima ALM
Fatima ALM 16 days ago
Godak sathutui ape Kama ape rata gana hitanna obata theruwansaranai
Antony Antony
Antony Antony 16 days ago
Vino Francis
Vino Francis 17 days ago
Sri Lanka is the paradise of food 🥘 see you soon Sri Lankan food’s .. lots of hungry and love from Italy 🇮🇹
TraVeL With Majid Cool
Nice people srilankian
dias Roshi
dias Roshi 19 days ago
You went to the right place! Southern Sri Lanka is a food paradise especially the Matara district where Weligama belongs to! They have all the tastes and know how to get the use of spices damn well.. They have the richest food culture and techniques ever, one of world's bests.. Thank you Sri Lankans for the clean air and environment, for the food feast, hospitality, kindness and love.. Thank you mark as well ♥️
Sanath Ekanayake
Sanath Ekanayake 19 days ago
super.....and amazing
Black Queen
Black Queen 19 days ago
Need a link to get some of those clay pots...nice vid
Elaine Mallory
Elaine Mallory 20 days ago
Nice colorful varieties hospitality
Cake Custombrado
Cake Custombrado 20 days ago
Uma makeswari
Uma makeswari 20 days ago
Wow wow wow how many dishes. Enjoy man. Superb 👌
Daya Alvis
Daya Alvis 22 days ago
I've never seen such upright n opened ❤ one.i'm happy just to see with appetite ,really extended come on ...🇱🇰 here
Rajkumari Prasad
Rajkumari Prasad 23 days ago
omg i am hungry and its yummy
Kanchana Kanchana
Kanchana Kanchana 23 days ago
Mage pana sri Lankan
Grace Nhaz
Grace Nhaz 23 days ago
Beautiful place, beautiful people, and just by looking at the way they prepare the food, it sure does taste wonderful. Will visit Sri Lanka one day.
Grace Nhaz
Grace Nhaz 23 days ago
dinakshi prasanthima
proud of my country , sri lanka ❤️
Kavyareddy Kavyareddy
Kumara Perera
Kumara Perera 27 days ago
Kala balan,one
Sen thil
Sen thil 28 days ago
Hiranthi Wijesundara
Thanks Mark.. from Sri Lanka
Raghuram Boddeda
Raghuram Boddeda 29 days ago
I feel that Mark Wiens eating kichidi ( also called as mixture) of all cuisines. Certainly you may enjoy combination of all tastes. As a matter of fact we love each one separately or one after another not like you having.
sangeethani prasangika
Oh...... u make me so...... hungry....😋 come again here..
Gayan Fonseka
Gayan Fonseka Month ago
කටට කෙල ඉනුව අය තවත් ඉන්නවාද 😍😍
asv Dilshan
asv Dilshan 29 days ago
අපි හරි වෙනස් නේහ් බං.. 😂😂😂😂
Aysegul Şimşek
afiyet olsun kardeşim benimde hayalim Allah nasip ederse ölmeden Afrika görmek inşallah🙏❤🇹🇷👍👏
Aysegul Şimşek
iq option Treding
ඔහෝ යකෝ ඔහොම කන්න එපා කටට කෙලත් උනනවා
RJB Month ago
So sorry you had to meet Tim Sykes. Other than that, great video!
K2 franක්
K2 franක් Month ago
Good ❤
E P Month ago
Really proud to be a Sri Lankan🇱🇰🙏🏽❤️
Nalani Rideemahaliyadda
Die bek van die gozer echt onbelieveble alsof hij zoiets bijzonders eet dat vind ik echt niet
Tina Trindade
Tina Trindade Month ago
Why dont you take a few dishes at a time. So that way you taste svery dish individually. It looks wful to pile your plate
srilankan DJ Shadow
ශ්‍රීලාංකිකයකු වීම ගැන හරිම ආඩම්බරයි මට නම්.❤️
psycheman nonoy
psycheman nonoy Month ago
good day mr mark weins im your avid viewer from the phillipines i am collecting caps or baseball caps may i ask if you have a cap with the logo of your show to add on my collection thank you so much hope you can answer me soon
dilani perera
dilani perera Month ago
Omg soo hungry😋😋😋😋 I missed my country food😣😣😢
Naminda Asith
Naminda Asith Month ago
ආදරෙයි ලංකා මාතා..💐💐💐🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰😘😘😘
melancholy Mela
melancholy Mela Month ago
thanks mark wines brother you are very good man
Nya Chea
Nya Chea Month ago
Omg! Sri Lankan food looks delicious! I wish we had some Sri Lankan food in Atlanta, Ga. would love to get a taste!
Rosanjueed Rosanjueed
Yes really very very . Natural foods . in sri lanka , very healthy foods .. So i liked ...
සමනලි සමනලි
දූරියන් 😂😂😂👌👌
July July
July July Month ago
Finally mr.mark identified true srilankan foods.Love srilanka 🇱🇰
Thilini Kumari
Thilini Kumari Month ago
Katata kelath inuwa appa... lankawata giyama bada palenna kanawa.....
Jeewani Anusha
Jeewani Anusha Month ago
අපිව පිස්සු වට්ටනව මේ මාක් අයියා.
isuru ranjith92
isuru ranjith92 Month ago
N Jay
N Jay Month ago
This is the review i was looking for. Whoever commented we have indian influence on food in previous videos need to watch this. Plus this shows real hospitality of sri lankan people. Big thank you to Mark and all the Sri lankans involved in this.
Rathna Kwt
Rathna Kwt Month ago
,අමිමෝ..කටට.කෙල.උනනවා.අපි ඉන්නෙ රට
Naveendlla wadakka Rukshan
life in jangle
life in jangle Month ago
මෙහෙම ගිහින් මාක් අයියා ලන්කාවෙම නතර වෙයිද දන්නෙ නෑ. මොකද වැඩිහරියක් එන්නෙ ලන්කාවටමනෙ මේ යකා... 😂😂😂👍👍
Kelum Kumara
Kelum Kumara Month ago
Sri lanka
Safhiya A
Safhiya A Month ago
Wow it's my country Sri Lanka weligama my country enjoy New Street
Sashsa T
Sashsa T Month ago
Hemi *
Hemi * Month ago
To me, Mark's videos are more about the people than they are about the food. Is why I love what he does.
This video series was one of the best ones ever I just keep watching it over and over again you just look like you having so much fun thanks Mark ying and Micah you're the greatest
bethel mike
bethel mike Month ago
Mark please can I go with you for food tours next time??
مها القايدي
PA55WORD I5 369
PA55WORD I5 369 Month ago
this's a one hella awsm SL food vid ! em subscribed u ma dude mark !
Mark Wiens, You are amazing when you put the food in to your mouth I can fel your appreciation on your face I love the way you are.
sonicesb Month ago
This guy has tasted mountain of Sri Lankan food, even we haven't tried. Thank you man... This is awesome !!
samidin1000 Month ago
Hey Mark, your tummy still ok after eating all that spicy food ?. Great programme.
Adnan Adnan
Adnan Adnan Month ago
my man tim sykes is here 😁
Vanille 1966
Vanille 1966 Month ago
I was just in Sri Lanka for 2 weeks and yes food is amazing! We were in Sigiriya in a village and learnt how to cook local dishes.
malcolm hindle
malcolm hindle Month ago
When you take a good look at the food plate it's like sri lanka traffic.nothing is in order...
meghana roy
meghana roy Month ago
Have u went to India ??
jijo George
jijo George Month ago
Mark vience come kerala
Shaun Kumaranayaka
I still can smell and feel the taste of Srilankan curry.Way to go Mark Shaun from Washington DC USA
Godt Humor
Godt Humor Month ago
Sri Lanka is spises country
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