Village Food in Pakistan - BIG PAKISTANI BREAKFAST in Rural Punjab, Pakistan!

Mark Wiens
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Not far from Gujranwala we continued to Kot Yousaf, a small community village, still in Punjab, Pakistan. We were invited by the Bagdi family to enjoy a home cooked local (desi) breakfast - I didn’t know what to expect, but it turned out to be an amazing breakfast where the entire community came together.
But first:
You’ve already heard me saying “desi ghee” many times in previous videos in Pakistan. But desi is commonly used, even for “desi food.” But what does it mean? Here’s the definition:
Desi -
1. local; indigenous
2. unadulterated or pure
When you say desi ghee, it means clarified butter that is locally sourced, and it’s one of the most important ingredients in Punjabi food in Pakistan. It’s used in so many dishes, and it usually comes from buffaloes.
It was an amazing opportunity and experience to watch the community in the village an impressive Punjabi food breakfast. The main dishes we had were a variety of different parathas, chickpeas, and saag - a local wild spinach simmered down, and one of my personal favorite dishes in Pakistan. It was awesome to watch them make the food before we ate, and a huge thank you to all the amazing people who prepared it.
Tent pegging - After breakfast we had the special opportunity to watch tent pegging, a sport where one rides a horse, and spears a peg in the ground while racing by. It’s more than a sport, it’s an art, and it’s been a part of Pakistani culture since ancient times.
Thank you to everyone who hosted me and gave me so much hospitality and generosity. It was an amazing day in Pakistan!
Thank you to Ali (Pakistan Travel Market) and Saim who arranged and planned our day in Gujranwala.
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Nov 21, 2018




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Ebrahim Mdaah
Ebrahim Mdaah 10 hours ago
الله باكستان
superb chef Foods
Village life is very beautiful.
Sohaib Wildan Khan
You are so lucky the food you tasted wasn't just fresh and pure but also powerful and very healthy
Ali Khan
Ali Khan 2 days ago
Who else is hungry 😋?? 🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
tamara petterson
tamara petterson 2 days ago
i would to visit
Sunshine and Kei
Sunshine and Kei 2 days ago
I can only watch your videos while eating a meal 😂 😂
Sunshine and Kei
Sunshine and Kei 2 days ago
One of the most wholesome videos ever!
Gold Digger
Gold Digger 2 days ago
Punjabia de bale bale.
Sumit Sachin
Sumit Sachin 4 days ago
Ma chod Pakistaan
Siddique Khan
Siddique Khan 5 days ago
Be care lest you should eat the bee
Gin solly Nair
Gin solly Nair 5 days ago
How about the breakfast #eeeeeeeeeee lovely
SultanYTS 5 days ago
I like how he didnt rate the village food. I RESPECT THAT.
Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma 6 days ago
It's not wild spinach its mustard leaves with bathu plant and chaleri plants. Someone tell him the right thing
Mohdrizwan Qurehsi
Bhai gannti se ise loos m hue hunge
Nijo Konjapally
Nijo Konjapally 6 days ago
good delicious food😋👍
sanawar khan
sanawar khan 7 days ago
Amarchand jaat Moond
I am India nic
Anaya nano
Anaya nano 7 days ago
Man llove this villege life
Arshad Mahmood
Arshad Mahmood 8 days ago
No match for pure village breakfast. Mouth watering
Arif GR
Arif GR 8 days ago
Such hospitality extended to our valued guests (tourist), makes us a proud Pakistani. How our people in Pakistan value and respect their guests and takes guests as blessings. Such gestures will definitely change the perceptions about Pakistan.
Nuraini Alkaurani
Megazine 🤩 Salam dari Indonesia🇮🇩
manpreet kaur
manpreet kaur 8 days ago
Woow amazing food. Love from India
Tayyiba Irfan
Tayyiba Irfan 9 days ago
I’m from Pakistan, and just admire your pakistani video series. Excellent way to promote our country’s. Rich heritage and our cuisine and the hospitable people of our rich land
Tayyiba Irfan
Tayyiba Irfan 9 days ago
It’s an amazing video. Let me clear this one dish for you. The spinach like dish. It’s actually mustard greens boiled, ground and cooked and garnished with desi ghee and garlic and round red chillies.
Jullyeann Garrick
This was a great series Mark really enjoyed it.I wanted to ask could we see more of Ying in the video's please.Cheers from Australia 😊
Mohammad Adeeb
Mohammad Adeeb 9 days ago
Trust me I am from kashmir but true love and free food only available in Pakistan
Hayat Punjabi Films By Photos
Good Managed , your Style is Very Attractive , We enjoy You Feeling of Choice and Hospitality.
Muhammad Ali Khan
Muhammad Ali Khan 10 days ago
pencho phuk lug gai hai.😆😆🤪
Aasim Aasim
Aasim Aasim 10 days ago
Abe iske muh pr koe chapet mardo 😂😂😂
Aasim Aasim
Aasim Aasim 10 days ago
Pakistani yo tumhare muh pr hak thu 😈😈 salo China me garls saplin krte ho klank
Mustafa Kamal
Mustafa Kamal 10 days ago
Hi mark I would like explain what is saag which Ali fail to explain saag is actually a dish which is made from mustard leaves its not a wild spinach hop you understand what is saag.
Saber Tooth
Saber Tooth 10 days ago
I love the way he is faking it and have goons around him to protect him... I am part Islam and can see clearly thru it.. He is some cheap artist paid to do this..... Seriously, what the f...k was this.. these granny's can't afford it. It is so fresh.... Oh Allah... save them from this fake dodgy stuff.. Love Hindustan..... better than fake Pakistan
pantomath 11 days ago
4:04 wts anti 😂
Drama Fun
Drama Fun 12 days ago
Man I am from Lahore but you gave me the next level of info about my city that I had no idea about. I miss this city alot....Right now I am just praying to god to open the borders so I can go visit and eat that fooooooddddd....😭😭😭😭
AKRAM MAJID KHAN 12 days ago
Oh ! Wanderful. Alhamdolilah.
dara singh
dara singh 13 days ago
Nice Pakistan JAT
dara singh
dara singh 8 days ago
Pakistani Jat suno hamari ham aapke bhai h aapka hamara khun ka rishta hai kyaa aap mujhe Pakistan aane ka neata nhi donge
BLUE TIT TRAVEL 14 days ago
Wasim Ahmad
Wasim Ahmad 14 days ago
It's not wild spinach it's mustard leaf
Khadijabintelling Elling
MashaAllah Pakistan is a nice place watching here in the Philippines
Joseanz Marv
Joseanz Marv 15 days ago
🐃🐃🐃🐃😘😘😘😘😘😘🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🐃🐃🐃🐃🐃🐃lindos animalitos good good👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Joseanz Marv
Joseanz Marv 15 days ago
When you go to vellage and your grandma make parathas and saag❣️ My old lovely days.
Alee O' Clock
Alee O' Clock 18 days ago
Great. Love from Canada. Subscribe my channel plx ruvid.net/video/video-LxURFgmZH_w.html
Nivedita Mishra
Nivedita Mishra 18 days ago
Love this Food maa
Khan Abid
Khan Abid 19 days ago
You evry time hungry haha 🤣🤣
Ali Khan
Ali Khan 19 days ago
How did our Pakistan and Pakistan's environment feel?
Beauty: My New Year's Resolution
great work Mark! Thanks for portraying the true culture of Pakistan! Amazing people, amazing food!
Faizan Ali Khan
Faizan Ali Khan 20 days ago
I really love his face Reaction after the First Bite,
Zuha The World
Zuha The World 21 day ago
KingKong 21 day ago
This looks like sponsored by Pak to boost the tourism
Abdul Basit
Abdul Basit 22 days ago
Desi means pure or original soo much foood and desi you are so lucky......😣 it is delicious.......
Samir khan
Samir khan 23 days ago
Insaa Allah I will visit soon❣️love from india🇮🇳
BHAtTi SAb vlog
BHAtTi SAb vlog 24 days ago
All these places that we, in the US, hear such bad things about, and there you are with your family having the best time with the people . This should be required viewing for those that want us to hate anything Pakistani . Thank You Mark . Ambassador Mark
BHAtTi SAb vlog
BHAtTi SAb vlog 24 days ago
I will visit Pakistan Insha Allah. Love from Bangladesh
BHAtTi SAb vlog
BHAtTi SAb vlog 24 days ago
Pakistani food is amazing. I'm so lucky to have a husband from Pakistan. He's family is so beautiful and they cook for me. It's spicy but I'm getting use to eating their food. Love you Pakistan ♥️.
ZaheeR kHaN
ZaheeR kHaN 24 days ago
Are logo dekho hamara culture hamara food Kitna aalaa aur exciting Hai, is gorey k dekh k andazaa laga lo is k hosh ur Gaye Hain #Proud Pakistani ❤️💕
Pandora 2
Pandora 2 24 days ago
Chandra Sekar
Chandra Sekar 25 days ago
Safarnama 25 days ago
You are truly foodie dude.. You are so modest and the way you respect each culture, their tradition and food is amazing.. Keep doing that
Ammarah Sheikh!
Ammarah Sheikh! 25 days ago
Pakistan zindabd 🇵🇰
Saira Haider
Saira Haider 25 days ago
Mark my husband from chakwal I like your show but I'm thai I see your all video & all contry
djcheema sing
djcheema sing 26 days ago
واہ گورا موج کرگیے او 🤩🤑
fun mix101
fun mix101 26 days ago
I want them parathas.... In Organic butter ❤️
Poojaridhi Food Vlogs
If you are a foodie and love indian recipes, then watch my channel. Also like, share and subscribe if you like the videos and give your valuable suggestion and advice in the comment box !!! Thank you 😀😀
Surinder Sharma
Surinder Sharma 27 days ago
pakistani logon ne apna culture sambhal ke rkha hai bhai mujhe pak punjab aur punjabi log bahut achhe lagte hain god bless you my brothers and sisters
HG4EVER 25 days ago
Thanls brother, I am a Pakistani Punjabi. Tons of love from Spain 🇪🇸
Md Altaf
Md Altaf 27 days ago
I love Pakistan
Adreema A
Adreema A 27 days ago
take a shot eveytime he says desi ghee
kanishk kumar
kanishk kumar 27 days ago
the firangi got osessed with the word DESI good to see it. much love.
Tarot Bloom
Tarot Bloom 27 days ago
That's way too much food to cook ! I feel for the ladies!
Pavel Milkman
Pavel Milkman 27 days ago
The people so nice Mark. Great video.
Universe Winner
Universe Winner 27 days ago
Punjabi people Punjabi food always A- one ☝️
Universe Winner
Universe Winner 27 days ago
Wow so nice yummy food 😋
Khadija Malik
Khadija Malik 28 days ago
Thanks for visiting us 😍
Tony Logan
Tony Logan 29 days ago
Thanks for your great food videos. They are a pleasure to watch.
Bamboo l
Bamboo l Month ago
rahul sharma
rahul sharma Month ago
Mark wiens having 1st bite and reaction is just oo waoooo....
Tophan Kumar Pradhan
I love this kind of food
Ali b
Ali b Month ago
He must get the shits from travelling
Gurpreet Bajwa
Gurpreet Bajwa Month ago
punjabi food is really delicious😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋
Kareem Maqbool
Kareem Maqbool Month ago
Looks similar to local cuisine of Punjab. Though i'm from Kashmir, India but I study in Punjab and therefore usually eat sarhon da saag, maaki di roti(with lots of ghee) along with lassi 🥰
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