Village Food in Pakistan - BIG PAKISTANI BREAKFAST in Rural Punjab, Pakistan!

Mark Wiens
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Not far from Gujranwala we continued to Kot Yousaf, a small community village, still in Punjab, Pakistan. We were invited by the Bagdi family to enjoy a home cooked local (desi) breakfast - I didn’t know what to expect, but it turned out to be an amazing breakfast where the entire community came together.
But first:
You’ve already heard me saying “desi ghee” many times in previous videos in Pakistan. But desi is commonly used, even for “desi food.” But what does it mean? Here’s the definition:
Desi -
1. local; indigenous
2. unadulterated or pure
When you say desi ghee, it means clarified butter that is locally sourced, and it’s one of the most important ingredients in Punjabi food in Pakistan. It’s used in so many dishes, and it usually comes from buffaloes.
It was an amazing opportunity and experience to watch the community in the village an impressive Punjabi food breakfast. The main dishes we had were a variety of different parathas, chickpeas, and saag - a local wild spinach simmered down, and one of my personal favorite dishes in Pakistan. It was awesome to watch them make the food before we ate, and a huge thank you to all the amazing people who prepared it.
Tent pegging - After breakfast we had the special opportunity to watch tent pegging, a sport where one rides a horse, and spears a peg in the ground while racing by. It’s more than a sport, it’s an art, and it’s been a part of Pakistani culture since ancient times.
Thank you to everyone who hosted me and gave me so much hospitality and generosity. It was an amazing day in Pakistan!
Thank you to Ali (Pakistan Travel Market) and Saim who arranged and planned our day in Gujranwala.
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Nov 21, 2018

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Arshan Abro
Arshan Abro Hour ago
i was born in pakistan
Arshan Abro
Arshan Abro 2 hours ago
Sunil Tehlan
Sunil Tehlan Day ago
Ya to humra jasa h
samuel qamar
samuel qamar Day ago
wao Yummy Prathas this is really Rich Punjabi Breakfast
Waseem Abbas
Waseem Abbas Day ago
I loved it. I really missing my home .❤❤❤❤🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰
Leeno Mclean
Leeno Mclean Day ago
Love the food nd the community❤
Waqartz Anjum
Waqartz Anjum 2 days ago
Ghar ki yad karwa di g.panjab hamara esa hi hei.
Gharuv Sharma
Gharuv Sharma 2 days ago
Love to see this... Love u Pakistani... Gujranwala is near to my village just 5km from indian border...
Flower King
Flower King 2 days ago
Mashallah....love from India...Those mothers and sisters are real authentic recipe holders....wish I could travel to learn from them....tons of love from INDIA
RJ stitching boutique
Videshi khus ho rha h Desi ghi dekh k 👍👍👌👌superb food
life style with Noreen
Meri to ankho m pani a gya mtlb anso a gy hamri khwatin kitniiiii mehnti ha sach m nice video 👍👏👏
Reena Verma
Reena Verma 3 days ago
Kalila Moura
Kalila Moura 3 days ago
Assalam aleikum should say bismillah before eating and alhamdulillah after you finish. good video, congratulations...
Jim Roy
Jim Roy 4 days ago
All credit to Mark and his team. But nothing can beat the village paratha, Sag, chass and biryani. Wont get in any restaurant. But commenters dont always mix everything with religion it kills the effort made by the vloger and the team in Pakistan and only presents one dimension about, Pakistan = Religion. Which kills all the effort of showing beauty of place, culture and people beyond its religion.
zainab rahman
zainab rahman 4 days ago
I was surprised to see the Jesus painting from Passover in a muslim/pakistani house in the background.
Justin Mattingly
Justin Mattingly 4 days ago
Desagi or DMT I can’t tell
Ch. Eng Naeem Akhtar
This is our Punjabi Tradition culture, we Love it.
Ravian 4 Ever
Ravian 4 Ever 5 days ago
To view beautiful countryside and culture of Punjab ,you may visit my channel as well.
Ravian 4 Ever
Ravian 4 Ever 5 days ago
This is real Punjab 😍
Unicorn Yourself
Unicorn Yourself 5 days ago
Where are all the women? They are only around to cook. Nowhere to be found when they are eating the food?
Aswani SN
Aswani SN 5 days ago
Mark good episode. But it wud b superb if u eat with those ladies(cook) near by💞. Not with fine people😌
Ali Shaa
Ali Shaa 5 days ago
I lov 🇵🇰 Pakistan and m proud to b Pakistani
Discover Nagial
Discover Nagial 5 days ago
ruvid.net/show-UCHtiRKqTSs1c4fYaNkSK_4Q This is Reality channel Not a fake story channel
Alfia's Kitchen
Alfia's Kitchen 6 days ago
Wow superb tour
k khushboo
k khushboo 6 days ago
PM Pakistan Imran Khan is promoting tourism in Pakistan.
Excellent. Peoples of Pakistan are hospitable and generous. Food of Pakistan is Awesome. Please vist Pakistan at least once in your life.
Jaffer Rahime
Jaffer Rahime 6 days ago
Love india from Pakistan
Bunyamin YA-KOH
Bunyamin YA-KOH 6 days ago
I get positive mindset and attitude by watching your vlog. And I am impressive the way you enjoy and respect the other culture. Pakistan has always been one of the countries on my bucket list and I will be there one day for sure. Greeting from Thailand 🇹🇭
GüL ce
GüL ce 7 days ago
Linawati Sabrina
Linawati Sabrina 7 days ago
Where are u from bro? How u can speak indonesian?
Pak Armey
Pak Armey 7 days ago
Ilove Pakistan Punjab Mandibahuldin
Nagendra Yadav
Nagendra Yadav 7 days ago
Koi differences nahi h north west India aur Pakistan m ek culture ek DNA h par ye pakistani khud ko arbi samjhne lage
BALKAN TV 7 days ago
How is it possible Mark, that you never gain weight??
BALKAN TV 7 days ago
I cannot understand why the women are Always separated, do they have Lepra Maybe? Whats the Problem sitting on the table men and women?
Abdul Ghani G.Order suppliers
dear mark saag is actually called mustard green in englisg it is the planty prt of the musturd plant leaves and stem
Max 8 days ago
Is this mustard saag
Chulha ka swad h kuch alag heii
Yaar mjhe ghumna hei Pakistan.... . And wahan ka khana khana heii
MOMOTAROtheHERO 9 days ago
Pakistan is a poor country? The food is absolutely opulent.
Pr B
Pr B 9 days ago
Westerners get treated so well in Pakistan.
Pr B
Pr B 9 days ago
I hate you so much. cos I envy you :( I want that food too
salfa musthafa
salfa musthafa 9 days ago
I am literally crying watching how he is enjoying his food...nnnn... love from India!!😋😋
Everyday Life
Everyday Life 9 days ago
I want to go to Pakistan now .. can someone invite me to this village
Sumit Paul
Sumit Paul 9 days ago
i love india pakistan
Nikita Choudhary
Nikita Choudhary 10 days ago
Love from India..rajasthan
Fitaax Adan
Fitaax Adan 10 days ago
May allah bless pakistani people. Your brother from Somalia.
Dark Angel
Dark Angel 10 days ago
Lukmey bhot barey leta hai pata nai Kesey kha leta hai
tracy michaelsen
tracy michaelsen 10 days ago
I love how your eyes tear-up when your hungry
Jessie Mann
Jessie Mann 10 days ago
Beware of porki khatmulle.
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