Village Food in Pakistan - BIG PAKISTANI BREAKFAST in Rural Punjab, Pakistan!

Mark Wiens
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Not far from Gujranwala we continued to Kot Yousaf, a small community village, still in Punjab, Pakistan. We were invited by the Bagdi family to enjoy a home cooked local (desi) breakfast - I didn’t know what to expect, but it turned out to be an amazing breakfast where the entire community came together.
But first:
You’ve already heard me saying “desi ghee” many times in previous videos in Pakistan. But desi is commonly used, even for “desi food.” But what does it mean? Here’s the definition:
Desi -
1. local; indigenous
2. unadulterated or pure
When you say desi ghee, it means clarified butter that is locally sourced, and it’s one of the most important ingredients in Punjabi food in Pakistan. It’s used in so many dishes, and it usually comes from buffaloes.
It was an amazing opportunity and experience to watch the community in the village an impressive Punjabi food breakfast. The main dishes we had were a variety of different parathas, chickpeas, and saag - a local wild spinach simmered down, and one of my personal favorite dishes in Pakistan. It was awesome to watch them make the food before we ate, and a huge thank you to all the amazing people who prepared it.
Tent pegging - After breakfast we had the special opportunity to watch tent pegging, a sport where one rides a horse, and spears a peg in the ground while racing by. It’s more than a sport, it’s an art, and it’s been a part of Pakistani culture since ancient times.
Thank you to everyone who hosted me and gave me so much hospitality and generosity. It was an amazing day in Pakistan!
Thank you to Ali (Pakistan Travel Market) and Saim who arranged and planned our day in Gujranwala.
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Nov 21, 2018




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Eleazar Sardar
Eleazar Sardar 8 minutes ago
That is the beauty of Pakistan specially our Punjab kindly come my home Sahiwal the village Harappa
Harish gabbuer
Harish gabbuer 3 hours ago
Much love from india..,,,☺️
ralizia75 4 hours ago
Amazing video, reflecting village typical food in Pakistan.
Anil Jakhar
Anil Jakhar 6 hours ago
Jagdish Kamlesh
Jagdish Kamlesh 10 hours ago
Love for only Punjabi not Pakistani
Deep Thoughts
Deep Thoughts 19 hours ago
any western who loves spinach should always try "saag". to my knowledge its not wild spinach..its leaves of mustard plant which are seasonal. It is super rich in iron and tastes similar to spinach but is more bitter and tastes less sweet so it gets even more tastier with added fried onions tomatoes and chillies. cottage cheese is not mixed in it like in spinach. its eaten with corn flour breads.. Its a dish from Punjab region and yes its very popular in Indian and Pakistan punjab. Its only available in winters and it takes longer time to make. cutting of leaves and it has longer cooking time.
Imran Ali hussaini
Nice Video haha haha Nice Smile
Imran Ali hussaini
My RUvid's channel subscribe to bell icon button
Imran Ali hussaini
Desi Dishes
Imran Ali hussaini
I love it . Great full Villages Explore The Kot Yousuf Haha haha.Amazing
JP Angeles
JP Angeles Day ago
This is the kind of food a man gets served if the women dont have a job but stay at home cooking for 12 hours a day. I wanna marry a Pakistani woman. I am a Christian but will convert to Islam for her and wear the long white shirt and white pants so that I eat this food every day
JP Angeles
JP Angeles Day ago
Is it safe for Americans to travel to Pakistan for vacation? That food looks so crazy amazing that I want to visit Pakistan, but will we American people get hurt over there?
Shohid@ Dilse
Mota hoyna eto kichu khawar poreo :|
JEN W Day ago
I love your personality I look forward to more of your videos
Guru. com
Guru. com Day ago
Thee best about this is that you know its home made plus hygenic which most of the restaurants lack.Anyways,I love your video especially your trip to dubai.it actually gave me food craving lol.
mErotzkii Day ago
15:21 the last supper painting in Pakistan. Is the family catholic?
nishant kumar
nishant kumar 6 hours ago
yes they are Christians...
Aydan Elizade
Love and respect from Azerbaijan.
Not good only great
Paid promotion to recover his trip expenses otherwise hardly 10% of Pakistani live what he shows.
raheem bukhsh
raheem bukhsh 6 hours ago
75% Pakistan is like this.
almas nayab
almas nayab 3 days ago
M from Pakistan
Phool Zahra
Phool Zahra 3 days ago
I want to visit this Village Please!!!!!!! I will pay to eat this food... MOUTHWATERING!!!! Missing my Country so much..Love PAKISTAN
نوره المنصوري
😋👍🏻 Very beautiful
Solar Myth
Solar Myth 4 days ago
Mark got 20 kg weight after eat those paratha.
Solar Myth
Solar Myth 4 days ago
Ghun chu yun yu
pushpa mahendroo
pushpa mahendroo 4 days ago
Let there be love, peace, trade, give and take, happiness between India & Pakistan. I love Urdu, pakistani people, oh God pl listen to me !! The food is awesome in both the countries. Soon my prayer will be heard ! Insha Allah ! God bless us all !!
pushpa mahendroo
pushpa mahendroo 4 days ago
Love you Pakistan ! Lovely desi ghee parathas, just the way I make.
Monali Ghule
Monali Ghule 5 days ago
I m from India. But i love this pakinstani food. It looks really delicious..
Fouzia Kousar
Fouzia Kousar 5 days ago
Most beautiful video
#FOOD INDIA 5 days ago
Pakistan hospitality is much better than any other country
Not good only great
This is not hospitality but paid promotion of the country having nothing than terrorism. He was treated well because he is showing fake face of Pakistan if he visited any home of Pakistani sikh and if start taking about secularism then he will be Cooked instead of goat.
Singh Hariom
Singh Hariom 5 days ago
Katue saale
Ps P
Ps P 5 days ago
Mark, your greed for food is very visible in your eyes and is very de-appetizing!!
Dipak op shukla
Dipak op shukla 6 days ago
I love village life not depends any country....muh pe pani a gaya 😎😁😁😅😘
nurul soheil
nurul soheil 6 days ago
The way they eat together and interact each other that's another level of hospitality!!! There is no screaming shouting loud sound !! Just cool breeze and humble human beings! Respect!!! Just feel sorry for so called western media!!! So sad !!! If was media person i should rather kill myself long time before!!! God bless everybody on earth!!!
nurul soheil
nurul soheil 6 days ago
Hospitality and smiling face! Beyond imagination!!!
himanshu dhingra
himanshu dhingra 6 days ago
This is not wild Spinach..These are Mustard leave curry.. Locally called Sarso ka Saag
Gourish Rane
Gourish Rane 6 days ago
Gourish Rane
Gourish Rane 6 days ago
World Taste8
World Taste8 6 days ago
Pakistani people hospitality for guests are awesome ... They just get so happy and love to serve or help guests or foreigners
Umair Maqsood
Umair Maqsood 7 days ago
Hum in logo ko itni izat daity han ye humary country ma aein tu likn ye log tu kuch nae smjty hum ko
DeepakJava 7 days ago
Hospitality best in Pakistan.
Aparna Rawat
Aparna Rawat 7 days ago
I love your smile mark
karachi food secret
hahaha mzaidar
طالب الوكيل طالب ابو اسحاق
السلام عليكم احتاج ترجمه للعربيه
Nadia Ghulam Din
Nadia Ghulam Din 8 days ago
Best of luck...
selvi r
selvi r 8 days ago
Real Pakistan is the people of Pakistan I love them they hospitality and everything looks great ... Love from India
Mughees Tufail
Mughees Tufail 8 days ago
at 11:23 , i guess every Pakistani home has one set of those spoons xD
November_rain 0211
i wish to go Pakistan someday...love from northeast India. love u mark for such an amazing video. love Pakistan.
Sheikh Ali
Sheikh Ali 8 days ago
I am proud to be a pakistani 😘
nadia khan
nadia khan 8 days ago
I am badly in love with my pakistani village culture
Luciana lu
Luciana lu 8 days ago
Your reaction is the best, because the food is so tasty 😉😍
Majida Irfan
Majida Irfan 9 days ago
I love this video and I love my pakistan
Janiatul Allysa
Janiatul Allysa 9 days ago
Siut btol meleleh air liur aku tgk 😂
Amna's Kitchen
Amna's Kitchen 9 days ago
Excellent u are an honest man to praise Pakistani zindabadd 🇵🇰♥️💯👍🙋
Pilar Laoas
Pilar Laoas 9 days ago
Yummy 😋😋 wow
jhon smith
jhon smith 9 days ago
Sorry I can't eat
sandeep source
sandeep source 10 days ago
Nice This is the picture of pakistan
sunil motirave555
sunil motirave555 10 days ago
Im indian hindu but i love pakistan Culture & foods.
Gabriel louboutin
Gabriel louboutin 10 days ago
You can tell marks soul is Pakistani 🤣
Deepa Gautam
Deepa Gautam 10 days ago
Whatever you eat expressions are always same..
Harminder singh
Harminder singh 10 days ago
Mouth Watering .... reminded my old days.....
JINTU KUMAR 10 days ago
Pakistan is a terrorist country. Go to Pakistan at your own risk. ☠☠☠🚫
Anabiya Ali
Anabiya Ali 9 days ago
JINTU KUMAR keep dreaming hijdy 72 saal Mein akhand bharat ka khwab dekhty raho Lora Kuch Nhi howa Pakistan ko
Anabiya Ali
Anabiya Ali 9 days ago
JINTU KUMAR Pakistan is a kangal desh bcoz Pakistan has worlds worst neighbours name Tati Endian
JINTU KUMAR 9 days ago
@Anabiya Ali rip pakistan
JINTU KUMAR 9 days ago
@Anabiya Ali Pakistan is a Kangal Desh
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